Over the arid steppe unto Siberia, the shamans speak of spirit wives with whom they interact, within their dreams; it is said that it is from these female Genies, the shamans derive their shamanic abilities. The technique is ancient, which had no doubt influenced the ‘lucid dream’ Yoga practice of Tibetan Buddhism and that of Hinduism, whose spiritual practices also involve female entities called Dakinis.


When Christian scholars first encountered the erotic symbolism of the far-East, which is utilised by Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism, their spiritualised sexuality was considered to be rather perverse and debased.


This was more so the case, when the Hindu and Buddhist practitioners communicated they were sexually interacting with female spirits, the psychologist Carl Jung would term as being feminine archetypes of the ‘Anima,’ which manifested as Dakinis within their dreams.

This practice of dream Yoga, was and still is classified as being demonic by many of the ‘Animus’ fixated followers of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The monotheistic religious cultural-constructs of the deified the ‘Animus’ to make as their God/Devil, still consider dream sexuality as being none too dissimilar to that of engaging in bestiality.

However, over time, the erotic symbolism of Hinduism, Tantra and Tibetan Buddhism has since been in part accepted by the Middle Eastern ridden West.


Dream Yoga is a spiritual expression of human sexuality and that of an inner exploration of the mind, which leads to an expansion of consciousness.


But, when you otherwise translate the erotic artistic expression of Hinduism, Tantra and Tibetan Buddhism into a modern context, such as depicting a Dakini dressed as an archetypal schoolgirl or even as a sexy Lara Croft, which of a fetish, is then spiritualised of an ‘internal focus,’ it is soon castigated as being sexist pornography, by those who externalise everything of a hedonic hangup.

The Dakinis are none too dissimilar to the Valkyries of ancient Norse mythology, who are described as being the handmaidens of the ‘shaman’ deity called Odin, the Saxon’s named as Woden.


However, over time these female entities were forgotten and cast aside in Europe, to be classed as demonic Succubae.


It is somewhat analogous to the Great Old Ones, who were cast beyond the Angel angles of space-time by the Elder Gods, as described by the author, H.P Lovecraft, who was nightly assailed by the bedroom invading Old Hag syndrome, which he classed as being visitations of Nightgaunts.


Alas, Lovecraft never learnt how to out of the body ride the night-Mare, of which the shamans to speak of as being an eight-legged female centaur, which weaves an associative web, interconnecting all things, to thence glide over of browsing, within the dream.


Lovecraft’s superb literary creation of a grimoire, entitled the Necronomicon, he to have surrealistically described as being a banned tome.

The Necronomicon is likened to many another book of the arcane shadow, which are said to have been penned by the so called rebellious Devil.


However, in reality, as Lovecraft was well aware, these banned books can be found of viral-meme preponderance, which, of a most curious historical fact, they do not describe or to illustrate female entities, apart from one singular grimoire, which is popularly known as the Goetia.


When you have a symbol system of a religious paradigm, which is gender based, it will invariably have an underlying sexuality associated with it; whether you like it or not. Many will scream that such is not the case, but at a subconscious level, it is undeniable of an everyday biological association.


The Goetia only mentions a few, scant female entities out of its 72 listed spirits, which are described as being male spirits in disguise, due to its ‘Animus’ fixated religious foundation.

Suffice to say, should Lovecraft’s Necronomicon to have really existed, it would list Succubae; for it would surely have been banned of Entartete Kunst censorship, burnt upon a pyre along with a Witch, or to be deeply buried under a Sphinx, since there is no historical evidence of such a tome ever being penned and illustrated by sweaty monks, who far preferred their Biblical Incubi.


It is very likely that Lovecraft based his Necronomicon upon the Goetia, which in particular has heavily influenced popular culture.


This is probably due to its illustrated version, which came about when the French artist, Louis Breton created a set of 69 illustrations of demons for a grimoire. Breton’s illustrations were then engraved by M. Jarrault.


J.A.S. The occultist and author, Collin de Plancy proceeded to publish Breton’s illustrations with brief descriptions within his book ‘Dictionnaire Infernal.’ The book was published in French throughout the 1800’s. Because of its underground popularity, it saw print in several editions.


Many of the Dictionnaire Infernal illustrations of the demons were later republished in S. L. MacGregor Mathers, The Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon, which influenced many a surrealist artist as well as leading to Aleister Crowley’s illustrated Goetia.


The illustrated Goetia has greatly influenced the majority of the modern grimoires, which of continuance do not list Succubae; as if there is a symbolic blind-spot; probably because such a tome would be considered as being Entartete Kunst pornography, even by the shocked Devil himself, who to panic stricken scream, “reptilian agenda!”


So, Faustus Crow has entered the fray, by creating a rebel grimoire illustrating the Succubus aspects of the Fallen Anima, who be the true ‘Great Old Ones,’ whom to have ‘factually’ been cast beyond the Angel angles of the symbolic framework, upon which your culture is based.

Book One is presently available on Createspace and Amazon, in ‘Paperback.’ Book Two is also available. ‘Book Two will ‘Not’ be available on Kindle; likewise with Book Three. Both Book Two and Three of the Goetia Girls, will ‘Only’ be available in paperback. Book Three is on the way.

The Black Raven Tarot Of The Succubus Is Available To Buy. If You Are Interested In The Tarot Cards And Book, The Drivethrucards Website Will Require You To Join/Log-In, Since The Black Raven Tarot And Book Is For An Adult Audience.

The Tarot Illustrates All 72 Of The Goetia Girls, Along With Their Associated Seals, Decan Positions, Zodiac Signs And Corresponding Runes. Each Tarot Card Also Has Associated Key-Words For Divination Purposes.

The Tarot Deck Has An Associated Underground Art Book-Comic Grimoire, Which Explains The Background Of The Black Raven Tarot, Its Use For Divination As Well As How To Play A Sorcery Game With The illustrated Cards.

The Black Raven Tarot deck Has 80 cards, Printed On Premium Stock, Having A Semi-Gloss Finish.

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    This is an answer for AncientHistory on Reddit:

    As you are very much aware, concerning history, there are no historical grimoires lsting archetypes of the ‘Anima.’

    Should said tomes list female entities at all, they are usually described as being transgender male entities in transvestite disguise.

    You might think that a symbolic rebellion would have occurred at some juncture along the time-line of Western history, in particular; but it did not occur. Apart from varying tomes describing Necronomicon type critters, which were not banned, nor censored, and have since found their way into many a Newage Hogwarts shop.

    The majority of the grimoires have a total fixation upon the deified ‘Animus,’ made as a God/Devil, along with numerous machismo Angels and butch Demons, all as Incubi, which have Aleister Crowley fold-out sections depicting their phallic influence.

    Check out Crowley’s Boleskine fold-out illustrations of the phallic entities, he to have bisexual conjured out of the classical PlayGirl Goetia, which have been perpetuated by numerous others, before and after him.

    If there had been a symbolic rebellion against the fixation upon the ‘Animus,’ it is likely that it never saw the light of day, since the printing presses were primarily controlled and policed by the Vatican; wherefore, the PlayGirl grimoires, which were printed by them had been subversively sponsored by the Vatican in order to validate the phallic thesis of the Church by having a corresponding fold-out section phallic antithesis.

    Little wonder then you have Nuns writhing around within their cloisters dreaming of being caressed by Chippendale Angel wings, while Witches to dance orgiastic with their Demons having Love-Craft tentacles; whereas excommunicated priests dally with Chucky Cherubs who Solomon to have conjured to build his temple of the deified ‘Animus.’

    So, if you are looking for a real Necronomicon, it would list what the PlayGirl grimoires of an ‘Animus’ fixation never historically covered, being that of the Fallen ‘Anima,’ and her archetypes. Hence I created a PlayBoy grimoire of the Fallen ‘Anima,’ which like the Necronomicon is berated by the PlayGirl minions of the deified ‘Animus.’ Savvy!


    This is an answer for Pixxie:

    The Succubus Necronomicon is not a ‘debunk,’ since a meditated upon two-dimensional Artwork can be implanted into the dream; wherein, when becoming lucid of awareness, the two-dimensional Artwork can be conjured up as an interactive three-dimensional reality.

    What is conjured up within a lucid dream will be dependent on what the conjurer has prior focused upon when awake, such as meditating upon a two-dimensional Artwork of a (Fallen Anima archetype) Succubus, for example.

    Nor is Art a wrote in stone fixed ‘tradition.’ Art is fluid of nature, which is not constrained by cultural limits being placed upon the imagination creating the Art; unless the Artist is severely limited by the religious sentiment of worshippers who are no different to fans.

    This isn’t to say that there is something wrong with being a fan. I’m not saying that at all; the problem is that the worshippers usually forget that their wrote in stone tradition is actually Art.

    Art and Magic are one and the same practice; they are indivisible from one another.

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