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It is commonly accepted the Chaos Magic movement was heavily inspired by the Occult Artworks of the Sorcerer Artist Austin Osman Spare and his Zos Kia Cultus, which came to the forefront of public consciousness during the 1980’s.

At base level Spare’s work and Chaos Magic is primarily shamanic of orientation. When looking at Chaos Magic in general, its Mercurial Art practice of (Zos) symbolic Alchemy fuses differing symbol systems together, or conjuring up new symbolic paradigms in order to empower hypnagogic (Kia) insights into other arenas of awareness.

However one could argue that the ancient Greek’s had long ago prior practiced Chaos Magic, they called Goetia, which was personified by the Witch Goddess Hecate.

one example of ancient Greek symbol crunching is the Chaos Magic (Goetia) fusion of Hermathena or Hermathene, which was commonly depicted in a composite herm form of a meditative statue, somewhat of similarity to a Janus-like bust.

Hermathena represents the union of the ancient Greek God Hermes and the Goddess Athena, or their Roman counterparts, Mercury and Minerva. The Artwork are enlarged panels from a comic strip for a Chaos Magic Comic, drawn/inked in on A4 size Art Board. The full Artwork can be seen on my Patreon page. If you are interested Please Click Here.



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The above Artwork is an enlarged portion of a watercolor painting painted on A4 Art Board. If you are interested in seeing the full Artwork, please Click Here.

According to the le Grand Grimoire, Bael is the head of the infernal powers. Bael is also the first Daimon listed in Wierus’ Pseudomonarchia daemonum. According to Wierus, Bael is the first and foremost Daimon of the infernal realms having estates in the East.

Bael has three heads: a Toad, a Human, and a Cat. The Toad refers to the watery realm of the dream, the Cat alludes to the waking realm, while the Human is a reference to hypnagogic trance. Bael is also said to speak in a raucous, but well formed voice, and commands 66 legions of spirits. Bael teaches the Art of invisibility or becoming invincible, and other arcane matters. Some researchers see Bael as being the equivalent of Mesopotamian deity called Baal.

However, due to the classic Witch familiars of a Toad and a Cat, Bael might in fact be an occult blind for a certain ancient Greek Goddess who is very much associated with the practice of (Witchcraft) Shamanism, the ancient Greeks termed as ‘Goetia.’

Hence, I have depicted Bael as a female to rename as Baela. Although a name of the aforementioned ancient Greek Goddess, who is seen as a Titan and very much associated with the Shamanic practice of the Goetia, would probably be more appropriate. Her name is Hecate, whose high Priestess is Medea.



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Many will consider the experience of a dream visitation by a sexual entity as indicating the powerful ability of the brain creating internal realities. But then, everything you experience via your ‘Five-Senses’ is filtered, and interpreted by ones nervous-system and brain.

The nervous-system cannot tell the difference between a real or a vividly imagined event, which is especially the case concerning a vivid (Sixth-Sense) Lucid Dream. Wherefore one can then determine that a vivid Lucid Dream, can potentially imprint ones nervous system, such as experiencing a vivid erotic dream, when accessing hypnagogic (Phase) trance at the point of sleep.

The affect of which can then be felt by ones body, to feel positive, feeling more creative, etc, which is usually due to ones inner ‘Self-Image’ being empowered.

Can you imagine someone who has a negative ‘Self-Image,’ lacking confidence in relationships, etc, experiencing a vivid Lucid Dream? The implications of this subtle, though profound affect can be used for healing purposes, should the experience be Chaos Magic ‘replicated.’

It has been scientifically found that the use of vivid visualisations and active-imagination exercises, which are engaged in over a period of 21 days in order to reconfigure the inner ‘Self-Image,’ can lead to transformations of the personality and in turn ones Faustian dreams of inner conjurations.

When taken further, the microcosmic changes in personality can have macrocosmic affects on the physical body. For example, the Ghost creation experiments of the 1970’s, such as the Philip and Skippy Cartman experiments, led to the observation of conjured poltergeist phenomena.

If the experiments had been the archetypal creation of a Ghost Doctor/Nurse, it might of engendered a different, though more intriguing observations, concerning the healing of various maladies, rather than just observing and video-taping a floating table, along with recording spirit raps.

Ancient Shamanic societies have observed this phenomena, to ‘replicate,’ and utilise of a technology of consciousness. Hence, in the Tantric Tibetan Buddhist tradition, which has its foundations in Shamanism, a heterosexual male practitioner ‘Summons’ up a (Succubus) Dakini, who (sexually) empowers an assumed alternate ‘Self-Image’ of a Raging Buddha.

(NOTE: A heterosexual female practitioner conjures up the (Incubus) male equivalent of a (Succubus) Dakini called a Daka. The technique can of course be utilised by those of differing sexual orientations.)

This understanding can also be utilised for negative purposes, when to observe that the mass-populace can become a mass-persona, when the screaming mass-mob-mind is cohered by Symbolic stimuli for religious or political purposes.

This is especially the case if the Symbolic stimuli is charged by the emotive state of (Fight/Flight) Fear, leading to Social-Distancing and the ensuing emotively charged negation of ‘Sexual’ (F-Procreate) interactions, which is repetitively promoted of controlled mass-media propaganda over an initial catch-period of 21 days.

The mass-persona can then be easily ‘reprogrammed’ with another collective ‘Self-Image’ program of the faceless masked, awaiting to be vaccinated with a Bill Gates vaccine and verily quantum tattooed.

But then the mass-persona of the collective populace has been forced into an engineered financial crash situation, where they Fear losing their livelihoods, to acquire ‘Food’ and shelter, unless they get vaccine tattooed.

This will then lead to an already planned cashless society and its 5G internet-of-things digital economy ruled over by a technocratic elite few, having total control.

At a personal level, a practitioner conjures a Dakini (Succubus) to consciously (Raging Buddha) program himself, rather than being unknowingly (Elemental Four-F) programmed by others who have Socially-Engineered a Matrix of Symbolic stimuli.

As for other phenomena the Dakini can reveal, such will be determined by how far a Neo is willing to follow a Trinity/Dakini down a White-Rabbit hole… Will Neo take the Raging Buddha Red pill, or the Mass-Persona Blue pill?

NOTE: Sexuality is very much tied up with the Triangle-Of-Art Imagination, Artistic creativity and the inner Self-Image. Wherefore when finding ones self having to wear a Mandatory Mask, it will invariably have a negative affect upon normal human interactions, which is especially the case concerning dating, etc.

Soon, when confronted by an individual on a date, he/she will first ask of a muffled sound behind a mask, if you have Track-Trace Mandatory-Vaccination-App proof on your Population-Control smart-phone, which indicates you have been vaccinated.

You can thereby gather how the engineered Fear, will quickly zap your reptilian-brain, leading to your inner Self-Image acquiescing to the technocratic government, and in turn Orwellian imprinting your subconscious mind, unto your ‘Sexless Dreams.’ Your dreams will reflect back your programmed dilemma, which you have been repetitively told by the controlled mass-media propaganda is the Population Control new-norm, while the 1% thieve all your Shekels!



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“Ronovea is her grimoire name, to Mantra conjure
She’s a 27yr old Paleontologist, just out of multiversity
She’s riding my Reptile-Brain, I’m her Horny Great Beast psychonaut
She’s a blue blood Countess, aristocratic of Transylvanian nature
A Marchioness too, some even see her as Dracul Vampirella”

“Though she’s no Illuminati snob, she loves diggin’ in the prima materia dirt… With just a Hammer-Horror pickax and a cosmetic Artists brush… She’s a psychopomp girl-guide into the Earth’s Apple Core, getting real clit dirty… Yet, she’s ever so fashion conscious as a Caroline Munro Steampunk sigil sister… A Mary Anning Ghost knitted-together to look like a Tulpa Lara Croft… Finding fossils of the Great Old Ones is her Tomb Raider office”

The Artwork is an enlarged portion of a watercolour painting on A4 size Art board. The full Artwork can be found on my Patreon Page. If you are interested, Please Click Here.



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The above Artwork is an ‘enlarged’ portion of an A4 size watercolour study/painting depicting the feminine archetype known as Babalon. The full Artwork can be found on my Patreon page. If you are interested to see the full A4 version, Please Click Here.

In the Dr John Dee’s Enochian system Babalon, is otherwise referred to as the Scarlet Woman, the Great Mother, and the Mother of Abominations.

Her form is that of a Sacred Whore, and her primary symbol is the Chalice or Graal. Babalon resides in the second Aethyr called ARN, which is termed as the Aethyr of fulfillment.



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Enlarged portions of a watercolour painting on A4-size Art board, entitled: Little Red Riding Hood Babalon. The full size painting can be seen on my Patreon page. If you are interested, Please Click Here.

Who’s that I see a’walkin’ in the dystopian wood?
Why, it’s Little Red Riding Hood
Hey there Little Silver Star clitoris in the cosmic Hood”

“Your clit ring halo sure looks lickable
You’re everything a big bad Sirian Wolf could gobble
Listen to me menstrrual blood Moon Babalon, you look really desirable
so sweet-meat digestable”



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The above Artwork are enlarged panels from the penciled pages for the AOS Chaos Magic Comic strip. The pages are A4 in size. Of an associated aside, there are very few examples of Austin Osman’s Spare’s work influencing the arena of music before 1970, but the band, Bulldog Breed was one such example. Bulldog Breed were an obscure late-’60s British psychedelic band who released an album entitled Made In England in 1969 by Decca, the album is now a rarity.

Bulldog Breed’s guitarist, Rod Harrison described how he came to include a track about the Austin Osman Spare: “Well you certainly hit on a rare one there! As a matter of interest “Austin Osman Spare” was an acquaintance of my Grandmother. She had been been friendly with Austin and had been given many of his works! Before Gran came to London she had been a tutor at Bristol University (Piano and Art) My Mother also became interested in his Art as she herself was an artist. I recall that she worked just up the hill from Brixton at a place called Skolniks — they were involved in commercial artwork somewhere around “Streatham high” as it was called then! Not too far from where Austin used to live!”

“My Mother and I went over to Ilford to see an Auntie of mine and as a child I was introduced to a world of Canvasses and painting — mainly Austin’s. This was shortly before my Mother had a very bad breakdown. I suppose I would have been about seven years old at the time. Everyone in my family was a bit artistic and even now I do the odd portrait or watercolour. I inherited a lot of prints and sketches of Austin’s work, but with the passage of time they were lost, I think I left them in a bedsit in Ilford just round from the Bus station, 1969!”

“This was at a time when Bulldog were merging with T2! Keith Cross had turned up on the scene, most of my equipment had been stolen and I suffered a setback financially (as musicians do). I did a runner ‘cos I couldn’t pay the rent! “Austin lived in or around the Brixton area and was a good wartime painter but in later years I believe he suffered very badly with illness losing his limbs (gangrene) and dying somewhere about 1956. He had a belief that art should be within the reach of the common man. As to his involvement of the occult I really don’t know too much about that- that was just how the lyric panned out.”

“I suppose you could say that he was a little influenced by William Blake and I am not too sure of his relationship with Crowley! “I was sharing a flat with a friend of mine just off Wanstead High Street and Bernie Jinks, Robin Hunt (whose family lived round the corner — Nightingale lane) and numerous young ladies would come round for a bit of music practice! These two guys were always the ones with women in tow!”

“I think that Robin, Bernie and I were sitting around on one such afternoon and since the pressure was on to write some material for the LP, for some reason Austin’s name cropped up and we all worked it out from there! It was probably the introduction of the Artwork that inspired Robin to work on the Lyric! I had already got some idea of a Guitar part and with Bernie’s’ input the song came together in a very short time!”

If you are interested in seeing the Full Comic strip, Please Click Here.


CHAOS MAGIC COMIC ART: Faust Conjuring Mephistophina

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The above Artwork is an example of some ‘enlarged panels’ from the Art I have done for a Chaos Magic comic, which depicts the Sorcerer, Faust, conjuring the Succubus, Mephistophina.

The Succubus Mephistophina is an aspect of the Fallen ‘Anima.’ Whereas Mephistopheles is an aspect of the deified ‘Animus,’ made as a God/Devil.

Hence, Mephistophina rebels against the three monotheistic constructs of the deified ‘Animus,’ from out of UR.

This leads to Faust falling down the rabbit hole, when he partakes of the banned Red Apple of an ‘Anima’ pill.

The Artwork was done in pen and ink on A4 Bristol Board, which has since been coloured.

If you are interested in seeing the Full Comic strip, Please Click Here.



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The above Artwork is an ‘enlarged’ partial part of a rough A4 Pencil sketch, the entirety of the Artwork can be found on my Patreon page.

The Artwork investigates the theme of the Fourth Anima archetype of a Succubus whom is named Samigina in the Goetia. Samigina is said to first appear as a hypnagogic vision of a small Horse, Donkey or Ass before assuming human form amidst the Triangle Of Art imagination.

Although the motif of a small Horse, Donkey or Ass does appear to refer to an Artists Easel on which many a manifest painting is inspired by an Artists model of a Holy Whore Courtesan.

Courtesans had served as Models and Muses for Artists as early as the Renaissance, and long before. The general populace of the time usually saw the Artists studio to be a most ‘Sinful’ place, they considered to be none too different to a ‘Sinners’ bordello, and in some cases the Artists personal Harem, frequented by infernal Bat winged Whores of the night.

For example in Titian’s painting, the languorous Venus of Urbino, the Goddess of love, is in fact Angela del Moro, one of the highest-paid courtesans in 14th century Venice.

As for the word Easel, it is borrowed from Dutch Ezel (“Donkey: Easel”). Also Middle Dutch Esel (“Donkey”), as well as Proto-West Germanic Asil.

One also has the Latin Asellus (“young Ass or small Donkey”), which is diminutive of Asinus (“Ass, Donkey”). The Night-Mare word is ultimately derived from an unknown source in Asia Minor.

Essentially, the ‘Crucifying’ stand upon which a painting is placed is being likened to a Donkey carrying a burden. One also has the Artists term, Art Horse.

Hence Samigina’s grimoire seal, which can be seen in the sketches is reminiscent of an Artists Easel set upon a half globe of the Earth.

The globe is divided into eight compass directions, having a circle below it, representing the Magic circle, encircling the Artists Art studio.

NOTE: There are two A4 sketches. The first of which depicting Wednesday Addams includes a portrait of Gertrude (Gerti) Schiele, the sister of Egon Schiele whose self-portrait is also depicted, along with his erotic studies of his sister Gerti. 

One also has a portrait of Charles Addams and his sister and brother creation of Wednesday and Pugsley. Basically I was looking into fusing the Art styles of Egon Schiele and Charles Addams. 

The other sketch is a sketched comic page, which depicts Salvador Dali’s painting, The Great Masturbator and Maurizio Cattelan’s $120K Banana duct-taped to a wall, entitled:‘Comedian.’ It is somewhat apt of a viral-meme brand since the Polynesian ‘trickster’ God called Maui is associated with the Banana, which represents the masculine (Mars) principle, just as the politicised Unicorn does. 

The sketched comic might be transferred onto Bristol board to be inked in, and perhaps water-coloured? whereupon I did not shade the sketch, leaving it open line. The sketches can be found Here! 

The animations are derived from the Art videos created by the Mephistophina surrealist Artist/Model/Art Muse, Joan Pope. 



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Once upon a time, when Faustus Crow was but a changeling Childe, he discovered under the Yggdrassil X-Mas tree a Wyrd gift.

The gift was in the shape of a Hellraiser Cube, which appeared after awakening from a vivid lucid dream about being visited by a fallen Succubus Art Muse from another alien star.

Crow surmised the gift had obviously been left by Frau Hulder’s salacious UFO babe machine Elves from planet X-Chromosome, whose contrary-wise pussy world orbits the Yoni Pole-Stargate. The deposited gift turned out to be an Aurora model kit of The Frankenhooker Bride Of Frankenstein.

The model kit inspired Crow’s Doctor Frankenstein brain to knit-together a Frankenhooker Night-Mare, to lucid dream ride as his Succubus Tulpa across the Wyrd web of a prior weird science Gobal Consciousness Project.

When Crow eventually mutated into a Horny Old Goat, he later found out that one of the first Aurora monster model kits produced by the Aurora Plastics Corporation in the U.S. was of Frankenstein’s monster, sculpted by Jack Lemon. It was originally based on a Marx’s wind-up walker toy. The prototype of the kit was shown at the HIAA annual convention in January, 1962.

At first there were no orders for Frankenstein’s creature until the last day of the show, when affluent industry representatives were allowed to usher in their consumerist families. On that fateful day, the Chicago distributor, Al Davis let loose his sons, Glenn and Fred, whose electrified brains were Borealis hypnotised by the Aurora exhibit.

Instead of grabbing the plethora of cloned planes, cars or trucks, Davis’s sons fought each other to own the unique monster. Davis craftily smiled to himself and quickly placed an Al Capone style order. He was duly followed by a couple of California Hippie distributors who observed Davis’s sons fighting over the monster, they realised the financial underground potential, and rapidly placed orders as well.

Aurora shipped off the ordered kits. A few days later the phone started to ring wildly: “Can we have some more monsters?” And so it came to pass that all the little boys prayers across the globe had been eventually answered by the dollar-sign eyed adults!

It soon became blatantly obvious that the Frankenstein model kit was going to be a huge solar storm success; so the rest of the sculpted line-up was rushed into production. Societas Draconistarum Dracula came next, followed by the Howling Goetes Wolf-Man, both of these kits were in the North Pole bedecked stores in time for Yule 1962.

The following year saw The Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Mummy and The Phantom of the Opera, with The Hunchback of Notre Dame, King Kong and Godzilla made their debut in 1964.

Dr Jekyll as Mr Hyde were not released until 1965. Later that year, The Witch and the Bride of Frankenstein went into production. But The Salem Witch kit, and most especially the Frankenhooker Bride of Frankenstein was generally considered to be a costly miscalculation by Aurora; girls tend to not buy model kits, which is very much the case concerning kits of iconic male characters, or so it was first thought by puritanical minds.

It has since been revealed by the world-wide-web of the internet, the pornographic literature read by females is populated with Twilight predator bad-boy monsters, such as Vampires and Werewolves, along with Frankenstein Surgeons, Ghost Pirates and Phantom of the Opera Billionaires, etc.

Whereas Cat-Walk model kits of females are generally seen to be unappealing to little boys; well, they were very Playboy appealing to Crow, for a number of politically incorrect Frankenhooker Tulpa reasons. Cough, splutter, cough, cough!

NOTE: The above Pen sketch is a close-up of a ‘Panel’ from a comic page. Traditionally drawn on A4 size paper, which has been scanned without being manipulated or cropped in photoshop. The non-narrative comic is a continuation of the Little Nemo in Slumberland theme, though adult of subject matter. The full comic page can be found Here!