Morgana le Fay is considered to be a powerful enchantress in the Arthurian legend. She is otherwise known as Morgan, whose name is very likely derived from Old Welsh or Old Breton name: Morgen, meaning: Sea-born, which is derived from the Common Brittonic: Mori-gena.

A cognate form of the Morgana’s name in Old Irish is Muirgein, which is also a name of a shape-shifting fairy or Witch who was associated with the sea; she was later transformed into a Christian saint.

This leads you to Morgana’s epithet ‘le Fay,’ which  is derived from the French: la fée, meaning, the (Succubus) fairy.

It just so happens that there is a group of shape-shifting Succubae mentioned in Welsh and Breton mythology called Morgans or Morgens, who are of similarity to the Slavic Succubae called Rusalka.

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Morgana’s counterpart is the wizard, Merlin, whose original Welsh name is Myrddin. The name of Myrddin means sea-fort or sea-hill.

You then have Morgana who is a spirit of the sea and Myrddin who is a fort/hill amidst the sea of Morgana, and she to relentlessly lap his shores, desiring him to enter her depths.

The symbolism of which is reminiscent of Hindu belief concerning the cosmic mountain of Mt Meru at the centre of the milk (mother) ocean, which is churned by Mt Meru into creating Maya.

The milk ocean could be referring to the inner light of the bio-photon, which illuminates the dream of spun electrons, since the bio-photon emanates from the mitochondrial DNA, which is passed down from the mother to her children.

The electrons of the dream are spun by the emotive charge of the dreamer; somewhat like a charged signal spinning the electrons within an electron tube of a TV set brain, when to remember the landlords Witch daughter.

Such is alluded to by Mt Meru being twisted by a tug of war between the Asuras and the Devas, who represent the Moon and Sun, Ida and Pingala (Autonomic-Nervous-System) nerve channels running along either side of the spinal column, of an aerial, tuning into ’emotively charged’ possibilities.

Then again, the subconsciously tuned into possibilities, may actually be memories of of an eternally recurring Ouroboros, of a life.

You also find similar symbolism in ancient Egyptian mythology, in which the principle God called Atum, from whose name, Atom is derived, is sometimes depicted as a pyramid of light, around whom is the primordial (mother) ocean of Nun. However, Atum is the master of light, but the source of the light is Nun.

The God Atum is equated with the ancient Greek God, Zeus and in turn the Roman God, Jupiter; these deities are associated with the heavens. This then leads you to Myrddin forging the round table, which alludes to the round table of the Zodiac, being that of the starry heavens, under whose revolving stars, lovers do gather around the dancing stones.

Morgana is also associated with the heavens, being the ocean of space as well as inner space; as the old Druid saying goes: “so above, so below, so within, so with-out.”

It appears that Morgana and Myrddin were not historical personages, they are instead ancient deities. But it is more likely that they represent a shamanic practice. In other words, the name of Morgan may have been a title for female shaman; whereas male shamans were called Myrddin’s.

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This becomes more apparent when to look at an early name for Great Britain as stated in the Third Series of the Welsh Triads, being, Clas Myrddin, or Merlin’s Enclosure, which is surrounded by the shape-shifting sea of Morgana. Ancient Britain was once known as a school for Druids.

The name of Merlin is also a name for a small hunting Hawk, which is specifically flown from a ladies hand; this seems somewhat apt, since the ocean of Morgana surrounds the island of Clas Myrddin.

As for Arthur Pendragon of a Dragon motif you have the star (α Draconis) Thuban, which was the Northern pole star from 3942 BC, when it moved farther North than Theta Boötis, until 1793 BC, due to the Ouroboros precession around the Zodiac ages.

The traditional name of Alpha Draconis, Thuban, means ‘Head Of The Serpent,’ which is associated with the (Myrddin) Druids, who were also known as ‘Adder Heads.’

The symbolism of the Adder Head could be associated with the term Camelot, which may be a composite word, comprising of the Hebrew letter of ‘Gimel,’ giving rise to name of Camel, ending in the Germanic word for wealth, being ‘Ot.’

The Hebrew letter Gimel, is associated with the thirteenth path of the Cabbala. The thirteenth path penetrates the hidden sephiroth of Da’at, which is termed as the abyss or desert, which can be otherwise seen as an ocean between worlds.

When crossed, it allows an adept to converse with his (Succubus) Holy Guardian Angel.

The sephiroth of Da’at is associated with the reptilian (Dragon/Adder) brainstem of the ‘throat area,’ which governs over the depth of (abyss/ocean) trance and (‘Apple’ Isle) dream states.

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The thirteenth Cabbalistic path of Gimel has since been associated with the Tarot Card of the (Nun) High Priestess Of The Silver (Sirius) Star, who can be seen as Morgana.

The symbolism of the (Adder/Dragon) serpent was utilised in varied shamanic cultures across the globe to represent trance adepts, who were able to attain an amphibious state of consciousness in order to consciously access the spirit world of the dream, which is symbolically equated with the sea.

You then have a shamanic adept of trance, being the Druid Myrddin who can become (lucid) conscious within the watery shape-shifting domain of Morgana, whose realm is the quantum dream.

Myrddin’s Adder-Head (hypnagogic trance) intercourse into the Vesica Pisces of Morgana is attained of conscious dreaming at certain key-times around the (circadian rhythm) star-clock, marked out by circled stones, of a round table, ever re-turning, Ouroboros.

When Myrddin becomes conscious within Morgana’s watery reality of the dream he becomes as the sea-hill, symbolised as the Apple Isle (Avalon) of Glastonbury Tor, of similarity to Mt Meru, the ancient Egyptian’s otherwise depicted as a pyramid of light.

In Siberian shamanic practice, the cosmic mountain is intersected by the world tree, the ancient Norse called Yggdrassill, which is remembered as the May-Pole, the Saxon’s had prior known as the Irminnsul.

Yggdrassill was also transformed into the Christmas tree, whose elder symbolism represents the ‘spinal column’ of the (Odin/Myrddin) shaman, upon which he ‘hangs’ into self-sacrificial ‘trance.’ As an aside, there was once a ‘gallows’ atop of Glastonbury Tor, which is now occupied by a ‘fort’ of a tower, as well as an associated ‘serpent’ stone of an egg.

It is along the spinal column that the Kundalini Shakti (Fire Snake/Dragon) is aroused in Yoga practice, which is experienced as a feminine energy, the Kalahari Bushmen of South Africa also know of as Num. The arousal of the Num initiates the experience of trance they call Kia, a Siberian shaman knows as the fire in the head; whereby you have the term (Kundalini Shakti/Fire Snake) Adder-Head.

Wherefore the cosmic mountain of a sea-hill symbolises Myrddin’s body out of which he can (OOBE) spirit fly as a disembodied Merlin into the inner space ocean of the dream. But only when flown by (Kundalini Shakti/Fire Snake) Morgana’s loving (Succubus) hand, who to set Myrddin’s head aflame as her ‘Wicker-Man.’




    This is an answer to Reddit: NagarajaIsHungry

    Your reactive ‘Reptile Brain’ comment indicates that you have duly ‘defecated’ all over the symbolic logic of Hinduism and Tantra concerning its focus upon Shiva – ‘Lingam’ and Kali – ‘Yoni.’

    The symbolism of which is not too dissimilar to that of Myrddin (Siva/Lingam) and Morgana (Kali/Yoni).

    Wherefore your reactive ‘Reptile Brain’ comment indicates that your handle: Nagaraja, is primarily derived from the fictional Vampire bloodline out of the White Wolf Role Playing Game, rather than alluding to the Hindu, Nagaraja: Shesha, Takshaka, and Vasuki, serpents.

    Vasuki is represented as the serpent around Shiva’s reptilian brain-stem throat.

    The reptilian-brain determines the depth of ‘trance’ ingress (Lingam/intercourse) into the the (Yoni) dream represented as Kali!

    No doubt your reactive ‘Reptile Brain’ comment was wrought for your equally reactive ‘Reptile Brain’ peers who are auto-hypnotised by plastic Role Playing Game paganism!

    Due to your reactive ‘Reptile Brain’ you also entirely missed the point concerning the Wicker Man, though a highly innovative and stylish film, it still perpetuated the Roman/Abrahamic propaganda concerning Pagans indulging in human sacrifice, which was further exacerbated by the inane American remake.

    Many of the reactive ‘Reptile Brains’ who watched the American remake very likely don’t understand the symbolic logic of their Pagan forebears, let alone understanding Hinduism/Tantra, probably because they are hypnotised by the propaganda of Abrahamic Role Playing Games about ‘hungry’ Vampires!

  2. Knowthyself Says:

    I absolutely love your blog! Over the years, I have visited many times and enjoyed all that you have written. When I first found your site, I was but starting my path yet I felt your truth. I have used your words to find my own way and I am grateful for your sharing!! I am always blown away with how easily it comes to you! What a gift! I had a realization about this info just recently so this is just what I needed!! May I ask of you, your two cents worth. I drempt of being at the base of Mt Meru, I was being initiated so to speak. The Naga shaman told me to be very still and stay with my sister priestess. Three Garudas came and three Serpents….as they were fighting(as I perceived it to be…which now I know was not) but the representation of the two channels rising, I moved in ignorance too save the shaman. I was accidentally bite by one serpent on the right arm. After my body lay on the ground in a state of stasis, I was instructed by the Shaman to go in spirit with my priestess to the top of Mt. Meru to retrieve one flower that when applied would fix the imbalance. He gave me a special golden powder to use only when I needed it. After successfully retrieving the flower and after the priestess applied it,my spirit was returned to my body and my initiation complete. I looked up all this because at the time I had the dream I was clueless!! Apparently there is a Naga tribe that lives in the mountains of India and a pink flower that grows in the mountain that the Tibetans use for healing, and the priestess came to me recently incarnated in the flesh. Its all really very interesting to me. I am an ordinary down to earth woman and I am not about to run off to the mountains seeking spiritual enlightenment! However I am actively spiritual and have an ongoing practice of my own. But some reflection from another would be welcome. I tried asking some shamans and Tibetans but they have strict rules on sharing without being a disciple which I totally understand but a fresh perspective would be greatly appreciated!

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      Mt Meru is seen to be at the centre of a milk ocean you can otherwise see as an ocean of liquid light, which Mt Meru churns; this churning then creates your experiential reality of Maya from the milk (light) ocean of the mother.

      The term Maya is a female word, because the liquid light is that of the Bio-Photon, being emitted from the Mitochondrial DNA, which is passed down from the mother to her children.

      The Mitochondria, within each and every one of your cells has microtubules, which act like onboard mini-‘Quantum computers.’ It is suspected by some physicists that the Mitochondria is generating your consciousness.

      The ancient shamans had intuitively determined the source of the ‘inner light’ is (Shakti) female of an inorganic intelligence when to have accessed (a state of stasis) trance, which is known as the little death.

      The shamanic adepts of trance, are often symbolised as being Serpents in varying shamanistic cultures across the globe; whereupon you have the Hindu term, Naga, which basically refers to a shaman.

      This little death of trance ingress into the dream, can be of varying depths, which is governed over by the (Snake/Naga) reptilian-brain, which is situated in your throat area. Whereupon, in Norse myth, the shamanic deity Odin ‘hung’ himself into trance upon the world tree called Yggdrassill. The motif of hanging is not literal, it otherwise refers to conscious trance ingress into the dream.

      The world tree symbolises the nervous system, emanating from the spinal column of an (Irminsul) axis-mundi, which is seen to interpenetrate the cosmic mountain (Mt Meru) of the body.

      The anthropologist Jeremy Narby had noticed that the symbolism of the Snake in many shamanistic cultures, (which is often tied up with the feminine principle), referred to the intelligence of the (Caduceus) ‘serpentine’ DNA, of the double Helix, whose Bio-Photon emission illuminates your (Biospheric-TV) dreams, via which passed down genetic information is very likely being imparted.

      The serpentine DNA is also suspected as being in contact with other DNA across a vast interconnected ‘Web’ of light, which can be poetically described as being a milk ocean.

      The information imparted by the light is tuned into via your nervous system, which is comprised of the (ANS) Autonomic Nervous System, whose “Two Nerve Channels” are on either side of your axis-mundi (World Tree) of a (Caduceus) spinal column.

      The central nerve channel of the (Caduceaus) spine belongs to the (CNS) Central Nervous System. The nervous system acts somewhat analogous to a aerial, tuning into a TV station, which of a tuned into program of a reality is that of your Electron dreams illuminated by the Bio-Photon.

      When to become lucid within a dream, the sixth-sense is achieved, which is represented as a six-pointed-star or as the hexagram. The six-pointed-star is made up of two triangles, which can otherwise be seen as an ‘interference pattern,’ being generated by ‘Past’ (3 Serpents/downward-Triangle) information, and ‘Future’ (3 Garudas/upward-triangle) informational streams. The generated interference pattern of information is that of your ‘Present’ tuned into (Maya) realty.

      In a number of shamanistic cultures your experiential reality (Maya) is surrounded by a snake eating its own tail, which in Norse and Saxon mythology is called Jormangand, or otherwise termed as the Ouroboros in occultism.

      The Ouroboros describes Eternal Recurrence, or otherwise termed, the Eternal Return. The scientists have recently discovered that the far distant galaxies are travelling faster than the speed of light; although it isn’t the galaxies, which are travelling faster than the speed of light, it is in fact the very fabric of space its self.

      When to travel faster than light, time is reversed; in other words, time is folding back in on its self, which indicates that everything is eternally repeating, you can symbolise as the Ouroboros.

      After many repeats, a part of you remembers certain (Emotively Charged) Key-Events, which is often communicated to you via your dreams. The imparted information is usually highly symbolic, which can also manifest as synchronistic phenomena. When to recognise the synchronicities, you might experience a sense of Déjà-vu; as if feeling as you are in some kind of film, in which you are acting.

      Your dream appears to have imparted precognitive information concerning the woman you saw as the priestess within your dream, which of a fourth dimensional revelation, she then manifested amidst your third-dimensional reality. But in the fifth dimension, time is circular as the Ouroboros; so what was experienced as being a precognition, is in fact that of an eternally recurring repeat.

      The repeat of the Ouroboros in Alchemy is seen to be as (Karma) Lead, when not recognised; but when you observe its repeat, you can then (heal) transform it into (Dharma/golden dust) Gold.

      The snake biting your right arm indicates that the left side of your brain was being activated to remember a repeat and that of a recurring imbalance, in order to ‘heal,’ which is symbolised as the pink flower, of Rubedo/Red/Present, and Albedo/White/Future; whereas of three (colours) Guna’s of Shakti, the Nigredo/Black/Past, initiated your ‘dream’ initiation so as to… remember!

      When you recognise the repeat of the Ouroboros in order to heal, you then achieve a sixth-dimensional understanding, which is attained when you observe synchronicities. The synchronicities are that of an inner recognition that you can ‘tune’ into another alternate Ouroboros (possibility) from within your (Browsing) lucid dreams.

      Some synchronicities can be acted upon, whereas others to better, just observe; not all synchronicities are positive. Said synchronistic phenomena reveals the nature of Maya, a scientist would otherwise term as a… Simulation… which is, Eternally Recurring.

      But it is not the only… Simulated (Ouroboros) Universe, there are a myriad other (Ouroboros) Universes of a Multiverse; this then leads you to the mini-onboard Quantum computer microtubules of the Mitochondria, whose Mitochondrial ‘serpentine’ DNA is llluminating your Electron dreams with its Bio-Photon flame; like that of a fiery Dragon, entwined around a Kundalini-Shakti Fire Snake Priestess, winged as the Garuda.

  3. Knowthyself Says:

    Thank you for taking the time to write such a wonderful indepth response! I am speechless!! I am chopping at the bit to follow your words!! Wink! Your post hit the big points that I needed clarity on and pointed to some really interesting areas I may want to dig deeper in.Your words were like the “sacred smoke”…I honour your wisdom and may you have abundance in all areas in life!!

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      Life is war, war is life; the battlefield, existence.

      From life-time to life-time, ever battling, to remember, a ‘moment’ of overwhelming meaning, which to reveal the why of it all; such is love.

      Without whose embrace, the warrior forgets everything; though blissful, the sought for soul is lost.

      Little wonder then that Myrddin went battle mad, who as a ‘Merlin’ can only fly of remembrance, when flown by a lady’s hand.

  4. Knowthyself Says:

    Thank you! I see and hear the truth in your words. Compassion/love has become the foundation of my practice. Trance and mantra have been the tools that came easy for me, so I ran with it! They have brought me to another place and time. I saw you during trance couriously wanting to know and dreamtime was filled with laughter! There is nothing to fear. I welcome all. I have enjoyed the company of your friend the crow and please know, you are always welcome!

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      Crow and I, one and the same; if I was to hover spectral like Andrija Puharich’s Sprectre observing the ‘Nine’ Sisters of Morgana’s temporal Cabbalistic coven, I would most assuredly know about it. I do not however recollect doing so.

      Although, I may directly contact the Tarot ‘Archetype’ herself, who to await upon the ‘Thirteenth Floor,’ pointing at Camel-Ot unto Da’at Avalon, leading thence to Nine dimensions, all as Yesod Sisters.

      Speaking of Spectre, Uri Geller to relate was a Hawk, looking like Newage Horus, he equated with an extraterrestrial computer hovering around a ‘Ring-Pass-Not’ asteroid belt, of an ensuing Stargate Conspiracy.

      It could just as well have been a Merlin, wearing wrap around shades out of the Matrix, some to equate with the black eyes of the twilight Greys, betwixt and between the Ida and Pingala pylons of Moon and Sun.

      Well, why not, since Merlin knows Morgana, whose makeup is as the ‘Anima’ Trinity of Gunas; but, as the story goes around the Neo Ouroboros, of round table Eon standing stones, it took a recurring Time to remember her Avalon ‘Floor Number,’ to thence, enter her Vesica Pisces door of Apple lore Da’at.

  5. Knowthyself Says:

    I walk alone, and in doing so, I make mistakes. After reflection, I most likely triggered it myself. I asked the mother to bring you abundance. I am. That is all. I am not of the “Nine”. I however, need help at the moment so I seek direction. You are of a strong will and constitution and are not afraid to speak your truth. Most run screaming for the hills so I am greatful for your kind words! I am stubborn and determined! I do not have the gift of speaking. Robert Wilkinson said it perfectly in this aticle he wrote…. Apparetnly, it is time for me to learn to ride the dragon and at the moment he brews my disaster. Am I ready?…No. Can I get there before the sting overcomes me? Don’t know but I am determind to find a way…

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      Nine Sisterly dimensions of Superstring Theory, leading thence to Multiverse World Tree Yggdrassill, whose Apple Runes, the Physicist James ‘Gates’ had found to be Computer Code, used in ‘Browsers.’

      When to use Language, a Word ‘Conjures’ up Associative Symbols of Wyrd Web Correspondences, over which the Eight-Legged Night-Mare Sleipnir to ‘Browse,’ weaving as a Spider.

      What Symbol to thence manifest amidst the Triangle Of Art Imagination, is determined by what one has been taught, of what a Word ‘Conjures’ of an associated Symbol; whereupon, certain Symbols take precedence over others, upon a programmed Word, going by Zipf’s Law.

      How many would you say have been led to believe that the Dragon of Ten erect horns and Seven randy heads, with Ten hedonic Crowns, penetrated by its Horns, is the Great Beast of an Anti-Christ, ridden by a whoring Babylon out of Abraham’s Oily Iraq?

      How many would you say, otherwise see the Dragon as being the Mitochondrial DNA, which is passed down by the Babalon mother to her children, whose flame is the emitted Bio-Photon, determining the energy output of the Cell, and in turn influencing the ‘Seven’ Chakras of the Endocrine System; to also see its microtubules as mini-Quantum computers, which are tied up with Superstring Theory of Ten dimensions; although the Tenth reduces back to one; hence you have Nine.

      How many would you say believe that 666 is the number of the Great Beast to label many an enemy to bomb?

      How many would you say, otherwise see 666 as being the Atomic Number of Carbon, which is comprised of 6: Neutrons, 6: Protons and 6: Electrons; whereby all Carbon-Based-Life-Forms are of the Great Beast, which of a creative Dragon is the DNA, whose original source could be potentially off-world.

      You can easily fathom, which of these perceptions takes precedence over the other of Zipf Law by merely ‘Browsing the world-wide-‘Web’ to see a very steep curve.

      The curve reveals the ‘mass’ focus, which may be indicative of how the collective unconscious is being influenced by certain symbolic stimuli, you could equate with the influence of gravity pertaining to a planetary body, whose ‘mass’ warps the fabric of space-time.

      Language is used to describe the world, which in turn moulds waking perception, more so that of programming the dream, where Sleipnir to ‘Browse;’ for her weaving ‘Conjures’ up your informational dreams, which are made of Symbols, reflecting back the Word hoard of the rider.

      When becoming singular of eye within a lucid dream, the observer realises that what has been taught of a Language description of the world, is not the whole Mandala; and what is more, what has been taught, is that of a Ring-Pass-Not, passed down by others, which of a limit, limits perception.

      In other words, many a mind has been programmed via Language, by those who are very much aware of what they are doing.

      But, then again, it could be more a case of the blind leading the blind; wherefore the singular of open eye, within the dream, are as Shamans, who to wander Plato’s Cave of the blind.

      Most often than not, we program our own selves, let alone being programmed; one feeds into the other of a self perpetuated Ring-Pass-Not, which of a forged leaden Torc we wear around our reptilian-brain-stem throats.

      Although, via the Symbolic Alchemy of ‘Art’ we can transform the leaden Torc into a golden understanding; whereby evolving our consciousness beyond a Ring-Pass-Not, whether it be forged by others, or otherwise wrought by one’s own self.

      It is not easy though, one trips up, making mistakes, let alone to be assailed by self-doubt, etc, I guess that is why the alchemists termed it as being the Great Work.

      The Great Work at another level, is to seek out an encoded message, deep within our Cavernous selves; but, as you know, a message is often misinterpreted, let alone misapplied, or even ignored, to be deeply buried by those who fear its implications, so as to control its Sphinx secret.

  6. Knowthyself Says:

    I really enjoyed these videos! I hadn’t seen them before!! I love Graham Hancock! The first one reminded me of this I find I hold much of the same views! People fear what they do not understand. Sadly we usually destroy what we fear. Its hard to look fully at our reflection and truly see what we are. We wear masks to experience and in some we loose ourselves and in others we see the falsity. The Great Work is difficult but an under taking I find has brought me to great Joy, Love, Compassion, abundance, ect. Your guidance has been greatly appreciated. My particular problem at the moment finds its basis in communicative/language/throat chackra. I had a revelatory dream about there being a blockage there. However, it is coming out strong with vibrations that are electric feeling in nature. I can recycle the energy to some degree, but at times I go to speak and I find I can not or it ends up drawing waves of this energy. This is happening randomly in daily life. During practice it is magnified. I slowed my practice because I wanted to give it space. Is there a way I can gently manage this so I don’t end up doing something stupid!! I am trying to be aware, alas ignorance is a teacher for sure but If I end up spilling out onto others, which I try to avoid at all possible, then that is best. So for the sake of my loved ones and my appliances, which I keep breaking, can you give some direction is this area? Or maybe I just need a good whack with a big stick!

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      You do need a good whack with a very big Zen stick, since you are consistently ‘reinforcing’ your Ring-Pas-Not, with emotively charged ‘Worded’ descriptions of a Mantra, summing up your lack of communication skills of a misapplied Hogwarts Spell, which is patently not true of a Triangle Of Art manifestation.

      You communicate your mercurial Hermione intellect quite eloquently, with a touch of inspired poetic prose, I might add, when allowing yourself to let rip.

      Alas, you still have to attend professor Snape’s detention, where he will get you to write 666 chalked up Spells on his leaden Saturn board, which you to otherwise ‘weave’ golden that you are a poet.

      Also, don’t forget your grimoires, about Psycho-Cybernetics and Neuro-Linguistics, but more so those tomes about the Internal Dialogue, otherwise Snape will give you yet another detention; you know what he’s like, you can’t bribe him with Avalon Apples.

      Apart from your ensuing detention within Snape’s tower, in general, the experience you speak of concerning the throat area, I had experienced a number of years ago as a changeling childe. The initial phase was that of waking up in total utter terror, not long after I went to sleep.

      I couldn’t tell anyone; who would have believed me, anyway. In retrospect it is just as well that I had not told no one.

      I felt as if I was being strangled by something, to the point of choking, gagging for air; or that of being of similarity to drowning. Since I was experiencing this strangulation every time I went to sleep; I intended to find out what was going on, by doing some extensive research, but there was little or no information about the experience at the time of pre-internet, or since, apart from a load of fear porn bollocks about malign aliens, or shadow people, etc.

      I decided to utilise meditation in an attempt to offset the terror of the experience, or at the very least prepare for it. I then accessed the hypnagogic state at the point of sleep, which involved sleep paralysis.

      But due to the prior meditation, I relaxed into the experience, as I did so, I had the distinct sensation of an inner energy, ascending along the back of my neck, along fibrous channels, as if I was looking into my own body with X-Ray eyes.

      This energy looked like a cool electric blue light, which appeared to be blocked in my throat area. I came to the conclusion that It was this blockage, which was causing the sensation of choking.

      I then decided to take the meditation further, by meditating upon certain symbolic stimuli, which of esoteric associations, corresponded with the throat area. The utilised imagery pertained of allusions to the experience I was experiencing.

      While I conducted these meditations I utilised the breathing techniques as described by a gnarled library book on Transcendental Meditation I had picked up. The reason for my choice at the time, was that it was straight forward, of matter of fact instruction, which was not peppered with mind-bending Hindu metaphysics; the laughing Buddha book was otherwise Hippie humorous of Beatle’s Magical Mystery Tour insight.

      I also did the meditations, while listening to hypnotic beat trance music, or that of otherwise dancing in order to induce a light trance state, which was basically, controlled day dreaming, about the material I had researched in order to attain further insights into it. Said day dreaming, Jung would otherwise call Active Imagination.

      The sensation of strangulation lessened for a while, until one day, after returning home from school, feeling absolutely exhausted, I fell into a deep swoon; as I did so, a presence descended upon me. I had the distinct sensation of hands around my throat.

      But this time, I was prepared. rather than reacting in terror, I uttered a pre-prepared Mantra in my mind. As I did so, the experience suddenly changed to that of soothing feminine hands around my throat, of a sensuous caress.

      The fingers of her hands then traced out an energy flow along the back of my neck towards the back of my head, as she did so, I then had the sensation of falling backwards into a great void, where Anubis to Howl.

      The void was all encompassing of nothingness, into which I fell. The terror of which I had negated by repeatedly howling out the Mantra over and over again, while I fell, leaving my corporal capsule behind of a body, knowing not where I was descending into. But it felt as if I was falling towards the centre of the Earth, or somewhere quite other, floating in space.

      I then found myself falling into my bed, to then awaken; feeling quite exhilarated, because I had overcome my fear. But I also felt disappointed that nothing else had happened apart from awakening back into my bed. I lay there awhile pondering what had just happened.

      I then got out of my bed, in order to go to my art table near the window, through which the light of the Moon bathed my room. Everything seemed to be the same, all very real. It was no dream, as far as I was concerned; I felt very much aware, more so in fact, as I decided to look out of my window.

      As I looked out of my window, I realised I was not in Kansas anymore. The usual panorama, was that of an urban jungle of houses and factories surrounding an allotment, which of little sky to see, is polluted by the glare of city lights.

      I instead, found myself confronted by a wide open countryside of rolling hills under a night sky full of bright stars; in the far distance I noticed a group of small brick houses, from whose chimneys bluish smoke drifted.

      Suffice to say, I was totally awe struck. I then became aware that I was probably experiencing a vivid lucid dream, which I tested by jumping up into the air, to see if I would float around like a disembodied bubble; but instead, gravity sharply pulled my physicality down.

      It was more real than real. It then struck me, that I may have died in my sleep; as I was pondering this possibility, I became aware that I was being watched by some unknown presence. I looked over to where it could be, whereupon I noticed my door had been opened.

      The presence turned out to be a Witch, who brought me back; but not before experiencing other adventures. I to have wondered, whether she had ‘Conjured’ me into her world…

      I felt as if I was away for ages, but when to have again awakened, I found I had been asleep for but a short while, nor was it night, as before the departure, when I awoke.

      Anyway, to cut a long story short. I have since noticed that when I enter into certain emotional states, of what could be construed as being that of awe, or being inspired, I have the distinct sensation of an electrical type of energy around my throat, like that of wearing a vibrating serpentine Torc, which expands outwards, of a kind of disk, or a web spreading out, connected to everything, making all to feel quite different to me of quality, as if… Time… has stood still.

      When the energy becomes quite acute, it then arises along the back of my neck to the back of my head, which can then ascend to the top of my skull; whereupon I feel as if my head is opening up; as this happens, strange out of the ordinary things tend to occur, of tuning into ‘alternate’ Ouroboros possibilities; but ‘Nothing… Negative.’

  7. Knowthyself Says:

    Let me pick my jaw up off the ground… Sometimes its hard to see that which is staring us right in the face, unless we get a good whack! The dissonance you notice is from a physical Language Learning disorder, with which I struggle to adequately express myself. I however, look to those whose outward creative arts(music, art, poetry, LOVE RUMI) bring me closer to the true expression of my heart and what I want to express. I will gladly do detention!! Wink!! Professor Snape may find me a difficult student but hopefully my determination will earn some points! Thank you for sharing your experiences from the kindness of your heart! They mirror a lot of what I am experiencing at the moment but I had no idea how to express with out sounding like raving loon! Your words lifted a great weight off my shoulders! You gave me the space to let go and learn! That is precious indeed! I implore many of the same techniques you do! I stumbled upon them, but they seem to work very well with directed intent! I have both those books on my reading list….time to get to it!! Wink!

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      As you enter the spiralling tower, feeling like an out of place Alice in Under-land; Snape awaits your forlorn arrival. Your fumbling hands attempt to balance a half eaten Avalon Apple behind your back.

      But in your nervousness you drop its sweating mass. You watch the Apple corpse out of the corner of your blinking eye, as it rolls its erratic way across the cold stone floor, of cracked granite blocks.

      Snape is not at all impressed, as he silently observes your tripping entrance. He looks like a Raven, eclipsed by shadow, as he stands behind an ancient oak desk, whose legs are carved into raging Tibetan Buddhas, which are hungrily staring at you as a potential vore meal.

      “It has come to my attention… my dear… that you using your Spell sung words… to weave… dissonance… among the other students.” You notice that Snape artfully uses spaces between his words, which to cut through the silence, like a sacrificial Athame.

      You also become aware that his Athame of a forged mind, always thinks, before speaking, of pondered breaks before uttered words; though subtle, it lends to his speech, an impact on every word Spell spoken, which of quality, is almost like the arising silky tone of a wise serpent’s inevitable bite.

      “But.. but, sir…” You to mumble, while staring at your nimble left foot of scraped shiny shoe, scraping the floor, as if attempting to dig a very deep hole, so as to fall into. “I did not intend to, affect the perceptions of the other students… I was just telling it the way… it is… sir.”

      Snape goes silent, his black eyes piercing into your very soul; then, Snape snarls. “Telling it… the way… it is,” Snape to repeat your words, scornfully. “Pray tell, me… little girl… what this, way it is… is… of a Spell?”

      “I am afflicted sir… with an affliction, which afflicts me.” You to near tearfully answer, in the hope that a tear drop upon reddened cheek will soften Snape’s sharp beak.

      “Afflicted…” Snape to shake his ruffled head of black pitch hair, to then question, “Afflicted with what?”

      I am afflicted by… physical language… learning disorder… sir; I can’t help it, sir. You to answer, while looking down at the granite floor, avoiding Snape’s piercing mirrored eyes.

      There was a long silence before Snape to growl; “I would never of guessed it… nor to have even fathomed it as a seer… until you attempted to hypnotise me… let us not forget, all the other… students… who you have, duly hypnotised with your Spell… before they even got to know you…. Now my dear, they all see you as having an affliction, which empowers your internal… ‘Self Image’… as being the afflicted.”

      You do not know where to look as you continue digging at the floor with your shiny shoe tip. “But… but… that’s what the Muggle doctors say… that I’m afflicted with… sir.”

      “MUGGLES.” Snape to howl, as he claws the tabletop with his talons. “Don’t you realise, that if the Muggles had their way.. they would pigeonhole us all, as being raving loons… suffering from varying mundane mental conditions… castigating us into their Holy-wood brick walled asylums of controlled mediocrity.”

      “But… but, sir… I, I feel…so, Strange… I don’t fit in, I can’t seem to communicate what I really feel into my… Spells… it’s so confusing. I didn’t mean to hypnotise the other students, to see me as the afflicted; but, that’s what I was told… by the… Muggles.

      Snape places his gaunt left hand over his face, in an attempt to steady his raging thoughts; “Alas, my dear… in your attempt to no longer feel like an outcast among the mundane Muggles… around whose mob, you feel.. so, very… Strange… you have inadvertently allowed yourself to be influenced by the Muggle priests… in order to feel that you belong to one of their pigeonholed, Ring-Pass-Not’s… but, without realising it… you have hypnotised your fellow students, who, as you are very much aware, are all of the Strange.”

      You then decide to brave the situation, by craftily disengaging Snape’s inquisitional dagger eyes away from your battered soul, to elsewhere stare, by quizzically enquiring, “Is Faustus Crow of the Strange too?” Snape, nearly trips over a raging Buddha leg of his table. “What? Why are you speaking of… Crow?”

      “I’ve noticed his Tantric graffiti all over the cracked walls; especially in the Witches dormitories; I’m, just trying to understand what, Strange, actually is of a quantifiable example.” You to ask, half smiling to yourself, as you observe Snape’s face going all ashen, of near shock, which ripples through his taken aback, autonomic-nervous system, of the shakes; he then graspingly takes hold of his heavy black Yew chair, to slip into its steadying depths.”

      Snape then looks away from you, as he answers; “Crow is the strangest of the Strange, who rages against the establishment of the Conquistador. His nature, is rebellious. of Zodiac sign.”

      Snape continued, “Crow does not care at all, what the Muggles think of him… even when as a Changeling Childe, he had consistently played truant from their schooling… nor is he unduly concerned about what the Muggles to now say, about his Heyoka antics of artistic sorcery. Hence, Crow is an Avadhuta outcast in their world… who, I might add, has been pigeonholed by many a Muggle priest as being quite mad, let alone being utterly insane… or far worse. There are even a number of Muggles who believe Crow, is possessed by demonic entities.”

      “Is that what being Strange, means… do I have to become an outcast, too?” You worriedly enquire.

      Snape goes silent before answering; “there are differing Runic degrees of the Strange, my dear. What Masonic level of the Strange you choose to be… will be determined by your own inner truth as a Witch… to not fear, expressing who you truly are, and in so doing, learning about yourself, in the process…. rather than attempting to be what the Muggles consider as being, acceptably normal; or to be otherwise labelled as being upon their rung of a Jacobs ladder, so that you can fit into their Holy-wood TV land… of dull eyed, shiny herd-mind cliques.”

      Then there was silence, as Snape gathered himself up from his chair, as an inky black shadow, who steadily moved of calculated steps towards an iron maiden, within whose opened guts of blood rust metal, you notice his collection of canes, which makes you bite your lip near red raw.

      “Damn it, damn it, damn it” You to howl out within your St Trinian mind; “I forgot to put on a pair of briefs, this twilight, of punishing onslaught, betwixt and between the crucifying pylons of Moon and Sun… Oh! By the name of the Goddess, save me!”

      Snape is quite unaware of your under dressed dilemma as he questions his iron maiden; “What am I going to do with such a difficult student? Perhaps I will use the biggest cane I have, of most ancient usage, whose tarnished grey wood has been laid upon many a pert behind of fifty shades, of red.”

      Then, as if shot by a Vajra bolt of inspiration from out of the blue penumbra of the Moon; Snape to replace his grey cane of a biting tooth, back into the maiden’s guts, who to otherwise pick up a gnarled grimoire from a dusty shelf. “I know, what to do with you, of educational punishment, you can deliver this tome to… Faustus Crow.

      Snape hands you a book, which is, entitled Lilith’s Harem, you notice has been authored by Crow. You cannot help yourself of feline curiosity to open the book up to the first page, which has been personally signed and inscribed to Crow, by a Witch, you instantly recognise.

      You to uncontrollably scream; “By the Goddess, it has been signed by J.K . Rowling, herself, of living gold dust”

      Snape to impatiently snap; “Yes, yes; don’t get your Witches knickers in a twist; Rowling is too of the… Strange; her writing style is not too different to yours of artistic expression… for you to go far beyond of a Ring-Pass-Not… if you desire it so.”

      You stand before Snape, grinning like a Cheshire cat, to then ask; “where, do I find Crow?”

      Snape answered; “You can find Crow within the enfolding shadows of the Goat Head Inn; he is usually by himself… quite alone, as he manifests visions within a black book, who is quite partial to Lady Killer Rum, which is of deepest red; likened to menstrual blood, of Rubedo colour… such be his alchemical poison.”

      You to gibber, as a horrifying realisation hits you; “Oh! By the blessed Goddess; but… but… the Goat Head Inn… is along the Tarot path… of the…”

      Snape cuts in, “Yes indeed, my dear, that is your… much needed… punishment!”

  8. Knowthyself Says:

    Professor Snape, you are correct! I have been avoiding said punishment! Impossible but its true, I guess I do know what to do! Muggles have always tried to cram me in their “box”, but I don’t fit. I don’t want acceptance.

    I have been ostracized from towns, threatened to have my head removed and my eyes gouged out for my “Heyoka antics” in this world. Sorcerers, witches, ect have thought I was easy pickings…. But…”I’m six six six if you threaten my development”.

    I am no stranger to being “strange”. I love the strange! I think strange is beautiful! I had a feeling JK was of the strange! I have read her books and enjoyed them!

    Having someone to step up and be my mirror was what I needed. I guess I needed one who has the constitution of “John Constantine”. Its true, I was unaware of my “hypnotic” word sung speech. This clip sums it up for me and you will know what I am about.

    I will cherish the tomb and juicy secrets! Lilith holds a special place in my heart! Wink!

    Thank you for being who you are! Thank you for bringing your Heyoka antics to the world in such a way as to guide those who are much the same! Know you are cherished!

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      Yes, I recognise Elliot Alderson; when being ‘aware’ within the Zipf Law realm of the blind, he to have Seen, that 80% of the wealth of the world is owned by just 62 people, or maybe, 72, who ‘habitually sustain’ the ‘Delusion’ that the rest of the population are 20% free.

      When to see it, he is then tarred and feathered as being ‘Paranoid.’ It is then very difficult to feel that he can fit in with such a Robotic Society, unless he lies to himself in order to avoid the overwhelming solitude. But when to do so, ‘Anxiety’ follows, with ‘Depression’ biting its heels.

      As you become aware of the illusory facade, your Reticular-Activating-System (RAS) kicks in of a self ‘Hack,’ which of a subconscious response is that of re-programming yourself to be free of the 20% illusion.

      The problem: the prior-programming, will fight tooth and nail to stay as it is. The RAS, of the Reptilian-Brain-Stem is tied up with the Autonomic-Nervous-System, whose ‘Two Nerve Channels’ are on either side of your spine.

      In the Cabbala, the Reptilian-Brainstem of the ‘Throat’ area is associated with the 13th path of Gimel. It is upon this path, the prior programming is confronted, in order to re-program it into another (Da’at) ‘Form,’ such as facing an inner Daemon, to transform it into an Ally.

      13 is an interesting number, you could otherwise associate with a 13th floor, door number, numbered 265, which of numerology reduces down to 13, as depicted in a video Odyssey; wherein of an updated Homer’s tale of the Strange, Anderson would be Shaman ‘Hacker,’ Odysseus. Although, Odysseus had a Mercurial Goddess called Athena, who… guided him… as his inspiring Muse, you could otherwise equate with the (Da’at) HGA.

  9. Knowthyself Says:

    As you can imagine, my mind is racing! Wink!When accessing this “wormhole” when appearing, as before you in waking life, like that of a watery undulating bubble… One wonders….

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      Many a folklore tale to tell of Bubble Witches hovering around as orbs like that of the Kitsune with their ‘Hoshi Noh Tama’ Star Balls.

      Some physicists suspect that Electrons are mini-Wormholes; though far too small for a physical astronaut to enter, such is not the case for the lucid consciousness of a psychonaut to slide into within an Electron dream; let alone that of penetrating, upon the conjuration of a bubble Witch Yoni Stargate, out of a grimoire.

      The Shaman to trance drum, to thereby enter the uterine tunnel. The Near Death Experience to speak of.

      The Shaman to then ‘Travel Without Moving’ as the tunnel appears to fly by; such be the process of ‘Browsing,’ the physicist James Gates to have found of ‘Computer’ code embedded in Superstring theory.

      But where would a psychonaut Merlin end up, when to consciously conjure up a ‘dark haired’ Morgana le Fay Bubble Witch within a lucid dream?

      Perhaps that of another dimension, via which, if so desired, one can haunt ones own past, so as to influence. But in doing so, it will generate an ‘Alternate World’ to branch off. You then have… Time Travel.

  10. Knowthyself Says:

    Thank you so much for all your hard work in putting together information that is beyond anything I could ever dream of. I started watching the Painted Skin movie and it is very fascinating!! I will finish it today. I now have a ton of reading to do and a direction in practice! Can you tell me the name of your publisher? I tried to find your book, here in Serbia, but I was asked who the publisher is and I had no clue. I tried googling it and I can’t find it. I would like a hard copy but I might have to settle with an e-book! I wish there was more I could do to show my appreciation! You have inspired me in ways that I couldn’t think possible! I will dance in appreciation and ask the Great Goddess to bring you abundance, peace, joy, and love in all your endeavors!

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      The ‘Throat’ singing is highly evocative; then to consciously ‘Speak,’ within the dream, conjuring up symbolic associations, becoming as worlds.

      The only hard-print Paperback books I have published the moment are the Goetia Girls: Succubus Art books, in either black and white, or in colour.

      I am presently working on the other books to be published as Paperback books, one of which being, Lilith’s Harem.

      The Paperback books have been published via Createspace, such as the black and white version of Goetia Girls: book 1: BOOK ONE.

      The black and white version of Goetia Girls: book 2: BOOK TWO.

      Goetia Girls: book 3 is on its way, which will then finalise the series.

      Createspace is aligned with the distributor Amazon, where my books can be found at: AMAZON BOOKSHOP.

      The E-Books tend to be experimental, of a comic strip style; whereas the paperback books are the eventual finished product: PAPERBACK BOOK EXAMPLE.

      As far as I know, most bookshops do not sell Createspace Paperback books from Amazon. Something to do with big-business politics, etc.

      Nyarlthotep Tesla, of the Strange, did conjure up the modern world.

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