Like many of the indigenous peoples of Siberia, the Yakuts practiced shamanism, who originally lived around the Olkhon and the region of Lake Baikal. (The above Artwork is available as an Art Print from Saatchi Art. If you are interested Please Click Here or Clicking on the above Artwork for the Full Artwork and further details.)

But during the 13th century they migrated to the basins of the Middle Lena, the Aldan and Vilyuy rivers under the pressure of the rising Mongols, where they mixed with other Northern indigenous peoples of Russia, such as the Evens and Evenks.


By the 1820’s almost all the Yakuts had been forcefully converted to the Abrahamic faith of the Russian Orthodox church, although they rebelled against this onslaught in order to retain their ancestral-self-identity.

However, during the late 1920’s through the late 1930’s, the Yakut people were systematically persecuted, when Joseph Stalin launched his collectivization campaign.


Hunger and malnutrition resulting from the period of persecution resulted in a decline in the Yakut total population from 240,500 in 1926 to 236,700 in 1959.


By 1972, the population began to recover. The Yakuts presently form a large plurality of the total population within the vast Sakha Republic.

The Sakha Republic is one of the ten autonomous Turkic Republics within the Russian Federation. Even though the Yakut have suffered much under the yolk of Christianity, let alone fighting off Islam to then be hit by the Soviet regime, they still practice their ancestral legacy of shamanism; whereas the Abrahamic invaders of their land have entirely forgotten their own ancestral-self-identity.


The Yakut shamans know of Succubae who are considered to be spirit wives. They are usually seen to be the spirits of deceased women who become Succubae.

sleipnirdrumyahoocouk dream russia witch trance

Although, some of the Succubae are constructed as thought-forms, of similarity to the Tibetan sorcery technique of the Tulpa.

During the 70’s an experiment was conducted by a group of Canadian parapsychologists who utilised the shamanic technique of creating a Tulpa. The experimenters successfully created a ghost, which generated poltergeist phenomena.

sleipnirdrumyahoocouk dream russia witch trance

The Canadian experiment was later repeated by a group of Australian parapsychologists based in Sydney, who created a Tulpa of a girl, they named Skippy Cartman, which also generated observable poltergeist phenomena.

goetia_girls_lilith's_harem_succubus_book_mephistophina_ conjuration_of_fastus_crow 2

A shaman does likewise, who artistically creates spirit wives for specific poltergeist tasks. It is from these spirit wives the shaman derives much of his shamanic abilities, who are collectively called Abassi.

sleipnirdrumyahoocouk russia witch spirits succubus

Other spellings of the term Abassi are: Abaaht, Abasy, Abaasy or Abassy. When the Abassi sexually interact with a shaman within his lucid dreams, he knows he will soon be called upon to heal a patient.


The Abassi maidens are seen to reside in an otherworldly domain called Mᾱnarikta Challan, the heaven of the spirits of ecstasy. (Shternberg 1935, p.246ff)


However, there are darker accounts of the Abassi, which are very likely entwined with cultural sexual taboos.

According to other Yakut informants, the Abassi are alleged to be the spirits of long-time deceased women who dwell near graves, or in deserted places, or to otherwise travel around as predatory Witches invading the dreams of the living.

sleipnirdrumyahoocouk dream russia witch trance

In these accounts the Abassi inhabit the underworld rather than a heavenly abode.


The shamanic perspective of heaven and the underworld alludes to shifts of consciousness, which the Abassi enable a shaman to experience.

sleipnirdrumyahoocouk dream witch trance spirits

Heaven refers to a shift of consciousness above the (cerebrum) head, where the shaman will sense he is flying up into, and through, a vaginal star barrelled tunnel into another planetary (parallel universe) sphere.


As for the underworld, it refers to a shift of consciousness to the (cerebellum) back of the head, where the shaman experiences falling backwards into a great void before attaining ingress into the (alternate Earth’s/eternal-reccurrence) ancestral spirit world. Basically, the Abassi enable (hypnagogic) trance ingress into both (brain) domains.


The Yakut generally have two types of shamans, the black shamans, who interact with the Abassi, are called, Abassy-oïuna, and the white shamans, whose practitioners are called Aïy-oïuna, do not engage themselves with Abassi.

sleipnirdrumyahoocouk dream witch trance succubus

The ‘black shaman’ among the Yakut bares no comparison whatsoever to the Western counterpart of an Abrahamic Satan worshiping black magician, since shamanism is not a dogmatic religion, it is a system of techniques, which enable consciousness expansion.


The black shaman helps people no less than the white shaman does, who occupies a higher position among the Yakut than the white shamans.

sleipnirdrumyahoocouk dream russia witch trance

The black shaman is very much akin to the blacksmith; hence the numerous references to iron concerning the Abassi, who are associated with an inner (light) fire, illuminating his ‘Triangle’ Of Art Imagination.

The difference between the black shamans and the white shamans is more to do with their roles in society.


The black shamans tend to be very much like neuro-scientists, who specifically deal with the inner realms via their microcosmic dream interactions with the Werewolf Abassi maidens flying as seven Cranes.

Whereas the white shamans are the priests, whose priestly role involves conducting traditional ceremonies, which requires a sense of macrocosmic purity.


Because the white shamans conduct ritual gatherings and ceremonies for the tribe, it is seen to be unseemly for a black shaman to do so, due to his rather chaotic sexual interactions with the Abassi.


The concept of the Abassi is so ingrained into Sakha thought that the verb абааһы көр- (to see Abaasi) is the everyday term for, ‘to hate’ or ‘to dislike.’


This is due to the fact that the Abassi are seen to be sexually perverse ghost girls who are said to have teeth of iron, and like vampires they thrive upon the taste of blood.

sleipnirdrumyahoocouk trance succubus shaman lilith's harem

But it isn’t red blood we are talking about here, its (wet dream) white blood, semen. Hence the normal folk greatly fear the sexually perverse Abassi, whereas black shamans cohabit with them of Tantric dream (blacksmith) alchemy.


What the black shaman communicates, is that the Abassi, are likened to (planetary) metal (shield/seal) mirrors.

sleipnirdrumyahoocouk dream trance succubus shaman

The psychologist Carl Jung would see the Abassi as being Succubus aspects of the ‘Anima.’

Whereas a female shaman would interact with Incubus aspects of her ‘Animus.’

As female spirits of the ‘mirroring’ (Anima) dream, they will reflect back, what the horned shaman has to face about his inner self-image, since the Abassi define his inner self-image as a male, just as a physical woman would do, who projects her ‘Animus,’ at a prospective partner.

The Abassi will reveal the shamans self hate and disliking of his shadow side, in order to (blacksmith-dismember and rebuild: solve et coagula) transform, via his interaction with them, whose fire forges his iron will.


There are descriptions of the Abassi travelling around in predatory packs of seven, which alludes to the seven (metals) planetary spheres of the (endocrine system) Chakras, as described in many a medieval grimoire, such as the Goetia, for example.

The Abassi are sometimes described as being ‘one-eyed one-armed, one-legged’ monstrous warrior Witches mounted on ‘two-headed, eight-legged, two-tailed dragons as steeds.’

sleipnirdrumyahoocouk dream witch trance succubus

Or to otherwise manifest as dragon like creatures with a large tail of similarity to the Hindu Nagas, which would no doubt freak out a David Icke devotee.


The reptilian motif of the Abassi refers to the reptilian brainstem, which governs over your depth of (hypnagogic) trance and dream states.

The experience of (hypnagogic) trance is termed as the little death.

It is via the dream that a shaman can access the future and the past, like that of a two faced head, looking in opposite directions. Whereby the Abassi rides a two headed, two tailed dragon, likened to a time-machine.


The Abassi enables the shaman to travel over the dream web interconnecting all things, throughout space and time. Wherefore, the steed of the Abassi has eight legs like a spider; for they are one and the same, who are the Night-Mares the shaman to ride.


The Abassi are more akin to the Hindu version of the Succubae, called Dakinis who also have reptilian motifs associated with them, which refers to the Dakinis inducing the arousal of the Kundalini Shakti (fire snake) along a shamans (world tree/nervous system) spinal column.


This will lead you to understanding why the Abassi are described as being one-eyed, one-armed and one-legged like a ‘column,’ who personify the world tree, the Yakut call, Aal Luuk Mas.


In the Olonkho, which is a heroic epic tale of the Yakuts, and one of the oldest epic arts of the Turkic peoples, the Abassi are ugly and horrible man-eating beings, which alludes to the Abassi initiating a shamanic illness in prospective shamans, whose consciousness the Abassi then alchemically transmute into evolving.

The chief shaman of the Abassi is Alyp Khara Aat Mogoidoon, who is described as being a (past, present and future) three-headed, six-armed and six-legged giant with a blacksmith body made of iron. Alyp Khara Aat Mogoidoon can e seen to look lke a raging Tibetan Buddha, seated, enthroned amidst a hexagram, which of a symbol, represents sexual union. The hexagram (sexagram) is utilised to conjure up the warrior maiden Abassi, whose elemental weapons have been forged by Alyp Khara Aat Mogoidoon.

sleipnirdrumyahoocouk witch spirit succubus shaman

(You also have the Circadian rhythm [six-armed, six-legged = 12] Zodiac [Kalachakra] and its 36 Decans to go 72 of number.)


The erotic arousal of the Kundalini Shakti is experienced as a liquid (fire) light, which, as mentioned, ascends the spinal column; more specifically that of along the back of the neck, which of an experience is termed as the ‘rush’ in modern trance dance culture.

sleipnirdrumyahoocouk witch spirit succubus shaman

This liquid light, illuminates your electron dreams, which refers to the bio-photon emanating from amidst the mitochondrial DNA. The mitochondrial DNA is passed down from the mother to her children.


Whereupon, the liquid (fire) light is intuitively experienced by the Yakut shaman as being the menstrual blood of the Abassi, which is considered to be poisonous.

sleipnirdrumyahoocouk witch succubus lilith's harem goetia girls

The reason why the liquid (fire) light is considered to be poisonous is because it induces shamanic (hypnagogic) trance, which is seen to be the little death.


The ghost girl Abassi serve Arson-Doulai, the ruler of the dead, who also swallows (shift to the back of the head) people’s souls and gives the living (eternal-recurrence) diseases.


Whereby the Abassi spirit (shaman doctor) nurses can heal said diseases, who as warrior maidens fight against malign influences.

sleipnirdrumyahoocouk witch succubus lilith's harem goetia girls

This is the reason why the black shaman, though feared, is sought out by those who are in distress. The black shaman is considered to be a powerful healer, which enables his high standing in Yakut society.


The predatory Abassi are said to be appeased by ejaculatory blood sacrifices. However this is not literal, it otherwise refers to the Abassi requiring ’emotionally charged sexual rites’ for their Tantric conjuration.

This involves the introversion of the sexual impulse via intense erotic visualisations and meditation, which empowers lucid dream contacts with the Abassi.

sleipnirdrumyahoocouk witch spirit succubus shaman

Wherefore the black shaman attains ‘mastery’ over the inner ‘fire.’

In the Southern Siberian Altaic language of the Altay, you will find the name of Odqan, which means fire king.

It is from Odqan, the name of the shamanic deity of the Norse is derived, who is called Odin, the Saxon’s knew as Woden.


The black shaman Odin had his Abassi too, who are called Valkyries, the Saxon’s knew as Waelkyries.

sleipnirdrumyahoocouk succubus lilith's harem goetia girls kazakh

As you can see, the European’s also practiced shamanism, who had strong ties with the Siberian peoples long ago, as well as having many similarities with other elder shamanic cultures across the globe. But then, shamanism is universal.



  1. Hello, I would love to know if the photos here are from Yakut-Sakha fashion designers? and if the model(s) are ethnic Sakha as well?

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      I don’t think the designers are primarily of Yakut-Sakha descent, nor the models; the fashion designers were primarily influenced by native Siberian dress, which of course includes those of Sakha to update into the modern.

      What fashion I found concerning Sakha was very conservative; although, this isn’t to say that a Yakut-Sakha fashion designer will take it artistically further in future. A similar set up can also be found concerning Native American fashion design, which is a fusion of differing native influences. However, the artistic styles of the Hopi and Pueblo tends to predominate, most especially that of the Navajo.

      There appears to be a similar situation occurring with little known Siberian fashion, which is a fusion of differing native influences, including those of the ancient Scythian, present Mongolian, Chinese and even Korean, as well as the Japanese. But then, they all share a similarity of cultural roots, which winds back into the far distant past, spreading out to include those of the Turkic and Hungarian, whose ancestral dress sense are all very similar of the North Central Asian steppe peoples unto Siberia.

      I suspect that the fashion designers of the Siberian wear are attempting to indicate that there is an ancient cross-cultural influence, linking many native peoples of Siberia, which also goes across the Bering Straits; wherefore you also have a similarity with Native American fashion as well.

      Perhaps over time, should some inspired fashion designers take the Siberian style further, there will be a few distinctive styles of a native Siberian cultural influence taking central stage, just as you find with the Native American Navajo; maybe it will be that of the Yakut-Sakha?

      Such will be determined by inspired fashion designers, who will be primarily looking for a distinctive native artistic expression, which captures the public imagination, as being quintessentially Siberian.

      I don’t think any fashion designer has discovered that quintessential native Siberian style yet, since Siberia has only become open to the world after the fall of the Soviet; it is still a vast unexplored area. Hence Siberia is an artistic goldmine for a fashion designer, who is looking for a brand. But in the looking, the fashion designers will probably miss the obvious of a Shaman staring at them of a coming Zeitgeist.

      • Hi, I was wondering if you have the references for the original source where you found the photos of the above shoot? I’m really interested in using these photos, but need something to reference.

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        The photos were derived from various sources, such as Tumblr, for example.

        My emphasis of a search being the ethnic costumes of Siberia, though updated of fashion.

        There isn’t much focus on Siberian fashion. Siberian (Yakut/Sakha) costume designs are few and far between. What originals I found, I compared them to the updated versions.

        I also looked for the actual sources of the utilised photos, without much success. However I had determined that they are mostly derived from ‘Vogue’ photo shoots.

        Some of the photos appear to have originally been used in a Korean version of Vogue, another being a Vogue photo shoot about Mongolia, as well as Northern China, all of which alluded to Siberia.


    This is an answer to Gunbuster. The Yakut and other indigenous Siberian peoples, when encountering the gun toting European’s suffered the same fate as the Native American’s who were duly used for the selfish lusts of the invaders; whereupon the indigenous Siberian people’s had their land stolen along with them being forcibly converted into the appropriated religion of the European’s; wherefore many of the indigenous Siberian’s lost not only their ancestral land, but also lost their own ancestral-self-identity in the process.

    For example: during the 1620’s Russia began to move into Yakut territory, who annexed it along with imposing a fur tax; this managed to suppress several Yakut rebellions between 1634 and 1642. Russian brutality in the collection of the pelt tax (yasak) sparked a rebellion among the Yakuts and also Tungusic-speaking tribes along the River Lena during 1642.

    The Voivode, Peter Golovin, leader of the Russian forces, duly responded with a reign of terror: native settlements were torched and hundreds of people were tortured and killed. The Yakut population alone has been estimated to have fallen by 70 percent between 1642 and 1682; but then the Christian European’s had the guns to commit genocide.

    The reign of terror didn’t end, it continued when the Communists came to power, who, like the prior Christian’s put it around that the native Siberian shamans were using people for their own selfish lusts of a continuing Witch hunt, which led to further genocide among the indigenous Siberian population.

    The reasoning behind the European’s gunning for the shamans was because the shamans were attempting to keep alive their own ancestral-self-identity against the European’s, let alone combating Islamic influences. The European’s had long ago forgotten their own ancestral-self-identity, when they themselves had been forcibly converted by the selfish lusts of the Roman priests, whose cult had appropriated the ancestral-self-identity of the Hebrew’s, which later led to the holocaust.

    However, the indigenous Siberian peoples fared a bit better than their Native American counterparts who ended up being forcibly relocated to reservations; whereas the indigenous Siberian’s were protected by their unforgiving land, amidst which they had learnt to live alongside with; while many of the European’s couldn’t handle the harshness of the tundra.

    But this has since changed when oil was discovered under the Siberian tundra, which like a Woolly Mammoth dwarfs those in the Middle East of a mere puddle; wherefore the selfish lusts of those who have the guns, are once again gunning for the indigenous Siberian’s who are likewise being gunned after by the descendants of the Pilgrims. Said Thanksgiving day Pilgrims sought to build a new Jerusalem in America, upon the bones of the indigenous population, of a prior holocaust; the insanity of it all, be due to their selfish lusts.


    This is an answer to an individual who has been Trolling various Forums; one of which is the Visionary Shaman Forum, who claims to be a Black Shaman. Most ‘Real’ Shamans do not claim, nor do they openly promote themselves to be Shamans; nor do they go around threatening others with their inane pseudo philosophies sired out of a Medieval Witchfinder psyche.

    Kindly take your Biblical mind-set to the Middle East along with your brainwashed brain in tow.

    If you are so intent on Trolling of a reptilian brainstem addiction in order to validate your, self professed Black Shaman existence, then do something useful; go and Troll, ISIL forums; although, the radicals out there will soon trace your I.P Address, and then you will have your desired conflict to the Death in your own Branded backyard!

    Whereas the members of other forums, such as the Visionary Shaman forum, will just Black-List your Troll I.P Address; that, or report your bullying attitude to the authorities!

    As for your, self wrought term, Pornofication, the same was applied to Tantra and Tibetan Buddhism, when a bunch of ‘Closeted’ arseholes were faced with erotic iconography depicting Dakinis, back in the 40’s, whose ancestors no doubt enjoyed burning Witches at the stake after raping them.

    Said arseholes ascribed to a Cultic doctrine, which nearly destroyed the ancestral-self-identity of the Siberian’s; however they fared far better than the Native American’s, whose ancestral-self-identity was raped by the Nazi mind set you promote; wherefore you are duly haunted by the Karmic horrors of genocide!


    This is an answer for Nordsol.

    I am not too sure what video you are enquiring about. If you are referring to the gifs featuring a female shaman, they are derived from: ‘The Udagan’s dream,’ a music video by Saydyko Fedorova, which can be found on Youtube.

  5. I don’t know if what i experienced is true or not, for i was only 15 yrs old when it happened. The house we were living is said to be an old Chinese Temple in Cebu City, Philippines. One night i dreamed that i was approached by an Old man dressed in White, with a staff and a long white beard who ask me to help re-populate their Clan because it is dying and that after it is done they will head North, then He offered me her Daughter and we made love. I never see them again now i am 65 yrs old and planning to go back in the Philippines. I just want to know if what i experienced is true or not because it seem’s so real. Thanking You for Your time, i remain. Respectfully

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      The dream could be perhaps better understood if you found out more about the old Chinese temple, such as finding out to what deity it was consecrated to, which of an associated legend may refer to your dream.

      There are numerous Chinese tales populated by ghosts just as the Philippines is renowned for its discarnate residents, since both practice ancestor worship; whereupon many a temple was consecrated to those who have come before.

      The old Chinese temple you refer to may have been built by a clan, whose legacy seeks to be remembered, which, of a possible interpretation was symbolically communicated within the dream as helping re-populate the clan; whence the daughter would then symbolically represent the temple.

      By finding out more about the Chinese temple it might then just lead you North of a further discovery, and in turn finding your own self dreaming in the past, of his older self, awakening a 15yr old to the ‘power’ of the dream, which in Hindu/Tantric/Buddhist teachings is feminine, termed as Shakti, Carl Jung to term as the ‘Anima.’

      The daughter wherefore represents your present Wisdom, that your 15yr old self made love to; whence becoming a father to your own self; for in the dream you become aware that time is not fourth-dimensional linear, it is fifth-dimensional circular as in an Ouroboros; hence you are planning to return back to the place of dreaming.

      But, such are interpretations, more will be revealed to you by finding out about the old Chinese temple, which will invariably lead you on a journey North, whose direction is associated with the Black Turtle and that of a Girl. The North is also seen to correspond with longevity and wisdom, which of qualities can be symbolised as an old wise man.

      The deity of the North is, Xuánwǔ (“Dark Warrior” or “Mysterious Warrior”) or Xuándì (“Dark Deity”), also known as Zhēnwǔ or Zhēnwǔdàdì (“True Warrior Great Deity”). He is one of the higher-ranking deities in Taoism, who is revered as being a powerful god.

      He is able to control the elements and capable of great magic. As the God of the North, Hēidì, (“Black Deity”) he points at the geographic locale of Lake Baikal, which indicates he is a shaman, who is particularly revered by martial artists.

      Perhaps the old Chinese temple had been a martial arts school built by a clan, which had been consecrated to Xuánwǔ, who offered you one of his jade daughters?

      A Tibetan Bonpo Tantric Buddhist, would probably consider your dream to be a ‘Wisdom dream,’ whereas normal everyday dreams are called ‘Karma dreams.’

  6. I found this site after my sister took a genetic test showing .1% of our DNA is from the Yatsuk. However, due to my own passions for history, archaeology, mythology and cultural anthropology , I am inclined to believe that the Yatsuk and the Norse were involved (possibly a Norse settlement during their peak expansion). The shamans are too similar to the Vulva. Even Odin was a “male sex mage”, tree of life, etc. While I am not trying to be dismissive of your culture, for a portion of my DNA is from the Yatsuk, I believe the Yatsuk could study Norse mythos to learn about their culture. However, due to the Asian appearance of many, I wonder if looking beyond the Yatsuk culture if there were more likely Mongolian links to a more “true” culture of your genetic heritage.

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      The 2012 Human Genome Project revealed many things, one of which concerned the interconnection between all peoples, besides the fact that humanity shares their DNA with other creatures, which you could symbolically equate with the world-tree spanning numerous cultures as well as evolutionary time.

      In general: one of the Genome Project findings correlates with a particular time, when the Altai of Southern Siberia unto Lake Baikal was hit by a massive flood. The flood and that of others during this period appear to have been caused by shards of a comet, which had hit North America.

      The largest flood was the one, which had hit the Altai in particular causing massive destruction up to Lake Baikal, from where the Human Genome Project discovered a genetic connection between the North Chinese, Mongolian’s, Eurasian’s and the Native American’s, this also included other peoples, such as the ancient Briton’s along with others. who appear to have migrated from the area.

      The destruction affected the rest of Siberia as well other areas of the globe, which led to a mass extinction event of the great mammals.

      There are other connections concerning language, such as the name of Odin, which means the same as the Altai word Odqan. The name predates any Norse settlement. You also have the Norse creation myths, which appear to correlate with the geographic area around Lake Baikal at whose ‘Midgard’ midst is Olkhon island.

      You also have the similarity of Siberian shamanic motifs, which have survived in the Norse myths telling of a migration of the Aesir into the land of the Vanir.

      When looking back, such as the culture of the Altai for example, there are a mix of Asiatic and Caucasian peoples, whose nomadic lifestyle was situated amidst a vast trade route interlinking Siberia, China, India, and Europe as well as the far off Middle East.

      For example, the Tarim basin mummies of China share a similar genetic link with those mummies, which have been discovered in the Altai. The mummy tattoo designs are seen to be of a Scythian style, yet having a distinct similarity with those that were used by the Celts as well as by the Norse.

      This is of course a very generalised answer, it would require an in depth investigation to join the jigsaw pieces together, spanning time and cultures, etc, which I cannot do here; but it looks as if there was a lot of mixing going on between various peoples in the far distant past, long before ancient Egypt came to the fore, whose Middle-Eastern locale in the main, is the primary Biblical focus of the archaeologists.

      Archaeology is funded by those who seek to keep the established story as it is. Although, the chance discovery of Gobleki Tepe has shaken the establishment.

      There are no doubt other ancient sites of similarity to Gobleki Tepe yet to be discovered; but it is likely they will not be divulged to the general public, since certain state religions and their politics of control have shaped and moulded the established story, which also subsidises the careers of various scholars, who do not want such sites to be known about.

      I am not at all interested in racial politics, which tends to be moulded by a Liliputian Nineteenth century eugenic focus and its nationalistic tendencies.

      Although it is interesting to see the vast genetic weave of interconnections, but they do not tell the whole story.

      I am more interested in the Shamanic symbolism, shared by varying peoples, which points at an understanding of consciousness, which goes far beyond the cultural-constructs of a dogmatic religion and its politics of temporal control.

      As for the Shamanic technique of introverting the sexual impulse, it was a natural means to offset the terror of hypnagogic trance.

      Those who inadvertently access hypnagogic trance, experience what is technically termed as the Old Hag Syndrome or the Bedroom Invader Experience, which is commonly known as the nightmare.

      Hypnagogic trance can be induced by utilising certain shamanic/Yogic techniques, which then enables lucid dreaming to be experienced.

      The introversion of the sexual impulse allowed the Shaman to transmute his terrifying (hypnagogic) nightmare into a Night-Mare to Out Of Body ride into a lucid dream.


    This is an answer for ylemgod:

    There is a ‘Contact Form’ on my Wix Site.


    This is an answer for, Elder Mountain Dreaming:

    During the Witch-burning era, when Christianity had a theocratic totalitarian fascist stranglehold over Europe for over 500yrs, which of systematic torture, rape and murder of many a woman to go murderously into the then new-world of the Americas, the priests often accused their victims of being raped by disembodied evil sorcerers, perverse demons or by the devil himself.

    Not forgetting that there have also been numerous reports of spectral Femme Fatales raping males; though a rarity, since the Holy Inquisition’s focus upon their deified Fifty Shades Of Grey ‘Animus’ made as a God/Devil, had castigated the ‘Anima’ into Hell.

    But when theocratic necessity was required to snuff out any male who rebelled against the Inquisition’s Witch-burning antics, the priests spoke of homosexual rapine Incubi or bestial sexually driven female ghosts seducing the soul of the accused males, or otherwise being ridden by Satan’s witches vampirising his life-force via the astral.

    When admitted to under torture, said males also ended up on the pyre next to their elder-faith female counterparts, who had a prior Animist balance between the ‘Animus’ and ‘Anima.’

    The insane accusations of the priests have again come to the viral-meme fore concerning horny shadow people, extraterrestrial/interdimensional randy aliens, phallic Annunaki reptilians or fluid-sexuality Greys, etc.

    Most of these entities are experienced when an individual inadvertently accesses ‘Hypnagogic Trance,’ which for the unwary can be a truly terrifying experience, wherein an individual will be faced with his/her fears made lucid dream manifest.

    This isn’t to say, that what is experienced is not real; the fear is real enough. The manifest fear will imprint the nervous system, which cannot tell the difference between a vividly dreamed experience and a physical one.

    If an individual feels he/she is being stalked by a predatory person, the individual’s fear will manifest within the dream, which can formulate as a rape scenario. This is more so the case if an individual had been prior traumatised by childhood abuse.

    A Shaman would have to then patiently empower a patient to face his/her fear in order to transform the imprint, which can be very difficult and long-term of healing.

    The Shaman may be required to engage in a Performance Art séance, so that the Shaman takes on the role of the patient. The Shaman will then have to transform the terrifying imprint on behalf of the attending patient.

    Those Shamans, whether they be male or female, who are very dodgy indeed of misuse drug usage and of a political/religious orientation, can utilise the imprint for their own social-engineering power-game benefit by continuing spreading the fear-porn that was utilised by the Holy Inquisition, which has since evolved into the viral-meme about rape cult-ure.

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