When becoming ‘aware’ within the Zipf Law realm of the blind, you might just see, that 80% of the wealth of the world is owned by just 62 people, or maybe it is 72; the majority of them can be found in America, who ‘habitually sustain’ the ‘delusion’ that the rest of the Earth’s population are 20% free.

Think of it, 62 people are worth as much as the planet’s poorest 3.6 billion put together; the richest one per cent on the planet is now worth more than the rest of everyone else populating the globe.

“It is no longer good enough for the richest to pretend that their wealth benefits the rest of us.” (Mark Goldring, Oxfam)

When to ‘see’ the inequality, you are invariably tarred and feathered as being ‘Paranoid.’ It is then very difficult to feel that you can fit in with such a robotic society, unless you lie to yourself in order to avoid the overwhelming solitude. But when to do so, ‘Anxiety’ soon follows, with ‘depression’ biting its heels. Many are afflicted by these considered maladies, but then they are starting to become aware that something is very much amiss!

As you become aware of the illusory facade, your Reticular-Activating-System (RAS) kicks in of a self ‘Hack,’ which of a subconscious response is that of re-programming yourself to be free of the 20% illusion.

The problem: the prior-programming, will fight tooth and nail to stay as it is. The prior-programming is that of ‘belief,’ which in Hebrew, is called Da’at; when to become aware that you are essentially programmed by your ‘beliefs,’ you then attain ‘Knowledge’ of your self.

However, such Knowledge is considered most sinful by those who seek to control the populace via the political tool of ignorance. Hence, when to become aware you will soon find yourself being cast out of the New World Order theocracy of a totalitarian Eden, which is essentially sustained by all those who believe in its illusory construct.

Many to speak of horrified viral-meme whispers that the entire world is run by a shadowy elite called the Illuminati, whose symbol is that of a triangle with an eye at its centre, or otherwise depicted as a pyramid. The truth of the matter is actually all around them, who find themselves incarcerated by their passed down religious programming, which binds them to three monotheistic ‘belief’ systems of a trinity. Should you decide to seer beyond their wrought ill-usion, you will see a truth hidden in plain sight.

This trinity has a symbolic fixation upon the deified ‘Animus,’ made as a YHVH/God-Jesus/Allah and a Satan/Devil-Lucifer/Shaitan.

The ‘bearded’ founder of the trinity is Abraham, whose eye, had first stemmed from out of Ur in war torn Iraq, where you can find an Oily Ziggurat, which is usually represented as a Petrodollar pyramid or a Masonic Beehive.

You will no doubt know that a Beehive has a Queen Bee, which will then lead you to seeing the ziggurat of the monotheistic triad is actually the Animus creation of the Queen Bee’s, who otherwise Babalon protest that its patriarchy has been created by their Beastly male worker Bee’s.

Should you point this out to the numerous believers who are gathered as a bound triangle around Abraham’s Orwellian eye, they of preference will become deaf, dumb and blind; for in ignorance, they can stay within their mind-controlled Oily Eden.

Such is easy to do when being perpetually bombarded by religious propaganda, whether it is in your face, or subversively orchestrated; it is everywhere.

Those who start to see, might just observe that the three Illuminati faces of Abraham’s monotheistic faiths has a fundamentalist extreme, which can turn the world upside down; they have done so before on many an occasion, who of a shared suicidal impulse consistently seek out their self-fulfilling prophecy of an End Of Days, in order to validate their Oily ‘beliefs.’

They all work to three scripts likened to that of pre-programmed automatons, who are quite oblivious that they have been entirely brainwashed.

What makes them think they can label the creative principle as being male of an Animus fixation, or even to see it having human form, let alone believing they have any ownership over morality or to see that the Middle East is the centre of the world, let alone the cosmos? It is their religious programming, which empowers the few atop of an Oily Ziggurat of skulls!

Although consciously unaware of the gathering danger, your RAS, of the Reptilian-Brain-Stem is geared towards surviving, which is in turn tied up with the Autonomic-Nervous-System (ANS), whose ‘two nerve channels’ are on either side of your spine.

The surrounding information, which is tuned into by your ANS will be subconsciously sifted through, whose summation will at first manifest within your troubled dreams.

However, what is tuned into of gathered information may be at odds with your prior-programming; this is especially the case, if your prior-programming is leading you, and others towards a very shadowy future.

The tuned into information may in certain instances induce the Old Hag Syndrome of night terrors, about being pursued by Demonic reptilians out of Hell, or otherwise that of being abducted by alien entities, etc. Such symbolism are subconsciously wrought viral-memes, which of a collective grasping, is seeking to understand what is wrong; yet avoiding the patently obvious.

Although symbolic, these memes will become very real within your virtual-reality lucid dreams, which will reveal what you, let alone others are attempting to avoid… seeing.

In the Cabbala, the Reptilian-Brainstem of the ‘throat’ area determines the depth of hypnagogic trance ingress into your dreams, which is associated with the 13th path of Gimel.

It is upon this (spinal column) path, the prior programming is confronted within the dream, in order to re-program it into another (Da’at) ‘form,’ such as facing a strangling Daemon, to transform it into a loving Ally. Sounds absolutely crazy, doesn’t it.

However, it is a self-hack means to reprogram ones beliefs, which in the main are inflicted upon you by the controlled mass-media.

When observing the controlled mass-media, you will invariably notice symbolic triggers, such as the number 9, for example, you could otherwise associate with the Cabbalistic sphere of Yesod, which also corresponds with the hidden sphere of Da’at, numbered 11.

And then to seer two towers falling into their own footprint as being the Cabbalistic blow-job pillars of Boaz and Joachim.

Another media insight is Mr. Robot, which is an American drama–thriller about a character called, Elliot Alderson, a cybersecurity engineer and hacker who sees through the illusion, which leads to him being seen by others to be suffering from social anxiety disorder and clinical depression.

Alderson is recruited by an anarchist, who is known as Mr. Robot. But is he real? Mr Robot is more like a ghostly apparition, who is somewhat akin to Mephistopheles of an ‘Animus’ fixation.

Whereupon Alderson is like Goethe’s and Marlowe’s vision of Faust. Mr Robot is essentially a Faustian tale, which of a classical formula, leads to a pre-programmed conclusion.

You could otherwise see Mr Robot as an updated Homer’s tale of the strange, wherein Anderson would be a shaman ‘Hacker,’ of an Odysseus.

Image result for mr robot shayla

Although, Odysseus had a Mercurial Succubus called, Athena, who… guided him… as his inspiring Muse of the Fallen ‘Anima.’

You could otherwise equate the Fallen ‘Anima’ with what is termed as the (HGA) Holy Guardian Angel, which is said to be associated with the sphere of Da’at.

goetia_girls_lilith's_harem_succubus_book_mephistophina_ conjuration_of_fastus_crow 2

As for Faustus Crow, he to have conjured up Mephistophina of a fallen ‘Anima’ manifestation within his lucid dreams, who did so of a self ‘hack,’ in order to re-program his own subconscious mind to seer beyond the symbolic Matrix of the Animus establishment.

The symbolic reprogramming within the dream negates the subversive influence of the deified ‘Animus,’ the numerous believers call God, Jehovah and Allah of an Illuminati triangle, around their Oily Abrahamic NSA eye.


6 Responses to “MR ROBOT ILLUMINATI”


    This is an answer for the FSTDT individual who calls himself/herself the, Reptilian Jew and another individual calling himself/herself

    The three monotheist Big-Business faiths have an overriding ‘Symbolic’ fixation upon the deified ‘Animus’ made as a God/Devil, which has entirely negated the ‘Anima’ out of the ‘Symbolic’ equation, which is essentially their weak-spot.

    If you believe that the ‘Symbolic’ focus upon the ‘Anima’ is merely Succubus porn, then the established ‘Symbolic’ focus upon a deified ‘Animus’ made as a God/Devil, along with a ‘Fundamentalist’ plethora of all male Demons/Angels populating many a Hogwarts Playgirl grimoire is Incubus porn.

    Said ‘Animus’ fixated Incubus porn is well established of ‘Fundamentalist’ advertising campaigns as well as perpetuated of a ‘Marketing Brand’ by the Viral-Meme media machine.

    I would also like to add, I am not into ‘Animus’ fixated Satanism, nor am I into promoting Viral-Meme Reptilian conspiracies of a prior ‘Symbolic’ Medieval Mind-Control usage of ‘Bad-Cop’ Demons!

    I am far more interested in why there is an ‘Animus’ fixation upon an all male ‘Symbolic’ paradigm, which ‘three’ religious ‘Cultural-Constructs’ share.

    It is somewhat obvious that the gender focus has an underlying sexual orientation, which for a heterosexual female is that of her deified ‘Animus made as a God/Devil,’ whereas for a heterosexual male it would perhaps be that of having male ‘role models.’

    Although, it can also be a case of a male being attracted to his own sex, which of a closeted reaction invariably leads to the insane persecution of gays and misogyny, such as burning Witches at the stake.

    I am sure you would agree that the persecution of gays and the suppression of women by a closeted mind-set of imprisoned brains in a box, indicates mass-insanity.

    The question is, where would an ‘Animus’ fixated gender focus eventually lead, whose ‘Symbolic’ paradigm has entirely negated the ‘Anima’ out of the ‘Symbolic’ equation?

    Perhaps it will lead to the eventual feminisation of the male, who, should he rebel against the Fundamentalism of the ‘Animus’ fixated ‘Symbolic’ paradigm, his rebellion would be considered as being Entartete Kunst porn by an indoctrinated Fundamentalist, who can’t get his/her brain out of a Funda-Mental box.


    This is an answer for the Reptilian Jew and Creativerealms:

    I have pointed out a number of times that the work concerns its self with a Surrealist exploration of popular culture and its ‘Symbolic’ belief systems.

    If a video-game boxed imagination cannot fathom it as being Art, then the boxed in Persona will never get it, which is no do doubt due to its Fundamentalist Samsara fixation on Viral-Meme ‘Animus’ fixated Satanic conspiracies, which I Do Not Believe in.

    “Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.” Salvador Dali


    This is an answer for the Reptilian Jew and the FSTDT coven:

    Pharaoh Bastethotep: “Okay, I’d like to commmission a voluptous torbie catgirl in pearly power armour, riding a kirin through an alien fungal jungle with a tricorder in her hand, from outa my Tulpa creating lamp, of an Illuminated Fiery brain.”

    Vman: “Dafuq, did I just read yer right? That’s, Airily politically incorrect…Bastethotep… Better to Flee, before you’ll get picked up by the Thought-Police for that porny Entartete Kunst comment”

    Pharaoh Bastethotep: “Damn it to Fiery Amenta! Okay, I’d like to commmission a transgender cat-girl-boy in black power armour, riding a drone through the policed urban jungle, with a rainbow flag in her-his, its, Fornicating hand, from outa my over-watched brain.”

    Adey: “Sheesh! Drinking the bong Water is not a good idea. So quit doing it guys. Fight your addiction! As the great joker said, “I don’t do Drugs, I am Drugs.”

    Anon-e-moose: “Don’t know about the others intake of addictive Foods on this here FSTDT coven forum. But I don’t do drugs, Adey; I’m going cyber druggie beyond my Earthy Persona.

    Anon-e-moose: continues: “The 55 Gb installation file for “DOOM IV” is downloadable via the Bethesda/id Software site, no box required. Get with the times, ‘boys and girls;’ its yer reactive Reptilian-brain-stem, which is initiating these Elemental IV F’S games.”

    Anon-e-moose: continues: “FRAK! I’ve just contradicted myself, it is… Boxed!


    This is an answer for the FSTDT CSTDT Reptilian Jew:

    Here are some other posters for the ‘Entartete Kunst’ to check out, since you have utilised the Robert Anton Wilson quote along with checking out the previous ‘Entartete Kunst’ Poster.

    The ‘Entartete Kunst’ poster, which has previously caught your attention, was published by the Nazi regime at a time when there was an exhibition of Modern Art in Britain. Said exhibition really annoyed the Nazi regime, which was soon followed by the mass slaughter of WWII.

    Hitler could not get his boxed-in square head around the Modern Art Movement at all, which he did not see as being Art, to otherwise castigate it as being a corrupting influence upon society, due to its anti-war sentiments in the main.

    He certainly did not like Surrealism, disliking what he considered to be its indulgence in occultism and perceived conspiracy theories, nor to have a liking for anything erotic, which would be presently castigated as being pornography of now loaded poltically-correct terminology.

    I am sure that you have probably fathomed by now that some of the FSTDT members are Artists, who are creating satirical pieces of Art to see if other FSTDT members copy and paste them as being all too serious to then berate and rant about, without ever twigging that it is Art.

    The reasoning for why some Artists are probably doing so is to indicate that the ‘Entartete Kunst,’ has returned, in an online form.

    Although in Wahbabi Saudi Arabia it is the ‘Fundamentalist’ norm, whose politicised fascist theocracy employs totalitarian thought police, which appears to be Viral Meme spreading under the Oily guise of political correctness.

    History does repeat its self, which requires the blinded led by the Orwellian blind to keep it forever repeating.


    This is answer for FSTDT fanfiction Pharaoh Bastethotep:

    Malingspann: “What’s Darwin about?”

    Anonymous 1: “What the absolute Frak? Don’t ya know Darwin’s Four F’S can be applied to Robotics and vice versa?”

    Pharaoh Bastethotep and Malingspann: (Both howl out to their brains) “Don’t care about Darwin or Robotics, Where is my Bastet catgirl? You don’t know what power armour is, don’t you, brains?”

    Anonymous 2: “If yer conjuring up Bastet, Pharaoah style, outa of yer Darwinian brains, to daydream Fornicate with, don’t forget the Fight and Flight response, when she eventually manifests as a Viral-Meme feline Cylon in yer Pyramidal dreams. Better have some Food, beforehand; a cheese sarnie is prefereable before sleeping.”

    Pharaoh Bastethotep and Malingspann: (Both howl out to their brains) “What the Frak?”

    Anonymous 2: “Cheese contains tryptophan, an amino acid that the body uses to produce ‘serotonin.’ Serotonin is the chemical in yer Darwinian brain that helps to keep yer robotic mood stabilised. So snacking a dose of cheese right before snoozing can contribute to heightened levels of ‘serotonin’ in yer bodies, which influences how prominently yer dream.”

    Pharaoh Bastethotep and Malingspann: (Both howl out to their brains) “But that’ll make us very, very fat, then we’ll not be able to snugly fit into our cosplay power armour!”

    Anonymous 2: “I know that it doesn’t look any saner or make any kind of sense to you. But that’s what Elon Musk is on. He is addicted to cheese snacks before bedtime. Although, it probably explains why he has nightmares about feline Terminators taking over the world.

    Pharaoh Bastethotep and Malingspann: (Both howl out to their brains) “We don’t care about cheesey Terminators, we want Bastet catgirls wearing spray on power armour, that’s what we want!”

    Anonymous 2: “Do you both, by any chance wear cat ears when you attend your Anime, Manga cosplay events, wearing… (cough!)… snug power armour?”

    Pharaoh Bastethotep and Malingspann: (Both go silent, their Darwinian brains atempting not to emotionally react, of a Fight, Flight response… then) No! No way; nor do we wear fuffy cat tails!

    Anonymous 3: Did she mention fluffy cat tails? Can’t see that she asked you both about… tails…

    Pharaoh Bastethotep and Malingspann: (Both go silent, their Darwinian brains atempting not to emotionally react, of a Fight, Flight response… then) “We’re both Starship Troopers, fluffy cat tails are for the girlies!”

    Anonymous 3: “That’s so Sexist!”

    Anonymous 4: I’ve got some real power armour from my DARPA daddy, the chest plate is personally signed by Stephen Hawkings.

    Anonymous 5: That doesn’t make sense, Hawkings fears AI research, just like Musk, both of them see a Terminator ‘DOOM’ for us all!

    Anonymous 6: The original question made no sense either. I am so confused… who’s Darwin?


    This is an answer for the anonymous FSTDT Art critic:

    “Art takes many forms but the core concept is to capture and express a powerful emotion.”

    Art does indeed express its self in many forms, even when it is just a Cy Twombly blackboard scibble. As for the “core concept of Art being that of expressing a powerful emotion;” such is a common misunderstanding, which is often utilised by scribbling Art critics.

    A work of Art primarily generates an emotional response in the observer, whether it be that of Attraction or Repulsion; which for the observer, is a subjective interaction with a piece of Art.

    The observer will never be able to know, understand, or experience the emotional intent of the Artist.

    The observer is left with his/her own personal interpretation of his/her emotional reaction to the Artwork, which essentially reflects back their own selves.

    This is an answer for FSTDT Kanna:

    All Artists seek to sell their Art, whose creations are subjectively seen by the observer as being of Degenerate Art shock value or of Modern Art excellence, because of it questioning an established perception of the Arts.

    However, there are those who absolutely loathe Modern Art, etc, who far prefer sweet-tin box Hitler Art, since modern art has become rather intellectually vacuous in the extreme.

    Just as an Artist seeks to sell his/her work via a website, such as on a free website, the website finances its self from advertising. The same applies to the FSTDT forum, whose website requires financing, whether it is from the usual advertising, paid-membership, or having shadowy financial backers who are selling an idea to their members, who as its unpaid minions, perpetuate it.

    At the end of the day, for an Artist to commercially sell his/her work, he/she will have to pander to the tastes of the audience, which is often determined by the mass media; wherefore, being rebellious of orientation is commercially risky, since the audience will probably not understand the Artwork, which will invariably be berated by numerous mass media trained critics or Trolls.

    This in its self is an emotional reaction, which is the purpose of Art; but it doesn’t necessarily bring in the Shekels, which has far more to with, “its not what you know, it’s who you know that counts!” Basically, ‘Kissing Arse.’

    The criticising Trolls are usually negated when some top-Dog/Cat takes notice for all others to copy; an example of which is ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey,’ becoming as a film bringing in the Oprah Winfrey Shekels, etc. This requires having the necessary contacts, E. L. James being in with the BBC, when surfing the zeitgeist wave, such as feminist politics.

    The Artist is left with a dilemma, whether to commercially pander to the trained media tastes of the audience, to thence engage in the Osculum Infame, or otherwise be true to his/her own self.

    That is why I have Faustus winning back his ‘Anima’ Soul, rather than selling her in a Slave… Market.

    This is an answer for FSTDT Timjer:

    A coven is a reference to a focus of individuals being gathered together, which in Witchcraft is achieved by a Priest/Priestess. Although, it is actually none too different to Performance Art.

    This is an answer for FSTDT Vman:

    A Troll habitually talks behind other’s backs and when called out they do ’emotionally react,’ who often uses expletives to that of name calling etc, who becomes quite extreme in their rantings, since Trolls do not like being seen for what they are; for a Troll commonly believes his/her comments would not ever be seen by the one commented upon!

    There have been other individuals called out on forums. Some of these forums are self-professed Satanist, Luciferian, Christian Fundamentalist, White Supremacist or Newager orientated, etc, etc, the list is endless. whose members were unaware that their comments would be seen.

    Some of whom were okay with being called out, who engaged in an intelligent dialogue before quickly disappearing, when the ensuing emotionally reactive onslaught, of the other forum members took hold.

    The usual situation is that a called out individual becomes extremely emotionally reactive.

    The emotional reaction is in the main due to them ‘believing’ others to be of a certain type to then ‘label,’ behind their backs, which of an analogy is akin to a group of people gathered together at a party who are talking about you in secret, whose group is totally unaware, that you are around listening in.

    When you eventually confront the group, you will invariably find they will not like it at all; for their group-coherence of ‘belief’ about you, to verily shackle with a ‘label,’ is seen by them as being, knocked!

    This might lead to a common reaction from an annoyed individual, who starts to spew a list of hierarchal top-Dog/Cat names, he/she says he/she personally knows, let alone to intellectually indicate their educated superiority to puff himself/herself up in front of the group like an inflated bulbous red balloon, in an an attempt to push you away. When you observe this common Baboon politics, you will have to restrain yourself from hilariously laughing.

    As for forums, another emotional reaction soon follows, when other members on the forum quickly gather around, like an unruly gang, who find strength in their schoolyard numbers, coming together like a collective entity, it emotionally reacts as one ‘hive-mind,’ likened to that of angry Bees, lashing out all over the place, who fear that their ‘cohered identity’ of a ‘brand’ is somehow being threatened.

    You could see a forum as being somewhat like a Masonic lodge, whose symbol is a ‘Beehive.’

    Although other Beehive lodges prefer using the inverse Pentagram, Cross, Swastika or a UFO, etc, etc as their ‘brand.’ Whatever symbol is utilised of a forum label, representing their cohered ‘hive-mind,’ focus of beliefs, the same process happens every time; it is ‘Sand-Box’ forum… Predictable!

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