Many a folklore tale to tell of Wizard of Oz, Bubble Witches hovering around as orbs, who to lab-coat Catwalk the ghostly ley-lines, all as predatory Sphinx’s.

Their nature ever so feline of slanted mirrored eyes, who can be likened to the Japanese Succubae called, Kitsune with their ‘Hoshi Noh Tama’ Star Balls.

There are those who conjecture that the feline Bubble Witches are extraterrestrial aliens from another world or to be interdimensional entities who emanate from some other dimension, or to come from an alternate Earth, which to exist within a parallel universe.

Whatever the origins of the Bubble Witches be, they are very much tied up with their ‘quantum computing’ tesseract hypercubes tuning into hypersphere star balls, in order to access alternate Earth’s, wherein be their alternate selves.

Move over Creepypasta reptilian Annunaki, along with the Illuminati Grey alien fear porn, of a U.S. media reptilian brain-stem zap; here Cums the Bubble Witches!

The symbolic correspondences are there to see, and of the Wyrd they be, which to weirdly reveal the actress Lee Meriwether playing many an archetypal role.

H.G. Wells Catwoman Sphinx being the wormhole lock, to Riddler unlock, with a Joker key!

Some physicists suspect that electrons are mini-wormholes; though far too small for a physical astronaut to enter their spherical star ball holes.

Such would not restrict the lucid consciousness of a psychonaut to slide into within an electron dream, whose brain would in future be wired up to a quantum computer.

The artificial intelligence of said quantum computer would very likely be programmed with a female personality, which of predatory nature, like many a woman, would be feline.

But what of the present? A psychonaut shaman can presently penetrate a spherical hole, of hyperspace intercourse, when to conjure a bubble Witch Yoni Stargate, out of a grimoire, within a lucid dream, as his personal Time Tunnel lab-coat assistant.

Image result for lee meriwether time tunnel

The shaman to enter trance upon a drum beat, so as to slide Serpent-wise of phallic ingress into the vaginal star barrelled Time Tunnel, like a bat flying into the womb cave of the Sphinx.

The Near Death Experience to speak of such a tunnel, which of an experience can be seen as being akin to Shiva entering into the vaginal maw of a Kali Hadron Collider, circled of a Magic Circle Ouroboros.

The ancient Egyptian shaman Pharaoh also to know of the tunnel as the vaginal abyss, which to verily lead to the womb realm of the Duat.

The Shaman to then ‘Travel Without Moving’ as the tunnel appears to fly by of spiraling informational streams.

Such be the process of ‘Browsing,’ the physicist James Gates to have found of ‘Computer’ code embedded in Superstring theory.

But where would a psychonaut Merlin end up, when to consciously conjure up a ‘dark haired’ feline Morgana le Fay Bubble Witch within a lucid dream?

Perhaps that of another dimension, via which, if so desired, he can haunt his own past, so as to influence.

But in doing so, it will generate an ‘alternate world’ to branch off. You then have, Time Travel, which is very much tied up with the phenomena of synchronicity.

So, should you ever meet up with a dark haired mercurial woman upon a synchronicity, having the feline characteristics of a scientific pedigree at a Sabbat party, she might just say that her name is, Lilith Munster.

Hell! She may even have the appearance of a Gothic Munster, remarking that you look like Skull and Cross bone’s, Bruce Wayne, which of an Illuminati pick-up line indicates she is after your bulging Military Industrial Complex wallet.

Beware, she may be a Time Traveller, who intends to Abduct you into her Seventh Heaven, for some, rapturous sensory delights, which will invariably involve very kinky alien cosplay, leading to in depth scientific experimentation.

Or, she to otherwise be a lab technician who is working upon a top secret military project involving a quantum computing Time Tunnel, looking like an Ouroboros Hadron Collider.

Do not bother attempting to take any selfies with this feline Bubble Witch, or to abscond with her pussy willow Time Tunnel briefs, from which you seek to derive genetic evidence of your very Close Encounter of the Sexagram Kind

It will come to no avail; for she can manipulate time; you then to verily discover that your hard won evidence has mysteriously disappeared. Little wonder then that there is no hard evidence to back up the many sightings of UFO’s, such as the 2011 sighting over Yakutsk in Siberia, whose Air traffic controllers claimed they were buzzed by a high-speed UFO, piloted by a female, who spoke in an unintelligible CAT-like language… Meow!

This may then explain why the military always knows where a time travelling UFO to land, since it is one of their own Time Tunnel devices.

GOETIA GIRLS: Succubus Art Book 2 Fully Illustrated, Black & White version.Can be obtained via Createspace: Please Click Here.Book PREVIEW of Goetia Girls: Succubus Art Book 2: Please Click Here.

But if you feel so inclined to prove Time Travel to yourself, you could always conjure up a Succubus Time Tunnel within your lucid dreams.

Then you can become as a Doctor Strange Magician, even though many will say that your conjuration of an exotic Succubus as a personal Genie, is an Impossible Mission. Those who consider it to be a Mission Impossible, do not know how to dream.




    This is an answer for the FSTDT Reptilian Jew, Anon-e-moose and Citizen Justin:

    Harley Quinn to hide behind Twilight Sparkle, wielding a baseball bat.

    While a Discordian Joker to Surrealist point out the age old analogy women are like Cats, men are like Dogs.

    Others to say, women come from Venus, men come from Mars, of Twilight Sparkle Hollywood relationship dynamics.

    Some to no doubt believe is extraterrestrial literal of Venusian Pussy engaged in a Feminist Star Wars conflict with Martian Dogs, who can’t get their square heads around the symbolic analogies.

    As for the Fundamentalist mind-set utilisation of a Surrealist exploration of popular culture, who believes it is Fundamentalist literal, look to the great Joker, Robert Anton Wilson for further insight.

    I far prefer to investigate the realms of the Heyoka Surreal by using Avadhuta Discordian humour. Alas there are a number of highly-reactive reptilian-brain-stems out there, who are programmed to be very Fundamentalist serious.

    They find it very difficult to get their literal minded heads around words conjuring Pop-Surrealist symbolism and accompanying Pop-Occulture ‘Images.’

    However much you attempt to explain to them, they just do not ever twig at all, that it is Art, which is indivisible to the practice of Sorcery; for both practices deal with the manipulation of archetypal ‘Images,’ such as the ‘Anima’ archetype of Catwoman, for example.


    This is an answer for FSTDT CSTDT Reptilian Jew, antichrist and A Feylyne:

    Setting: The Degenerate Art Exhibition, 1937.

    While Adolf Hitler and Adolf Ziegler visit their Nazi handiwork, the two Time-Travellers, Mr antichrist and Femme Fatale A Felyne wander around the exhibition. A wall behind them calls attention to the works of the Dada Artists with ‘depreciatory’ FSTDT/CSTDT comments.

    antichrist: “Please tell me I’m not the only one who can’t understand any of this Degenerate Art…”

    A Felyne: “This Cat is now very convinced this is some sort of porn parody of some loony cult’s indoctrination video. Anyway’s I’m bored, that suave Dog over there wearing the porny brown shirt looks to me, to be delicious prey; so I’ll be very busy Indoctrinating tonight. See ya’ around the Ouroboros Mr antichrist.”

    antichrist: “What? Hang on! I’m the top-Dog here, I’m the antichrist, and I’ve got a sexier toothbrush moustache than Hitler! Ain’t I Anti-Christ Degenerate enough for ya?… come back!”

    (A Felyne disappears with her ’50 Shades Of Grey,’ brown shirt ‘Animus’ projection.)

    antichrist: (looking forlorn) “I guess, I’d better get back into my Operation Paperclip Time Machine, which had been appropriated from those darn Fundamentalist right-wing Christian Nazi’s. Damn it to Hell! It looks like a dang Dog house to me.”

    antichrist: (continues, while climbing into his Time Machine) Bloody Felines, they’re all the menstruating same, in whatever Twilight time period I Time Travel to, probably because my fallen ‘Anima’ has been castigated into a politically correct Hell.

    antichrist: (continues) If we don’t watch out, the ’50 Shades Of Christian Grey’ feminist felines will be clamouring for Sharia Law, keffiyeh, wearing nut jobs next! Hell help us all! Aghhhhh! My Reptilian-brain-stem is experiencing a reactive FSTDT/CSTDT haemorrhage!

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