The name of Mephistopheles is a composite of the Greek word, Megistos, which means, Greatest, and the name of the Olympic spirit of Mercury called, Ophiel, who is mentioned in many Grimoire.


Ophiel is otherwise named Ariel in William Shakespeare’s, play, The Tempest. The name of Ophiel is also a composite name, which comprises of the Greek for Serpent (Oph) and the Hebrew El, meaning lord, or deity.

The translation of which would then be: ‘Greatest Serpent Deity.’ You then have, Megistos-Ophiel, thence leading you to Mephist and Opheles.

Mephistpheles is essentially an alternate version of the ancient Greek God, called Hermes, the Roman’s called Mercury, whose symbol was the serpentine Caduceaus, looking like a (trident) trisula. (Mercury’s colour association is Orange.)

This is more so the case concerning the Hermetic deity, called, Hermes Trismegistos, Thrice ‘Greatest’ Hermes, the early Christian’s had demonised, whose name probably developed into the composite of Mephistopheles.

This invariably led to the name of Mephistopheles being commonly interpreted from the Hebrew word, Mephitz, meaning ‘destroyer,’ and Tophel, ‘liar.’

The literal translation of the name would then be: ‘Destroyer Of Liars.’

This does not of course equate with the common Christian perception of Mephistopheles, who, as the, ‘Destroyer Of Liars,’ would be more like a Hindu deity, who is the ‘Destroyer of Maya/Illusion.

The destroyer of of Maya/Illusion you can otherwise equate with destroying a collective brainwash, which is based on lies.

Mephistopheles of German folklore leads you to the ancient Germanic tribes, who once worshipped the shamanic deity called Wotan, the Norse named as Odin, the Saxon’s knew as Woden, who the Roman’s had equated with Mercury.

Woden also has cultural links with ancient India; for his sacred colour is blue, as well as being singular of eye, who wields the trisula, called Gungnir; just like blue-nectar Shiva of the Hindu’s, who is the third-eye lord of Yoga, wielding the trisula, called Pashupatastra. Both of whom are the ‘Destroyers Of Worlds,’ being that of Maya/Illusions.

Although, one should actually say, that these deities communicate shamanic teachings of ‘Solve et Coagula,’ metaprogrmming, which destroy your limited illusions of reality. Woden’s name in particular was allocated to the third day of the week, which in German is Wodensdaeg, in English, Wodens-day, becoming Wednesday.

Should you then seek out a feminine version of Mephistopheles, to make modern of expression, to otherwise name as Mephistophina, the closest associative parallel would be Charles Addams artistic creation of Wednesday Addams, who has since become rather archetypal of a Goth icon.

Wednesday Addams has Mercurial traits considering her name, whose Goth girl character was depicted in the TV series: Lost Girl, called Kenzi, who is somewhat of a witty comedian and a fast talking Cat thief.

It just so happens that Mercury was classically associated with comedy and thieves.


You might say that a female version of Mephisopheles is pushing the envelope of symbolic believability or to otherwise point out that, such investigations into the symbolism behind an archetype, which has influenced popular culture down through the ages, has no value.

Or to growl, that one should not upset the established symbolic apple cart of a collective fixation upon the deified Animus, made as a God/Devil.

However, when to refer back to translation of,’Greatest Serpent Deity,’ you can equate said serpent with the Kundalini Shakti, as described in the practice of Yoga.

The Kundalini Shakti is usually personified as a Goddess, who is also described as being a, ‘Fire Snake,’ which of an energy arises along your trisula spine of a Caduceaus, through the three levels of the unconscious, subconscious and conscious mind.

goetia_girls_ksenia_solo_kenzi_mephistopheles_mephistophina_dark_haired_girl_lucid_dream_succubus_of_faustus_crow copy

The Kundalini Shakti is also associated with three trisula colours, known as the Gunas, being black, white and red, which in the practice of Alchemy equates with the Nigredo, Albedo and the Rubedo stages of the (Hermes Trismegistos) Great Work.

goetia_girls_ksenia_solo_kenzi_mephistopheles_mephistophina_dark_haired_girl_art_muse_succubus_of_faustus_crow copy

The Nigredo is associated with hypnagogic trance ingress into the third-eye dream, wherein your emotion is implanted. This then leads to the Albedo of the bio-photon light, which illuminates your spun electron dreams of a fractal association, of thoughts, formulating into a corresponding dream scenario; said dream domain will be empowered by your initial emotional charge.

When to eventually awaken of rebirth, you then have the Rubedo of the Hypnapompic stage, where you feel that the dream experience has imprinted your nervous system; since the nervous system cannot tell the difference between a so called real experience, or that of a vividly imagined one; this is very much the case when you experience a (Great Work) lucid dream.

goetia_girls_ksenia_solo_kenzi_mephistopheles_mephistophina_lucid_dream_dark_haired_girl_succubus_of_faustus_crow copy

When these three alchemical colours of the Gunas are seen in relation to the physical characteristics of a (Fallen Anima) Goddess, you then have her black hair, white skin and red lips, which would make her look like a Goth chick.


The Kundalini Shakti is also known of in the practice of Alchemy, as the, Philosophers Stone, Quintessence, Anima-Mundi (World ‘Soul’/Tarot XXI) or the Mercurius, which is described as being an inner light.

This inner light of the bio-photon, emanates from amidst the mitochondrial (Double-Helix/Caduceaus/Serpentine) DNA, which is passed down from the mother to her children; hence, being feminine (Shakti) of source, whose light illuminates your dreams.

In other words, the ‘Great Serpent Deity,’ probably refers to the Kundalini Shakti, which of an inner experience is known of by other cultures, to term by other names; although, of commonality the serpent motif entwined with the feminine principle, unifies them all.

Wherefore, Mephistopheles was originally a female character, who as the Kundalini Shakti , to otherwise name as Mephistophina, she is conjured up by Faust, to thence Coitus Pactum arise along his (Gungnir/Pashupatastra) Caduceaus of a spinal column, who then illuminates his skull, like that of the orgasmic Big-Bang birth of the universe.


Whereupon, Faust is more akin to a Yogi, a Western practitioner would equate with a Hermes Trismegistos, upon whose lap is seated his Succubus, Mephistophina.


A Yogi would consider a Succubus as being an energetic fluctuation of his (World ‘Soul’) Shakti, to call a Dakini.


Faust does not sell his (Shakti) Soul of Abrahamic fear porn, he otherwise enters into a ‘Coitus Pactum’ with her of a ‘Sacred Marriage,’ when to contact his (Shakti) Soul within a (Great Work) lucid dream.

The ancient Norse shaman would call the Soul the, Fylgja; should the practitioner be a heterosexual male, the Fylgja will manifest as a (‘Anima’ Mundi) woman; hence Faustus Crow has conjured up Mephistophina.



  1. Dear Faustus Crow,

    I enyojed Your last article very much! I would like to point out that if we consieve Mephistopheles as an alternative version of Hermes, than the change of sex is not a very suprising moment. If we analyze the expression “Hermaphrodite” than it is clear that from Hermes (or Aphrodite…) the change of sex is not too far away!

    Keep up the good work!

    Du what Dhe will! Loa is the Love!

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      The term, Hermaphrodite, is NOT applicable.

      You have two archetypes, one is a male (Mephistopheles) aspect of the Animus, the other is a female (Mephistophina) aspect of the Anima.

      When asking a heterosexual woman to imagine her perfect male partner, she is conjuring up a male aspect of her Animus, within her imagination. When asking a heterosexual male to imagine his perfect female partner, he is conjuring up a female aspect of his Anima, within his imagination. The Animus and Anima change over symbolic roles for those of differing sexual orientations.

      The inner archetype of the Animus, empowers a heterosexual woman’s feminine (self image) qualities, should she see her Animus as being her opposite and complimentary counterpart. The inner archetype of the Anima, empowers a heterosexual man’s male (self image) qualities, should he see his Anima as being his opposite and complimentary counterpart. Those of other sexual orientations would assume the qualities of the Animus and Anima in accord with their nature.

      Should you then investigate the focus of the established religious cultural-construct upon the deified Animus, it reveals the Fifty-Shades Of Grey preferences of the heterosexual female in particular. Having an overriding focus upon a particular gender involves an underlying sexual orientation; it is basic, biology!

      Mephistopheles is utilised as a means to validate the Animus fixated dogma of the monotheistic paradigm, and its continuous hold over the indoctrinated masses.

      The blind spot is the Anima, whose archetypal influence has been entirely castigated out of the symbolic paradigm as the Fallen; whereby you have Mephistophina.

      An analogy would be the moralistic thought-police who consider the depiction of female characters in video games, and Art in general, as being sexist, should heterosexual males find their depictions being sexually attractive. In other words, heterosexual male sexuality is influenced and controlled by attacking the Anima; it is essentially mass-mind control.

      As for the term Hermaphrodite, it can be utilised by those who are of a Hollywood gender-bender persuasion, which is very much tied up with Aleister Crowley’s infatuation of attaining the Androgynous Hermaphrodite, whose sexual orientation was essentially bisexual; wherefore the underlying reasoning for his non-binary OTO focus.

      As prior mentioned, Mephistopheles is an archetype of the deified Animus. A heterosexual Witch would conjure up Mephistopheles out of her Playgirl grimoire listing a traditional plethora of machismo Angels and butch Demons, who are all Chippendale Incubus aspects of her (God/Devil) Animus. A bisexual, gay or transgender Mage would likewise conjure up Mephistopheles.

      Marlowe’s focus upon the interaction between Faust and Mephistopheles was to do with him coming to terms with his own homosexuality; while Goethe’s version of Mephistopheles is a continuance of the symbolic fixation upon the deified Animus, made as a God/Devil. (Although you could also see Mephistopheles as being a ‘Role-Model,’ for a heterosexual Faustian Sorcerer, since many Witches have the hots for Alpha-Male Bad-Boy Devils!)

      It would make far more symbolic sense that a heterosexual Faust would rebelliously conjure up a Succubus aspect of his Fallen Anima out of a banned Playboy grimoire listing the Succubus Great Old Ones; wherefore one has Mephistophina, who represents a Rebellion against the deified Animus, many would consider as being politically incorrect. This does not mean a heterosexual Faust becomes a Hermaphrodite by doing so, nor would he be engaging himself with a androgynous entity.

      The literal use of the term, Hermaphrodite has become very much tied up with mundane Feminist politics and that of transgender ‘sex change’ issues, which is also associated with another extensively utilised occult symbol of the Unicorn.

      The Unicorn originally represented heterosexual male sexuality of a yet untamed nature. The ever erect horn of an untamed male is tamed by a heterosexual woman of a well known relationship dynamic, in which a woman is mostly attracted to a wild Alpha-male type, she sees as an exciting challenge to tame and ultimately control, so that she can ride him wherever she desires to go.

      However, once the Beast becomes tamed, the taming Beauty will over time see him as being Little-Pony Beta-male boring, though Soya-boy useful for her needs, she will invariably be attracted to another wild Unicorn to tame.

      The woman (Beauty) is generally considered to be a Virgin; although in ancient times, a woman was seen as a Virgin, after she menstruated. Whence the reasoning why the symbolism of the (Beast) Unicorn is being utilised by feminist politics to indicate a ‘taming’ and (7 Chakra) ‘control’ over male sexuality, which is somewhat akin of symbolism of having Babalon riding the ‘Horned’ Beast.

      One could describe the Beast as being castrated, since the Unicorn also symbolises chastity and in particular, celibacy. The underlying social-engineering agenda is PsyOps population control, which of an associated monotheistic religious orientation transformed the animist Goddess archetypes of the Anima into a celibate Virgin Mary.

      I am not saying that the hidden agenda of Feminist politics is population control; it is more of a case of the Feminist movement being hijacked along with that of the New-Age movement by intelligence agencies since the end of the Vietnam War. The Feminist and New-Age movements were at the forefront of the anti-war movement, which brought down the puppet government of the (Spartan) military industrial complex.

      The (Spartan) military industrial complex has since hijacked the New-age movement and the Feminist movement, which is also utilising the controlled media to pump out politicised video games, comics and films, etc, along with subversively initiating associated education programs about gender issues, whose social-engineering target is primarily the young.

      Whence you have no anti-war protests to speak of, even when the populace are Wikileaks aware that their governments had systematically lied to them about WMD’s in Iraq, and that of other associated Petrodollar conflicts over Oil, while Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange is being persecuted.

      The only mass protests you have are about gender issues, whose distracting protests are dubiously entwined with shady corporations, which have nothing whatsoever to do with diversity, it is more to do with dividing and conquering people, by using minorities as puppets, without them being aware about it, along with eroding freedom of speech. The thrust of these divide and conquer protests mainly attack male sexuality.

      It is an old PsyOps game. The male population can easily be manipulated via their sexuality. Hence the reason why there is no historical record of a Playboy grimoire listing the Succubus archetypes of the Fallen Anima. But then, the Vatican owned the printing presses, which was subversively publishing Animus fixated Playgirl grimoires in order to validate its centralist religious politics.

      Whereby the moralistic thought-police are seeking to eliminate any Anima archetypes, which (Kundalini Shakti) excite, what they term as the male-gaze, to otherwise transform into Virgin Mary’s wearing Oily hijabs.

      Hermes was often symbolised as a phallic (Herm) stone, of similarity to the Lingam of Shiva, which in Hindu/Tantric iconography is united with the Yoni of Kali; whereby you have the ancient Greek, ‘Black Aphrodite,’ correlate with Hindu, Kali.

      Shiva is sometimes depicted as a supine corpse, which symbolises deep (Shamanic) trance, while being ridden by (Old Hag Syndrome) Kali, who represents the womb dream, into which Shiva enters like that of a disembodied (Shaman) Hermes.

      You then have (Shiva) Herm – Aphrodite (Kali) of a symbolic formula.

      The experience of trance induction is associated with the arousal of the (Great Serpent Deity) Kundalini Shakti along the (Caduceaus) axis-mundi of the (Herm) spine, prior to attaining (Shiva/Lingam) ingress into the (Kali) Yoni (Aphrodite) portal of the dream.

      The disembodied consciousness of the Shaman is equated with the ejaculated spermatazoic seed, which fertilises the (Anima) womb dream.

      The Herm stones were arranged along certain sacred track ways in ancient Greece, which Alfred Watkins would have probably termed as being Ley Lines.

      There is much conjecture about these Ley Lines being associated with spiritual practices; it is only until recently that the Kogi of Columbia, who have cut themselves off from the world since the invasion of the Conquistadors revealed that their sacred tracks are associated with dreaming practices, along which their disembodied dream bodies roam.

      The Kogi revelation only came about when an anthropologist made an enquiry of one of the Kogi (priests) Mamas about a standing (Herm) stone, which was etched with a number of lines.

      The Mama replied that the lines were dream paths, and the domain of the dream is a feminine (Anima) realm they call Aluna.

      Carl Jung would equate the domain of the dream with the collective unconscious, which can be subversively (Neuro-marketing) manipulated via symbolic-stimuli. This is especially the propaganda case when the symbolic-stimuli has a mass-mind focus, such as archetypes associated with gender; an example of which is a non-gender Androgynous Hermaphrodite, like that of the supposed sexless Greys out of UFO lore.

      Prior to the first invasion of Iraq, there was little or no mention of (white/black) Greys at all; it was only until the 80’s publication of Whitley Strieber’s book Communion, the mass-media viral-meme of the sexless Hermaphrodite Greys invaded the collective unconscious via the (Boaz-Black/Joachim-White) twin towers, which invariably led to the present distracting protests over gender issues.

  2. Yeah, it is inaproriate I can see it now. Sorry. I am preparing an article regarding BEA li ALA aka the two angels who made everyone belive they are a single male demonic entity apearing as two fake angels 🙂 Fuck the pantheon !4

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      Most people of a primarily Western perception tend to habitually externalise what is being communicated. An example being, when a Western audience watch an Asian movie depicting a male deity with androgynous feminine characteristics, they will invariably see him as being a transgender Hermaphrdite, who is either a eunuch, transvestite, or a homosexual.

      Whereas a far Eastern audience, who have not forgotten their own ‘ancestral-self-identity,’ understand that the utilised symbolism is not literal, which to otherwise mean that the deity symbolises a balance of inner energy; whereby enabling him to create; for it takes two to Tantra tango within the ‘Chariot’ of the body, which the the Hindu’s, symbolised as their Vimana.

      Depending on the sexual orientation of the practitioner he or she will conjure up a corresponding opposite to engage with within a dream, in order to attain an inner balance of energy; wherefore, a heterosexual female practitioner conjures up an Animus of a God; while a heterosexual practitioner conjures up an Anima of a Goddess.

      In the old versions of the Tarot, the Lovers VI, depicts a male between two women, with a third woman overhead. These women are conjured within the dream as Succubae, in order to engage with of Tantric alchemy, by a heterosexual male practitioner.

      The two women represent the two nerve channels on either side of the practitioner’s spine, being the Ida and Pingala; when in balance, they become one woman, being the third of the Sushumna; this then leads to the male practitioner attaining the trance state of, travelling Without Moving, which is represented by the Tarot card of the ‘Chariot’ VII.

      In Shamanic symbolism, the ‘Chariot’ is otherwise that of an eight-legged-mare, who is a fusion of two mares; basically, these mares are the women, as depicted in the Tarot card of the Lovers VI.

      The term ‘Nightmare,’ was originally derived from the Shamanic experience of conscious trance ingress, which is initiated by the conjuration of a (Old Hag Syndrome) Succubus, who is symbolised as an eight-legged-mare.

      The Western perception of reality has been trained by a systematic indoctrination into a religious paradigm, whose all male symbolic paradigm, indicates an underlying sexual orientation.

      The indoctrinated masses cannot see it, of a blind spot, since they have been trained to see sex as not being part of the spiritual equation.

      However, when to observe an Asian film depicting a male deity with female characteristics, they remarkably make associations based upon their religious indoctrination, yet to not see that their own symbolic focus upon the all ‘male gender’ of a Playgirl pantheon, which reveals they are essentially brainwashed.

      This blindness of perception feeds into other arenas, such as commonly held attitudes towards nature, which is seen to have been gifted to them by their God, let alone seeing themselves as being a top dog of a chosen species.

      Their shared language form of a symbolic focus is becoming a viral-meme-influence across the globe, which is determining how many see reality.

  3. Do you have an English translation of the coitus pactum… The Latin to english translator on the web is confusing

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      Faust decided to engage himself in an active imagination exercise, which led to him entering betwixt the Werewolf and Vampire pylons of hypnagogic trance, via which he accessed a twilight lit lucid dream.

      He duly found that he had taken on the form of a Bat to fly of astral journeying towards Transylvania where he then howled of conjuring, to summon up Mephistophelia as a Nun amidst a Baba Yaga birch wood forest, bathed by the bio-photon light of the mitochondrial DNA Moon.

      Mephistophelia manifested looking like Nastassja Kinksi, who for some reason some to believe to be Romanian, who is actually of German descent as well being Polish; hence that Eastern European Rusalka look of hers of near Gypsy appearance. Although she also looks like Ksenia Solo, who is a Latvian actress.

      However, there was once a large Germanic colony of Runic Saxon’s in Transylvania at one time, Faust to have surmised that it might be the subconscious associative reasoning for the Transylvanian Coitus Pactum union with a Valkyrie.

      Of course, this involved a contract being drawn up in the corresponding language, comprising of pigeon ‘Romanian’ and a bit of ribald pub Latin thrown in for good measure.

      Subsemnatul (a)…………………. sunt de acord
      cu urmatoarea tranzactie: imi vand atat trupul cat si
      sufletul lui Mephistopheilia.

      Clauzele contractuale:

      1: Mephistopheilia va i subalternul meu si va indeplini tot ce li voi cere, inclusiv intinerirea mea.

      2: Sunt de acord ca, dupa un terman de 100 de ani,
      timp incare clauza nr. 1 va fi respectata ad litteram,
      Mephistopheilia sa ma transporte in integralitate, trup
      si suflet, carne si sange, in teritoriul lui, oricare ar
      fi acesta si oriunde s-ar
      afla acesta.

      Scris de mana mo
      (loc de semnatura)

      Consummatun est!


      The undersigned (a)………………….

      Agrees with the following transaction: sell both my body and soul to Mephistopheilia.

      The contractual clauses:

      1: Mephistopheilia will be responsible for fulfilling all that I am going to ask, including the rejuvenation of me.

      2: I agree that, after a term of a 100 years, clause no: 1 ends.

      I agree that after a term of a 100 years, clause no: 1 will be observed literally, Mephistopheilia will carry my entire, body and soul, flesh and blood, to its territory, wherever, whatever it be.

      Hand-written (place of signature)

      Consummated in Eastern Europe!

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