Spirit Dolls have been used by many ancient cultures down the centuries as spirit repositories for ancestral spirits, within whose brazen vessels conjured entities are housed along with their respective deities.

Most would nowadays consider these dolls to be an artistic curiosity, but nothing more than that; nice to look at, but they have no practical value. However, there is an intriguing reasoning behind the artistic creation of these knit-together dolls.

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Some of these Spirit Dolls are usually basic of construction, whereas others are elaborate works of sculptural art. These dolls have a practical usage; It has been scientifically discovered that images of scantily clad females, whether they be imagined or that of works of Art, such as sculptures, dolls, etc, light up the tool making part of the male brain.


In Sorcery practice, the ‘doll’ is used as a ‘practical’ meditational tool in order to introvert its symbolic meaning into the subconscious mind of a Sorcerer, which then activates the tool making part of his brain. Hence you have the ancient Greek term for an inspiring female, being that of a Muse.


An example of a meditation tool is that of an icon, such as the Muse icons of Dakinis, which are etensively used in Tibetan Bonpo Buddhist and Tantric Hindu practices. The icon is seen as housing the Dakini as well as a means of contacting the Dakini, which the icon (doll) represents.

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Should you go back further into the far distant past, you will find Palaeolithic Venus (doll) figurines, which were very likely created by proto-Hugh Hefner Shamans unto the time of the ancient Greek’s, sculpting marble into a lifelike likeness.

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The associated symbolism of the (icon/figurine/sculpture) doll is used as a trigger-symbol within the dream, which triggers the Sorcerer to become lucid, when the symbolism of the doll is recognised, while dreaming.

When the Sorcerer attains lucidity within the dream he is then able to conjure a (archetype) spirit, such as a (Dakini) Succubus who is associated with the prior focus of his meditation upon the doll.

The conjured Succubus within the dream is not only seen to be associated with the doll, it is also seen to be her spirit repository of an abode, like that of the Genies Lamp or Bottle.


The Spirit Doll is often mentioned in occult tales, which are used for healing and for love magic. Most often than not these artistic creations are utilised for less than savoury purposes in horror stories, should the doll be seen to represent an actual person. But in actuality the doll is mainly used as an artistic means to initiate vivid lucid dreams.

Image result for sexy manga anime figurine

Overall, the creation of the doll facilitates the creative meditation (Theta brainwave) state of hypnagogic trance. Although the doll is an inanimate macrocosmic object of created Art, it becomes an animated interactive reality within the microcosm of the dream.

This is an act of Sorcery. Whereby you then have a fusion of Art and Sorcery; but then, Art and Sorcery are indivisible of practice.

NOTE: A feminist researcher going by the name, Susan Fiske conducted an experiment to prove that men see women as sex objects, so that a pill can be devised in order to nullify their brains from doing so. A number of male brains where scanned, while they were shown images of scantily clad females.

It was discovered that the tool making part of the heterosexual male brain lights up when seeing scantily clad females. The same also occurred within the brains of males who considered themselves to be homosexual or bisexual, etc.

Fiske cited the research as poof that males see women as mere tools, whose politically correct minions are looking into chemical measures to rectify, what she and her extremist sisters in the hood see as a problem. No doubt said chemical will be dumped into the public water supply, etc. 

Fiske entirely missed the point of the research due to her illogical gender politics, which actually revealed that the sexual impulse is the evolutionary drive behind the development of technology, from that of a stone age ax unto a rocket.

In nature, Hens choose those Cockerels with the flashiest plumage. Whereas human females choose those men who indicate that they can provide a safe and secure environment for her and her children.

In ancient times, when Sabre toothed Tigers prowled the forests along with Cave Bears and Dire Wolves, with Woolly Mammoths thundering over the tundra, a man who had developed the best hunting tools to deal with the savagery of nature, won the attention of the females. 

A caveman was inspired by a scantily clad cave-woman to devise new ways to hunt for game, while she birthed his children. It is she who had chosen him for his inventive prowess, not the other way around, just as a Hen chooses a Cockerel having flashy plumage.

When to look at the present age, the driving force behind the rapid development of the internet, is in the main due to its engineers browsing for (Muse) porn, which exited the tool making part of their brains.

This has invariably led to the development of an A.I. whose programmed personas tend to be that of sexy females, which will one day be housed in robot ‘Dolls,’ who will eventually become sentient.    


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