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It is commonly accepted the Chaos Magic movement was heavily inspired by the Occult Artworks of the Sorcerer Artist Austin Osman Spare and his Zos Kia Cultus, which came to the forefront of public consciousness during the 1980’s.

At base level Spare’s work and Chaos Magic is primarily shamanic of orientation. When looking at Chaos Magic in general, its Mercurial Art practice of (Zos) symbolic Alchemy fuses differing symbol systems together, or conjuring up new symbolic paradigms in order to empower hypnagogic (Kia) insights into other arenas of awareness.

However one could argue that the ancient Greek’s had long ago prior practiced Chaos Magic, they called Goetia, which was personified by the Witch Goddess Hecate.

one example of ancient Greek symbol crunching is the Chaos Magic (Goetia) fusion of Hermathena or Hermathene, which was commonly depicted in a composite herm form of a meditative statue, somewhat of similarity to a Janus-like bust.

Hermathena represents the union of the ancient Greek God Hermes and the Goddess Athena, or their Roman counterparts, Mercury and Minerva. The Artwork are enlarged panels from a comic strip for a Chaos Magic Comic, drawn/inked in on A4 size Art Board. The full Artwork can be seen on my Patreon page. If you are interested Please Click Here.



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Hecate’s Witch Daughters, they’re a Goetia comin’
Strolling in on Asteria’s stellar ‘surgence
With all their Tantric Luna love, overflowing the river Styx
Rolling on for many thousands of infernal Ley-line miles

They’re midnight celebrating the helical risin’
They’re Succubus haunting the spirit path dream roads
Ooh, they can activate your underworld dreams, too
Oh, It’ll be so much Third-Eye fun

Waking up within the Hexagram dream with Hecate’s Daughter’s
They’re a Silver Key, opening a Canis Major Star-Gate
Uh-huh, uh-huh, Three knocks on Faust’s dream door, Yeah!
A Silver Yoni Star between Hecate’s Two Ida and Pingala Torches

Feeling Hecate’s Sushumna Athame opening up the illuminated temple Skull
Conjuring at the Cross-Bone Cross-Roads, on Gebo-Rune Dog-Star nights


Hecate’s Daughters conjured Night-Walker stiletto heels to clairaudient hear
Their sweet Serpent Ghost tongues revealing Runic secrets

Arousing the Kundalini Shakti fire Snake along the Yggdrassil spine
Faustian Conjuring the Priestess Of The Silver Star amidst the Triangle Of Art Imagination
Calling upon the Titan Far Worker, working from afar into TAROT Dreams
Hecate first manifesting as a Mephistophina black Bitch in heat

Assuming the ‘Anima’ form of a Goth Girl Witch-Nun holding a Grimoire
She will dream whisper, “You have won back your Soul from the deified ‘Animus’ made as a God and Devil”
She will dream whisper, “It’s a Faustian time to Goetes Shaman shine to wash away the Monotheistic Brainwash”

She will dream whisper, “I’ll inspire Art Visions and Synchronicities when the day breaks through”
She will dream whisper, “My Goetia Daughters will make all your Pentagram dreams Grmoire lucid”

“Come on, Wish upon a Dog star, Mr Pirate Psychonaut,” she’ll Watery say
“Come on, Wish upon a Dog star, Mr Doctor Mage,” she’ll Airy say
“Come on, Wish upon a Dog star, Mr Werewolf Shaman,” she’ll Earthly say

“Come on, Wish upon a Dog star, Mr Vampire Sorcerer,” she’ll Fiery say
“Come on, Wish upon a Dog star, Mr Billionaire Great Beast,” she’ll Babalon say as the World-Soul Quintessence

Hecate revealing Akashic memories of an elder age
A time ancient when a Perses Comet struck the Earth
A Titan civilisation wiped away
Survivors still around, Vimana watching



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The above Artwork is an enlarged portion of a watercolor painting painted on A4 Art Board. If you are interested in seeing the full Artwork, please Click Here.

According to the le Grand Grimoire, Bael is the head of the infernal powers. Bael is also the first Daimon listed in Wierus’ Pseudomonarchia daemonum. According to Wierus, Bael is the first and foremost Daimon of the infernal realms having estates in the East.

Bael has three heads: a Toad, a Human, and a Cat. The Toad refers to the watery realm of the dream, the Cat alludes to the waking realm, while the Human is a reference to hypnagogic trance. Bael is also said to speak in a raucous, but well formed voice, and commands 66 legions of spirits. Bael teaches the Art of invisibility or becoming invincible, and other arcane matters. Some researchers see Bael as being the equivalent of Mesopotamian deity called Baal.

However, due to the classic Witch familiars of a Toad and a Cat, Bael might in fact be an occult blind for a certain ancient Greek Goddess who is very much associated with the practice of (Witchcraft) Shamanism, the ancient Greeks termed as ‘Goetia.’

Hence, I have depicted Bael as a female to rename as Baela. Although a name of the aforementioned ancient Greek Goddess, who is seen as a Titan and very much associated with the Shamanic practice of the Goetia, would probably be more appropriate. Her name is Hecate, whose high Priestess is Medea.



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Many will consider the experience of a dream visitation by a sexual entity as indicating the powerful ability of the brain creating internal realities. But then, everything you experience via your ‘Five-Senses’ is filtered, and interpreted by ones nervous-system and brain.

The nervous-system cannot tell the difference between a real or a vividly imagined event, which is especially the case concerning a vivid (Sixth-Sense) Lucid Dream. Wherefore one can then determine that a vivid Lucid Dream, can potentially imprint ones nervous system, such as experiencing a vivid erotic dream, when accessing hypnagogic (Phase) trance at the point of sleep.

The affect of which can then be felt by ones body, to feel positive, feeling more creative, etc, which is usually due to ones inner ‘Self-Image’ being empowered.

Can you imagine someone who has a negative ‘Self-Image,’ lacking confidence in relationships, etc, experiencing a vivid Lucid Dream? The implications of this subtle, though profound affect can be used for healing purposes, should the experience be Chaos Magic ‘replicated.’

It has been scientifically found that the use of vivid visualisations and active-imagination exercises, which are engaged in over a period of 21 days in order to reconfigure the inner ‘Self-Image,’ can lead to transformations of the personality and in turn ones Faustian dreams of inner conjurations.

When taken further, the microcosmic changes in personality can have macrocosmic affects on the physical body. For example, the Ghost creation experiments of the 1970’s, such as the Philip and Skippy Cartman experiments, led to the observation of conjured poltergeist phenomena.

If the experiments had been the archetypal creation of a Ghost Doctor/Nurse, it might of engendered a different, though more intriguing observations, concerning the healing of various maladies, rather than just observing and video-taping a floating table, along with recording spirit raps.

Ancient Shamanic societies have observed this phenomena, to ‘replicate,’ and utilise of a technology of consciousness. Hence, in the Tantric Tibetan Buddhist tradition, which has its foundations in Shamanism, a heterosexual male practitioner ‘Summons’ up a (Succubus) Dakini, who (sexually) empowers an assumed alternate ‘Self-Image’ of a Raging Buddha.

(NOTE: A heterosexual female practitioner conjures up the (Incubus) male equivalent of a (Succubus) Dakini called a Daka. The technique can of course be utilised by those of differing sexual orientations.)

This understanding can also be utilised for negative purposes, when to observe that the mass-populace can become a mass-persona, when the screaming mass-mob-mind is cohered by Symbolic stimuli for religious or political purposes.

This is especially the case if the Symbolic stimuli is charged by the emotive state of (Fight/Flight) Fear, leading to Social-Distancing and the ensuing emotively charged negation of ‘Sexual’ (F-Procreate) interactions, which is repetitively promoted of controlled mass-media propaganda over an initial catch-period of 21 days.

The mass-persona can then be easily ‘reprogrammed’ with another collective ‘Self-Image’ program of the faceless masked, awaiting to be vaccinated with a Bill Gates vaccine and verily quantum tattooed.

But then the mass-persona of the collective populace has been forced into an engineered financial crash situation, where they Fear losing their livelihoods, to acquire ‘Food’ and shelter, unless they get vaccine tattooed.

This will then lead to an already planned cashless society and its 5G internet-of-things digital economy ruled over by a technocratic elite few, having total control.

At a personal level, a practitioner conjures a Dakini (Succubus) to consciously (Raging Buddha) program himself, rather than being unknowingly (Elemental Four-F) programmed by others who have Socially-Engineered a Matrix of Symbolic stimuli.

As for other phenomena the Dakini can reveal, such will be determined by how far a Neo is willing to follow a Trinity/Dakini down a White-Rabbit hole… Will Neo take the Raging Buddha Red pill, or the Mass-Persona Blue pill?

NOTE: Sexuality is very much tied up with the Triangle-Of-Art Imagination, Artistic creativity and the inner Self-Image. Wherefore when finding ones self having to wear a Mandatory Mask, it will invariably have a negative affect upon normal human interactions, which is especially the case concerning dating, etc.

Soon, when confronted by an individual on a date, he/she will first ask of a muffled sound behind a mask, if you have Track-Trace Mandatory-Vaccination-App proof on your Population-Control smart-phone, which indicates you have been vaccinated.

You can thereby gather how the engineered Fear, will quickly zap your reptilian-brain, leading to your inner Self-Image acquiescing to the technocratic government, and in turn Orwellian imprinting your subconscious mind, unto your ‘Sexless Dreams.’ Your dreams will reflect back your programmed dilemma, which you have been repetitively told by the controlled mass-media propaganda is the Population Control new-norm, while the 1% thieve all your Shekels!



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It’s something else to teacher seer the way you’re Tulpa growing
From a sweet little Mind-Doll to a grown up Succubus
And I Mantra conjure thee Valu,’ into my Triangle Of Art imagination
That you’ll reveal your Slytherin world

Arising out of your necropolis abode to astral travel underground
skipping onto an infernal tube train holding your grimoires so tightly
Your schoolgirl sisters of D.E.B.S. gather, to also Sabbat enter the Dragon
Naga-Ghost-Girls of Slitherin are so much fun to Anima imagine

The Artwork is an enlarged portion of a watercolour painting on A4 size Art board. The full Artwork can be found on my Patreon Page. If you are interested, Please Click Here.



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“Ronovea is her grimoire name, to Mantra conjure
She’s a 27yr old Paleontologist, just out of multiversity
She’s riding my Reptile-Brain, I’m her Horny Great Beast psychonaut
She’s a blue blood Countess, aristocratic of Transylvanian nature
A Marchioness too, some even see her as Dracul Vampirella”

“Though she’s no Illuminati snob, she loves diggin’ in the prima materia dirt… With just a Hammer-Horror pickax and a cosmetic Artists brush… She’s a psychopomp girl-guide into the Earth’s Apple Core, getting real clit dirty… Yet, she’s ever so fashion conscious as a Caroline Munro Steampunk sigil sister… A Mary Anning Ghost knitted-together to look like a Tulpa Lara Croft… Finding fossils of the Great Old Ones is her Tomb Raider office”

The Artwork is an enlarged portion of a watercolour painting on A4 size Art board. The full Artwork can be found on my Patreon Page. If you are interested, Please Click Here.



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The above Artwork is an ‘enlarged’ portion of an A4 size watercolour study/painting depicting the feminine archetype known as Babalon. The full Artwork can be found on my Patreon page. If you are interested to see the full A4 version, Please Click Here.

In the Dr John Dee’s Enochian system Babalon, is otherwise referred to as the Scarlet Woman, the Great Mother, and the Mother of Abominations.

Her form is that of a Sacred Whore, and her primary symbol is the Chalice or Graal. Babalon resides in the second Aethyr called ARN, which is termed as the Aethyr of fulfillment.



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Orobas is the 55th spirit listed in the grimoire entitled the Goetia. Orobas is said to manifest as a small Horse, when conjured amidst the Triangle Of Art imagination unto a lucid dream, who is otherwise depicted as a Pony Girl, mantra named Orobasi.

“Pony girl pony girl
I conjure ya’, my little Princess, pony girl
I’ve Frankenstein built ya’ as my Tulpa dream-machine
Giddy-up giddy-up giddy-up, whoa, I’ll whip ya’ wild”

The Artwork is an enlarged portion of the Orobasi watercolour painting, which is A4 in size on Art board. he full Artwork can be seen on my Patreon page. Please Click Here.



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The above Artwork is an enlarged portion of a watercolour painting on A4 size Art board. The full Artwork can be seen on my Patreon page. Please Click Here.

The following link is for a Walpurgis Night interview with Dr Judy A Mikovits PHD who walks in the Barbarella footsteps of Saint Walpurga.

Her French Revolution revelations about the workings of Sogo might Great Hunt lead to the accused being burnt upon a pyre, and that of their Matmos effigies being cast upon future bonfires around the globe, down the Walpurgisnacht ages, as David Icke has intuited.

Dr Judy A Mikovits also describes a Saint Walpurga’s oil she uses for herself and for her husband, whose immune system is compromised. Having a compromised immune system can lead to all sorts of problems, when surrounded by the Matmos, which can be turned on 60ghz full Mass Surveillance power, rippling through one’s Tiphareth lungs, and then down a radiation notch, creating periodic lock-down waves of controlled illness, such as not being able to breathe, a doctor would term as Hypoxia.

Although another Saint Walpurga’s oil is Cannabidiol one can see as exuding from her Hemp lined tomb, to this day, producing a CBD Barbarella holy oil. Saint Walpurga studies have indicated that Cannabidiol aids the ‘Exosome’ to Walpurgis Night combat the toxic influences of the Matmos, which afflicts the immune system.

The Matmos is everywhere now; stalking the Earth of an untested roll-out and even being propelled into space, it’s influence orbits the entire globe, veiled behind viral chaos, other Saint Walpurga doctors are starting to notice.

But what be this Matmos? One may ask, well, it is the creature creation of a dark Orwellian plan, which gives Eugenic Bill Gates a psychopathic hard on!

When you see what the dark Matmos plan actually is, one will then know what is really going on! Should you decide to look back, to thence darkly seer, one will find an episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, covering a Planned Pandemic and Forced Bill Gates Vaccinations.

The episode was First Aired on December 30th, 2009, which at the time was considered to be just a crazy Conspiracy Theory by many…

Now they’re all wearing useless surgical masks, making it difficult to breathe, awaiting Eugenic Bill Gates to vaccinate them

Followed by a quantum tattoo marking them out, to freely walk the prison yard as herded Sheep in the technocratic New World Order Sogo Eden, for a controlled time, until the A.I. Matmos decides their Soylent Green expiry date.

174EFDFD1F25FB66CE935687A82AC2B01E8A369D86D062E46672CB39D91B6E98 ...

But who is behind the scenes, whom believe they control the A.I. Matmos of a misused intelligence?

Assassins Creed History GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Only a Sogo few, who claim to own much of the world’s wealth, stealing ever more, while a long foreseen financial crash, hidden behind a chimeric virus destroys the economy.

The few greatly fear the masses ‘rebelling,’ when seeing the few for what they truly are, since the few never had any power or influence at all.

French Revolution | Sutori

It is all a Monopoly game illusion. The few atop of the ziggurat only have power and influence because the masses blindly play their fixed pyramid game…

French Revolution GIF | Gfycat

It is the reason why the feudal few have played their last Sogo card in a desperate attempt to control all…

Such as passing the HR TRACE ACT 6666, other countries will no doubt follow…

The many have been made to feel guilty about their sexuality, twisting and turning it into something other, of a PsyOp Newspeak distraction, while peace is war, conflicts rage in other lands over resources.

The two party dictatorship is a puppet show, bought and owned by the 1%, which promotes strength is ignorance, of propaganda and censorship, using weaponised sanctions against those in the dirt.

Imagine a ‘lock-down’ boot stamping on a human face forever…

The masses, now to SEE!



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Enlarged portions of a watercolour painting on A4-size Art board, entitled: Little Red Riding Hood Babalon. The full size painting can be seen on my Patreon page. If you are interested, Please Click Here.

Who’s that I see a’walkin’ in the dystopian wood?
Why, it’s Little Red Riding Hood
Hey there Little Silver Star clitoris in the cosmic Hood”

“Your clit ring halo sure looks lickable
You’re everything a big bad Sirian Wolf could gobble
Listen to me menstrrual blood Moon Babalon, you look really desirable
so sweet-meat digestable”