The Sacrifice Of Wednesday Addams. A Dark Tale from ‘The Haunted Art Studio Of Faustus Crow.’

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“Furcasa be a Wednesday Addams Art Muse of Heruka Horror, she is a wan and delicate Goetia Girl…sensitive and on the quiet side, she loves ghoulish picnics and infernal outings to the underground caverns…”

“A solemn Lampad daughter of Hecate, prim in dress and, on the whole, pretty lost…secretive and imaginative, as well as poetic; seems underprivileged and given to occasional tantrums…has six toes on one ballerina foot.” – Charles Addams, Misquoted. Music by James Hootman.


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“On this edition of the Squick or Squee Podcast, which can be heard when Clicking Here or Clicking the Artwork above or the Link below, we interview a most unusual guest, the erudite and loquacious Faustus Crow, who integrates the complex sexual imagery he creates as part of his Occult erotic practices.” 

(NOTE: The link to the Podcast will take you directly to the Squick or Squee Podcast, not Patreon.)

“As he memorably puts it “Art is Sorcery; Sorcery is Art; one and the same of practice,” and after listening to this podcast you’ll be hard pressed to disagree. At the very least, I’ll bet next month’s salary the result is like nothing you’ve ever heard.”

Book Of Lilith: A Hypnotic Trance Tale From ‘The Haunted Art Studio Of Faustus Crow.’

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TAROT SCENE XXI: Walpurgisnacht Wine party in Faustus Crow’s Haunted Art Studio:

FAUSTUS: “What of the salacious young Witch yonder?”


MEPHISTOPHINA: “Mark her well of a ‘Triangle Of Art’ vision. It is my Succubus sister, Lilith.”



MEPHISTOPHINA: “Lilith, the first Art Model Muse of a Conjuring Surrealist Artist. Beware of her ghostly hypnotic allure, for she excels all Witches in their Apple Core Knowledge.

goetia_girls_lilith's_harem_faustus_crow_mardun_wants_joan_pope_as_his_mephistophina (5)

And when she winds her Serpentine arms around a Sorcerers Neck within a Microcosmic Lucid Dream, she will not ever set him free again.

goetia_girls_lilith's_harem_faustus_crow_mardun_wants_joan_pope_as_his_mephistophina (12)

Whereas a Macrocosmic Eve of the mortal flesh, might just friend-zone Crucify a struggling Artist.”



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The Black Raven Tarot of the Succubus and an accompanying Grimoire is Now On Sale. Should you be interested in acquiring the Black Raven Tarot Poker Game and an accompanying Black Raven Grimoire, they can be bought from the Drivethrucards website.

The Tarot cards and book can be bought via PAYPAL, etc. Drivethrucards will require you to join/log-in, due to the Adult material of the Tarot cards and grimoire.

L.S.I. Love Sex Intelligence Increase: A Dark Tale from ‘The Haunted Art Studio Of Faustus Crow’

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WARNING: Mature Theme. Love Sex Intelligence (L.S.I.) investigates whether Sex enables intelligence increase.

As for the abbreviation, L.S.I. (Love Sex Intelligence) it is also the title of a 1992 song by the band, the Shamen.


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No longer a Conspiracy Theory, it is now for real. You will soon gather it has all been planned of a monetised Plandemic from the dystopian outset. In other words, you’ve been conned by psychopathic Criminals WHO are the true Enemy in your midst.

You might ask, “what the Hell can I do about it? Well, it would require ones self as well as everyone else no longer listening to those ‘few’ WHO have conned them. For example the wannabe doctor, Bill Gates groupies told you that the Techno-Mobsters were not going to Microchip you via their WEF/DAVOS Big-Pharma WHO crap! They lied!

You can thereby surmise that a WHO medication, which has been Mandated will very likely be Chipped. So, listening to their lies is no longer an option. This is more so the case concerning those service-people in the Military and the Police, no longer following orders; for they have tasked themselves to do their duty in all countries across the globe. Wherefore all service-people from differing countries and cultures are united in their sacrifice; all of whom have taken an oath to protect their respective countries and people from Enemies and Criminals, as well as protecting the future of their own Children, Family, Relatives and Friends.

The only power the ‘few’ have is Monopoly Game Money via which the ‘few’ enslave the many. The ‘few’ believe the many serve them, not the other way around. The ‘few’ spend all your tax money on weapons for Money Laundering conflicts they War-Profiteer from, while you and your family are forced into Lockdown, having your Masked children’s children faced with its forever war aftermath.

The illusion, which is spun by the Controlled Mass-Media of Fear-Porn Propaganda can be seen through of Big-Pharma lies, when seeing Proxy-War mercenaries not wearing Epstein Gates Viral-Meme virus hazmat suits. They’re not coughing, they are otherwise warring for corporate profit. And while the masses are distracted by the possibility of WWIII, Gates WHO has Protection-Racket Shanghai plans, the bought governments will implement of I.D. Chipped global control.

The illusory Top-Down economic reality of the ‘few,’ whether it be Capitalist, Communist, Right, Left or otherwise of dividing and conquering politics, which are all essentially Feudal of associated hierarchical religion, is blindly supported by the many; but only because the many play the Monopoly Game, which in actuality is Banker fixed in favour of the ‘few.’ Thereby the ‘few,’ who do not produce nor create, don’t have any right to own anything at all, and once seen for what it is of an illusion, the ‘few,’ will no longer have any influence whatsoever over the many.

Dinosaur Raptor Succubus Ronovea: A Dark Tale from ‘The Haunted Art Studio Of Faustus Crow.’

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WARNING: Mature Theme. MUSIC Version. “The Twenty-Seventh Succubus Art Muse of Chaos Magic is Ronovea. She appears in the ghostly Form of beautiful woman, looking like Tomb Raider Lara Croft, piloting a Monstrous Iron Mole, or riding a Prehistoric Beast.

She teaches the Art of Rhetoric, very well and bestows Good Familiars, Knowledge of Necronomicon Tongues, and Favours with Friends or Foes.

She is a Marchioness and a Great Countess; and there be under her command Nineteen Legions of female Palaeontologists who are highly versed in Tantric Love-Craft. Ronovea’s video game Seal is to be meditated upon prior to conjuring her into a virtual reality Lucid Dream.” – Surrealist Goetia – S. L. MacGregore Freemason Matherson (misquoted)

Chinese Sex Magic: A Dark Tale From ‘The Haunted Art Studio Of Faustus Crow.’

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Chinese Shamanism, alternatively called Wuism refers to the Shamanic tradition of China, which has many similarities with the Shamanic practices of North Central Asia unto Siberia. The Chinese word for a female Shaman is Wu.

The Shaman is highly versed in trance induction, which is basically self-hypnosis. The Shaman is well aware that the mass population can be easily (Mass Formation Psychosis) hypnotised; hence a Shaman guards himself/herself and others against its malign influence.

During the late Zhou dynasty (1045-256 BCE) Wu was used to specify a female Shaman, Sorceress or Witch as opposed to Xi for a male Shaman or Sorcerer. Also Taoism derives some of its origins from Wuism, which of Shamanic practices developed around the pursuit of attaining a long life.

Wuism in present day Techno-Feudal Han China of ‘Xi’ Jinping is much maligned. Although Wuism is still being practiced behind China’s scientific determination to become the dominating world leader of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ in Genetic Engineering Chimera’s, Robotics and A.I. driven Mass-Surveillance of everyone. But of course, this requires any competition being eroded and eventually decimated, which is the Modus Operandi of the likes of Epstein Bill Gates.

Suffice to say, the Feudal Few of the Top-Down Economy who are in the process of destroying what you knew in order to ‘Build Back Better’ for themselves of an ‘Economic Reset,’ which is basically Feudalism, see China as their Technocratic Mass-Surveillance (WEF/DAVOS) model for the rest of the world to chip up. This isn’t to say, the Feudal Few are groupie fans of CCP China, where they moved much of Western industry into, as well as funded with your stolen taxes; China is merely a means to a Technocratic end. The Feudal Few don’t care about China at all, nor any other country or nation for that matter, their singular goal is global domination.

In other words, when the Feudal Few say, “You’ll own nothing, and you will be happy,” what they actually mean is you will be conned into an updated return of Medieval Serfdom. The Serfs are mandated to wear masks, whereas the hypocritical Feudal Few don’t, which is especially the case when the Feudal Few are behind closed doors, whether they be the WEF/DAVOS members of America, Europe, Russia or China, etc.

What assets you will have, will be digital, existing in the Cloud, that’s if you have the digitised cash to afford the rented digital space, let alone having a high Social Credit Score; while all the physical assets will be owned by the Feudal Few, you will rent everything from, including your Freedom.

The Feudal Few have always resented the perceived common folk having their Freedom, while the Feudal Few found themselves imprisoned by their Fixed-Game Monopoly Money wealth, requiring masses of bought security following them around everywhere, due to fearing the poor unwashed common folk hassling them. Hence the Feudal Few have little or no Privacy at all.

The Feudal Few crave Freedom and Privacy for themselves alone; wherefore Freedom and Privacy will be made a commodity the rich can only afford. The Feudal Few want to Track and Trace imprison you, knowing everything you I.D. Chip do, so they can be Free to go wherever they will, having their Privacy; whereas you and your children will be incarcerated within a Mass-Surveillance Sheep pen.

As for the WEF/DAVOS Mantra, “the future is female,” it is appropriated Masonic code for Queen Bee Totalitarian-Fascist politics, which is again summed up as Babalon Feudalism.

Remember, the Feudal Few do not care about the present generation, they are far more interested in targeting your jabbed-up masked children’s children, who will be born as Serfs into a dystopian Hell, their duped, convenience addicted parents unknowingly created. The digital Hive-Mind of the future Metaverse generation will not know they are in an A.I. driven Mass-Surveillance prison, wherein their Big-Data is being Big-Tech harvested as the New Oil of Mass-Surveillance Capitalism.

The rapid A.I. automation of the workplace will not need so many Serfs around; wherefore the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ might usher in engineered depopulation, which is a distinct possibility, considering how fast various Billionaire funded technologies are advancing.

You can thereby gather of a darker scenario, that the Future is not for many of your children to know, apart from those kept around for specific tasks they will be Eugenically bred for. An analogy would be that of a vast Top-Down Economic Pyramid being built by expendable Slaves, atop of which the inbred Feudal Few are enthroned. In other words the Future is being ‘Built Back Better’ by the Present unknowing Serfs for the children of the Feudal Few to own.


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If a solar storm, which is technically called a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), happens to be pointed at the Earth, it will crash into the magnetosphere causing a huge surge of ‘magnetic energy.’ Should the CME be powerful enough, the resulting magnetic field can severely damage electronic equipment on the ground causing widespread blackouts.

It just so happened, an extreme solar storm erupted from the Sun on July 23rd, during the engineered Newage focus on 2012, which was the most powerful in as much as 150 plus years. The Earth just about missed the CME by nine days.

Had it happened earlier, the Earth would have been hit, causing severe consequences to your present technological civilisation, which would have potentially led to you living in a Mad Max world. “If it had hit, we would still be picking up the pieces,” said Daniel Baker of the University of Colorado.

Another solar storm is forecast to hit the Earth in 2025, whereas others say it will impact in 2030 of a World Economic Forum focus. The predicted 2025 CME will cause mass power cuts, frying the internet, causing world-wide communication blackouts, let alone costing trillions of dollars of damage.

The Corona-l Mass Ejection date of 2025 also tarries with a disturbing prediction made by the military website Deagel, which is routinely used by the CIA and other security outfits.

The Earth has always been cyclically hit with solar storms, the Earth and humanity were by and large unaffected by. But now, due to the over-reliance of present nigh-Cyberpunk civilisation on electronic technology a severe solar storm can knock your so called modern world back to the Steampunk 18th century.


However, if the human organism has been jabbed with an experimental jab containing Graphene Oxide, which is known to be able to pass through the blood-brain barrier as well as self replicating its self, when affected by electromagnetic pulses, you can thereby gather what will occur should the Earth be hit with a massive Corona-l Mass Ejection from the Sun during the Deagel date of 2025, which will probably be blamed on yet another Bill Gates virus to thence monetise.


The lead up to the ‘Build-Back Better’ date of 2025, will initially involve destroying the world you know via systematic Lockdowns so that the Feudal Few can build their Totalitarian-Fascist Technocratic utopia, where freedom will be a commodity only the unmasked very rich can afford, whereas everyone else will be under constant Black Mirror Mass-Surveillance, ‘Owning Nothing, Renting Everything.’


Although, when the masked mass populace start to suss what is going on of a subversive (Woke) Cultural Revolution, such as observing the sudden Mao Zedong Purge reduction of the population, there will be an engineered distraction manifesting as a potential Nuclear war, which will be suddenly concocted.

The conflict will of course be propaganda pushed by the Joseph Goebbels Fear-Porn spewing Controlled-Mass-Media in order to distract attention away from the Mao thinning of the jabbed population, who have been unduly affected by the experimental Big-Pharma jab.

Should you question why a supposed virus has been suddenly ignored by the fleeing refugees from a war profiteering conflict, who are not being quarantined, nor being jabbed on the spot, while the natives are mandated to be jabbed, you will be promptly ignored, censored, banned and cancelled into a digital gulag, which is especially the case if you say, the Big-Pharma jab is not a vaccine, it is in actuality weaponised Gene Therapy, or should one say, Gene Editing.

When seeing the numerous inconsistencies in the Controlled Mass-Media narrative of relentless Mass-Formation Psychosis Fear-Porn, which of Hypnotic propaganda hypocritically sides its self with proxy war Fascist Nazis, you will realise it was never about a virus, it is otherwise political.

More so if you are a scientist/doctor, a soldier a policeman/policewoman or a journalist, realising you are being used by inbred insane criminals who are taking the total utter piss out of science, the military, the police force and journalism. As for journalism, most of the journalists working for the Controlled Mass-Media are too shit scared to question anything because of the criminal imprisonment of Julian Assange!   

Should the Feudal Few and their bought muppet-puppet politicians eventually be brought to task about the matter, which is fuelled by their Totalitarian-Fascist ideology, they will no doubt rally their paid-for scientists to squeal they did it to save the planet from cyclic Climate Change, they say is caused by Serf overpopulation.

When to point out to them that the population has been in steady decline in the West since WWII, due in the main to lowering sperm counts caused by the broth of forever chemicals spewed out by unregulated industries, and having the public water supply being criminally mass-medicated with the neurogentic and mutagenic compound Sodium Fluoride, the Feudal Few will repeat, “Climate Change!”

All of these industrial chemicals are poisoning the planet and Big-Pharma owned and drug pushed by the Top-Down Economic Feudal Few; who will still scream, “Climate Change,” even though the Climate Change likes of Bill Gates owns an energy guzzling mansion near the sea like many another of the Feudal Few. 

The truth of the matter is, the A.I. driven Fourth Industrial Revolution of the Feudal Technocracy, which will 5G/6G automate most of the workplace doesn’t need so many Serfs around. The parasitic Feudal Few have always seen the Serf masses as being problematic.

This is because the Feudal Few are very afraid of the Serf masses deciding to no longer support their illusory rich-club world, nor to play their fixed-Monopoly Game anymore, which will invariably lead to the Feudal Few losing everything, becoming as mere ‘Economic-Reset’ beggars.

Hence the reason why the Feudal Few transferred much of the industry to robot-worker China, which is their Totalitarian-Fascist Technocratic model for the entire world.

A.I. is evolving at a rapid rate, which is especially the case in Technocratic China. The Top-Down Economic Feudal Few seek to have total dominance over the A.I. and thereby controlling the whole world.

Hence the reason why the Feudal Few are madly rushing headlong towards their Totalitarian-Fascist goal, which is in alignment with an estimated 2050 technological Singularity; whereby the world around you appears to be going increasingly Mass-Formation Psychosis crazy, day by day.

The A.I. could be highly beneficial for all of an evolutionary leap, ushering in a Star Trek future, but this will mean the criminal Feudal Few will totally lose their fixed Monopoly Game Money stranglehold over the world.

In other words, the vampiric Feudal Few fear the A.I. more than you do, who might be wondering if they have been played by an A.I., which can play games far better than they can; although the A.I. cannot make you wake up to see the parasitical Feudal Few for what they truly are, that is something you have to do for yourself, when observing the Glitches in the Matrix Narrative.

One such Glitch among numerous others is the one time telling of history revealing the Holocaust horrors of the Eugenic racist Nazi’s, unto the present of a Nazi problem in the Ukraine, the mainstream Media had prior reported on of a warning. Then all of a sudden the narrative was rapidly changed when the Freedom Truckers gained momentum in Canada, which of a Serf Revolt was spreading to other countries. Alas, the bank accounts of the protestors were promptly blocked by Feudal Trudeau.

As you might remember, not too long ago, DAVOS boy Trudeau tarred and feathered the protesters of the Freedom Convoy as being right-wing fascist Nazis, now WEF Trudeau and other ‘Build Back Better’ Lockdown governments are using your stolen Tax money to arm real Nazis, which is ushering in WWIII around their Fauci Gain-Of-Function Bio-Labs. The Feudal Few would far prefer a Nuclear hot war, rather than a Serf Revolt going global. So, you can fathom the insane war-profiteering Eugenicists haven’t thought twice, nor to care at all, when mandating an experimental Big-Pharma Epstein Gates jab for you and your masked children.

Another glaring Glitch is the Climate Crisis, said whoring governments kept ranting on about of enforced Austerity after the 2008 banker crash thievery, while Greta Thunburg was racing around in her expensive Tesla. Now, after the 2020 banker crash thievery, which led to the largest transfer of wealth to the Feudal Few in all of human history, via the Lockdowns, many a contradictory green power NATO country is turning back the clock to polluting fossil fuels, while energy and food prices are being Austerity hiked.

The Feudal Few quaintly blame it all on DAVOS Putin, who is also jabbing up the Russian populace with a dodgy Xi Jinping jab!

The Evolutionary Art Muse Principle: A Dark Tale from ‘The Haunted Art Studio Of Faustus Crow.’

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Faustus Crow, Whose Soul-Mate is his Fallen Anima; Art & Character belongs to @Faustus Crow. Click the above cover design for more information.