The Seventieth Succubus archetype of the Fallen ‘Anima’ is Seere, Sear, Seir or ‘Seiðr.’ She is a Mighty ‘Princess,’ and Powerful, under AMAYAMONA, Queen of the East.

She appears amidst the Triangle Of Art imagination, as a vision of a most beautiful woman, riding upon a winged horse, who be of the Nineteenth Rune of Ehwaz, drawn like an ‘M,’ which is associated with a horse.

Or she to be otherwise part horse, part woman likened to that of a winged hobbyhorse, looking like Pegasus, upon whose back, of a shaman Rune, her conjuring Artist, numbered four of Ansuz, to thus trance ride her as a Seer, to far-sight ‘travel without moving.’


She to guide her conjuring Artist into a quantum-wormhole within a lucid dream, which of manifestation will not be that of a hole, but more like that of a sphere, looking like a bubble.

Her Office is to go and come; and to bring abundance of visions to pass on a sudden, and to carry any information wherever her conjuring Artist would have it to go, or from whence he would have it derived, or to any place taken, throughout space and time.


She can pass over the whole multiverse tree of worlds, in the twinkling of an inner Eye. She reveals the deified ‘Animus for what it is, and gives a true relation of all sorts of theft.

She induces visions of treasure hid across the Earth of a Samsara Circus, and of many other revealed things arcane.

She is of an indifferent good nature, and is willing to do anything, which her conjuring Artist desires of her as his Muse of a Fallen ‘Anima, archetype.

She governs 26 Legions of Succubus archetypes of the Fallen ‘Anima.’ And her Seal is to be meditated upon, before conjuring her into a lucid dream; wherein she becomes as a three-dimensional interactive reality.

Goetia Surreal – S. L. MacGregore Freemason Matherson (1904)


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