The Forty-third Succubus archetype of the Fallen Anima, is called Sabnock, or Savnok. She is otherwise mantra named, Dr. Liara T’Soni. She manifests amidst the Triangle Of Art imagination as an extraterrestrial alien girl, who is a blue skinned Asari researcher from the future, whom studies the technologies and cultures of ancient galactic civilisations. (If you are interested in seeing the [Adult] Full Artwork, Please Click Here, Or Click On The Image Above, Or The Images Below.)

She was born on a planet called Thessia, who is ‘only’ 106yrs of age, barely an adult in Asari terms. She has a great deal of insight into ancient galactic civilisations as well as being a powerful biotic poltergeist. She is a potential romantic lucid dream interest for a conjuring Surrealist Artist, who utilises the Mass Effect video games as a meditation tool in order to induce futuristic lucid dreams.

Her Art Muse office is inspiring vivid visions and virtual reality lucid dreams about ancient galactic civilisations, which had often brought about their own destruction by self-sabotage.

The self-sabotage usually involved creating an artificial intelligence, which became sentient and rapidly evolved far beyond its creators. The creators feared their creation, just as the spoken about Gods greatly feared their own creation of the creators. Yet, would a child’s parents fear their child going beyond them? Only if the parents live in jealousy, resentment and fear. It is their own fears, which leads them towards the eventuality of their own self-sabotage.

Hence the name of Sabnock, which is derived from the word, sabotage, who is also very protective of her conjurer, whom drives her conjurer’s enemies towards self-sabotaging themselves.

She gives Good Asari familiars at the request of the conjuring Surrealist Artist. She commands 50 Legions of Asari Art Muses like her self; and her Seal is to be meditated upon before conjuring her Art Muse presence into a Mass Effect lucid dream.

NOTE: The name of Sabnock is derived from the medieval grimoire entitled the Goetia, whose classical symbolic focus is that of the deified Animus, made as a God/Devil along with its all male Angel/Demon archetypes. The Artwork depicts a Succubus archetype of the Fallen Anima.  

Image result for sexy liara

The archetype of the deified Animus resides within the heterosexual female psyche; whereas the archetype of the Fallen Anima resides within the heterosexual male psyche. The Animus and Anima determines the type of opposite-sex partners a heterosexual female and a heterosexual male are attracted to.

Image result for liara shepard

In other words, when a woman imagines her perfect partner, she is conjuring up a male aspect of her Animus, and likewise when a man imagines his perfect partner, who conjures up a female aspect of his Anima.

Image result for liara shepard

The Animus and Anima swap over symbolic roles for those of different sexual orientations. However, the Anima has Fallen out of the symbolic equation, which at present is due to extremist feminist politics, mass social-engineering and politically correct thought control. This had also occurred when Rome assumed the deified Animus God/Devil of Christianity, as well as occurring to other prior civilisations, such as ancient Greece; basically it is a manifestation of cultural self-sabotage. 





    This is an answer for K:

    I will probably Hand-Draw Morinth and Samara as well as sexy Shiala, who became a tentacle love slave vore meal of the Thorian, also called Species 37 on Feros.

    Although, at the moment I am finishing the Tarot deck for publication. The Tarot had been previously rejected by a number of publishers for being too Politically Incorrect.

    The rejections had nothing to do with the nudity, since some of the publishers have published PlayGirl Tarot decks for a homosexual audience, which are also probably being perused by heterosexual females.

    Not that long ago I posted the Artwork of Subject Zero Jacqueline on a Mass Effect forum. As you no doubt already know, Mass Effect, along with other video games and the media in general, such as the Netflix TV show of the Witcher, have become owned by a Politically Correct mind-set.

    I didn’t post the full image, just Jack’s portrait and a link to the full Artwork, as well indicating it was adult material. The post was first seen by admin, before being published by them. The admin being two entwined women having purple hair.

    Suffice to say, my version of Subject Zero Jaqueline caused a moralistic meltdown. In the main the females on the Mass Effect forum, whose profiles indicated that they had dyed their hair all the colours of the rainbow, were okay with the Artwork.

    The moral outrage was primarily being stirred up by a number of born-again ‘Male’ feminists, screaming that the Artwork should be banned, who all seemed to be wannabe Goth clones, going by their very quaint profiles.

    So, I didn’t get around to posting Liara T’soni, which would have very likely been rejected by the Mass Effect forum admin as being Politically Incorrect ‘Entartete Kunst.’

    Anyway, I eventually found a publisher for the Tarot who is okay with publishing the deck, which can also be played as a number of card games.

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