Book One of the Goetia Girls: Succubus Art Book is available on Amazon in paperback. Book Two is also available; the details of book Two, which can acquired in colour or black and white versions can be found below.


Book One, is printed on white paper, with a full colour matte cover, as well as being fully illustrated with 38 illustrations, numbering 166 pages.


The above cover design, at the top of this page is for the Colour version of book One.


There is also a cheaper Black and White version of the book available. Please CLICK on the PHOTOS of the Paperback books for more Detail.


Goetia Girls book ‘One’ illustrates the first Twelve Succubae of an alternate Goetia. There are two other books in the series, illustrating the rest of the 72 Succubae. Book Two illustrates the next Twenty Four Succubae.


Each of the books will be created in Colour and Black an White versions. The artwork below features Mephistophina, who is depicted in the Goetia Girls book One.


The paperback book of Goetia Girls book ‘One’ is very different of page layout and design to the present Kindle book.


The Kindle book is more graphic of a comic strip illustrative style; whereas the paperback books are designed along the lines of a classical grimoire.


This may raise Hell with some readers, but due to the time and effort involved, the paperback books of Book Two and Three will ‘NOT’ be converted into Kindle versions.

As mentioned, there will be two versions of the Goetia Girls paperback books. For example Book One has different covers, in order to differentiate the Colour and Black and White versions from each other.










The cover for the Black and White version of the Goetia Girls paperback book ‘One’ is depicted below, whose style, as prior described is in keeping with the classical grimoires, which tended to not be in Colour.


The books can be acquired from from Amazon. (CLICK on the ‘Book Cover‘ images above for further details.)


Please Note: The Amazon digital Book previews for the paperback are not high quality due to the large file sizes of the artwork and the book its self. Hence the photographs of the printed books themselves.












goetia_girls_lilith's_harem_succubus_book_mephistophina_ conjuration_of_fastus_crow 2

Book Two will only be available in ‘Paperback,’ likewise with Book Three. These Books will ‘Not’ be available on Kindle. Book Three will soon be available on Amazon, which has taken over Createspace BORG style.

The Goetia Girls Tarot Is Now On Sale, Which Can Be Bought Via PAYPAL, etc. If you are interested in the Tarot Deck, The Drivethrucards Website On Which The Tarot And Book Is Being Sold Will Require You To Join/Log-In.

The Drivethrucards Requirement To Join/Log-In Is Because The Tarot And Book Is For An Adult Audience.

The Tarot Deck Is Entitled The Black Raven.

The Tarot Features All 72 Of The Goetia Girls, Their Seals, Hierarchical Offices, Decan Positions, Zodiac Signs And Corresponding Runes. Each Tarot Card Has An Associated Key-Word For Divinatory Purposes.

The Black Raven Tarot Also Features The Four Elements.

The Fifth Element, The Alchemists Called The Quintessence Or The Anima-Mundi Is Equated With The Tarot Card Of The World/Universe/Multiverse XXI. The Tarot Card Of Fool Is Associated With The Triangle Of Art. 

The Tarot Cards Has An Associated Underground Art Book-Comic Grimoire, numbering 77 Pages.

The Book Explains The Background Of The Black Raven Tarot, Its Use For Divination As Well As How To Play The Lilith’s Harem Sorcery Game With The illustrated Cards.

The Black Raven Tarot deck Has 80 cards, Printed On Premium Stock, Having A Semi-Gloss Finish. There Are 2 Cover Cards, Which Briefly Describe The Divinatory Meaning Of The Runes And How To Play Lilith’s Harem On Their Backs. 

The Tarot Cards Have A Specially Designed Tuck-Box.

The Book ‘Can Be Bought Separately,’ Which Is A PDF. For Further Details, Please Click Here.

NOTE: Most psychologists of varying psychological disciplines are very much aware of the ‘Animus’ and ‘Anima,’ which were scientifically investigated and clarified of a psychological function by the psychologist Carl Jung.

However, said psychologists, and even Jung, himself usually describe the ‘Animus’ and ‘Anima’ in very convoluted language, which of labyrinthine intellectualisations, lose any applied practicality. The following has been simplified for the layperson.

But then it is all very simple of nature anyway. Hence, without thinking about it, an everyday psycho-biological process is easily taken for granted, and thereby entirely missed. Wherefore, the likes of religious and politically motivated social engineers utilise what is habitually not self-observed, in order to influence and ultimately have total control over the quite oblivious masses, by subversively targeting their sexuality.

The personal observance of how the ‘Anima’ and ‘Animus’ can be subversively manipulated by others of mundane emotional politics can be observed in ones everyday relationship dynamics, which can then be applied to the bigger picture.

Jung was probably aware that the ‘Animus’ had become deified by the religious cultural constructs of the three monotheistic faiths, whose shared symbolic paradigm permeates all levels of your culture. This is not a case of perceiving the cultural focus upon the ‘Animus’ as being negative, since it is biological of foundation.

In nature females primarily determine what males they choose to be with; it is not the other way around. Hence men will gravitate towards those ‘male role-models,’ women consider to be the most sexually attractive to them, which is determined by their ‘Animus.’

The male role-models are in turn associated with archetypes, which become deified in various myths and religions as well as attaining superhero status in popular culture. In other words, the financially lucrative popularity of male characters in popular culture, such as in films, video games and comic books, etc, is primarily due to the ‘Animus’ adoration of the heterosexual female audience.

As for the ‘Anima,’ she and her legions of Succubus archetypes have Fallen out of the symbolic paradigm. One example of an ‘Anima’ archetype being the Sex Goddess Ishtar, who made many a Sumerian woman in UR very jealous indeed!



  1. M. John Einerson Says:

    The Borgia succubus girls are goddesses that I would sale my soul to in order act out deepest sexual passionate desires upon infernal alters of black magic being blessed & charged with power by all the ancient dark lords.

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      The Borgia of Rome, had appropriated the ancestral self identity of the Hebrew’s; which of a patriarchal big-business cult still has an Animus fixation upon machismo Angels and Butch Demons dancing around an Abrahamic God and a Devil, upending each other.

      Wherefore the reason why Goddesses were transformed into male entities populating the commonality of playgirl grimoires. There be no place for the Anima in their closeted all male paradigm, which invariably led to Witches being burnt at the stake along with homosexuals.

      There be no reason to sell ones soul to a conjured Succubus; for she be an aspect of one’s Anima; hence being one’s Soul, wedded to of a Coitus Pactum. But this to only occur of a Sacred Wedding when to rebel against the imprisonment of a collective brainwash, through one’s Art; for the prison bars are symbolic, of a lopsided belief system, upon which your society is based.

      Each Succubus embraces an alternate-self of the Sorcerer, as their Lords, he to internally assume as his numerous Avatars, of ancient and future memory around the magic circle, when to dream lucid; wherein the Sorcerer to conjure a chosen Succubus amidst the Triangle of Art of conscious dreaming; she to then erotically empower his assumed Avatar, of dream Yoga.

      While dallying with his left-hand path Succubae, whom express his own sexual persuasion, the Succubae will duly reveal unto him an established tradition of another sexual orientation, due to its overriding gender focus upon the right-hand path male.

      This will lead to him seeing through the wrought illusion of a Matrix of symbolism, which thrives upon the darkness of ignorance; whose continuance of a self-perpetuated monotheist indoctrination is entwined with centralist politics, which serves the elite few, atop of their Ur ziggurat of skulls.

      Suffice to say, the rebel Sorcerer will learn to laugh as a Heyoka would do; whereupon the symbolic Matrix of the indoctrinated collective, no longer has any hold over his subconscious mind to subliminally influence, which to have once chained his unconscious dreams to the controlling elite.

  2. When will you get to Kimaris? I’m very curious as to your interpretation.

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      The Sixty Sixth Succubus, named Cimejes or Cimeies, who of preference I call Kimaris, will be lavishly illustrated in the ‘Third’ Goetia Girls book, I am presently working upon, which I am doing in league with a number of traditional oil paintings, concerning the Succubae and associated arcane subjects.

      I have already done some initial digital artwork of Kimaris for the ‘Third’ book, which requires further work upon it.

      There will be recognisable symbolic associations with the classical description, though updated to the modern.

  3. Light in extension ! Very Impressive work ! Cheers


    This is an answer to 4bluefaeries frequenting satanandsuns

    In pre-Christian Rome, one of the most popular Goddesses was Diana-Lucifera, whose image was stamped upon many a Roman coin. (Diana-Lucifera is depicted on the right face of the coin below, looking somewhat like the statue of Liberty with Apollo on the left. Apollo was considered to be the Sol Invictus, whose title was later assumed by Constantine’s Christ!)

    When Constantine appropriated the ancestral-self-identity of the Hebrew’s to make as his Christianity, the Christian converts rapidly transformed Diana-Lucifera into a male to name as Lucifer.

    There is a also plaque in Rome, which still can be seen, dating back to the Imperial era, depicting the Empress Faustina being carried off into heaven by the Goddess Diana-Lucifera.

    Whereupon you can deduce that the later Faustian myth has been reversed by the Christian’s, who have an overriding fixation upon the deified ‘Animus’ made as a God and Devil.

    The feminine principle of the ‘Anima,’ has been entirely negated by the all male symbolic paradigm of an ‘Animus’ fixation, whose Incubi Angels and Demons dance orgiastic around a God upending a Devil and vice versa in many a common Playgirl Grimoire, which have very likely been subversively patronised by the ‘closeted’ priests of the Vatican.

    The early printing presses across Europe were under the strict control of the Church, so it goes without saying, that the printed Grimoires carry the seal of approval from the Vatican.

    The logic being, in order to validate the reality of their deified ‘Animus’ made as a Good-Cop God of a thesis, the Vatican required its anti-thesis to exist as an ‘Animus’ Bad-Cop Devil.

    There is no historical evidence of a Grimoire, which depicts the ‘Anima’ fluctuations of the (Succubae) Succubi, a Tibetan Bonpo Buddhist would call Dakinis.

    Some to say that the entities listed in many a Playgirl Grimoire are not real, others to say otherwise.

    Both are true, yet not, of a mundane perspective. It requires the practice of Art, which is indivisible to the practice of Sorcery to reveal the reality.

    When to paint a two dimensional image of creative meditation, the symbolism of the painted picture can be implanted into the realm of the dream, wherein, the two-dimensional image becomes as a three-dimensional interactive reality when to attain a lucid dream.

    But most do not create, to otherwise religiously follow what has been created of worship; who, without knowing it, are acting out a pre-written script of conjuring.

    Hence, the fixation upon an all male symbolic paradigm of the ‘Animus,’ has been engineered of religious Neuro-marketing down the ages in order to manipulate the arena of the collective dream, without the masses knowing what is going on.

    Perhaps the wise Crones of their sister-in-the-hood covens have noted that their youthful preference for Bad-Boy Alpha-Males symbolically equates with the Devil.

    Whereas a Good-Guy Beta-Male often gets crucified as a bloodied scapegoat Christ, and all because of a childhood imprint left upon them by their fathers, who had influenced the symbolic expression of their ‘Animus,’ made as a God, they to have wrestled with of Witchcraft, when perusing their Playgirl Grimoires, listing archetypes of the ‘Animus,’ to conjure.

    The sisters-in-the-hood cannot be blamed for this; it is just a case of a biological imperative, which has influenced their symbolic focus upon the ‘Animus,’ to deify.

    It is only when to notice that the ‘Anima’ has been entirely castigated out of the symbolic equation that the collective brainwash is revealed for what it is, and that a very real Necronomicon would list the (Succubae) Succubi Great Old Ones of the Fallen ‘Anima.’

    As you may have noticed, I use the term ‘Animus’ and ‘Anima,’ which of male and female archetypes reside within the psyches of women and men.

    Whenever you have a gender focus, it will invariably involve an underlying sexual impulse behind it, of an undeniable biological drive, which is that of nature, whether it be heterosexual or otherwise of orientation.

    Wherefore, an all male gender focus of a religion is that of the fixation upon the ‘Animus’ residing within the psyches of women.

    In other words, the patriarchal structures of the three monotheist big-business Cults out of Abrahamic Ur are the creation of women, who have forged the present focus upon the deified ‘Animus’ made as a Jehovah/God/Allah and a Devil/Lucifer/Shaitan; whereupon, you have the commonality of the Playgirl Grimoires.

    Basically and in general, it is the women who choose their mates, not the other way around; wherefore, you have their focus being placed squarely upon a strutting Alpha-Male Beast, who is seen to have the wherewithal to bring home the ‘Mammoth’ meat for his progeny.

    However, the Beasts tend to not stick around for too long, who like the Holy Ghost Incubus jumps another Mary to impregnate, which leaves a Beta-Male of a crucified Joseph to do the scapegoat babysitting.

    You then have a repetitive relationship dynamic since the time of an Adam Apple Ape, becoming enshrined as an ‘Animus’ fixated religion, which of Holy-Wood horror fare fakery inspires the Romano-Christian celluloid depictions of a Byronic Lucifer.

    Whereas the ‘Anima’ and her manifold archetypes who populate the shadows of the dream, have ‘Fallen’ out of the symbolic equation, which has led to all sorts of social problems, let alone that of horrors, such as the Witch burnings and persecution of gays, etc.

    Whereupon I have created a Necronomicon listing the (Succubae) Succubi Great Old Ones of the ‘Anima; for in order to attain the Tao, you have to balance the Yang of the ‘Animus,’ with the ‘Anima’ of (Shakti) Yin.

    As the Hindu adage goes; “A God is not a God without his Shakti.”

    In regards to what is considered to be ‘real,’ as stated earlier, a depicted two-dimensional image of an archetype has a three-dimensional interactive reality within the informational domain of a lucid dream.

    I am not into any particular symbolic cultural-construct of a religion. My preference is that of shamanism, which is not a religion, but otherwise that of a system of techniques shared by many cultures, of consciousness transformation, which Artists employ.

    But then the first Horned Shaman was an Artist painting a Palaeolithic cave wall; alas, the Horned Shaman was demonised as the Devil.

    Whatever symbolism is employed by the practitioner can manifest as an inner reality within an induced lucid dream, whether it be focusing upon the archetypes of the ‘Animus’ or that of the ‘Anima.’

    Those who worship their inner conjurations are practicing religion, which by its very nature becomes dogmatically fixed in stone, leading thence to controlling the minds of others, policing their thoughts of Orwellian political correctness, the Nazi regime had practiced, to term as the Entartete Kunst, which has since progressed to the spewed usage of the word… PORN.

    The practice of Magic is indivisible to the practice of ART, which is fluid of nature, having no fixed Ring-Pass-Not limits!

    Because the Art of Magic/Magic of Art has no limits, it is often considered to be disrespectful to those who practice religion and its associated centralist politics of control.

    The walls of Rome are built upon the foundation stone of a fixation upon the Abrahamic ‘Animus,’ which has denied the Fallen ‘Anima;’ hence those who are confronted by the reality of the ‘Anima,’ become either disturbed, to mock it of an emotional reaction, debasing it as being pornographic or to quaintly ignore the reality of the Fallen ‘Anima.’

    Yet, they are faced with their overriding focus upon the deified ‘Animus’ made as a God and a Devil, which of a foundation stone, reveals their blind indoctrination, of a very real… Brainwash!

    Overall, one example of this ‘Animus’ fixation is the classical Goetia, which Aleister Crowley to have conjured from, while frequenting Boleskine house near unto Loch Ness.

    Crowley’s illustrations of the conjured archetypes of the ‘Animus’ all have enormous phallic erections.

    Nobody to have said he had ‘PORNED’ out the Goetia, then or since; but then he was just being honest about his bisexuality, many at the Oscar Wilde time considered to be… ‘Wicked.’

    Hence Crowley had no reason to ‘Rebel’ against the ‘Animus’ fixation of the Goetia to otherwise reverse its conjured symbolism of symbolic alchemy, let alone transmuting numerous other tomes like it, which are all… Playgirl Grimoires!

    So, I tend to have Heyoka fits of hilarity when watching Holy-Wood horror movies about ‘Animus’ fixated Devil worshippers, such as Polanski’s film, Ninth Gate; although it does appear Polanski was alluding to Diana-‘Lucifera’ concerning the mysterious Girl who guides Dean Corso through her ‘Anima’… Gate.


    This is an answer to Anatkan frequenting satanandsuns:

    You sound remarkably like the worshippers of the deified ‘Animus, made as a God, who consider your focus to be their ‘Animus’ Antithesis, to likewise say that you will burn for worshipping their ‘Animus’ of a Lucifer/Devil/Satan!

    The Goetia refers to something far more ancient than the Biblical ‘Animus’ fixation, which had been appropriated from an ‘Older’ Shamanistic understanding; and in doing so, the ‘Animus’ worshippers demonised the Horned Shaman as their Antithesis Devil.

    As for ‘mocking’ an all male pantheon of an ‘Animus’ fixation, which has castigated the Fallen ‘Anima’ out of the symbolic equation; such can likewise be said of your Antithesis focus upon Lucifer/Devil/Satan by the worshippers of the deified ‘Animus’ of a Thesis, who consider that you are mocking their petrodollar big-business Illuminati pantheon out of Abraham’s pyramidal ziggurat of Oily Ur.

    As for my work, It isn’t a case of mocking; I am rebelling, by being far more interested in conjuring what has been castigated out of the symbolic equation, of a ‘Fallen… Synthesis;’ for there is no mention of the ‘Anima;’ while the Thesis and Antithesis worshippers of a deified ‘Animus’ are ‘united’ in their endless fighting against one another, whose conflict becomes as a never-ending… ‘Gordian knot.’

    Legio mihi nomen est, quia multi sumus: The Names of the Fallen ‘Anima’ be many, but not known; whereas Rome made damn sure that the names of the ‘Animus’ are listed in many of their subversively patronised Grimoires, which are viral-meme legion of Neuro-Marketing.

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