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The Eighteenth Succubus archetype of the Fallen Anima is Bathin. She is a Mighty and Strong Duchess of the seventh planetary dimensional sphere, and appears like a most beautiful woman wearing a snake skin corset, whose belt trails like a tail of a Serpent, or to otherwise manifest looking like Bat-girl out of the DC comics.


She knows the virtues of hallucinogenic herbs and what precious stones to use for scrying. She can also transport the ‘Ba’ of her conjuring Surrealist comic Artist suddenly from one place to another of ‘pure thrust’ throughout space and time, whom will be enabled to enter any place; for his ‘Ba’ be ‘Thin’ of an ethereal substance.


She will be seen of an Artist’s vision as a Valkyrie biker sitting upon a pale-coloured Iron-Horse, or that of being part woman, part Bat bike, or shapeshifting into a motorcycle for her Surrealist Frankenstein Artist to ride as his Tulpa dream machine.


She rules over 30 Legions of Bat-girl Succubae, whose protective temperament is that of Hell’s Angel Valkyries, all as Art Muse Witches.


Bathin’s Succubus seal is to be meditated upon by the conjuring comic Artist prior to conjuring her within a lucid dream as a Bat-girl Art Muse.


The composite name of Bathin is probably comprised of two words, being, ‘Ba’ and ‘Thin.’ The word Ba is derived from the ancient Egyptian term for the spirit of an individual, which was always portrayed as a human-headed bird, usually a human-headed falcon.


The Ba bird represents an ecstatic out of body experience, just as the Bat symbolises the out of body phenomenon in other spiritual systems, such as that of the Toltec’s to the Aztec’s of ancient Mexico.


In ancient Egyptian art, the Ba was often shown hovering over the deceased’s mummy or leaving or entering the tomb at will, of a ghostly ‘thin’ form, which in turn influenced the mystique of Vampire Bat. Hence you have ‘Ba’ and the word, ‘thin,’ as in, rarefied as air and without solidity or substance.

The word Ba is usually translated as, soul or spirit. However, the Ba can be otherwise seen as the dream body. In shamanistic systems, the dream body is also associated with the symbolism of the serpent, representing hypnagogic trance, via which the shaman can become amphibious of consciousness; hence achieving an out of body experience; whereas the symbolism of the ‘Horse’ represents the power of trance and the ability to out-of-body travel where the shaman desires to go, of erotic exploration, should he be so predisposed.


In some shamanistic traditions, the out of body experience was facilitated by hallucinogenic herbs or that of intensely staring at crystalline structures, such as that of gemstones.

batgirl 4

The Ba is considered to be one of the specific components of the human being, as understood in Egyptian thought. In the New Kingdom, the Ba was a spiritual aspect of the human being which survived, or came into being, at death or when consciously accessing trance. It was endowed with the person’s individuality and personality. The Ba occasionally revisited the tomb of the deceased; for the dead body is its rightful home.

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Animals were sometimes thought to be the Bau (plural of Ba) of deities. At Heliopolis, the Bennu bird was called the Ba of Re. At Memphis the Apis bull was worshipped as the Ba of Ptah or Osiris. At times, Osiris himself was called the ‘Ba of Re.’ However, in the context of shamanistic practice, when the shamans (Ba) spirit leaves his body, he can also shapeshift into other forms, such as animals within his dreams; wherefore he can take on the alternate form of a Bat if he so chooses.

batgirl 1

The ancient Egyptian concept of the Ba could also represent anonymous deities or powers, which can be equated with an Avatar, as used within a virtual reality of a computer game. As such, they are occasionally represented in various mythological contexts; wherefore within a virtual reality of a dream, a conjuring comic Artist can assume the alternate guise of an Avatar, such as Batman.

batgirl 3

These Ba are shown greeting the Sun or travelling with it in its barque. In some illustrations of the Book of the Dead, Ba birds are shown towing the barque of the Sun during its nightly journey through the underworld. The Sun in this context not only represents the Sun of the macrocosm, but also alludes to the inner Sun of the microcosm, whose light is that of the bio-photon emanating from the mitochondrial DNA, which illuminates your electron dreams.

Should you otherwise equate Bathin with the modern slang term, which alludes to ‘bathing,’ you can then equate Bathin with the usage of a floatation tank, which of a simple, though highly effective technique the ancient Egyptian’s may have utilised, in order to initiate an out of body experience, such as the Kings sarcophagus found within the pyramid of Giza.


You can then see Bat-girl Bathin initiating your out of body experience, while you float within a Kings sarcophagus of a floatation tank containing a ‘Hin’ of saline solution; Hin being an ancient Hebrew unit of liquid measure, which is equal to about one and one half gallons (5.7 litres); hence, you also have, Bat-Hin.



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You could easily equate a superhero comic book with an illustrated medieval grimoire.

Both of these works illustrate archetypal characters, which have particular abilities and powers along with having personal seals, wearing planetary colour coded costumes, and in some cases being associated with animal totems.


A Sorcerer could see his comic strip superhero characters as Avatars, which can be assumed as his alternate guises within lucid dreams.

Each Avatar of a superhero would have a corresponding superheroine to be coupled with him.


This Sorcery operation is based upon a Tibetan Buddhist dream Yoga technique, which was originally derived from ancient shamanic practices.


The dream Yoga technique initially involves the practitioner visualising him self as being a certain type of a Buddha, which are known as Raging Buddhas. Each Raging Buddha has certain abilities the practitioner seeks to access when assuming the raging Buddha as his alternate guise, within a lucid dream.


The dream Yoga technique is of similarity to what is known as the Raikov Effect. During the 1960’s and 1970’s, the Russian neuropsychologist Dr. Vladimir Raikov and Czech psychologist Dr. Milan Ryzl hypnotised individuals to believe they had been famous Artists, Musicians and Scientists, etc, in a past life.

Raikov and Ryzil soon discovered that the skills associated with the artificial reincarnations remained as new abilities after the subjects came out of their hypnotic trance. You also have the Borrowed Genius, which is based on Raikov’s work, involving self-hypnosis. The Borrowed Genius technique was developed by Win Wenger.


As for the dream Yoga technique, it is orientated towards inducing a lucid dream within which the practitioner assumes an alternate guise of a Raging Buddha. Each Raging Buddha is associated with particular spiritual qualities, abilities and (Siddhis) powers the practitioner seeks to attain by assuming the dream guise of a chosen Raging Buddha.

The Dream Yoga technique also involves the introversion of the sexual impulse in order to engender and empower a vivid lucid dream, since the numerous Raging Buddha’s are correspondingly sexually coupled with their female counterparts called Dakinis.


The Dakini is essentially a Succubus, who is not just a sexual entity, she is also seen to be like a wish fulfilling Genie.

A Dakini represents the energetic quality of a particular dream domain, which a Shaman sees as a spirit world, you can otherwise term as an alternate reality if you want.

A Dakini enables a practitioner to assume a guise of a chosen Raging Buddha Avatar within a lucid dream.


The Dakini dream scenario will reflect back the Raging Buddha of an alternate guise, which has been assumed by the practitioner.

For example, a Sorcerer could otherwise assume the guise of Batman within a lucid dream via the conjuration of a Dakini looking like Batwoman.

The reflected dream scenario of the conjured Dakini will probably be that of Gotham city, which will be correspondingly formulated from the memories of the practitioner.

However, if the practitioner has been heavily influenced by the controlled mass-media and its politics, then Batwoman may be inappropriate to conjure, unless of course a heterosexual male practitioner seeks to rebel against the obvious social-engineering of popular culture.

When to rebel, the conjuring of Batwoman will give him an insight into how his mind can be subliminally affected by external symbolic stimuli, which has been engineered to do so by the controlled mass-media.

Basically, it is mind-control, a practitioner seeks to free himself from, by engineering his own inner conjurations. The rebellion involves a Sorcerer seeing himself as as a Raging Buddha Batman, while meditating upon his Dakini Batwoman of a counterpart prior to dreaming.

The meditation would involve meditating upon erotic Dakini imagery of Batwoman, along with repetitively intoning her name of a mantra.


This would also involve visualising Batwoman’s ‘seal’ of a Bat motif, as well as the sorcerer imagining himself being amidst Gothic Gotham city, which to overlap his own waking locale of frequented power places, to make mythic of quality.


Batwoman’s planetary colour is primarily black like that of her anti-thesis Catwoman’s preference for black leather, which in occult practice is associated with the planet Saturn.

The symbolic correspondences of Saturn the Sorcerer seeks to tap into, when to assume the Raging Buddha Avatar of Batman within a lucid dream.

batgirl 4

A Sorcerer may be assuming the Avatar of Batman via his lucid dreams for various reasons. But it would require him to conjure Batwoman amidst his Triangle Of Art Imagination first as his Dakini in order to empower his lucid dream to become vivid of quality.

batgirl 2

He may be seeking to assume the guise of Batman, when to couple with Dakini Batwoman as his Succubus, because he seeks to attain those qualities associated with this particular superhero.

batgirl 1

Such as attaining supreme self confidence and inner strength, when to take on the thought-police who frequent the politicised comic conventions of his waking realm.

batgirl 3

Or perhaps he is conjuring up Dakini Batwoman, in order to become more intuitively streetwise, so that his mind doesn’t end up being mind-control mugged by social engineers who are seeking to brainwash the mass-populace.

Whatever the case, the technique enables the Sorcerer to reprogram his own subconscious mind via lucid dreaming.


There are numerous other Raging Buddha superheros to choose from; each of which will be sexually coupled with their corresponding Dakini supeheroines.


Their abilities and powers are listed in many a comic, of similarity to what you will find within a medieval grimoire.


However, a Sorcerer has to be realistic. If he desires to fly like Superman, or to swing from building to building as a Spiderman, it will rapidly lead to his doom when to leap out of a skyscraper window.

These (Siddhis) powers allude to shamanic abilities, which are attained within lucid dreams, you can otherwise term as Out Of Body Experiences and Remote Viewing of the collective unconscious via conscious dreaming.


The assumption of the Raging Buddha Hulk of an Avatar may increase your bodily strength over time; for an intensely experienced lucid dream, will affect your body memory. This is because your nervous system cannot tell the difference between a real or a vividly imagined event.

The assumption of a Raging Buddha Hulk may lead you to having an overwhelming subconsciously driven need to regularly visit the local gym, where the fit ladies wear superheroine Yoga pants.

The Hulk or that of some other similar character internally assumed, can also be utilised to attain a ‘controlled’ berserker rage, of self-induced anger management, to break through the blocks of emotional traumas within the dream, in order to overcome assailing nightmares.

Whereupon the practitioner will attain martial-arts control over his anger.


What I am attempting to communicate here, is that the superhero genre can be utilised for Sorcery practice.


This Sorcery practice hearkens back to the ancient Shaman assuming alternate guises, when accessing self-induced (hypnagogic trance) hypnosis in order to heal himself and others.


At a mundane level, the superhero genre, though beloved by many a comic fan, generally puts others off, who see it as being inanely childish.

But then you do have superheroes all leaping around wearing gaudy skin-tight costumes, which the detractors to laughingly argue is totally ludicrous and utterly unrealistic. Yet the superhero genre is very popular. Hence the reason why social-engineers are seeking to utilise its influence for political reasons.

However, the superhero genre is obviously not about everyday mundane reality.

It is about something else, a Shaman would equate with the depiction of archetypal spirits who symbolically represent qualities one seeks to attain, to thence ritualistically act out of cosplay Artistry.

The reasoning behind why a Shaman dressed up in ritualistic regalia to then trance dance cosplay ‘theatrical’ was in order to implant the assumed symbolism into his subconscious mind.

Whereby he becomes the mythic character of his focus, within an induced lucid dream.

Of course the sacred theatre of the Shaman is not understood by many, since they have become totally disconnected from the internal reality of the dream.

The hypnotised focus of the masses is primarily externalised of mundane entertainment, whereby they can be easily manipulated by the controlled mass-media machine.

The Shamanic perspective of the superhero genre is that the superhero role-models belong to the archetypal reality of the dream.

Wherein of a symbolic existence, the archetypes are very real of a subconscious influence upon the psyche of an individual, the collective mind and thereby influencing society.

The superheroes have become personified ‘brands.’ Some of them have attained iconic status, of similarity to the mythic deities of elder lore, which have been woven into intricate modern day mythologies.

For example, Catwoman has mythic associations with the Cat Goddess Bast of ancient Egypt and the Norse Goddess Freyja, who is the mistress of Cats and Witchcraft.

However, the practice of Witchcraft is not mentioned in association with Catwoman in the comic, TV series and film depictions of her to any great degree, if at all.

Related image

Although, you will find Catwoman’s mythic foundation of the Witch is not too far away within the depths of your subconscious mind.

As for the symbolism of the Cat, the feline is very much tied up with the erotic feminine principle.

Wherefore Cat-thief Catwoman is the distillation of feminine wiles and sexuality, whose superheroine qualities can be internalised of ritualistic cosplay by a female practitioner, who sees herself as a Cat, which of imagined shape-shift practice, Witches do all the time.

Image result for catwoman

However, the superhero genre is primarily dominated by male characters who are archetypal aspects of an archetype residing within the psyche of all women, the psychologist Carl Jung termed as being the ‘Animus. The female counterpart of the ‘Animus’ is the ‘Anima,’ which resides within the psyche of all men.

The male audience naturally gravitates towards those (Raging Buddha) male role-models, which have been determined by women to be the most sexually attractive to them.

The ‘Animus’ fixation of the medieval ‘Playgirl’ grimoires are none too dissimilar to the all male dominion of the superhero comics of the West.

Although, such is slowly changing in regards to American comics in particular, which had first sired the superhero genre of a media empire.

Whereupon the superhero comics have become synonymous with American culture, caught betwixt and between the Boaz and Joachim Blow-Job mass-media towers of Marvel and Disney.

Whereas in Europe, which had not explored the superhero genre to any great extent, such as France, Spain and Italy, for example, more so, to the far East of Japan, and its influential Manga, there has always been an animist balance between the depiction of the ‘Anima’ and ‘Animus.’


The financial success of the male characters in films, comics and video games, etc, is primarily due to the adoration of heterosexual female fans in particular. This adoration of the ‘Animus’ is mirrored by the monotheistic religions, which refer to the deification of the ‘Animus’ residing within the psyches of all women.

You might consider this as sounding rather crazy, but it isn’t. Think about it, if you have an overriding fixation upon a particular gender, it thereby indicates an underlying sexual orientation behind it all.

It’s nature, which cannot be denied, and she’s a whiplash Witch bitch.

The male archetypes can be generally reduced down to two types, a Beta-Male Good-Guy Christ and an Alpha-Male Bad-Boy Devil, which are aspects of an All-Father ‘Animus’ fixation, within the psyches of women, who are by nature, very jealous indeed.


“Jealous… jealous of what?” You might enquire. Other women of course, which is especially the case if men find certain females being attractive to them.

They are very competitive among each other; more so than men. Hence, the ‘Animus’ fixated paradigm has entirely castigated the ‘Anima’ out of the symbolic equation as the Fallen, which of gender politics is continuing.

In other words, at an esoteric level, the all male symbolic paradigm of the monotheistic religions has been empowered by the ‘Animus’ fixation of the women.

It is the women who have forged the Three ‘Animus’ fixated religious constructs of present civilisation via their chosen Beta-Male prophets, insanely dancing around a ziggurat, since the time of Sumerian UR.

If heterosexual orientated males had created a religion, it would more likely have a fixation upon their ‘Anima’ of a sex Goddess, looking like an Ishtar version of Harlequin.

Wherefore, a Good-Guy often gets crucified; whereas a Bad-Boy has all the fun. It is a well known fact that women can’t help themselves loving Illuminati Bad-Boys to tame as their Beastly Unicorns, it is biologically hardwired into their genes of a genetic imperative.


Whereas the ‘Anima’ within the male psyche, as mentioned prior, has been flung into Hell with all her legions of salacious (Succubi) Succubae, whose very existence was never investigated by the grimoires, apart from having a celibate Virgin Mary.


It is only now, under the revolving Karma clock of Zodiac age stars, that the Succubae Great-Old-Ones of the Fallen ‘Anima’ are emerging out of their uterine prison of the abyss, beyond the Angel angles.


The Succubae archetypes of the Fallen ‘Anima’ are presently being listed in many a Necronomicon Grimoire Comic, wearing spray on costumes, awaiting to be conjured by Horny Abdul Alhazred rebel sorcerers.

However, feminist extremists and their Social Justice Warriors have noticed this rebellious trend, which they are seeking to socially engineer out of existence, by castigating the ‘Anima’ as being sexist.

This involves transforming sexually attractive female characters into unattractive man hating butch Banshees, as well as transforming iconic male characters into masculine women.

Remember the 1937 Entartete Kunst, it is occurring again. Should you be versed in Dr. Evil history, you will know what the PsyOp Entartete Kunst led to of Military Industrial Complex design.

As for the Hippie movement and feminist politics, it had initially been PsyOp engineered out of Laurel Canyon, California, in order to distract the general populace from becoming engaged in Anti-War protests. But the PsyOp campaign did not go as planned, which was mainly due to the draft and mounting body bags.

Image result for hippie protest

Now you have automated warfare, A.I. guided bombs and drone strikes, along with using weaponised sanctions and proxy wars. When soldiers are employed in a conflict of a last resort, the controlled mass media machine makes no mention of the body bag count as well as ignoring those who speak out against war. But then, the general populace are far too distracted with Laurel Canyon protesting about their genital rights, leading to gender transformations in comics, films and video games, etc, while A.I. drones snuff out Big Bother’s enemies!

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NOTE: There is the distinct possibility that the increasing A.I. automation of the workplace and the ensuing loss of jobs, which in the main affects the male population, the women are left feeling very insecure about themselves and for the future of their children. This invariably leads to their anger being meted out upon the men, who have been disempowered and let down by the establishment.

The women then seek to become empowered, which invariably leads to their ‘Animus’ archetypes being transformed into masculine women, since they subconsciously see the males being unable to attain their allotted role-models.

This also leads to the ‘Anima’ archetypes being transformed into butch females in the mass-media. The transformation of the ‘Animus’ and ‘Anima’ archetypes featured in films and on TV, etc, reveals that it was always the women who have called the audience shots concerning the mass-media.

However, the supposed female empowerment, will eventually fragment under the reality that the rapid automation of the workplace also affects women.

This social change has been subversively hijacked by those having a political agenda, who are utilising the age old subversive PsyOp technique of dividing and conquering the masses by weaponising minorities, which then makes the minorities a target; this is being done in order to distract public attention away from protesting about very costly wars.

These wars, whether they be that of weaponised sanctions, or that of Petrodollar bombs being dropped all over the Middle East due to an oily pipeline, and elsewhere, along with utilising known terrorist groups in proxy wars, etc, obviously leads to the mass migrations of peoples, fleeing into other lands. Yet there are hardly any protests against these wars, the controlled mass-media pushes since 9/11, which afflicts the whole world.

The Dr. Evil few whom profit from endless war, are also fleecing the fleeing populace of war torn lands, who are in turn automating the workplace.

This isn’t to say that the automation of the workplace is necessarily negative, it is just that the establishment appears to be not considering its social impact upon the populace, nor making any plans as to how to positively deal with an out of work workforce, unless the corporate few are planning population reduction, via an engineered tick born plague or a false-flag Oily war. Hopefully not!

Although the PsyOp engineered conflict between the sexes, which leads to women and men going their own way, can be construed as being population control.  

One could conjecture that the women’s assumption of the male role, is of similarity to a ribald Jewish woman getting angry at her muscle bound Nordic husband called Thor, who has been given the boot by automated Amazon.

Amazon now has A.I. driven trucks and drones delivering goods from their automated warehouses. Thor had been employed as a trucker, who now drunkenly slouches on a couch, while Ragnorok approaches.

After screaming at him to do something, otherwise she is going to leave him for a butch Valkyrie to shack up with, his wife, having the physique of a ballerina, ends up lifting her husband’s weightlifter hammer.

This of course gets Thor to emotively react, and storm around the house, howling, “I’m the Man, around here!” She to reply, “prove it, and rise up against what is occurring.”

Those who Banshee scream that I should also involve politically correct pronouns, etc, my answer is, I am not going to indulge the Orwellian Newspeak of the corporate owned establishment, which is pushing for endless war.

Alas, all men and women across the globe of whatever sexual orientation or gender they believe themselves to be have to unite in this fight, before Ragnarok, in whatever form it takes, becomes an Endgame reality.

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