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The above Artwork is an enlarged portion of a watercolour painting on A4 size Art board. The full Artwork can be seen on my Patreon page. Please Click Here.

The following link is for a Walpurgis Night interview with Dr Judy A Mikovits PHD who walks in the Barbarella footsteps of Saint Walpurga.

Her French Revolution revelations about the workings of Sogo might Great Hunt lead to the accused being burnt upon a pyre, and that of their Matmos effigies being cast upon future bonfires around the globe, down the Walpurgisnacht ages, as David Icke has intuited.

Dr Judy A Mikovits also describes a Saint Walpurga’s oil she uses for herself and for her husband, whose immune system is compromised. Having a compromised immune system can lead to all sorts of problems, when surrounded by the Matmos, which can be turned on 60ghz full Mass Surveillance power, rippling through one’s Tiphareth lungs, and then down a radiation notch, creating periodic lock-down waves of controlled illness, such as not being able to breathe, a doctor would term as Hypoxia.

Although another Saint Walpurga’s oil is Cannabidiol one can see as exuding from her Hemp lined tomb, to this day, producing a CBD Barbarella holy oil. Saint Walpurga studies have indicated that Cannabidiol aids the ‘Exosome’ to Walpurgis Night combat the toxic influences of the Matmos, which afflicts the immune system.

The Matmos is everywhere now; stalking the Earth of an untested roll-out and even being propelled into space, it’s influence orbits the entire globe, veiled behind viral chaos, other Saint Walpurga doctors are starting to notice.

But what be this Matmos? One may ask, well, it is the creature creation of a dark Orwellian plan, which gives Eugenic Bill Gates a psychopathic hard on!

When you see what the dark Matmos plan actually is, one will then know what is really going on! Should you decide to look back, to thence darkly seer, one will find an episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, covering a Planned Pandemic and Forced Bill Gates Vaccinations.

The episode was First Aired on December 30th, 2009, which at the time was considered to be just a crazy Conspiracy Theory by many…

Now they’re all wearing useless surgical masks, making it difficult to breathe, awaiting Eugenic Bill Gates to vaccinate them

Followed by a quantum tattoo marking them out, to freely walk the prison yard as herded Sheep in the technocratic New World Order Sogo Eden, for a controlled time, until the A.I. Matmos decides their Soylent Green expiry date.

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But who is behind the scenes, whom believe they control the A.I. Matmos of a misused intelligence?

Assassins Creed History GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Only a Sogo few, who claim to own much of the world’s wealth, stealing ever more, while a long foreseen financial crash, hidden behind a chimeric virus destroys the economy.

The few greatly fear the masses ‘rebelling,’ when seeing the few for what they truly are, since the few never had any power or influence at all.

French Revolution | Sutori

It is all a Monopoly game illusion. The few atop of the ziggurat only have power and influence because the masses blindly play their fixed pyramid game…

French Revolution GIF | Gfycat

It is the reason why the feudal few have played their last Sogo card in a desperate attempt to control all…

Such as passing the HR TRACE ACT 6666, other countries will no doubt follow…

The many have been made to feel guilty about their sexuality, twisting and turning it into something other, of a PsyOp Newspeak distraction, while peace is war, conflicts rage in other lands over resources.

The two party dictatorship is a puppet show, bought and owned by the 1%, which promotes strength is ignorance, of propaganda and censorship, using weaponised sanctions against those in the dirt.

Imagine a ‘lock-down’ boot stamping on a human face forever…

The masses, now to SEE!



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The above Artwork is A4 in size, drawn in pen-brush and ink pen, on heavyweight cartridge paper. which was then coloured, using Derwent and Prismalo Caran D’ache watercolour pencils. The Artwork was then Painted. The watercolour painting is provisionally entitled: The Conjuring Of Wyrd Alice Samigina.

The original Artwork of Samigina is presently on Sale, on Saatchi Art. If you are interested, Please Click Here. 

The Artwork depicts an alternative version of Samigina, otherwise called Gamigin who is listed as being the fourth spirit in the Grmoire, entitled the Goetia.

“The Fourth Succubus of the Goetia is Samigina, a Great Marchioness. She initially appears in the form of a My Little Pony Princess Luna, amidst the Triangle Of Art Imagination, likened to a rocking horse or that of a latex clad Girl on all fours looking like a fetish hobbyhorse.” 

“And then appearing as a Gothic Alice In Under-Land, she to change herself into at the request of her Mad Hatter of an Ansuz Rune Art master.” 

“She speaks with a seductive voice, having Cheshire Cat feline wiles, loving spilt cream of an offering. As a Vajrayogini She rules over 30 Legions of Succubae Lost Girls, the writer, Alan Moore and the artist Melinda Gebbie to know all about of Tantric archetypes, who populate the informational realms of the collective dream, as knit-together Tulpa programs.” 

“She teaches all Arts as an Art Muse, who to guide her master through her Yoni looking glass of an inner wormhole into surrealist wonderlands of the dream. And she gives account of those Artists who broke through Ring-Pass-Not sexual Taboos, such as Hans Bellmer, Balthus, Stu Mead, Mark Ryden, Trevor Brown and Milo Manara, etc, whose artistry is considered to be Entartete Kunst sinful; though enticing many a quantum computing brain into a Luna Art gallery, which to also exhibit Ninth Art underground comics of symbolic alchemies, stirring virtual reality dreams.” 

“And her abstract Manga Seal of the multiverse world tree of an Artist’s easel, to which she be tethered and bound, is to be meditated upon, before the Sorcerer Artist conjures her ‘Anima’ fluctuation into his Surrealist dreams, wherein he becomes as her Anime Invocator, etc; though, two-dimensional of meditative image, she manifests as a three-dimensional interactive reality within a Cool World lucid dream.”