Spirit Dolls have been used by many ancient cultures over the centuries as vessels for their respective deities.

Some of these Spirit Dolls are quite basic of construction or otherwise that of most elaborate works of sculptural art.


In Sorcery practice, the ‘doll’ is used as a meditational tool in order to introvert its symbolic meaning into the subconscious mind of the Sorcerer.


When the associated symbolism of the doll is recognised within the dream, the Sorcerer may attain a lucid state of awareness.

Whereby he is then able to conjure a Succubus who is associated with the prior focus of his meditation upon the doll.

The conjured Succubus within the dream is not only seen to be associated with the doll, but it thereby becomes her spirit repository of an abode, like that of the Genies Lamp or Bottle.


The Spirit Doll is also utilised for healing and for love magic as well as being used for other less than savoury purposes should the doll be seen to represent an actual person.


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