This Truth tale be not dark, nor twisted of telling, it is just not Newage fluffy. If you be a Newage bunny who to hypocrite smile behind rose tinted glasses, fearing leaping into the abyss, best not read on. I will relate an experience, which of a general account, I had as a changeling childe. The initial phase was that of waking up in total utter terror, not long after I went to sleep.

I couldn’t tell anyone; who would have believed me, anyway. In retrospect it is just as well that I had not told no one. What was I going to, say, “hey, I think I’m being strangled every night by the Sphinx out of ancient Greek mythology.” They would have of course seen me as being absolutely insane. Then again, who knows, they might of replied, “don’t you mean the ancient Egyptian Sphinx?”

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I would have then replied, “Nah! The Egyptian Sphinx was originally of the Jackal headed deity of the Abyss leading to the ‘Inner Archives’ of the Duat, called Anubis. Although, more likely the Egyptian Sphinx was originally an Anima representation of a Lioness, called Mehit.”

I then to continue, “I’m speaking of the winged female Sphinx, having an Ouroboros of a Snake as her tail, the Greek’s spoke of, that was used for the front cover of H,G Wells, Time Machine; she’s the real Cat-Woman, strangler.”

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It definitely did feel as if I was being strangled by something, to the point of choking, gagging for air; or that of being of similarity to drowning.

Since I was experiencing this strangulation every time I went to sleep I intended to find out what was going on, by doing some extensive research.

My research led me to Hebrew folklore concerning the Succubus, called Lilith, who is described as having a liking for strangling infants, let alone sexually seducing males.

H,P Lovecraft would have probably equated Lilith with a salacious Great Old One, to otherwise term as a Nightgaunt.

But there was little or no information about the experience at the time of the pre-internet, or since, apart from a load of fear porn bollocks about malign abducting aliens, bedroom invader shadow people, butch Biblical Demons, oily UR Annunaki from planet ‘X’ chromosome, or interdimensional reptilians, with long tongues,, etc, etc. Take your reptilian-brain-stem, zap pick, of Newage Moorlock media hewn horror Creepypasta.

Saying that, I was absolutely terrified of going to sleep many a night; Hell! I had to keep the light on much of the time, that, or getting naps during the day. But even then I would suddenly wake up sensing I was being strangled by some shadowy presence, which had patiently waited for me to fall asleep.

I decided to utilise meditation in an attempt to offset the terror of the experience, or at the very least prepare for it. I then accessed the hypnagogic state at the point of sleep, this was when the strangulation often occurred, which involved sleep paralysis.

I knew from previous experiences, not to become afraid, otherwise I would find my terror being reflected back at me of varying horrors.

But due to the prior meditation, I otherwise relaxed into the experience; as I did so, I had the distinct sensation of an inner energy, ascending along the back of my neck, flowing through fibrous channels; I could physically feel it, as well as see this energy, as if I was looking into my own brain with X-Ray eyes.

This energy looked like a cool electric blue light, which appeared to be blocked in my throat area, within the area of my reptilian brain-stem. I came to the conclusion that it was this blockage, which was causing the sensation of choking. Although, I must admit, I did feel as if I was being haunted by a ghost at times.


I decided to take the meditation further, by meditating upon certain symbolic stimuli, which of esoteric associations, corresponded with the throat area. The utilised imagery alluded to the choking sensation I was experiencing. At first I was using the meditation to control my need for sleep, or should I say, attempting to avoid it. Hence I was drinking copious amounts of black coffee, until I pissed it like an espresso machine.

Going by my research it seemed that the blockage of energy appeared to be associated with what is termed as the arousal of the Kundalini Shakti, in Tantric Yoga practices, which I had gathered together of various accounts, from rare sources. However, much of the information about the Kundalini Shakti, which is personified as a Goddess, who is otherwise known as the fire snake, was Newage fluffy couched in labyrinthine esoteric psychobabble.

While I conducted the meditations I utilised the breathing techniques as described by a gnarled library book on Transcendental Meditation I had picked up.

The reason for my choice at the time, was that it was straight forward, of matter of fact instruction, which was not peppered with mind-bending Hindu metaphysics; the laughing Buddha book was otherwise Hippie humorous of Beatle’s Magical Mystery Tour insight.


I also did the meditations, while listening to hypnotic beat trance music, or that of otherwise dancing in order to induce a light trance state, which was basically, controlled day dreaming, about the material I had researched in order to attain further insights into it. Said day dreaming, Jung would otherwise call Active Imagination.

The sensation of strangulation lessened for a while, until one day, after returning home from school, feeling absolutely exhausted, I fell into a deep swoon; as I did so, a presence descended upon me. I had the distinct sensation of hands around my throat.


But this time, I was prepared. rather than reacting in terror, I uttered a pre-prepared Mantra within my mind. As I intoned the Mantra, the experience suddenly changed to that of soothing feminine hands around my throat, of a sensuous caress.

The ‘Feline’ fingers of her hands then expertly traced out an energy flow along the back of my neck towards the back of my head, as she did so, I then had the sensation of falling backwards into a great void, where Anubis Howls, the Newage fluffy Moorlocks fear.

The void was all encompassing of nothingness, into which I had fallen. The terror of which I had negated by repeatedly ‘Howling’ out the Mantra over and over again, while I fell, leaving my corporal capsule behind of a body, knowing not where I was descending into. But it felt as if I was falling towards the centre of the Earth, or somewhere quite other, floating in space.

I then found myself falling into my bed, to then awaken; feeling quite exhilarated, because I had overcome my fear.

But I also felt a bit disappointed that nothing else had happened apart from awakening back into my bed. I lay there awhile pondering what had just happened of an awesome experience.

I then got out of my bed, in order to go to my art table near the window, through which the light of the Moon bathed my room. Everything seemed to be the same, all very real. It was no dream, as far as I was concerned; I felt very much aware, more so in fact, as I decided to look out of my window.

As I looked out of my window, I realised I was not in Kansas anymore. The usual panorama, was that of an urban jungle of houses and factories surrounding an allotment, which of little sky to see, was and still is polluted by the glare of city lights.


I instead, found myself confronted by a wide open countryside of rolling hills, bathed by the light of the Moon amidst a night sky full of bright stars; in the far distance I noticed what seemed to be a group of small brick houses, from whose chimneys bluish smoke drifted.

As far as I could tell they were human habitations, but as to their architectural design I was uncertain. I was not sure if I had accessed the past, future or some other alternate world.


Suffice to say, I was totally awe struck. I then became aware that I was probably experiencing a vivid lucid dream, which I tested by jumping up into the air, to see if I would float around like a disembodied bubble; but instead, gravity sharply pulled my physicality down.

It was more real than real; it was not a usual lucid dream, it went far beyond lucidity. It then struck me, that I may have died in my sleep; as I was pondering this possibility, which started to make me very afraid, I became aware that I was being watched by some unknown presence. I looked over to where it could be, whereupon I noticed my door had been opened.

goetia_girls_lilith's_harem_succubus_book_mephistophina_ conjuration_of_fastus_crow 2

The presence turned out to be a Witch, who brought me back. But not before experiencing other… adventures.

I did wonder, whether she had ‘conjured’ me into her world

I felt as if I was away for ages. But when I to have again awakened, I found I had been asleep for but a short while. Nor was it night, it was still day as before the departure, when I awoke.

Anyway, to cut a long story short. I have since noticed that when I enter into certain emotional states, of what could be construed as being that of awe, or being inspired, I have the distinct sensation of an electrical type of energy around my throat, like that of wearing a vibrating serpentine Torc, which expands outwards, of a kind of disk, or a web spreading out, connected to everything, making all to feel quite different to me of quality, as if… Time… has stood still.

When the energy becomes quite acute, it then arises along the back of my neck to the back of my head, which can then ascend to the top of my skull.


Whereupon I feel as if my head is opening up; as this happens, strange out of the ordinary things tend to occur, of tuning into ‘alternate’ Ouroboros possibilities, manifesting as a synchronicities; but ‘Nothing… Negative;’ well, as long as I do not indulge in fear. Whether you believe me or not as the case maybe, I really do not care; best find out for your-own-Self.

NOTE: The experience of strangulation is due to an inadvertent access of hypnagogic trance at the point of sleep. When suddenly accessing hypnagogic trance, it can bring a about a sense of panic in the unprepared. The body feels as if it is dying, since the rate of breathing is far slower. The sense of panic arouses the Reticular-Activating-System of the (throat area) Reptilian-brain-stem to get out of its predicament.

This involves a faster breathing rate; whereupon one has the experience of gasping for air and the sensation of being (hung-Odin) strangled. The panic and ensuing fear also engenders terrifying hallucinations, while awakening from hypnagogic trance.

When the panic and fear is finally overcome of a Sphinx’s riddle, the dreamer can then consciously utilise hypnagogic trance to attain ingress into a lucid dream.

In other words, the dreamer is then enabled to overcome the assailing Nightmare to ride as a (Sleipnir-TARDIS) Night-Mare. 



  1. Thanks for taking the time to explain what you have expierenced Faustus Crow. I’ve had similar expierences and I can relate. I am still quite novice to it all but I do know what you are talking about.

    I was laying in bed and I have these water-bed sensations going on I have them most if not all the time if I focus upon them. And that one time I got grabbed by the throat it all was going rather quickly and it shocked me. I could not make out what it was it happened that quickly no finger or hand feeling. But a distinct feeling towards the THROAT CHAKRA. But good seeing there is information on this web-site that speaks about it.


    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      In general, when inadvertently accessing hypnagogic trance at the point of going to sleep, the conscious mind will at times become shocked by the rapid ingress into the subconscious realm of a lucid dream.

      The shock generates a reaction from the conscious mind, which of a bodily level, instinctively senses that the dreaming realm is its death, whereupon the conscious mind seeks to rapidly awaken.

      (NOTE: The Reptilian-Brain-Stem of the throat area determines the depth of hypnagogic trance and the ensuing dream-state. The Reticular-Activating System, which arouses the body to awaken, is also situated in the throat area. The sensations experienced when accessing hypnagogic trance can be likened to that of being on a water-bed. The experience of hypnagogic trance can be otherwise termed as being ‘The ‘Phase.’)

      However, the rapidity of awakening is of a different breathing rate than that of the body, which has become very much slowed down due to the effect of sleep. This induces the sensation of gasping for breath, which is analogous to ‘drowning,’ or being ‘choked’ before fully awakening.

      (NOTE: in varying esoteric systems the initial experience of hypnagogic trance is seen to be an initiation, employing similar symbolism, such as, drowning, swimming as a fish/serpent/amphibian, etc, being baptised, or buried, of a coffin motif used in Freemasonry, as well as hanging, hence that of the noose, red neck-tie and Torc, etc. Much of the symbolism had been derived from shamanistic practice.)

      Should the experience of hypnagogic trance be quite deep, the body and in turn the conscious mind, usually reacts by becoming very afraid, when experiencing the sensation of gasping for breath. The conscious mind will instantly seek an explanation for what is going on, which conjures up associative symbolism within the dream, wherein what is feared takes on three-dimensional flesh.

      Hence the dreamer will believe he/she is being choked by an assailing demonic entity, or being abducted by aliens, etc. If the dreamer becomes aware of the process of hypnagogic trance ingress into the dream, the dreamer can learn to control his/her base emotional reaction, which empowers the associative thoughts within the dream, in order to (Triangle Of Art) conjure up a more desirable ‘interactive’ scenario.

      At the dreaming level, the dreamer is interacting with information and in turn energy via the symbolic interface of the dream, which is analogous to a virtual reality; whence the conjured up symbolic stimuli can be likened to ‘computer programs.’

      When interacting with the programs (you could otherwise term as being Tulpas), within a microcosmic virtual reality dream, which has been created by the Quantum Computing Brain, the conscious interaction can initiate changes within the body, as well as observing synchronistic feed-back-loops of macrocosmic (Maya/Matrix) phenomena.

  2. Correct: Like you said it must be some instictual thing concerning the shocks of it being afraid to turn itself off and it playing on the conciouss mind IE: Getting into “SLEEP PARALYSIS” Yeah the whole universe being run by some super computer is perhaps more real then people dare to realize. I’ve seen interdimensional spherical stuff too. It was watching me. Might have been a interdimensional satellite or some stuff. When I’ve noticed it quickly disapeared. When I close my eyes for awhile and re-open them I see glimpes of the other side. I’ve seen spiders and such what people expierence when traviling in the so called “ASTRAL” realm for lack of better word.

    I have the hypnagogic state of mind when I am awake too. In the beginning stages it was quite hard to deal with. Feeling my body ( second body ) going from left to right like an pendulum in my flesh body. Upon resting my head on my arms behind my computer seeing that I was flying through SPACE! Luckily I have it not that much anymore. It was quite wild and not much is to be found on the internet about it. To have to deal with this stuff I’ve come to know I’ve devolped some type of maladaptive dreaming. To deal with the trauma………..Falling out of body I’ve expierenced quite allot too. Was all pretty scary……..But you learn along the way.

    I am going to try and play with it some more. I’ve noticed my body trying to shut it self off. IE: With electrical shocks before sleeping. I’ve seen some stuff online about it trying to access “SLEEP PARALYSIS” From there on out I can focus on it all more. But Like you said the terrors will come forth too.

    I’ve had this one time when sleeping I awoke again with a electircal surge I might have been out of body returning to my body. And I was speaking out lout “FUCK YOU ASTAR-ASHTAR” I smiled and woke up a second time for real….

    I’ve been pinched before while expierences my water-bed sensations before sleeping too. Quite allot of things exactly but I’ll leave it at this for now.

    Your blog has helped me out quite allot still learning here and there like I said.

    I’ve seen one account of another person that seen the spherical metallic thing too. Anyway now I am starting to ramble end rant.

    “Neither living nor dead” Both. My Nazgul picture basically. Sorry I am all over the place this will be my last comment for now.

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      When younger I utilised an alternate Avatar guise of a constructed ‘Tulku’ in order to access information pertaining to the UFO phenomenon.

      However, the UFO phenomenon has been somewhat media moulded by many a WWII aftermath Roswell crash 1940’s-50’s Californian channeller, channelling their eugenic Nordic alien called ‘Ashtar’ of ‘star’ command, as well as by George Adamski and Billy Meier; at least Meier spoke of a female entity called Asket, looking like the Mesopotamian sex Goddess, Astarte, the Sumerian’s and Babylonian’s knew as (Tarot: High Priestess Of The Silver Star II) Ishtar, whom was later transformed into a male spirit named (Ashtar-oth) Astaroth by the ‘Animus’ fixated monotheists.

      Then during the Vietnam war 60’s the alien was transformed into an Asiatic, before assuming the form of a sexless Grey after Whitley Strieber’s book, entitled Communion hit the media limelight shelves, during the 80’s of an ensuing conflict in the Middle East, sporting an image of a Grey, Streiber associated with the Goddess, Ishtar.

      Then you have Rael and his extraterrstrial, Elohim out of Hebrew lore, who are traditionally described manifesting as fiery or silvery (star) spheres.

      I’ve seen these spheres in lucid dreams, travelling along a vast web (grid) of light amidst an inner sky on numerous occasions, a Norse shaman would associate with the (ELF) Valkries, a Tibetan Buddhist would otherwise call (sky-walkers/void going women) Dakinis. Who knows, maybe they’re (dreamer/psychic) time-travellers.

      E-lectromagnetic L-ight F-requencies, curious, of Mitochondrial DNA bio-photons illuminating the electron dream. Anyway, I decided to find out if I could access information about the UFO phenomenon within a lucid dream. I didn’t expect what was to happen of mind expansion.

      To cut a long story short, I found myself being operated upon by a number of presences around me, one of whom adjusted something on what I felt was the left side of my (ear area) skull. It felt and sounded like something electrical. Then I became aware that I was a disembodied awareness within some sort of enclosure, somewhat analogous to a brain floating in a jar.

      I asked what was going on? By thinking the question. Then I heard a number of female voices answering in unison, who were communicating scientific information in the form of a ‘Galdr’ rhyme. I at first could not understand, so I asked the same question again.

      In answer, a male voice spoke, who said, “it is all cybernetics,” just before I awoke. I had not heard of cybernetics before, so I checked out what the word meant in a gnarled dictionary, I shortly thereafter dug up out of a second hand bookshop; this was some years before the Matrix films came out.

      Since the cybernetic trinity of Matrix films hit the ‘silver’ screen, a number of recent scientific discoveries have been made, which indicates that our Maya reality could very well be a (Thirteenth ‘Gimel’ Door) Matrix simulation, such as space expanding faster than the speed of light.

      When expanding faster than the constant speed of light, since the Alpha big bang unto the Omega crunch, it would mean that time is moving backwards at another level, we are not physically privy to; although when dreaming precognitive (remembering) experiences, in the main, occur; hence everything is Eternally Repeating and that (white/star-hole) Alpha and (black/sun-hole) Omega are ‘superimposed;’ birth and death are the same (Yoni-Da’at-Wormhole/silver-star/Grey) door.

      The star-door shamans accessed when inducing hypnagogic trance, which of a brainwave state is that of meditative and creative, Theta; wherein of a pineal gland DMT (spice melange) visions, the shaman can fly through (Dune/desert/Da’at-abyss/void) space-time as the (navigator) Kwisatz Haderach, by travelling without moving.

      Should a ‘Slider’ time-travel technology be devised, which would be a necessity for deep space travel, such would be entirely possible within a simulated universe, to even access as well as to engineer a myriad other parallel (Maya/Matrix) universes, just as a player can do in a video game, where everything is connected by its underlying… programs.

      In the Middle East you have a ‘Gimel,’ Camel; whereas in Central North Asia unto Siberia, you have an Eight-Legged-Mare painted upon a Theta inducing trance (Chariot/Vimana/Merkbah) drum, looking like a… (UFO) Star.

  3. “I’ve seen these spheres in lucid dreams, travelling along a vast web (grid) of light amidst an inner sky on numerous occasions, a Norse shaman would associate with the (ELF) Valkries, a Tibetan Buddhist would otherwise call (sky-walkers/void going women) Dakinis. Who knows, maybe they’re (dreamer/psychic) time-travellers.”

    Interesting. To make sure we are on the same page. Were they metallic like I saw them to be?

    On another note maybe you noticed this too these so called holographic airplanes do they notice you and do they say “HI” in a form of flashing a light like a light-switch turned on and off for a quick second? I am pretty sure this is either energy based that morphs or these so called “CHEMTRAIL” planes are cybernetic in origin. I’m not talking about these so called air-propeller planes that aren’t holographic in nature at-least not to the naked eye I’ve had these fuckers passing over me allot of times too. They seem to be used for some type of harassment deal. At the night when I take a smoke I always watch the night-sky I’ve seen some intersesting stuff. Just curious if you expierence that too you have to be a smoker like myself to take not of this stuff perhaps.

    Perhaps John C Lilly was right after-all. SSI versus ECCO. ( ECCO is that the correct spelling it’s on top of my head ) SSI seems to have the overhand.

    You’ve had some interesting expierences that’s sure damn sure! The MATRIX interesting isn’t it?

    The whole UFO-ET stuff I am not really interested in I was back in the day. There all hiding underground IE: Surface Earth ( US ) Middle Earth ( THEM ) Underworld ( THEM ) Physical ones that is.
    The whole roswell crash was a time-capsule coming back and crashed it was no extraterrestial-ship I even saw you said something along the same lines on your blog I was amazed seeing that.

    The whole ASTAR-ASHTAR stuff was quite odd. I’ve looked it up on your blog seems to be related to ISHTAR indeed. I do not know why I said that to be honest. I just threw it out there and shared it.

    Yeah my pineal gland might be releasing more DMT then a normal person now that I think about it. Never really crossed my mind that way. Pretty strange experiences nonetheless when in the flesh feeling your second body moving around.

    Soaking it all in what you share.

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      The spheres I had observed within microcosmic lucid dreams appeared to be ‘browsing’ a vast web, which seemed to be acting like a ring-pass-not, and that the dreams themselves had a certain quality, of similarity to a ‘computer’ generated a virtual reality.

      These dream spheres correlated with observed metal-like objects in the macrocosmic sky, buzzing around like ‘drones,’ which I felt were observing me. On one occasion when frequenting the hinterlands of Ireland, these starry, blinking spheres formed a perfect circle in the night sky, with another aerial configuration amidst the circle, in answer to a question I had formulated within my mind.

      I had the sensation that these spheres were time-travelling drones, and that our present civilisation, which encircles an unknowing stone age tribe in the Amazon, observing silvery thunder birds in the sky, is its self surrounded by a civilisation having time travel capability.

      One of the earliest UFO reports concerning a spherical/disk-like object was communicated on the 5th August 1927, by the philosopher-artist Nicholas Roerich, who was trekking in the Himalayas searching for the physical existence of Shamballa/Agartha, when he saw:

      “something remarkable! We were in our camp in the Kukunor [NE Tibet] district, not far from the Humboldt chain… some of our caravaneers noticed a remarkably big black eagle flying above us. Seven of us began to watch this unusual bird. At the same moment another of our caravaneers remarked: ‘there is something far above the bird,’ and he shouted his astonishment. We all saw, in the direction North to South, something big and shiny reflecting sun, like a huge oval moving at great speed. Crossing our camp this thing changed in its direction from south to southwest, and we saw how it disappeared in the intense blue sky. We even had time to take our field glasses and saw quite distinctly the oval form with the shiny surface, one side of which was brilliant from the sun.” Altai-Himalaya (1929)

      If these spheres and other observed objects are indeed time machines, then they have been very likely constructed by our future descendants; but then, they could be just as well emanating from the far distant past; for when having dominion over time, a linear perspective of time is irrelevant.

      Hence you have all those reported sightings of humanoid Ufonauts, since the pilots are human, who would require time travel capability as a prerequisite for deep space travel in order to journey to the far distant stars.

      Should you have a time-travelling space faring civilisation then the denizens frequenting numerous colonies on other terraformed worlds, etc, will also evolve into differing looks, who will also rely quite heavily on an ‘Artificial Intelligence,’ which they are at one with.

      You wouldn’t need to physically journey back into time or into the depths of space, you could otherwise utilise an ‘Artificial Intelligence’ piloting a flying eye.

      What is more, the initial stages of time travel research will look into the natural capability of precognition, which in the main occurs in the dreams. It has already been observed that the utilisation of immersive virtual reality systems affects dreaming; even just meditatively playing video games empowers lucid dreaming, via which a dreamer can engage in retrocognition/precognition (remote-viewing) time travelling.

      (NOTE: John C. Lilly’s SSI and ECCO is Zarathustra biblical of conflict, which of a religiously hewn symbolic Matrix imprisons the mind. There is no conflict between the (SSI) machine language and (ECCO) higher language of ‘Cybernetics.’ The conflict resides within the (Da’at) belief systems of the operator, whose (culturally moulded) indoctrinated beliefs (programs) determines what is (key-word) accessed when ‘browsing’ the ‘web’ of the dream. In other words, the (Tulpa) programs of the (Agartha/SSI) machine language microcosmic dream correlates with the (Shamballa/ECCO) higher language of synchronistic feed-back-loops of macrocosmic phenomena.)

      You can then conjecture that a present, or future technology will be devised, which enhances the natural ability of the ‘Quantum Computing’ brain of an operator to consciously ‘browse’ the ‘internet’ web of the dream in order to observe as well as to contact certain individuals in the past, via the ‘spun’ symbolic interface of their ‘electron’ dreams; this will invariably involve an ‘Artificial Intelligence.’

      As for Roerich’s search for Shamballa, he was perhaps zapped by a time-travelling drone, whose piloting intelligence had programmed it to appear unto him, for the express purpose of social engineering society via its beliefs. Although Roerich was informed that the sphere was a sign from Shamballa, it was later incorporated into the extraterrestrial hypothesis of the Ufologists, who were kick started by the WWII aftermath of the Roswell event, leading thence to a mass expansion of the imagination imagining Star Trek futures.

      (NOTE: The 1947 Roswell event occurred not long after Kenneth Arnold’s sighting of boomerang flying wings, which look remarkably like the German Horten Ho 229 jet fighter/bomber, having stealth capability. If the Roswell event involved a Ho 229, the alien mystique was engineered by the intelligence agencies to cover up their black operations. However, they didn’t expect that the mystique led to an expansion of the human imagination, which invariably fed into the 1960’s-70’s Hippie ‘Newage’ rebellion, that brought down a government.)

      It is rather curious that certain personalities in pre-war Germany were very much enamoured by the mysticism of the far East as well as by Edward Bulwer Lytton’s, science fiction book, The Coming Race, and their Vril. Their ‘Newage’ interests were also Blavatsky intrigued by Roerich’s travels across the mystic Himalaya’s looking for the physical existence of Shamballa/Agartha in the Altai of Southern Siberia where the shaman trance journeys through space-time, whose (remote viewing) ‘Slider’ jaunts are empowered by his Dakinis, whom arouse his (Kundalini Shakti) Vril.

      Who knows, perhaps the mediumistic Witches of the Vril Society had remote viewed a future technology, or to otherwise been dream zapped from the future, in order to engineer society; whereby creating an alternate (Maya/Matrix/Simulation) time-line. Hence you have Herman Oberth making the mention: “We cannot take the credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields alone; we have been helped.” When asked by whom, he replied, “The people of other worlds.” Oberth and his student, Wernher von Braun went on to become the founding father’s of the N-azi A-ssisted S-pace A-gency.

      It is also rather curious that language affinities have been discovered, which indicates that the (Ishtar) Sumerian’s were possibly a colony from the Altai. You also have genetic evidence, which has been gathered since the ‘2012’ Human Genome Project, which had attained its goal by using an ‘Artificial Intelligence,’ whose findings indicated that a number of peoples have a shared genetic cradle situated amidst the shaman locales of the Altai and Lake Baikal.

      In regards to the media-machine engineering of the 2012 mystique, it was very likely subversively set up by the intelligence agencies, in order to socially engineer and control another zeitgeist ‘Newage’ rebellion, so as to stave off a fall of a government when invading Iraq via the lightning struck towers of Boaz and Joachim, over whose Ziggurat of Ur, flying wing stealth bombers flew as Vampire bats, Abraham to have no doubt had Playgirl remote viewing visions of as his machismo Aryan Angels, while fearing butch Reptilian demons!

  4. Curious, you ever heard loud bangs in your room? IE: Loud ceilling-wall cracks? bangs? Or on your furniture? computer chair? Computer monitor? ( it’s not cold or warm related )

    Have no other way to put it. I do not hear them that much anymore but when I had those things going on feeling my body going from left to right quite allot from a day to day base. I am curious if it was because I might have been creating those sounds or enities ( TULPA? ) perhaps? I still have it happening.

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      Loud bangs, cracking, knocks and even disembodied voices I have too experienced, which seem to be primarily clairaudient of nature; although, others have also heard these eerie sounds when around me, which can be construed as being poltergeist phenomena.

      The poltergeist phenomena tends to be a progression of the inner conjurations, which at first develop into synchronicities. These synchronicities are sometimes observed by others if they are privy to what I am focusing upon.

      The Philip Experiment, which was conducted by a group of Canada Parapsychologists is an interesting example concerning the creation and conjuration of a ‘Tulpa,’ which generated observable poltergeist phenomena.

      The experiment could have been taken much further; for if a ‘Tulpa’ can make a table to move of its own accord, it could have just as well been constructed as a sexy shaman Nurse, a Number Sexagram Cylon or as a Stella-Star Alien doctor to heal a physical malady, etc.

      It isn’t too farfetched to conjecture that a shadowy arm of the military industrial complex are reptilian-brain-stem investigating such phenomena in their underground laboratories to go far beyond a Project Stargate.

      If they are utilising my underground methodology they’ll no doubt be banned as being politically incorrect; probably why they keep it so secret, in order to reap the tax dollars for their high tech Montauk chairs.

      Whereas a shaman out on the tundra, has prior experimented with his own Quantum Computing brain, within his humble yurt of a laboratory, by simply using a trance inducing drum to ‘Sushumna’ Night-Mare ride between the ‘Ida’ and ‘Pingala’ pylons, conjuring (Tulpa) Dakinis.

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