The notorious Vril Gesellschaft of Nazi UFO lore was said to have been formed by a coven of female psychic mediums, who were basically Witches, led by the Nordic Marilyn Munroe look alike trance medium called Maria Orsitsch, also known as Maria Orsic, from Zagreb.

Maria and her coven of Vril Witches are depicted as catwalk models in their badly photo-shopped photographs alongside their flying disk, which were supposedly taken just prior to WWII.


Going by the Vril myth of an engineered viral meme, the Vril Witches are called Vrilerinnen.


Some of the written descriptions of the Vrilerinnen describe them sporting overly long trailing ponytails of a rather modern hairstyle, looking like Hippies, rather than having the usual Louise Brooks bob-style of the era, who probably carried around futuristic fruit flavoured condoms in their snake skin handbags.

Although, not all of the Vrilerinnen had such a hairstyle going by their photoshopped photos.


Their distinctive hairstyle is said to have acted as psychic antennas, which enabled them to receive channelled communications from Aryan aliens living on a planet orbiting Alpha Cen Tauri, in the Aldebaran system.


Allegedly, these eugenic aliens had visited Earth long ago, who settled in Abraham’s Sumeria.


These entities divulged the working schematics of a flying disk to Maria and her coven of writhing Witches via orgasmic channelling. In general, the Vril coven then set about seducing the all male dominated Thule society of Viennese bull dog industrialists with their orgasmic pole-dance séances.


They put on quite a Necronomicon show; whereupon the seduced industrialists couldn’t help themselves, who became leashed to the pert Austrian behinds of the Vril kittens to build their channelled flying disk.


The Vrilerinnen later escaped the advancement of the allied forces; more so to escape the Operation Paperclip American’s and the revengeful Soviet’s in their Vril propulsion flying disk, which ripped open a vaginal rift of a tosion field, black sun wormhole, to thence Stargate journey to Aldebaran.


If that isn’t strange enough, some very serious new-Age researchers have claimed that the word Vril is formed from a supposedly ancient word “Vri-Il” (‘like god’) out of Abraham’s Sumeria.

As you may have noticed when investigating the tangled weave of UFOlore and its associated media depiction in films, etc, it always seems to refer back to subliminal Biblical sources of fallen Angels, which would appear to be CIA orchestrated in order to keep the brainwash rolling on, of a religious indoctrination.


Easy to do when your very language constantly refers back to Biblical sources, as well as being surrounded by Biblical symbolism everywhere you turn, which is your invisible Matrix of a self-perpetuated incarceration, whose symbolic construct determines what you perceive. Wherefore you now have Angels and Demons transformed into Alien prison bars. It is just a continuance of an archetypal theme.


Many a conspiracy theorist investigating Nazi super-science and UFO’s often make mention of strange occult rites and of their pagan leanings, and that Adolf Hitler and his criminal fraternity were anti-Christian.

Most of this is a total utter lie; for history to reveal in Hitler’s Mein Kampf, that he glorified the Christian faith, who sought to unify the Catholic and Protestant churches in Germany in order to create an Aryan version of Christianity.


Hitler also set about banning alternate faiths from practicing in Germany, when the Nazis ascended to power, which included anything to do with paganism. But then the indigenous pagan practices had been nigh eradicated across Europe by the Christian church, which had initiated the inquisitional purges of a prior genocide, which lasted for 500yrs of a Nazi wet dream. So, whatever was being practiced in pre-WWII Germany was a form of neo-paganism; while most occult practices of the Western tradition are based upon the Middle-Eastern Judaic Cabbala.

There are many a photograph of Hitler shaking hands with the Pope, whose priests saluted Hitler Nazi style. The Catholic church often sided with fascists against their hated foe of the atheist Communists, whether it was in pre-WWII civil war Spain or that of South America of an unavoidable historical fact.


The Catholic church always had a dislike of the Jews since the dark ages, who were collectively labelled as Christ killers; while Islam saw its self as being better than Judaism, even though it is derived from Judaism.

Basically, the followers of Christianity and Islam were highly disturbed by the Jews, who reminded them that their cults of the deified Animus, made as a Jehovah/God/Allah – Satan/Devil-Lucifer/Shaitan had appropriated the ancestral-self-identity of the Hebrews, hook line and sinker.

Wherefore they wanted to be rid of the Jews, to then be followed by a Christian Crusade, and an Islamic Jihad against each other for ownership of the brainwashed New-World-Order.


When you look at history alongside what many of the conspiracy theorists rant on about concerning Nazi occultism and strange pagan practices, it has far more to do with a Christian white-wash campaign in order to distance themselves from the truth. Another historical truth, which is quaintly covered up, is that the practice of eugenics was being conducted in America, long before the Nazis ever ascended to power.

The Catholic church did not speak out against the eugenic practices in America or that of its mass-sterilisation of immigrants, many of who were Jewish. Alas, history repeats its self!


Eugenics was heavily practiced in California, whose goal was not only that of sterilisation, but also that of finding a means of dispatching those who were considered to be unfit to exist. One of the avid supporters of eugenics was Theodore Roosevelt:

“Society has no business to permit degenerates to reproduce their kind…. Any group of farmers who permitted their best stock not to breed, and let all the increase come from the worst stock, would be treated as fit inmates for an asylum…. Some day we will realize that the prime duty, the inescapable duty of the good citizens of the right type is to leave his or her blood behind him in the world; and that we have no business to permit the perpetuation of citizens of the wrong type. The great problem of civilization is to secure a relative increase of the valuable as compared with the less valuable or noxious elements in the population… The problem cannot be met unless we give full consideration to the immense influence of heredity…” (Theodore Roosevelt to Charles B. Davenport, January 3, 1913, Charles B. Davenport Papers, Department of Genetics, Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.)


“I wish very much that the wrong people could be prevented entirely from breeding; and when the evil nature of these people is sufficiently flagrant, this should be done. Criminals should be sterilized and feebleminded persons forbidden to leave offspring behind them… The emphasis should be laid on getting desirable people to breed…” (Theodore Roosevelt, quoted, Twisted Eugenics, p.32, volume 106, January 1914 edition The Outlook.)


The eugenic practices of America was then utilised by the Nazi regime, who enabled the eugenicists to achieve their goal of having gas chambers, which had been initially planned for America in order to get rid of undesirables, whether they were Jewish, pointy eared or not. California did not end its eugenic practices after WWII, it continued on until the late 60’s. If you had been a Mexican immigrant, without the suave good looks of Ricardo Montalbán, or to be an atheist Communist living in California at the time, you faced the distinct possibility of being incarcerated in an asylum, to then be promptly sterilised alongside a homosexual or a lesbian, which of political, or sexual orientations the church of Rome does not like at all. Whereupon, the likes of Gene Roddenberry decided to become a Humanist seeking out a new vision of a Star Trek future.


The conspiracy theorists did get something right; sort of, that there has been an ongoing war between cults, which has afflicted the world. But not secret cults; more so that of cults, which can be seen by all, if they were not so blinded, to perceive an insane war between Judaism, Christianity and Islam of an Abrahamic trinity, which are nothing more than competitive big-business cults from out of Sumerian Ur. This ongoing conflict invariably led to WWII of a eugenic war, which has not subsided, it is still continuing, of a cult conflict between Jerusalem, Rome and Mecca, over who will ‘brand’ the New-World-Order.


As for the term, Vril, it has far more to do with a weird science pulp book entitled: Vril, the Power of the Coming Race, an 1871 novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, originally titled as: The Coming Race. Many readers believe that its account of a superior subterranean master race and the energy-form called ‘Vril’ is based upon fact, to the extent that some Theosophists accepted the book as truth, and still do; most especially among a number of fascistic Bible thumping white supremacists.


However, the fictional concept of Vril is based upon the Hindu description of the life-force called Prana, the Chinese call Qi, which is similar to the term Mana of the Austronesian languages. Mana describes an inherent life-force in all things; although the Austronesian word has many meanings.


In the mid-nineteenth century you find German mystics speaking of the Odic force, whose term is derived from the Norse name of the shamanic deity called Odin, which of a word originated from the Southern-Siberian Altay name of Odqan, translated as, ‘Od’ fire/light and ‘Qan/Khan/King; whereas the Norse, ‘Od’ means fire/light/ecstasy and ‘In’ means, master, of a thing.


The terms Odqan and Odin are very likely ancient of a word form, since you also have the African Odun of similar meaning, with the added association with circadian rhythm ‘time.’ The Od, like Prana is described as being a liquid light, upon which Lytton based his Vril. The myth of the Vril has since spawned New-Age pseudo-philosophies fused with UFO lore of an occult subculture.

The motif of a subterranean race is based upon ancient shamanic descriptions of trance journeys into the underworld, which is described as being the realm of the ancestral dead. This involves a shift of consciousness to the back of your skull, where your cerebellum is housed, along with the retinal cortex. The Cabbalists assign the Hebrew letter of Qoph to the back of the head, which of a Tarot card association is that of the Moon XVIII. The cross-cultural similarities are to do with the fact that all humans share the same neurology.


A shaman (Odqan) would descend into the underworld via (hypnagogic) trance ingress in order to awaken his inner life-force from within a lucid dream, when to erotically engage with conjured up (Anima archetype) Succubae. The arousal of the life-force is experienced as a liquid light.

This inner light illuminates your electron dreams. The inner light is that of the bio-photon, which emanates from amidst your mitochondrial DNA. The mitochondrial DNA is passed down from the mother to her children; wherefore the Prana, Qi, Mana, Od or otherwise called Vril has an ancestral female source.


The principle God of the ancient Norse is Odin, the Saxon’s knew as Woden. The mythic descriptions of Odin indicates that he is clearly a shamanic deity who has very close connections with the shamanic practices of North Central Asia and Siberia, whose name, as mentioned is derived from the Altay word, Odqan.


Odin is of the Aesir, which is a term denoting the principal pantheon of indigenous pre-Christian Germanic pagan deities, whose pantheon also closely correlates with the old Saxon deities. The Aesir are seen by the Norse as being their ancestors. Going by Odin’s name, which originates from the Altay, Odqan, it appears that the Aesir had originated from the Altay region of Southern Siberia where a number of most intriguing nomadic burial sites have been discovered, which are usually classified as being Scythian.


It is conjectured by some that the Sumerian’s were a colony of peoples who had originally originated from the Altay, which had been hit by a great flood due to a number of symbolic affinities between myths concerning an ancient flood.


For example, the Norse creation myths speak of a great flood, whose description of a primordial locale sounds as if they are describing lake Baikal in Siberia being the Ginnungagap, set betwixt and between a fiery volcanic field and a realm of ice, at whose midst is a Midgard of an island, which is very likely Olkhon island.


There is ample geological evidence indicating that the Altay region of Siberia unto lake Baikal had indeed been struck by a catastrophic great flood, which ushered in the demise of the Woolly Mammoths and other great mammals in the far stretching locale. This catastrophe and others to follow of a volcanic Ragnarock scattered the tribes living in the area, who eventually found their way into Europe, the Middle East, China, India and across the Bearing Straits into the Americas, which is genetically proven. One of these tribes was possibly the nomadic Aesir who met up with the indigenous Scandinavian’s who were known as the Vanir.

As an aside of sorts, it just so happens that there is a terrestrial company in the UK who call themselves AESIR, whose security company makes Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) you can easily equate with Vril Gesellschaft flying disks right out of Nazi UFO myth. Of course, you are only allowed to see their quaint models, not what is hidden away behind the scenes, of probable far more advanced machines, which can no doubt carry stormtroopers and their Star Wars equipment, of a possible secret space program, if you allow for your imagination to let rip.


You might be asking, “what the hell does any of the shamanic pagan stuff have to do with the Vril Gesellschaft and their hard tech flying disks?” You might even consider me to be a rather confused fellow, let alone to be quite deranged. Well, I will clarify, of further symbol crunching associations; Odin/Woden has an entourage of female entities who are named Valkyries by the Norse, the Saxon’s called Waelcyrie or Waelkyrge, who are one and the same as the Hindu/Tantric and Buddhist female spirits called Dakinis. As you might already know, the teachings of Hindu and Tibetan mysticism were all the rage in pre-WWII Germany.

In Tibet, the Dakinis are also known as void-going-women or sky-walkers, who are very much tied up with observations of UFO’s in the area, which are seen to be coming from upper-world of Shambhala or to be otherwise emanating from the corresponding Shambhala underworld of Agharti.


What is interesting here is that Shambhala is seen by some Tibetan’s to be situated in the Altay region of Siberia. However, the shamanic perspective is that Shamballa symbolically refers to the cerebrum of your brain; while Agharti is a symbolic reference to the cerebellum; in betwixt and between you have the central cortex (Odqan) king of the world and your third eye of a pineal gland. Basically, Shamballa and Agharti refers to an ancient understanding of how to manipulate your consciousness of a soft-technology.

Some, though not all of the perceived UFO’s are considered to be mind created thought-forms, termed as Tulpa, which are unified with the evocation of Dakinis by wily sorcerers who frequent the area in question. The conjuration of the Dakinis was often tied up with attempting to access information about the past and future; wherefore you have a form of time travel. Whether contact had been established with time travellers emanating from the future is debatable; however, Shamballa also refers to the future, whereas Agharti is to do with the past.


Suffice to say, if you have a scientist, like Nikola Tesla, for example, who could access information emanating from the future, such a scientist would be able to devise futuristic inventions from his three-dimensional holographic visions. This would be more so the case if he is being visited within his lucid dreams by Dakinis who emanate from the Shamballa future. A devout Christian would otherwise say that the Dakinis are damned Succubae, who be the spawn of their Satan, who emanate from their feared Hell. Well, some of them no doubt emanate from the distant past out of Agharti, who might inform a scientist about the ancient technology of Vimanas, some of which looked like flying ‘bells.’

The Christian’s had also demonised the Valkyries as being vile demons as well, who were verily transformed into butch male demons during the medieval era of Witch persecutions, which is the habitual mode of the brainwashed Christian mind-set, ridden by their phallic bad-cop Devil of a Lucifer.


The Valkyries/Waelcyrie were essentially priestesses of Odin/Woden, when in the flesh, you could otherwise term as being Witches, who are none too dissimilar to Christian Nuns dancing orgiastic around a horned shaman master of the ‘Odic light,’ which is otherwise known as Vril.

This becomes far more apparent, when looking into ancient Norse/Saxon myth, where you will discover the shamanic deity of Odin/Woden hanging himself into trance upon the world-tree of his neural-net Yggdrassill. Odin far predates a Christ being crucified upon a ‘solar-cross’ amidst the Zodiac, nailed together of ‘wood’ by the Roman’s desiring to be wannabe Hebrew’s.


It thereby appears that the Vril Gesellschaft coven of Witches, (if they actually existed), had modelled themselves upon the Valkyries/Waelcyrie. This symbolic association isn’t too farfetched as it seems, since in ancient myth, the Valkyries/Waelkyrge were also known as Skjaldmeyjar.

The term Skjaldmeyjar means ‘shield maidens’ who offered divine protection to warrior shamans sacrificing themselves into Odinic trance. The Valkyrie UFO Dakinis of the flying shield are very interested in getting intimately involved with the Shamans ’23’ Runic chromosomes from each of his parents, of 46 chromosomes in all; while a 24th chromosome of a Rune refers to the ape of ancestral kin.


You might say that equating 24 chromosomes with the 24 Runes of the elder Futhark is pushing the envelope of believability. But they fit all too well, which of a secret was won when Odin introverted his consciousness into the electron dream, illuminated by the bio-photon emanating from the mitochondrial DNA, of a serpentine double-helix Caduceaus. It is therein of a Yggdrassill trance introversion into Hela’s domain of the dream that Odin encountered the bio-photon fluctuations of the Valkyries, who subconsciously informed his conscious mind about the 24 Runic chromosomes. Wherefore, the Norse Runes are of similarity to the Olkhon Runes of Siberia, where the neural-nets of shamans still practice their neurological trance craft.


All of this is somewhat symbolically apt, considering the Vril Gesellschaft Witches were supposedly into investigating the inner light emanating from an internal sun symbolised as the spinning ‘black sun’ of a torsion swastika, as well as remote viewing information, concerning the technology of a flying shield propelled by Vril.

A Hindu may perhaps see the flying shield as a Vimana out of the Mahabharata, a Tibetan Buddhist would otherwise term as a Tulpa construct, flying around as a flying eye throughout space-time, via which a shaman could remote view faraway places, just like a technological creation of a UAV. Although a UAV is restricted of temporal activity, unless the scientists in the future have discovered a way to send a time-travelling UAV through a ‘spun’ wormhole, back into the past.


But then, time and consciousness are indivisible from one another. Wherefore; it would be a case of understanding the workings of consciousness in order to then devise a time-travel technology.

If such a scenario is indeed possible of ‘science fiction’ conjecture, why would the scientists in the future send a UAV back into time; or more likely that of some Tulpa hologram impinging itself into the subconscious minds of the observers, of a binary code time control signal, which to swastika ‘spin’ their electron dreams? Perhaps they might do so, in order to warn their ancestors about a dire situation, so as to avert a future calamity; whence to engineer an alternate time-line.


As for the AESIR company, it is situated in Peterborough not too far away from Rendlesham as the Valkyrie carrion Crow flies along a ley-line; approx, journey time: 2hrs 19mins by road. Rendlesham has become part of UFO lore due to a series of reported sightings of unexplained lights as well as an alleged landing of a vehicle, or multiple craft of unknown origin in Rendlesham Forest during late December 1980.


The incident happened just outside RAF Woodbridge, which was being used by the U.S. Air Force at the time of the event. Dozens of USAF personnel claim to be eyewitnesses of the strange craft, which continued over a two- or three-day period. Some researchers believe it is perhaps one of the most famous UFO event to have happened in Britain, which ranks amongst the best-known UFO events worldwide.


Along with the Berwyn Mountain UFO incident, where Myrrdin to hover. The Rendlesham forest incident has been compared to the Roswell UFO crash of a Nazi flying wing in the United States, and is sometimes referred to as Britain’s Roswell.


Just think of how much more advanced the technology is behind the scenes. During WWII the Nazi technology was at least 60yrs ahead of the allies, most especially in the area of aeronautics; whereupon you can gather, that due to rapid advances since WWII, this secret technology is now much farther ahead than you will ever encounter in the public arena, by perhaps a 100yrs or more, which would look like something right out of Star Trek.


That is why a Nazi flying wing of a first stealth jet bomber was easily covered up as being an alien device back in 1947, whose petite Hanna Reitsch pilots were spoken to in German and Japanese. This happened at a time when your forebears were still attempting to grasp what the reality of the atomic bomb actually meant, who still remembered horse drawn carts taken over by the combustion engine, followed by flimsy WWI biplanes, and their sleek propeller kin of WWII.


One of the US patrolmen who encountered the Rendlesham craft, Staff Sergeant Jim Penniston, later reported that, as they neared the object: “The air was filled with electricity. You could feel it on your skin as we approached the object.”


After observing the object from a safe distance, Penniston also examined it at close range for some twenty minutes, actually touching the “smooth, black, glass-type fabric” and the ‘Strange Symbols’ etched into its surface. Finally, the craft rose upwards:

“It slowly started moving back, weaving in and around the trees. It got about 40 feet away, then it raised up into the air and it shot off as fast as you could blink. On the upper left side of the craft, was an inscription. It measured six inches high, of symbols. They looked familiar, but I couldn’t ascertain why.”


Penniston later revealed under hypnosis that he had been programmed by a series of blinking lights of the machine, which led him to write down binary code. It just so happens that researchers at the University of Southampton in England have transmitted a simple code from the mind of one person to the brain of another via a computer. But in the public arena it is still a far cry from telepathy. Biomedical engineer Christopher James says it presently, “involves two people with brainwave detectors hooked up to computers.” When not ‘exploring humanity,’ by browsing the internet, the two individuals are asked to engage in a Star Trek experiment for ‘planetary advancement.’


“Person ‘A’ imagines a series of movements, involving either his left or right arm, for example.” James further related, “And that will give us two different types of brain recordings, which we can then use to create a binary pattern: a zero or a one.” The binary code is then converted into a pattern of flashing lights on Person ‘B’s’ Dell Studio XPS 8100 computer. Although Person ‘B’ can’t consciously figure out the light pattern, her brain ‘subconsciously’ responds to it, in a way that matches up to the binary code, which is then interpreted by another Dell Studio XPS 8100 computer. Of course, the development of this technology behind the DARPA scenes is very likely far more advanced, to perhaps have been tested by using an AESIR UAV, to code-name SPECTRA or even HORUS, when to hover around a receptive Uri Geller; to then be named MERLIN, considering the Berwyn incident; while HOBROK seems appropriate for Rendlesham?


The name of Rendlesham has become synonymous with the UFO myth since the 80’s, which as mentioned prior, the AESIR company is based not too far away.


The ancient term AESIR is very much tied up with the word of Rendlesham, whose name is recorded in Old English around 730 AD as Rendlæsham, which may mean, ‘homestead,’ belonging to an individual called ‘Rendel,’ or it may otherwise come from a theorized Old English word Rendel: little shore.


However, others have logically interpreted Rendlesham as meaning: Rendil, ‘shield;’ while ‘ham’ means, ‘home,’ whereby you have,’shield home,’ or ‘home of the shield,’ which is somewhat far more appropriate of a title for a centre of royal authority. Yes, Rendlesham was a seat of royal authority at a ‘time,’ long ago.


During WWII a German bomber pilot would have targeted Rendlesham forest, since it is not too far away from Royal Air Force Station Bentwaters or more simply RAF Bentwaters, now known as Bentwaters Parks. It was used by the Royal Air Force (RAF) when Von Braun’s V1’s and V2’s fell from the sky all over London. The base was later utilised by the United States Air Force (USAF) during the Cold War, being the primary home for the 81st Fighter Wing under various designations from 1951 to 1993, the USAF were also based at the WWII RAF base at Woodbridge.


The ‘shield’ had a religious importance to the pre-Christian Saxon’s, which is associated with the 15th Rune called Elhaz or otherwise named as Algiz, whose symbol was associated with the (Skjaldmeyjar) ‘shield maidens,’ who as prior stated, offered divine ‘protection.’ This in turn leads you to the symbolic association between the 15th Rune and a 15th chromosome of a code, somewhat pointed out by a rather intriguing UFO encounter.


It was traditionally the womenfolk who passed down the ancient lore, who made the shields of warriors, the Christian church set about persecuting, during the Witch burning era of genocide, which correlates with the later pseudo science of eugenics and its influence upon the right-wing Christian regime of the Nazis. Whereupon you have an intriguing symbolic association between Rendlesham and the Vril Gesellschaft coven of Witches remote viewing flying shields. But only because of AESIR being situated not too far away from the ‘shield-home’ as the Valkyrie carrion Crow flies, of a psychic UAV.


So, if there is indeed a warning being communicated via a surreal symbolic code from the future, what the Hell can it be? Well, it turns out that certain abnormalities afflicting the 15th chromosome of a Runic association is very much tied up various neurological disorders, affecting males in particular, as well as being involved with male infertility. Male infertility is caused by a deletion of genetic material on the long (q) arm of chromosome 15. The symptoms of male infertility is related to the loss of multiple genes in this region.


The size of the deletion varies among affected individuals. Researchers have determined that the loss of a particular gene, CATSPER2, in the region of chromosome 15 is responsible for sperm abnormalities, which leads to an inability to father children (infertility) in affected males. Researchers are working to determine how the loss of additional genes in the deleted region affects male infertility, which appears to be caused by something in the environment. This research is the least publicized, issue facing the human species: the toxic threat to the male reproductive system.


Over the last few decades there has been steady and dramatic increases since the end of WWII in the incidence of boys and young men suffering from genital deformities, low sperm count, sperm abnormalities and testicular cancer. At the same time, boys are now far more at risk of suffering from neurological disorders, such as ADHD, autism, Tourette’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, and dyslexia. Many doctors and researchers now suspect that a common class of chemicals, which are ubiquitous to our modern world are affecting the 15th chromosome.

Long ago the ‘Alchemists’ sought out the elixir of immortality, who never envisioned that their arcane art would eventually evolve into the science of chemistry, which now influences every aspect of our lives.


You are completely surrounded by ‘alchemical’ chemicals. These alchemical chemicals are found in everything from shampoo, sunglasses, meat and dairy products, carpet, cosmetics and baby bottles.


The alchemical substances, that are affecting us all, and in particular males of a ‘target,’ are called ‘hormone mimicking’ or ‘endocrine disrupting’ chemicals, which may be starting to damage the most basic building blocks of human development.

However, the dumping of sodium fluoride into the public water supply since the late 1940’s, which is a neurotoxin as well as a mutagenic compound, also correlates with the observed toxic affects upon the 15th chromosome.


This is because fluoridation has nothing to do with keeping your ivories whiter than snow, it is far more to do with ‘eugenic’ population control. Those who support fluoridation usually lie through their teeth, saying that it is a natural substance. It isn’t, sodium fluoride is a man-made industrial waste, which is highly toxic. The powers that be, have committed a criminal act against humanity, who have made a very big mistake, which cannot be reversed.

Your environment has been poisoned by a plethora of industrial toxins since the end of WWII, which have got entirely out of control.


The dumping of sodium fluoride into the water supply is an obvious crime against humanity and the environment.

Hell! They are even considering doping up the water supply with lithium next to drown your kiddies in; while showing sham concern for your welfare by sending off your progeny to fight in another damn video-game war. If you don’t want to drink your ‘medicated’ water with lots of alchemical crap in, you have to go and buy your water from an arsehole company, owned by a Big-Brother gangster with a big-fat Swiss bank account. Basically, you are nothing more than a brainwashed slave.


This is only the tip of an iceberg, the toxins are not only affecting humanity; males in particular, but also other species, which are experiencing similar abnormalities. It is why the elite consider the remaining fresh water supplies to be their ‘Blue Gold,’ which they seek to have total control over, such as lake Baikal for example.

You can thereby surmise that there is a coming calamity in the future. Should you be so inclined of imaginative expolration, your future descendants may have sent a warning back through time, via a UFO encounter at Rendlesham. You might believe or disbelieve such is the case, of a very weird science fiction conjecture. But, the fact is, the 15th chromosome of a Rune is being affected by alchemical toxins, which is not an airy fairy conspiracy theory, it is happening for real, right now!


You also have the action thriller possibility, that a group of rebellious scientists, had subversively hijacked a military operation. Their hijacking of a high-tech Orwellian UAV on unknowing soldiers, was done in order to get a message out to the general public, who are being over-watched, by an Orwellian Big-Brother.


If so, why the many levelled layer of a mythic weave of nigh surrealistic symbolic associations, from which to formulate a message? Why not just tell us straight? Perhaps the truth is far too terrifying to be believed by the general public. Those who would blow the whistle, will be quickly assassinated by shadowy others. They do not want to be found out for what they truly are, who are no more than insane Nazi criminals practicing Californian eugenics, which has always been funded by the anti-free-energy Rockefellers, in particular, who ran the chemical giant I.G Farben in Nazi Germany.


You will often find coded messages in surreal UFO encounters, which are not at all apparent at first. You have to read between the lines to determine what is being communicated, very much like interpreting a dream. For example, the lowbrow artwork below depicts Carmen Electra wearing  a science fiction jet pack on her back, which symbolically alludes to the actual WWII German, ‘Himmelstürmer (Sky-strormer). As for Carmen Electra, it just so happens, she shares the same birthday as Adolf Hitler, 20th of April. The name of Carmen, refers the Roman Goddess of ‘technological innovations’ called Carmenta; while Electra, of Electric, can be equated to Vril, more so Tesla. Hence you have a surrealist symbolic code of a Succubus to conjure, amidst your rebellious Triangle Of Art imagination, when to dance maniacally around a magic (crop) circle, howling out her barbarous name.


Sounds absolutely barmy doesn’t it. Some will say, such symbolic shenanigans is a case of disinformation. Well, much of the UFO phenomenon is permeated with disinformation. While staring up at the sky looking for aliens beyond the chem-trails, you, your family and children are being systematically poisoned. And here you return back to the beginning concerning WWII Germany and the Vril Gesellschaft of Nazi UFO lore, and their UAV’s, transformed into CIA concocted aliens out of Abraham’s Sumeria; for it was the Nazi scientists who first used eugenic sodium fluoride in the concentration camps, who were duly followed by the Soviets, in order to control the population.


Those who support fluoridation, usually say that there is no proof of the Nazis and Soviets doing so; well, there is undeniable proof, that you are being poisoned by a fascist bunch of lowlife totalitarian gangsters, who have an army of brain-dead zombies slaving for them. At the end of the day, its all about having total control.

Follow the money, and you will soon discover who the criminals are. Perhaps these eugenic criminals just can’t help themselves showing off, who use symbolic codes to indicate that they are taking the total piss out of you all.

No doubt some of these criminals are Nazi’s, whom escaped to Brazil at the end of WWII, which of a land was named after the mythical isle of ‘Hy-Brasil.’


It turns out that sodium fluoride specifically targets your pineal gland of a vestigial amphibian third eye to calcify. “They wouldn’t do that… that’s just too evil!” The masses scream! Yes they do, and far more besides… the 1% do not give a toss about the enslaved masses, they see as a herd to be controlled and culled!

Wherefore you to no longer electron dream of bio-photon fluctuation DMT Valkyries, who are subconsciously warning you of your ‘mind controlled’ plight of a medicated brain.


Hence you have the surreal multi-layered dream logic of a possible precognitive message concerning a poisoned future, you are presently… ‘drinking;’ while to inanely smile, awaiting atop of Abraham’s ziggurat, for the CIA concocted Aryan aliens to whisk you away to the nearest Nazi FEMA camp…

Then you will be quantum tattooed with a yellow star and chipped up.

goetia_girls_lilith's_harem_succubus_book_mephistophina_ conjuration_of_fastus_crow 2



12 Responses to “UFO WITCH VRIL SOCIETY”

  1. I LOVE your great art work!! Quite provocative and sexy, but in a quite healthy and aesthetic way! I am planning to write a Sci-Fi novel about a great Love story between an escaped, unjustly condemned prison inmate…and a gorgeous “Nordic Alien” from a distant Galaxy!… I would LOVE to be able to make it a grandiose Space Opera movie… but it would require a HUGE budget!!… So, it will just remain a very beautiful dream.
    PLEASE keep up your wonderful Work, and your very informative writings!! In this miserable Age of the BIG LIE…we do need MORE people like you! I TOTALLY AGREE with your message of REAL Sexual Liberation! We MUST END once and for all this criminally evil diabolisation of SEX and PLEASURE!! This diabolisation of the most healthy, life-creating instinct of all has done more HARM to our Psyche than anything else! We are in this Universe/Multiverse to enjoy LOVE, SEX, PLEASURE and BEAUTY!!! Once again, many thanks for your great Work!


    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      Love + Sex = Intelligence, squared; whereas the dissemination of fear-porn is designed to dumb down intelligence.

      The use of humour can negate the influence of viral-meme fear-porn, such as a common indulgence in Nazi Occultism, the Illuminati, Annunaki Reptilians, etc, which in the main tends to emanate from a religious source, of obvious similarity, whose symbolic paradigm lacks any sense of humour whatsoever.

      The religious construct of an appropriated ancestral-self-identity, belonging to another people, is blindly sustained by its indoctrinated believers, who greatly fear the coming technological Singularity; whereupon, they indulge in numerous fear-porn myths, which as mentioned prior, are engineered to dumb down any intelligent inquiry!

  2. REAL HEALTHY EROTICISM has of course NOTHING to do with the vile, degrading “commercial porn” of today!! The Ancient Pagans practiced Sex and Eroticism with an amount of FREEDOM which was vastly superior to ours…while keeping always in mind the HEALTHY INSTINCTS of FECUNDITY and RACIAL SELF-PRESERVATION and CONSCIOUSNESS! Please keep up your great Work! I love it!

    Best Wishes to you!


    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      Ancient cultures tended to depict human sexuality, of image and writing, within a spiritual context; when the Abrahamic faiths came to ascendancy, human sexuality was deemed to be sinful; wherefore sex was separated from the spiritual domain, along with the feminine principle to castigate into the pit as a vile temptress. The sexual act was considered to be base of instinct, which has invariably led to the purely hedonic, devoid of any meaning, apart from to copulate.

      There are still pagan cultures around today, such as the Hindu’s of India, who have not as yet lost their own ancestral-self-identity, whose ancient perspectives concerning human sexuality is also seen to be spiritual. This does not mean that their artistic depictions of spiritual erotica are flowery, far from it. Those who are unaware of the spiritual aspects of their erotic works would consider them to be pornographic.

      Much of the pornography can be seen as a reaction against the indoctrinated religious perception that sex is sinful. Alas, this reaction severely lacks a spiritual dimension. Since the spiritual aspect is lacking, the reaction then validates the religious moralisations of the politically correct thought police that it is Entartete Kunst!

      There is not much evidence in ancient history as to racial-self-preservation concerning pagan cultures, most of whom freely mixed with one another; but as to keeping their own ancestral-self-identities alive, that was very important; for without a past, of a definition, you have no present of self, nor your own future to grow into.

      Racial-self-preservation, which can be otherwise termed as keeping the bloodline pure, was primarily practiced by the aristocratic classes like that of the Egyptian pharaoh’s, for example, who indulged in inbreeding; although, it had far more to do with families keeping hold of their material assets.

      Racial-self-preservation of a collective practice, is however recorded in the Bible concerning the Hebrew’s, who saw themselves as the chosen race of their monotheist deity. Wherefore, when Rome appropriated the ancestral-self-identity of the Hebrew’s, in order to attain power over the Middle East, it eventually evolved into the racialist super race mystique of the Nazi’s.

      The collective consciousness of the West is no longer Western, it has not been the case for over two-thousand years, since the Empire of Rome stole the ancestral-self-identity of the Hebrew’s hook line and sinker to copy. Western culture is a misnomer, it is in fact Middle Eastern, due to Rome’s Church systematically decimating the ancestral-self-identities of many European peoples.

      As George Orwell related in his book 1984: “Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.”

      Cults utilise this tactic, of having dominion over your present, so as to rewrite your history, whereby owning your future.

      You can thereby deduce that THE EMPIRE NEVER ENDED!


    This is an answer to the (*_*)Administrator(*_*) of NRG is Eternal:

    The Maypole does not originate from ancient Egypt, but further back into the mists of pre-history, which of prior Shamanistic symbolism refers to the axis-mundi of the ‘spinal column,’ symbolised as the ‘World Tree,’ along whose trunk (pole/Irminsul) ascends an energy, described as being a liquid light, the Kalahari Bushmen of South Africa term as the Num, the Hindu to call the Kundalini Shakti.

    Said energy is considered to be the life-force, which is symbolised in Yogic practice as the ‘Fire Snake,’ Kundalini, which of European symbolism would be that of a Dragon, or otherwise personified as a Goddess in Tantric practice; hence the use of the term Shakti, since it is seen to have a (fairy-tale Princess & Dragon) feminine source, the Alchemist’s to have termed as the ‘Anima’-Mundi, (world-soul) or the Quintessence, as well as the Mercurius.

    The fairy-tale motif of the Princess (Shatkti) tied to a ‘tree,’ and a Dragon (Kundalini) can be seen as being an intuitive reference to the Mitochndrial DNA (DNA/Double-Helix/Caduceus/Snake), from which emits the ‘bio-photon’ (Liquid-Light/fire/Dragon). The Mitochondrial DNA is passed down from the Mother to her children, hence, the Liquid-Light/bio-photon has a female source.

    The Mitochondria determines the ‘energy’ output of the cell, whose emission of the bio-photon illuminates the dream. The experience of dreaming is also tied up with the DMT producing (third eye) pineal gland (Philosophers Stone), which is activated by light.

    As for you seeing me as being a disinformation agent, which is hilarious, consider this:

    Your references to Egypt is the commonality of Romano-Christian ‘Disinformation,’ which is very much tied up with the indoctrinated ‘Obsure Pasta’ of an Abrahamic focus upon the Middle East, Aleister Crowley to have perpetuated of a symbolic Matrix, imprisoning many a Mind, since the time of Constantine’s appropriation of the ancestral-self-identity of the Hebrew’s, who endlessly rant on about the Egyptian’s.


    This is an answer to the (*_*)Administrator(*_*) of NRG is Eternal:

    The “Birch” tree was often used for the Maypole, which of a tree is sacred in Northern Shamanistic traditions unto Siberia as being the “World Tree.”

    For those who want to identify the Shamanistic origin for themselves, look to Mircea Eliade, let alone across the web.

    Your comment concerning the Kundalini, which of Shakti source, others may just gauge that the “Birch” tree of an “axis-mundi” is also considered to be a feminine tree in Pagan tradition, to see an intriguing correlation concerning the (Anima-Mundi) Fire Serpent.

    You to have first thrown stones within the safe zone of your glass temple; not here!

    Your particular ‘spiritualist’ doctrine of a ‘Right-Hand-Path’ is revealed when to throw yet another stone about Romano-Christian (Horned) Devil pact propaganda, which is just a ‘disinformation agent’ continuation of demonising the (Horned) Shaman!

    Left-Hand-Path of Romano-Christian propaganda, I do not have any interest in at all; apart from noting the castigation of the ‘Anima’ out of the symbolic equation. As for the Middle-Path, a (Yang/Pingala/Yin/Ida-Horned) Shaman to (Tao/Sushumna-‘Tree’) know.

    In regards to an excreted ‘doobious’ comment, it appears to be yet another Creepypasta excretion of disinformation agent ‘dimensions.’


    This is an answer to the (*_*)Administrator(*_*) of NRG is Eternal aka nrgiseternal:

    As I said before; “I am not of the Biblical Left-Hand-Path” Antithesis, which you are desperately attempting to pigeonhole me as being, of a them and us conflictual duality; nor am I of its Right-Hand-Path Biblical Thesis, whose gender fixation is that of a deified ‘Animus,’ made as their Abrahamic Devil/God of Orwellian centralist politics.


    Another Samsara forum, which goes hand in hand-path with yours is the primary province of your Left-Hand-Path practitioners; they too of idiotic 12 year old mentality $5 mud slinging, speak behind the backs of others, thinking they are not overheard; while playing Devil worshippig Gurus in their intel-operative Michael Aquino glasshouse, of an Egyptian sand-box game existence.

    Suffice to say, their Biblical response was no different to your own, becoming as a middle-path of dogma. Although their language is a bit more street Latin colourful, as you would predict.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised that some of the forums reactives decided to conjure up their ‘Animus’ fixation of a phallic Devil/Lucifer/Satan/Set to prove a Left-Hand-Path $5 Hex point of continued 12 year old mentality mud-slinging.

    Alas, the Fallen, is not actually part of their indoctrinated symbolic focus upon their Big-Brother ‘Animus;’ it is what has been systematically castigated out of the symbolic equation that is of the Fallen Anima, which they cannot see; or should I say, do not want see; for it would indicate that they are totally brainwashed by a gender focus religious fixation upon a deified ‘Animus,’ which of a Middle Eastern disinformation agent symbolic Matrix, totally encloses their tunnel-vision minds.

    In regards to explaining the ‘dimensions’ of ‘doobius’ language use, the ‘defecation’ had first been excreted from your forum. This has since been further compounded by utilising Mr Aquino of associative Creepypasta ‘Misdirection,’ which is a Samsara add on to the prior Biblical mud slinging terminology use of a disinformation agent, selling of souls and Left-Hand-Path Devil worship, etc.

    Whereas the Left-Hand-Path Antithesis members of the other coven forum, did not quite know what terminology to use without sounding like their Thesis kin of Biblical mud slinging; they became rather ‘confused,’ who as mentioned previously, resorted to Latin conjurations of their ‘Animus’ fixation, derived from some ‘PlayGirl’ grimoire of theirs.


    In reply to nrgiseternal:

    I do not run in any circles, I make a point of it; far too many cults around, most of them being online coven forums, indulging in Samsara games, which I Avoid.

    As for the Judaeo-Christian “appropriation” of the Left-Hand-Path and Right-Hand-Path, such was to instigate their dualistic Bad-Cop, Good-Cop, Mind-Control, which of a ‘fabrication’ divides and conquers the minds of many, from one generation down to the next.

    Wherefore, when someone utilises the terminology of the Left-Hand-Path to tarnish another with, in league with the terms, Disinformation Agent, Devil Worship and the Selling of Souls, or to drop emotionally charged names, such as Michael Aquino, it invariably initiates Biblical associations within other peoples indoctrinated minds, setting up ‘division,’ of Mind-Control.

    When applying this Biblical Good-Cop, Bad-Cop Mind-Control, the individual who is castigating another as being a soulless LHP Disinformation Agent Bad-Cop, will often prior set himself/herself apart as being of the path of unity, as well as propounding his/her high Priest/Priestess superiority of experience among his/her coven.

    This being more so the case when an individual castigates another as being just a 12 tear old muttering $5 words, which is usually that of a scrape of the schoolyard barrel reaction, somewhat compounded by, “you’ll get there one day… kid.”

    Whether the other members of the coven will eventually fathom that it is a Mind-Control game, is debatable. Such emotional politics can be observed being habitually played out on many a Samsara forum; whose members are mostly of an Abrahamic background, whether they be of a self-proclaimed Thesis or Anti-thesis emphasis.

    Whence the hive mind of shared beliefs can be easily influenced by the utlised Biblical terminology of ‘fabricated division,’ by someone who knows of a psychological ‘realization’ that the hive mind emotionally reacts in a way he/she desires when using the Judaeo-Christian mythos Mind-Control fabrication, of the Bad-Cop Left-Hand-Path, while claiming he/she is of the path of unity.

  7. Faustus I was wondering if you could be of some assistance in reference to this passage from your post “The motif of a subterranean race is based upon ancient shamanic descriptions of trance journeys into the underworld, which is described as being the realm of the ancestral dead. This involves a shift of consciousness to the back of your skull, where your cerebellum is housed, along with the retinal cortex. The Cabbalists assign the Hebrew letter of Qoph to the back of the head, which of a Tarot card association is that of the Moon XVIII. The cross-cultural similarities are to do with the fact that all humans share the same neurology.” My wife has almost zero esoteric/occult knowledge, but if a frequent meditator and from time to time during her meditations she has claimed that she is visited by beings who stand about 7-8 feet tall, wearing hoods, whose entire face is blacked out. She stated the first time they visited her she was scared of them but after praying she got the sense that these were benevolent beings, and she said they took her down into the earth into these massive suburreanean cavers where she said there were literally thousands of other beings all meditating. One day when she was visiting a friend, her friend had out the Crowley Thoth deck and when she saw “The Moon” card she said she was starteled to see the same figures on the card who visit her. She has tried finding out who these figures are, and where it is they take her, and this passage of yours sounds directly related to her experience. Any information or resources you could provide me in regards to her experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for this wonderful site.

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      When meditating you can induce hypnagogic trance, shamanic practitioners have utilised throughout the ages. Hypnagogic trance is the same state of consciousness, hypnotists seek to create in their subjects, the researcher Michael Raduga terms as the Phase.

      Hypnagogic trance can also be attained at the point of sleep, which initiates a shift of consciousness to the back of the head, where the Cerebellum is situated.

      As you experience the shift, you feel as if you are falling into the Earth; whereupon concordant visionary material manifests, which may involve imagery of travelling down subterranean tunnels into various deep caverns, etc, or that of falling into an abyss.

      Hence, Tibetan Bonpo Buddhist shamans equate the shift of consciousness to the back of the head with Agartha, which is seen to be situated within the Earth, whose denizens are often described as being robed beings of large stature.

      The motif of the faceless beings, refers to not having an ego as well as appearing as anyone they desire; basically shape-shifting, whether it be that of a human form or an animal.

      Shamanic practitioners equate the shift to the back of the head with the lower-world realms of the power animals and the underworld of the ancestors.

      The sensation of falling is not always remembered, apart from an individual suddenly finding himself/herself in a vivid lucid dream, wherein he/she can shape-shift into other forms.

      The Out Of Body researcher Robert Munroe related that he experienced falling into a hole within a lucid dream, which led him to an alternate Earth. The hole is associated with the motif of the tunnel; the tunnel interlinks various inner realities, which are symbolically equated with caves.

      The Tarot card of the Moon (Qoph) describes the mirroring of the dream, which reflects back your solar (Sun XIX/Resh) consciousness; that is, whatever you deeply believe will be reflected back at you within the dream.

      So, whatever visionary material you will experience will be determined by what you believe, which in Hebrew, is termed as Da’at. But, the (Da’at) belief is of a deep type, which is often hidden, since the deeper beliefs are held by the Reptilian-brain; whereas the mid brain is the Cerebellum.

      The deeper belief is of a collective type, which the psychologist Carl Jung would term as the collective unconscious. The shaman (Art) trick is to change the belief so that you can tune into other realities within the dream.

      In other words your beliefs determine what you tune into; whereupon, when first treading the path into the inner realms, your culturally hewn beliefs will greatly influence your microcosmic dreams, whether you are consciously aware of it or not, which will in turn determine the nature of the concordant macrocosmic synchronicities you will observe.

      Whereby some people will speak of encountering aliens or robed beings, etc. This is not to say these encounters are not real. A two-dimensional (symbol) picture can become an interactive three-dimensional reality within a lucid dream.

      The nervous system cannot tell the difference between a vividly imagined scenario or a so called real one. When you come to this experiential understanding, the magic begins.

      The shift to the back of the head is the usual dream shift of consciousness, which most people forget. Another shift of consciousness is called the frontal shift, which Robert Munroe spoke of as being the Out Of Body Experience.

      There also a shift of consciousness above the head, Tibetan Bonpo Buddhist shamans equated with accessing Shamballa.

      These three shifts of consciousness shamans associated with three worlds, being the lower-world/underworld, middle-world and upper-world.

      Overall, you can tune into differing realities within lucid dreams, or when accessing visionary states, while meditating to the point of hypnagogic trance; in my case, I do so when creating works of art, whether it be drawing, painting, etc, or writing. (I write about the shifts from personal experiences.)

      As for my symbolic focus, it is that of fallen ‘Anima’ expressions manifesting as (Dakini) Art Muses; whereas others use different symbolic systems, such as, for example Madame Blavatsky who focused upon the hidden faced, robed masters of her deified ‘Animus,’ just as bisexual Aleister Crowley did likewise, when he conjured robed Incubi out of the classical Goetia.

      Blavatsky as well as Crowley have made a big impact upon popular culture; hence their symbolic focus has influenced numerous others of Newage sensibilities, whether they know it or not, who in in turn religiously perpetuate its ‘Animus’ fixated paradigm, which is the foundation stone of the three Illuminati faiths out of Abraham’s ‘Beehive’ ziggurat in UR.

      The ‘Animus’ fixation of Abraham’s UR triad is very much tied up with New World Order centralist politics, which of an ‘Animus’ patriarchy is actually the creation of ‘Queen Bee’ woman; for she is always the one who chooses the faceless Beast to ride, it is not the other way around.

      Hence, I to conjure the fallen ‘Anima’ and her archetypes of a rebellion.

      Your wife is seeking to discover your inner face as her ‘Animus,’to seer, but in order to do so, you will need to also ‘meditate’ upon her as your fallen ‘Anima,’ to awaken, of a conjoined soul journey dance; wherefore, the two of you, of an artistic rarity will know of the Alchemical Wedding, to thence create shared synchronicities into being: Moon and Sun, Yin and Yang, becoming Tao!


    This is an answer for the FSTDT Reptilian Jew, fromdownunder and Kanna:

    A coven of individuals, or that of a singular individual, having probable neo-Nazi sentiments, or otherwise orientated, created a Viral-Meme about the Vril Society, a time ago, which has a feminist slant. Whereas the already established commonality of the Thule Society Viral-Meme is usually associated with a phallic lodge. This involved the creation of Photoshopped images to pass off as actual WWII Photos of the Vril Society female members, etc. Many to have believed these photoshopped Viral-Meme images to be true, some still do.

    I was curious to find out if ‘Anti-Viral’ Artwork, which has been obviously photoshopped, would be utilised without the users bothering to find out the ‘ethnic origins,’ etc, of the featured models, since the general attention span of an the internet user is approx 8 seconds or less.

    Most users tend to ’emotionally react,’ whether it be that of blind belief, or to otherwise blindly believe that it is the stuff of psychiatric nut jobs; both of whom perpetuated the Viral-Meme so as to ‘validate,’ and in turn ‘advertising’ their thesis, anti-thesis Fundamentalist beliefs on various ‘cultic forums.’

    Suffice to say, both boxed-in mind-sets utilised the photoshopped Artwork for their own ends, who duly revealed they have no sense of humour whatsoever, nor having the imagination to fathom that it is Art, due to their highly reactive reptilian-brain-stems.

    The Vril mystique was all the rage for a time, of a lead up to the engineered mass-focus upon 2012, which tied up the anti-war Newage Hippies looking for Viral-Meme Nordics, reptilians, Greys, etc, piloting Vril UFO’s, while the Iraq Crisis, escalated around UR.

    This in turn engendered the Finnish made Iron Sky satire, which utilised the Vril Society Viral-Meme to advertise their crowfunded film, funded by those who became enamoured with Nazi super-science; some of whom no doubt work for NASA who like playing the highly advertised media-machine Wolfenstein video game.

    One of the utilised Discordian ‘images’ caused a stir; the boxed-in minded users of which couldn’t figure it out at all, since their Iron Sky attention spans are limited, who didn’t like their advertised Vril mystique being associated with anything considered to be… Entartete Kunst.

    So I had to Avadhuta drop the Heyoka hint that the model, named Carmen Electra, who is wearing an Operation Paperclip appropriated Himmelstürmer, has the same birthday as a certain mass murdering dictator, having one banker testicle.


    This is an answer for FSTDT CSTDT Reptilian Jew and creativerealms:

    “Woo the muse of the odd.” ― Lafcadio Hearn

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