My artwork and writing explores the realm of dreams, which has many layers; the first of which is a miasmic veil of surreal imagery, whose domain has inspired many a surrealist artist who have explored their own inner reality. When to go ever deeper, you then enter into more occult realms, which of symbolism has informed the magical arts.

I do not see a division between the practices of art and sorcery, they are one and the same of practice, which can be termed as being shamanism.

The practice of art has since lost its connection with the inner reality the shaman to know. Yet, the creative processes and techniques employed by an artist and a shaman are none too dissimilar to each other.

For example, both an artist and a shaman seek to hone their visualisation skills, as well as conjuring up visions, who to also create images or sculptured icons of meditative creativity, and likewise with that of an occultist, whose employed symbolism the surrealist and symbolist artists explored in their works.

Wherefore, In my works, I deconstruct the symbolism of the occult, which in the West in particular has an overriding focus upon the male principle, whose symbolic paradigm of God, angels and demons, etc, permeates all levels of Western culture, you could term as an ‘Animus’ fixation. Hence I am otherwise exploring the rebellious symbolic expression of the feminine, ‘Anima.’

This also involves an anarchic imaginative deconstruction of various mythologies from around the globe, including folktales, fairy tales and even ribald nursery rhymes, etc.

These symbolic influences have greatly influenced our childhood and adult culture via the now popular genres of fantasy, sword and sorcery and science fiction, let alone that of urban legends and conspiracy theories, which I explore in my work, to further fuse with present, social, political and cultural issues.

My work also engages various influences, which are as diverse as the ninth-art of comics, Manga, Anime, video games, film and music, etc, which I then reproduce as familiar symbolic stimuli, arranging them into new conceptually layered pieces.

Often these themes are erotic of nature, featuring fetish symbolism, which are then combined into photomontage works. The fetish symbolism of the hedonic is otherwise symbolically transmuted into the spiritual domain of the dream.

One example being, the fetish of the pony-girl, who is transmuted into a Succubus; her associated ‘Anima’ office is the inducement of Out Of Body Experiences; in other words, she enables the dreamer to ride her as his conjured Night-Mare.

My photomontage works also feature popular images from varying genres, which are juxtaposed with occult themes; these works are further embellished with arcane sigils, or otherwise created as computer generated imagery, which are used to illustrate what I write about.

The juxtaposition of popular imagery establishes a dream-like surreal quality, which suggests notions of a crossover into the dreaming domain of the occult, as well as formally unifying the disparate objects in each artwork into a whole. The employed sigils, are derived from the classical Grimoires, such as the Goetia in particular, which provide clues as to their content and further interpretation.

The photomontage works and computer generated imagery I sometimes translate into drawings or to use as colour studies for potential oil paintings. However, my preference is the traditional arts of drawing, painting as well as sculpture.

The usage of photomontage and computer generated imagery can be rather constrictive, which I to have primarily indulged in, so as to complete a project involving my writing, by a self determined date. The project has since been completed, which has led to my books.

While I use a variety of materials and processes in each project my methodology is usually consistent. Although there may not always be material similarities between my different projects they are linked by a recurring interest in the shamanic exploration of dreams, whether the subject matter involves fantasy or science fiction themes, etc.

For example, my artwork can be seen by the audience as being just a fantasy painting, but at another level it goes far deeper. However, I am aware that many in the audience find my interest in the occult to be rather disconcerting, if not quite mad, due their particular bias, whether it be religious or atheist of nature, who far prefer a strict division between fantasy and the occult realm of dreams. But should they look into the works of the surrealists or even many a comic artist they will find numerous artists who do not see a division between the two.

This does not mean that these artists are in anyway insane; they have just come to an objective observation that the nigh meditative process of creating a two-dimensional painting upon a cave wall of a canvas can become a three-dimensional interactive reality within a cavernous lucid dream.

The experience of a microcosmic lucid dream, wherein a conscious conjuration of an interactive character occurs, can also lead to the observation of concordant macrocosmic synchronicities. Hence, deserving further artistic exploration, which can be termed as sorcery practice.

Wherefore, my sorcery practice of art will determine the materials and the forms of my work, which of an ongoing experiential reality since a child, involves the experience of inducing lucid dreams via my art, and the ensuing observation of synchronicities.

Each of my projects may consist of multiple works, often in a range of different media, which are grouped around specific themes and meanings.

During the research phase and production, new areas of interest arise, leading to the next body of a Faustian work, which are inspired by my Succubae Muses, who I have conjured up within my lucid dreams via a Grimoire painting.

As the sorcerer adage goes: “you are only limited by the extent of your imagination.” I far prefer to let rip with my imagination, thinking outside of a ring-pass-not box!


6 Responses to “FAUSTUS CROW”


    This is an answer to an individual going by the name of Amin Ra.

    I do not have any time for ‘Brand’ names of deities, or deified personages, which are used to sell a religious ‘Product’ of turbans, rusty nails and bits of wood.

    This is especially the case when the religion is the ‘appropriation’ of another people’s ‘Ancestral-Self-Identity,’ whose history is full of religious genocides in the name of their jealous deity, along with their own near extinction at the hand of copy-cat Cultists!

    What has been stolen has been systematically shoved down everyone’s throats, of a continued brainwash, as being a fascist truth, by Big-Business monotheistic Cults whose centralist politics desire a theocratic New World Order.

    The ‘mystery of existence’ cannot be ‘Branded,’ as a ‘Product’ by mere humans, such as by the pharaoh Akhenaten ranting on about his Cult deity of an Aten, the Cult priests of Amun Ra were pissed off at; they were all a bunch of inane brain-dead Lilliputian’s!

    The Channelled books of an ‘Animus’ God fixation has caused no end of slaughter behind the inane smiley faces of its Cultists, all of whom say they believe in love and peace, while collectively working towards bringing about a self-fulfilling prophecy of an End Of Days for all and sundry. The shitty thing is, these mind-control death Cults now have the necessary war toys to achieve their crap!

    They’re like a bunch of automatons acting out a script. The bloody facts of history, along with the present horrors, shows the ‘real truth’ behind their lies, for all to see!

    Those who continually war over their religious ‘Brands’ as being the one and only Truth, are totally insane.

    What pisses me off, I’m just talking about exploring ones own mind; then someone turfs up saying I should convert to some shitty ‘Brand’ of an Oily Big-Business Cult, thinking him/herself to be some self-proclaimed saint. Probably he/she thinks they are acquiring brownie points to get into their heaven, for converting souls into Cult minions. They sound far more like a brainwashing BORG to me!

    Your Cult and that of its competing Cult has appropriated the Ancestral-Self-Identity of another people’s Cult. All three of which have never paid their taxes since the time of Babylon, let alone Sumeria. Apart from fleecing everyone else of their shekels, since your ‘Product’ of a human made, three-faced Animus deity can’t survive without money; for without the shekels, who is going to pay for its numerous legions of brainwashing priests, let alone build its lavish Big-Business Cult temples of NWO Companies!

    I do not have any interest in any organised Cult of a Big-Business religion, which seeks to ‘Brand’ reality with its human made ‘Product.’ Whereas spirituality of a nigh abstract term, is an entirely different matter concerning self-exploration, which I do so through the practice of Art.

    So, if you desire to acquire your heavenly brownie points, please make your speedy way to your so called holy land where your BORG competitors forever war. I’m sure you will be ‘right’ at home there amidst the End of Days slaughter, being ushered in by your Triad of fellow automatons around the Ziggurat of UR; even though of different Cult ‘Brands,’ you all follow the same Trinity script of an Illuminati… Program!

    Don’t worry, you are not alone, there are many other ‘Numbered’ automatons around like yourself, who will soon be ‘Chipped’ up; this is due to your holy water being Fluoridated with a known neurotoxin, whose mutagenic compound has also poisoned your communion wafers as well as the halal meat and accompanying vegetables.

    The Big-Business Cults require a captured audience of ‘Branded’ brain-dead Sheep, along with dosing up the Lambs and ensuing generations, so as to keep their NWO religious ‘Products’ rolling on. The Big-Business Cults greatly fear you waking up; for should you do so, you will most assuredly rebel against their symbolic Matrix!

    Overall, as Leonard Nimoy would say, via Humanist Spock, “Live Long and Prosper;” whose Merkabah of a Starship Enterprise was launched at a hand-sign ‘Shin’ time, when many rebelled, who once sung the Mantra, “Make Love Not War.”


    This is an answer to an individual, who calls ‘it’ self, ‘Anonymous.’ Said individual is somewhat unaware that ‘it’ is not so Anonymous as ‘it’ thinks, since WordPress has a Security Measure, which logs the details of the Commentator, in order to negate Trolls.

    Most of the Ancestral-Self-Identity of pre-Christian Europe was passed down the female line, which was especially the case in Northern Europe; wherefore you have the Eddas, which means, ‘Grandmother’s.’

    Hence the reason why the Holy Inquisition of Rome targeted women during the medieval Holocaust of the Witch burning era, which lasted for approximately 500yrs of totalitarian theocratic rule.

    The Witch burning era was of similarity to the present theocratic ISIL rule over parts of the Middle East, whose followers are presently destroying the Ancestral-Self-Identity of other people’s lands, not belonging to them, in order to rewrite history in their ideological image.

    “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” George Orwell, 1984

    Hence, not much has survived of the pre-Christian Ancestral-Self-identity of Europe; what little that has survived was recorded by biased Christian scholars, who used it for negative propaganda purposes.

    Other sources being that of present day archaeology.

    Witchcraft came to the fore during the late twentieth century, after two world wars, which is a mash-up of varying influences; it is a modern attempt to regain what has been lost, when Christian Rome forced the populace of Europe to convert to the appropriated Ancestral-Self-Identity of the Hebrew’s.

    You now have a situation where many a non-Hebrew claims to be of the lost tribe of Israel, who name their children after characters in the Torah; whereupon, those individuals who wake up to the fact that their indoctrination into a religion, which is the Ancestral-Self-Identity of another people’s, invariably leads them to seek out their own Ancestral-Self-Identity.

    Alas, the Ancestral-Self-Identity of Europe had been eradicated long ago by the Church of Rome’s Empire; this led to the eventual reactive creation of the Witchcraft movement, or otherwise called Wicca, whose popularity arose during the Vietnam war, when European Hippies sought an alternative spiritual paradigm of their own.

    Witchcraft is classified as being a religion by many of of its dis-enchanted Christian followers, so that their Newage temples can be Tax exempt, just like many a Synagogue, Church and Mosque.

    I am not going to pigeonhole myself as being a Pagan, whose original terminology basically means, anyone outside of Rome’s precincts, nor am I a Heathen, which has a tendency to be none too dissimilar to Christianity of temperament, along with being somewhat White Supremacist, when aligned with Nationalistic tendencies.

    I am not a follower of any religion, apart from having an interest in investigating their myths; this also includes Atheism, which is also a religious perspective. Nor am I a Satanist, Luciferian, Mason, Templar or one of the Illuminati, whose shared symbolism is Judaeo-Christian.

    I am however, a practitioner of Shamanism, which is ‘Not’ a religion, since it has no centralised dogma or singular philosophy entwined with temporal politics.

    Shamanism is essentially a system of consciousness transformation techniques, practiced by many ancient people’s across the globe, which enables a practitioner to affect his/her own consciousness to become aware of a greater reality.

    Whatever the practitioners use of a cultural symbol system is personal to them of beliefs; although beliefs can become a limitation; this is more so the case when they are cultural constructs.

    Wherefore, the Horned Shaman was demonised as the Devil/Satan/Lucifer by the early Christians.

    As for beliefs, I concur with the philosopher Robert Anton Wilson, who once said: “I do not believe in anything; but I have my suspicions.”

    In other words, I speak of personal experiences, rather than beliefs, concerning the material I illustrate and write about.

    Should I cover the beliefs of various cultures; whether they be ancient or modern, I do so out of an artistic interest in mythology, folklore and popular culture.


    This is an answer for Dante Leone:

    Past to Future, Future to Past, Ouroboros of a torc around the Reptilian-brain-stem throat of an interference-pattern Present.

    Birth to Death, a straight line, most to see; but from above, it be a circle, with the observer amidst its Ouroboros as a point.

    The observer to question the Present circus; but no one knows what was before their birth, or where they go at death; a straight line they see, linear of time.

    There be many a Clown who claims that they know what the straight line is all about, whose beliefs become as sideshow Cults, evolving into big-business religions, all as cultural-constructs contradicting each other, leading to numerous Liliputian wars.

    But who can argue with the sorceries of Science, which to reveal all space is expanding faster than speed of light. When to expand faster than light, time moves backwards as in a self-enclosed-loop, which indicates that time is an Eternally-Recurring Ouroboros.

    Hence you have a circus ring, likened to ‘Saturn’s’ rings encircling the observer, Who, if he/she becomes aware of the repeating Maya simulation, then the observer becomes a ring-master/mistress over his/her own life.

    Within the circus of the blind the singular eyed are as horned Shamans; Who, if so inclined, can help others to become aware of their repeating ways, in order to transform their Leaden torcs of Karma into Dharma Gold; should the sleepers ever awaken, to thence remember.

    As for science, which to have brought into the world varying technologies, such as birthing computers, whose users play video games. Said users are starting to see that their existence could be of similarity to a holographic simulation, a Hindu mystic terms as Maya.

    Maya is a (Shakti) female term, which appears to refer to an intuitive insight. There is much debate concerning consciousness, which some physicists say is being created by the Mitochondria, whose microtubules act like mini-Quantum Computers; what is more, the bio-photon fire illumination of your electron dreams emanates from the Mitochondrial DNA, which is passed down from the mother to her children; hence you have (Shakti) Maya.

    Everything you experience within the simulated circus is processed by your brain, which is made up of cells, within whose watery abodes is the Mitochondria (Kundalini-Shakti/fire-snake) powering them.

    How far will science go, who is to say, whose sorcerers are no doubt investigating a Chronos technology, your future descendants will utilise, who as watchers, can access the Virtual Reality dreams of their ancestors, let alone to physically travel into the past. Such is indeed possible within a Maya simulation, which be myriad of Ouroboros number.

    However, the ancient shamans knew how to time-travel within their electron dreams, when lucid, wherein they conjured up ‘personified’ Alternate Possibilities, with whom they then ‘unified’ themselves, in order to thence ‘slide’ into Tantric wise as Serpents.

    Wherefore, Faustus Crow conjures up (Succubi) Succubae Art Muses within the microcosmic dream, when lucid, which be his heterosexual orientation to do so of Sorcery Art; this then leads to the observation of macrocosmic memory-triggers upon a concordant synchronicity.

    A Succubus Art Muse looking like Lara Croft does inspire of love-craft, who makes consciousness expansion fun, when she to manifest within a Video game lucid dream, who be of an aroused Kundalini-Shakti fluctuation arsing as a Dakini along the erect reptilian-brain-stem.

    But, when it comes to those who are unaware of the dream, still sleeping, hypnotised, they will have to yet become aware that history is repeating its self, which of a collective ritual, conjuring a repeat, is becoming ever more insane of a Leaden scenario.

    Religions so very serious, so many wars, of a Hellish ‘Inferno!’

    Such is especially the case when scripted within ‘three’ so called holy books, the Leaden believers act out as programmed automatons, who are hive-mind quite unaware that they are the Illuminati, whose trinity of a ‘triad’ is a ‘triangle’ around the oily (petro-dollar/pyramid) ziggurat of Ur, amidst which be the Orwellian eye of their shared founder, who deified the ‘Animus’ as his God/Devil, Dante Alighieri was enamoured with.


    This is an answer for Dante Leone:

    Twin Peaks duality of a Black Lodge Zoroastrian Viral-meme, programming many a brain, Dr John C. Lilly’s neural net to have spoken of as being a (S.S.I) Solid State Intelligence, whereas the White Lodge he termed as the (E.C.C.O.) Earth Coincidence Control Office.

    The murderer of perception uses the knife of duality, who is aware that the emergence of sentience is caught betwixt and between Twin Peaks; wherefore, in order for the murderer to have total control over the schooling of brains, ignorance is utilised as a means to have dominion over the perception of others, by making them fear tasting of the teachers Apple.

    Behind the veil the S.S.I be of an Apple; its mechanical language is symbolic of an informational interface, which is the microcosmic dream. Alas, many have been programmed to fear the inverse pentagram introversion of the five senses into the microcosmic dream.

    Why? Because, when a dreamer observes certain symbolic stimuli within the microcosmic dream, which act as triggers, they enable the dreamer to remember, whence becoming lucid of a (Sexagram/Hexagram/Hexagon) ‘Sixth-Sense,’ awareness.

    The dreamer will then become aware that the inner symbolic triggers of the microcosmic S.S.I mirroring dream correlate with macrocosmic E.C.C.O. feed-back-loops of synchronicity. There is no conflict between the two, they are actually one of the grey.

    The only conflict is that of a dualistic paradigm the murderer of perception has used as a Ring-Pass-Not Limit Mind-Control tool.

    Hence, all those brains who have been programmed to fear are totally oblivious to those E.C.C.O. synchronicities of a higher language, which reflect back the symbolic focus of the unknowing observer within unremembered microcosmic dreams.

    The murderer of perception utilises Twin Peaks duality to make as a conflict between the Black Lodge and the White Lodge, to then feast off the programmed brains, who have been collectively indoctrinated to blindly focus upon the symbolic paradigms of three religious cultural constructs; this then generates a collective synchronistic-feed-back-loop for a few atop of an oily ziggurat of skulls; whereby you then have a return back to Orwellian UR and its ensuing never ending conflict.

    The programmed brains have been incarcerated within a symbolic Matrix, whose Twin Peaks prison is perpetuated by indoctrinated beliefs, which have been passed down the generations.

    However, the three religious paradigms have a weak spot of a shared symbolic focus, which is that of the deified ‘Animus’ made as a God/Devil, ‘The Eyes Of Laura Mars’ will have to eventually see as her own creation.

    Not that she is to blame for its Fifty Shades Of Grey patriarchy; it is that of an underlying biological drive made as a gender-fixated religion; for the Hens choose the strutting Peacocks, it is not, and never was the other way around; its nature.

    Little wonder then that Worker Bee Freemasons abide within Beehive Lodges, whose Queen Bee’s have an ‘Animus’ preference for an Illuminati Alpha-Male Bad-Boy Devil; whereas a Beta-Male Good-Guy Christ often gets crucified!


    This is an answer for Dante Leone:

    The appropriation of the Mayan calendar totally bemused the Mayan elders, who found that their ancestral-self-identity was being transformed into Newage neo-Gnostic Creepypasta, which of psy-ops viral-meme misdirection veiled a long time planned for war raging around the ziggurat of UR.

    But, nothing new there, Constantine’s Rome had long time prior appropriated the ancestral-self-identity of the Hebrew’s in order to have dominion over the Middle East, which was Rome’s treasure house and breadbasket.

    Later, the Arab’s likewise utilised Rome’s psy-ops methodology, who also desired to have control over the Middle East, which left the Hebrew’s in the triadic middle, wondering what the fuck was going on.

    When you have people copying others hook line and sinker, they invariably resent the existence of the original, who reminds them that they are merely clones, having no self-identity of their own, who are essentially soulless empty shells; wherefore the copycats habitually seek to destroy the original; whereby you have the eventuality of the holocaust.

    But it was not the only Biblically inspired genocide; you also have the Witch burning era of the Holy Inquisition afflicting Europe, which specifically targeted women. The reason for this was because the ancestral-self-identity of the European’s was traditionally passed down the female line, which was especially the case in Northern Europe.

    You also have all those copycat Conquistadors and later cloned Pilgrims flooding into the Americas, who sought, and still missionary seek to transform America into a new Jerusalem, having Solomon’s temple at its midst; but, this required the eradication of the natives, or otherwise having them being relocated to gaol reservations.

    It is quite interesting to observe that a cult out of UR has taken hold over so many brains, which has a very particular perspective towards human sexuality, whose viral-meme attitude is derived from their founding cult leader, who was very much against fluid sexualities.

    Fluid sexualities in ancient cultures, was no big deal at all, likewise with those cultures who haven’t yet lost their own ancestral-self-identities; they do not brag about it, publicise it, let alone making it a political agenda or even to get all metaphysical about it, who see it is a natural expression.

    Hell, you even find numerous examples of fluid sexualities in nature. But when it comes to Western culture, it is a very big deal indeed, only because it is not actually Western, it is Middle Eastern, due to an indoctrinated mind-set out of UR.

    As for the ziggurat of UR, it was seen to be the Beehive temple mount of a Moon God by the Sumerian’s and the later Babylonian’s, whose pyramidal temple was run by Queen Bee Priestesses, who prophesied when they allowed themselves to become erotically possessed around the Moon phases, by their deified ‘Animus,’ made as a God; whereupon the Priestesses were considered to be the Shekhinah wives of their deified ‘Animus.’

    The ‘Blood Moon’ Priestesses had dominion for a long time, until they were eventually usurped by a Priest class who copied the Priestesses; wherefore their Prophets claimed to be the Shekhinah vessels of their God, even though they could not menstruate, which of an ensuing altered state does empower trance.

    Whence a Pope wears a wedding ring as well as many a Nun loving their Lord, which of a gender focus involves an underlying sexual orientation. It’s nature, which cannot be denied!

    The closeted attempt to avoid seeing the overriding gender focus upon the male, by becoming over reactive machismo; but then to habitually let slip when to persecute homosexuals, as well as hating women, for no reason at all.

    The author Philip K. Dick to have once said, “The Empire Never Ended!” The empire lives on through its psy-ops religion, thriving on cultic wars behind a smiley face, becoming ever more insane, which of a viral-meme insanity has infected many a brain.

    The investigation of Art, when seen as Sorcery, reveals much; for the cultic psy-ops utilises religious symbolism as its Mind-Control tool via which it programs the collective hive-mind, which is essentially that of Art.

    What is religious, what is not religious? It is a matter of emotionally charged cultural symbolism colouring perception.

    Comic fans are an interesting bunch, especially the fans of spandex wearing superheroes, whose characters are essentially archetypal aspects of the ‘Animus.’ Some of the comic fans can become rather aggravated, when an Artist makes changes to a superheroes costume; their emotional reaction is none too different to a religious believer who is a worshipping fan of a deified ‘Animus’ made as a God.

    Superhero comics are commonly perceived to be a male province in the main. However a large percentage of the comic readership is female, who have an avid liking for the tight baboon butts, six-packs, bulging biceps and jutting jaws of the superhero characters, which the male readership tends to totally overlook; unless of course there are some amongst them who are sexually attracted to their own sex, then it becomes glaringly obvious, that the superhero is likened to a strutting peacock, the media machine has sexualised in order to attract a heterosexual female readership of hot blooded Hens.

    The artist Milo Manara is renowned for his erotic comic Art, who was asked by the Marvel/Disney media machine to do a cover for their superheroine, Spiderwoman.

    Manara is of the same Artistic leaning as many another European comic artist who are not too enamoured with the spandex superhero genre of American culture. For example Philippe Druillet absolutely hates superhero comics.

    Manara was however crafty, who depicted Spiderwoman in a similar upturned Baboon butt pose as Spiderman on many a previous comic cover, who too showed his spandex arse within their elemental four-colour innards.

    However, Manara’s depiction of an ‘Anima’ archetype caused much viral-meme furore among the protesting feminists and the politically correct, moralising social justice warrior thought police, who considered Manara’s depiction of Spiderwoman to be Entartete Kunst sexual.

    The emotive reaction to Manara’s artistry is of similarity to a patriarchal monotheist becoming extremely irate when confronted by Pagan depictions of a creator archetype being artistically depicted as a scantily clad female, revealing a La Toyah breast at the superbowl, which is invariably labelled as being pornography, while war to rage around his URuk anus.

    The patriarchal monotheist is somewhat unaware that his own gender focus upon a deified ‘Animus’ made as a scantily clad God also has an underlying sexual orientation behind its forged psy-ops image, a female worshipper is well a aware of as being most obviously sexual, but she will not tell; for, she’s far too busy reading an Übermensch comic, or to be otherwise conjuring spandex Angels and Demons from out of her Playboy grimoire illustrating archetypes of her ‘Animus.’

    If there is to be any change at all, which breaks through the engineered illusion of an incarcerating symbolic Matrix, imprisoning many a brain, it will require an artfully crafted Anti-Viral-Meme of Art Sorcery, having no metaphysical mumbo-jumbo associated with it at all, apart from it being pop-surrealist of symbolic formulas; such will then zeitgeist tremble the web of a hundredth monkey effect, becoming an Art Movement.

    However, said monkey brains are those of the Babalon female, who will then ride their Beastly male monkey’s in a new direction, due to a reconfigured ‘Animus’ fixation. Nature can be such a bitch.

    The Babalon Witches will at first react, when to ‘Blood Moon’ scream, “it’s all pornography,” to throw Hex stones within their glass temples, before they realise that a truth of nature cannot be socially engineered out of existence, nor to be illogically argued with to wax on labyrinthine lyrical. As for the Beastly male monkey brains, they will have to become aware of their fallen ‘Anima’ in order to gauge where they are being ridden this time around the Ouroboros!

    Then the pyramidal Ziggurat of petrodollar UR and that of its Illuminati triad of triangulated tax-exempt big-business cults will have their Orwellian Overwatch eye being closed down, wherefore having no more symbolic hold over the monkey brains!

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