A Goetia Girls Tarot Deck will soon be available, which will accompany my Art book Grimoires. The Tarot deck can be utilised as a meditation tool, which will utilise corresponding key-words for divination purposes.

I have also used the Elder Futhark Runes for the cards. The Runic association refers to an old belief, that the Runes were possessed by spirits. Although not specifically said, the Runic spirits are (Succubi/Succubae) Druden, otherwise known as Valkyries, who are the Witch Wives/Handmaidens/Daughters of the Norse Shamanic deity called Odin, the Saxon’s knew as Woden, the later Christian converts named as Old Nick, a slang term for the Devil.

Old Nick is also a reference to Saint Nicholas – Santa Claus, who is essentially a Horned Shaman; this in turn leads you to Marlowe’s and Goethe’s Devil, called Mephistopheles.

The name of Odin, means: Od/Light/Ecstasy -In/Master, is derived from the Southern Siberian Altaic name of, Odqan, which means Od/Fire/Light – King. Odqan’s female counterpart is the Mother of Fire, called Yal-un eke, who is none too dissimilar to the Goddess, the ancient Roman’s knew as Diana-Lucifera, the later Christian converts transformed into their male adversary, named Lucifer.

The planetary spheres, metals and astrological associations are derived from Aleister Crowley’s illustrated Goetia, which can be utilised as a means to create personality profiles for each of the ‘Anima’ fluctuation (Succubi) Succubae.

The Tarot cards can also be used for an esoteric game, if so desired, which in its self is an act of ‘creative meditation’ and that of a Surrealist ‘conjuring.’


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