The Artwork is a modern reinterpretation of the Twenty-Ninth Spirit of the Goetia called Astaroth, who is commonly described as being male. I have otherwise depicted Astaroth as a female Ultraterrestrial of an ‘Anima’ emanation to Mantra name as Astarota. (NOTE: The above artwork is available as an Art print. If you are interested, Please Click the Image Link above.

The Goetia like many another Playgirl grimoire of an ‘Animus’ fixation lists only male entities, wherefore of an artistic rebellion I have depicted Astarota as a Succubus of the Fallen ‘Anima.’ (NOTE: If you are interested in the shirt design, Please Click the Image Link above.

Astarota is depicted manifesting amidst a ‘Triangle of Art’ at whose centre is her personal (Sigil) Seal, which is meditated upon by a rebel Sorcerer Artist prior to conjuring her presence into his ‘Lucid Dreams,’ so that she can ‘Abduct’ him into her ‘Seventh’ (Dimension) Heaven, which is symbolically under the planetary Chakra sphere of Venus.

She gives True answers of all things, Past, Present and Future (Time Travel) as well as discovering all Secrets. She will also reveal why she and her Interdimensional ‘Raptor’ kin are visiting our Time-line of a world, if desired. She will also make a Surrealist sorcerer wonderfully knowing in all Sciences.

Astarota (Astaroth) was originally the Mesopotamian Sex Goddess called ‘Astarte,’ who was also known by the Sumerian/Babylonian name of ‘Ishtar,’ the Saxon’s called Eostre, the Germanic tribes named Ostara. The ancient Greek’s called Astarte by the name of ‘Aphrodite,’ who the Roman’s knew as ‘Venus.’ (NOTE: If you are interested in the shirt design, Please Click the Image Link above.)


The New-Age UFO name of the entity called ‘Ashtar’ is derived from (Ashtaroth) Astaroth and in turn that of Astarte, who was the (Anima) ‘Queen of the Heaven’s.’


However, as mentioned in regards to the patriarchal Playgirl grimoires of fixated commonality, they usually see Ashtar as being male due to their indoctrinated mind-set.

This has been subversively trained by their religious programming, whose overriding gender fixation is that of the deified ‘Animus,’ made as a God/Devil.

In pre-Christian Europe, the heaven’s was seen by the ancient Norse to be frequented by female (Anima) entities called Valkyries, whose name means ‘choosers of the slain,’ who would often ‘Abduct’ a hero into their interdimensional reality from off the battlefield of life, when he becomes as the self-slain into trance.

The Valkyries have the ‘Anima’ characteristics of ‘Raptors’ who were the Playboy Wish-Fulfillers of the Shaman God Odin who communicated his will.

Their Alien Girl ‘Raptor’ nature is very similar to the Hindu/Tantric Female Spirits called Dakinis, who can be easily X-Files equated to Interdimensional Extraterrestrials, Time travelling around in Vril Vimana.


As an aside of sorts; only women can evolve into Tetrachromats of multi-coloured sight. Tetrachromatic eyesight usually manifests amongst certain Insects, Reptilians and Raptors. However, as for Mammalians of the human line only women can manifest such an evolutionary trait of a rarity.

Who knows, you might just have future born Time-Traveling Valkyrie UFOnauts stemming from an intergalactic civilization of Tetrachromat (Succubae) Succubi, who emanate from the Seventh dimension.

In other words, the humanoid entities, which are often described by UFO abductees, may in fact be your future descendants, via whose technology, they can easily access the electron dreams of their ancestors.



  1. kodjo mensah Says:

    Interesting. how can I get involved and getting help to grow my business and getting fame by spiritual means?

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      All matter is made up of energy, which can otherwise be called ‘spirit.’ Energy/spirit is essentially information, giving rise to all form, which your material brain and nervous system interprets as your three-dimensional reality.

      Spiritual practices are utilised by varying cultures as a means to internally access information about their three-dimensional reality, which is usually attained from the informational reality of dreams, since your brain and nervous system is interpreting your experiential reality via your five senses, to then internally process.

      When a lucid dream is consciously induced you then experience what is termed as the sixth-sense.

      In other words, spiritual practices are used to explore your consciousness, expanding your awareness and thereby increasing your ‘intelligence.’

      You will soon find that the informational reality of your dreams are programmed by your beliefs, many of these beliefs have been influenced by the culture around you; wherefore numerous other minds share the same types of dreams, which have also been programmed by their shared beliefs.

      This shared focus upon beliefs, which are ‘symbolic (Tulpa) constructs,’ also feeds into the phenomena of synchronicity.

      The science of neuro-marketing is orientated towards discovering the shared beliefs of the collective. Neuro-marketing is nothing new; for it is based upon how religious institutions brand, market and sell beliefs.

      The word belief in Hebrew is Da’at, which in the Cabbala is associated with what is seen as the hidden eleventh sphere, corresponding with the ‘reptilian-brain-stem’ of the ‘throat’ area.

      It is your instinctual reptile brain, which is easily programmed via engineered beliefs, and in turn programming your dreams.

      Hence the science of neuro-marketing is orientated towards influencing your reptilian brain. Whereby, an astute salesperson will thereby find out what you and others believe in of an already established belief system of shared beliefs.

      The salesperson is aware that the universe of the collective reptile-brain mind will only provide sales if he/she panders to their already established beliefs; whereupon the salesperson does not go against their beliefs, he/she gives the customers what they have been already programmed to want.

      The programmed universe of the customers will then provide the salesperson with continued sales, because he/she sustains their already established programming.

      If the salesperson rebels against the programming then he/she is not supported by the universe of the programmed reptile-brains of the customers.

      The salesperson is also aware that the collective reptile-brains are hierarchal; the reptile-brains can be easily hypnotised by those celebrities who are higher up the pyramid than they are.

      It then becomes very apparent that it is not what you know, it is far more the case of who you know that counts.

      Overall, if a salesperson desires fortune, he/she panders to the established programming of the reptile brains of the customers.

      If the salesperson also desires fame, then he/she has to know the right people, who are further up the pyramid than he/she is. But, in order to climb the pyramid, the salesperson invariably has to kiss the arse of the celebrity above him/her before also becoming a celebrity.

      An example being the author of Fifty Shades Of Grey. Said author only ascended the pyramid because her ‘Twilight’ fan story was noticed by the celebrity Oprah Winfrey.

      How did this come about? Well, said author has numerous contacts in the media world, because of her family connections with the BBC.

      Those who bought into the product of Fifty Shades Of Grey, only did so because they wanted to be like feminist Oprah, not because of the Mummy-Porn story. However, it took off, becoming known across the globe, this then quickly led to Fifty Shades Of Grey being made into a Holy-Wood film.

      An astute salesperson will also note of neuro-marketing insight that the Vampire/Werewolf series of Twilight has an already established religious foundation, upon which Fifty Shades Of Grey was based; this being somewhat obvious since the principle character is named, Christian (Twilight) Grey, which makes the programmed reptile brain of many a feminist female betwixt the six pointed star of the Sun and sickle Moon, to secretly groan orgasmic, desiring to be bitten by their ‘Animus’ of a crucified Grey!

      If a salesman seeks to copy the same ascension to fame and fortune, he would need to either assume a female pseudonym, to never show his face, or have a sex change, let alone summoning an ‘Animus’ God and Angels, Devil and Demons out of a patriarchal ‘Playgirl’ grimoire.

      Joking aside, there are of course other famous authors, etc, of either sex, whose progression into the arena of fame and fortune generally followed the same route; that is, they know how to target their reptile-brain market, to give them what they have been programmed to want, and ‘more importantly,’ they have the right influential contacts of pyramidal celebrity who perpetuate the programming of the reptile brains.

      You then have a self-perpetuated Matrix of a (Plato’s Cave) black prison, where rebels aren’t welcomed. Hence the Universe of the programmed reptile brains do not provide fortune or fame to rebels. Such provisions are only for those who play the established game of Samsara!

      So, if a Newager ever says to you, “the Universe provides,” it is far more a case of the Universe/Matrix of the reptile brain provides; but only if you give the collective mind of the reptile brain what it has been prior programmed to want.


    This is an answer for Piotr Jakubowski:

    A culture expresses its ancestral-self-identity via its Art, encapsulating ancient myths and passed down beliefs, which are often considered to be mere fantasies by others, and like brands, some consider their own brand of a belief to be far superior to the belief/brands of those they belittle.

    I personally do not believe in any particular brand of a belief system. Although I have my suspicions. I prefer personal experience, such as experiencing lucid dreams to that of observing concordant synchronicities, which I translate into Art.

    Whether anyone believes me, I do not care; not am I going to prove it. Those who believe it to be all fantasy will have to go beyond their dogmatic inertia in order to find out for their own selves, when to experiential dream lucid.

    Cultural symbol-systems have their brand power, such as the Art of Manga/Anime influencing the symbolic dreams of the West or that of the Witcher battling against the present political-correctness censoring the Arts.

    My surrealistic interest is primarily that of Art, which is indivisible to the shamanistic practice of neuro-Sorcery.


    This is an answer for Anthony Boeye:

    Purity is the twin of Perfection, both of which are likened to a Gurus smiley mask, most often worn by a hypocrite, behind whose shallow facade the shadow lurks, spewing religious sensibilities, whom to make empty judgments on what is not Pure, or Perfect.

    Or: “Have No Fear Of Purity – You’ll Never Reach It!”

    Purity and Perfection of loaded words, are commonly espoused by the minions of fascist/totalitarian centralist politics, who are usually of a monotheistic religious persuasion, which of three established Big-Brother Oily business cults are enamored with Orwellian Social-Engineering, Eugenics and Politically Correct Mind-Control.

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