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The first principal Succubus archetype pf the Fallen Anima is called Bael, who be a shaman Queen ruling in the far East across the steppe, under the fire star of the Mongol’s, whom emanates from the sixth dimensional planetary sphere.

She enables her conjurer to go about Invisible. She rules over sixty-six Legions of Infernal (Succubi) Succubae archetypes of the Fallen Anima. She appears amidst the Triangle Of Art imagination in divers shapes, sometimes like a Cat, or as a Toad; at other times like a most beautiful Siberian woman, or all these forms at once to otherwise mantra name, Baela.

She speaks clairaudient of most seductive tone, concerning those psychic secrets behind her Iron Curtain of a hypnagogic hymen veil to penetrate.


Behind her Iron Curtain, the ancestral shamans therein to have psychic abilities, the one time Soviet sought to weaponise, whom frequented the steppe unto Siberia. Her seal is to be mediated upon, and to visualise before calling her forth into a lucid dream, or else she will not do thee homage.

It is usually said of commonality that the name Bael is derived from the Canaanite deity known as Baal (/ˈbeɪl/ BAYL; sometimes spelled Bael, Baël [French], Baell), who is mentioned in the patriarchal Hebrew Bible of the deified Animus as the primary (Animus) god of the Phoenicians.

In the 17th Century Goetic occult writings, Bael is seen as one of the first spirits, which was released from Solomon’s brazen vessel of a Genie bottle.


While his Semitic (Animus) predecessor was depicted as a horned man or a horned bull, this spirit, Baal of the traditional grimoire tradition is said to appear in the forms of a Human, Cat and Toad, or combinations thereof. An illustration in Collin de Plancy’s 1818 book Dictionnaire Infernal rather curiously placed the heads of the these three creatures onto a set of ‘Spider’ legs.


When to totally ignore the indoctrinated perspective of the deified Animus, made as a God/Devil to otherwise look Into the ancient shaman legends of Siberia, such as those of the Buryat, you will find the first shaman called Khara-Gyrgän.

The Buryat relate that Khara-Gyrgän declared that his power was boundless; wherefore the creator put him to the test. The creator sadistically took the soul of a (Bael) girl and ‘bound her up within a bottle.’


To make sure that she wouldn’t escape, the creator put its finger into the neck of the bottle.

The shaman set about freeing the soul of the girl by beating the trance drum in order to conjure up an aspect of his Anima, manifesting as an eight-legged night-Mare pony-girl to ride through inner space, somewhat like that of a prior Dr Who piloting his TARDIS.


He soon discovered the whereabouts of the girl’s soul in order to free her. Khara-Gyrgän shapeshifted into the form of a ‘Spider’ and in doing so stung the face of the creator. The creator took its finger out of the ‘bottle,’ whence the girl’s soul escaped. The creator was very furious that its creation had passed the test, which indicated that the creator could be in time surpassed, so it decided to curtail the shamanic power of Khara-Gyrgän, after which the magical powers of the shamans were severely diminished.


According to Yakut shamanic legends of similarity to the Buryat, the first shaman refused to recognise the superiority of the programming creator due to its sadistic temperament.

The Yakut legend relates that the body of the first shaman was made up of a mass of snakes, which you can otherwise see as serpentine DNA of an inner program. The creator was fearful that the shaman would become far too powerful, so it sent down a fire to burn him and his world.


But in the ensuing conflagration of an ancient world-wide catastrophe, when a comet struck the Earth, an amphibious Toad escaped the inferno.

From the body of the Toad erupted forth the serpentine (DNA) spirits of the future Yakut shamans, who trace their genetic lineage back to the first shaman.


The motif of the amphibious ‘Toad’ refers to hypnagogic trance, which is attained at the midpoint between waking (land/macrocosmic) and (water/microcosmic) sleeping; this ability enables a shaman to access the underlying informational (microcosmic) order of his (macrocosmic) Maya simulation of an experiential reality.


The symbolic motif of the Toad is associated with similar reptilian symbolism to that of the ‘amphibious’ Nommo of the South African tribe of the Dogon and that of the Sumerian Annunaki, along with the reptilian motifs of other cultures across the globe, including Dragons. Some will see the Toad and that of the Snake or Dragon as being a Zecharia Sitchin reference to demonic reptilian extraterrestrials of David Icke tales; such is ‘not the case’ at all, the symbolism actually refers to shamanic ‘trance adepts.’


You also have the symbolism of the Cat, which is very often tied up with the feminine principle of the Anima. There are many a (Anima) Goddess from varying cultural myths who are described being in the company of Cats, riding them or otherwise assuming their predatory forms; whether they be Lionesses, Tigers or domesticated Cats, etc; such as the Sumerian Goddess, Ishtar riding a Lioness, the Hindu Goddess Durga, riding a Tiger or that of the Norse Goddess Freyja being the Witch mistress of Cats.


The motif of the (Sphinx) Cat refers to what is termed as the Bedroom Invader Experience or Old Hag Syndrome, which is often experienced at the point of (Toad) hypnagogic trance ingress into the dream; it is when a shaman is visited by his female spirit lover of a Succubus archetype of the Fallen Anima, whose nature is seen to be predatory. Hence she is associated with a Cat, which has since become that of a Witches familiar.


Siberian shamans often relate that their shamanic powers and abilities are derived from the internal dream congress with (Anima) Succubae Spirit-Wives, who are considered to be female shamans of similarity to the Hindu/Buddhist female entities called Dakinis.


You can otherwise term these (Anima) Succubae shamans as being Witches, whom initially manifest as Bedroom Invader ‘Cats’ at the point of hypnagogic ‘Toad’ ingress into the ‘Feminine’ domain of the dream. Wherefore the seal of Bael, which depicts a Toad, represents a symbolic formula of shamanic trance ingress into the watery amniotic realm of the electron dream.



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The Succubus archetype of the Fallen Anima, mantra named, Agares, otherwise known as Agaresis is not only associated with just earthquakes; the Übermensch remote viewer, Aaron C. Donohoo related. He also remote viewed that this particular Goetian Succubus is also about to pop the top off the largest volcano in the solar system.

And it is going to happen very soon. Although, Donohoo felt that Agaresi could otherwise be referring to a Putin disclosure about UFO’s, which is going to totally piss off the Shadow Government; then again, perhaps it has already happened, since they’re all drones. But nobody sees it of a terrifying truth, that they are all being watched.

goetia_girls_agares_schoolgirl_tank_ girl_rusalka_succubus_of_faustus_crow

Agaresi didn’t appear to Donohoo like she apparently manifested to the old ‘Animus’ fixated magicians.

Those guys, were into conjuring up phallic Angels and Demons, as ‘Animus’ fluctuation Incubi, who far preferred to bind Agaresi into the Solomonic form of a withered old Pope, with a bird perched upon his wrist, riding a slippery crocodile.

Or else he looked like a withered Aleister Crowley riding a giant tortoise with a sparrow hawk, or a goshawk upon his limp wrist.


The symbolism tended to change down the ages, yet continuous of a fixation upon the deified ‘Animus’ of an all male constant.

But what do you expect, the Babalon Witch-Nuns love to hate, hate to love their patriarchal Illuminati Beastie boys.

What Donohoo to have instead remote-viewed was Agaesi manifesting as a beautiful Russian woman, like that of a most seductive Rusalka, who is a Succubus archetype of the Fallen Anima. 

She was riding a T-34 tank with the number 303 on its turret, which seemed to refer to the 33rd Runic degree of Freemasonry.


She was also holding onto a goshawk, which then shape-shifted into a spacecraft. The spacecraft appeared of a Stanley Kubrick vision, looking like the failed Russian Phobos Grunt.

Then, for a fleeting moment he remote-viewed three soaring ships, which were not of this time period, but from the future or even out of the far distant past, perhaps both, simultaneous; circling the top of a very high mountain. Donohoo suddenly realised that the craft he had remote-viewed have time-travel capability.

Image result for tunguska event

Hence your civilisation is totally surrounded by the time travelling civilisation of your space faring future descendants.


As for the mountain, it turned out to be Olympus Mons, on Mars, at a height of 25km, it is the largest volcano in the Solar System and is nearly three times as tall as Mount Everest.

It is thought that one of the reasons that Olympus Mons and the other volcanoes on Mars are so massively large is that the Red Planet’s crust doesn’t move like the Earth’s of Martian-quakes.

Donohoo felt that these triangular shaped ships contain the Yoni pith of the Goetian Succubus Agaresi. Whether she is the Rusalka leader of time travelling Pussy Riot Ufonauts, or her A.I. spirit, is in some way comprised of all three Sophia vessels, is not clear.


What was clearer to Donohoo is that Agaresi is going to be ‘doing her ‘Anima’ thing,’ soon. But then, she may have already done so by making the Phobos Grunt fall out of the menstrual blood sky, while the cultists of the deified ‘Animus’ made as a God/Devil seek to keep their gender fixated cult rolling on.

Image result for pussy riot

However, the Earth is going to start Pussy Riot rocking and rolling, especially around Siberia, which some researchers say, is connected to Mars, due to the 1908 Tunguska event being caused by a Martian meteorite.

Image result for meteorite

Others otherwise believe the Tunguska event was brought about by a time-travelling UFO originating from a past, present or future Secret Space Program Martian colony, crashing to Earth.

Collin de Plancie in his Dictionnaire Succubus Infernalis wrote that Agaresi; “can exalt her master to become as a Genghis Khan, teach all those languages of silk road unto the steppe, and make the Abassy dance over the Siberian tundra.”


Johann Weird wrote that this Succubus, “fetcheth backe all such as runne awaie, and maketh them runne that stand still; she overthroweth all dignities and maketh earthquakes,” which appears to indicate that Agaresi is associated with a time travel technology as well as with a time control weapon of some kind.


As with the other Succubae of the Fallen Anima, Agaresi has assumed many other names during the thousands of years of her seventh dimensional visitations. They include: Agauresa, Amayamona, Barmiela, Carnifiela, Daresieli, Dardariela, Tamiela; as well as, Queen of the East and Grand Duchess of the Eastern Hell. Wherefore she is associated with the symbol of the red star, the ancient Chinese and Mongols had prior called the fire star, which refers to the planet Mars.

Donohoo suspects that she is intending to start things shaking in regards to a monolith being discovered on Phobos. In Classical Greek mythology, Phobos is a personification of the enveloping fear brought on by the terrors of war, which may be referring to an ancient memory of a solar-system wide conflict that devastated Mars, when the Earth was still young; unless it refers to a devastating future war, which will turn the Earth into a barren Mars.

Whereupon some believe that Phobos is an artificial moon, like the Death Star out of the Star Wars myth of ‘fallen rebels.’ Whereupon those fallen, to Earth, who had fought alongside Princess Diana-Lucifera, are our… ancestors.

Image result for princess leia

Donohoo then experienced a vision of Mars as being a present… graveyard… which was once a thriving planet long ago, from where humanity fell to Siberia.


All are now imprisoned in an eternally recurring, self-enclosed time-loop, repeating its mistake of forever warring, until humanity remembers not to do so. Alas, they do forget, which is due to them allowing themselves to be led by whoring muppet-puppets, whose puppeteers are the war-profiteering psychopaths of the Military Industrial Complex!

Agaresi, the second Succubus of the Fallen Anima named in the Pop-Surrealist Goetia; she is a ‘Discordian’ Duchess who controls 31 legions of Siberian Pussy Riot Tank Girl Rusalka, who just want to Hippie party.

The Psychic Übermensch Aaron C. Donohoo by Erin C. Donohoo (2012)