Many are unaware that the Tarot cards can be played as a game, which is traditionally known as Tarock. The basic rules for Tarock first made their appearance in a manuscript, which was authored by Martiano da Tortona, before 1425.

Tarot games, are also called Tarocco, or Tarocchi as well as by other cultural variants of the name.

The French game of Jeu de Tarot, is played as a trick-taking strategy Tarot card game.

Jeu de Tarot is played by three to five players using a traditional 78-card tarot deck, which is the second most popular card game played in France. Jeu de Tarot is also played in French-speaking Canada.

The earliest record of the Tarot being associated with occult practices is an essay that was published during 1781 by Court de Gébelin, who believed the symbolism of the Tarot was secretly communicating ancient wisdom.

The Tarot does have intriguing symbolic associations with the ancient shamanic symbolism of the Runes, whose four suits describe the four elements of occult practice, as well as depicting the four elemental weapons, club/stave/wand, pentacle, cup and sword, which are traditionally used in ritual magic.

Although, a number of skeptical researchers believe that the Tarot was just invented as a game, which was not originally used for occult practices.

What the researchers miss is that playing a game can be utilised as a meditative practice, as well as for the empowerment of intrinsic abilities, such as lucid dreaming.

For example the Native American guessing game called the Hand-game, which is otherwise known as the Stick-game or Bone-game, is used as a shamanic means to enhance the psychic ability of remote-viewing.

Jayne Gackenbach, a psychologist at Grant MacEwan University in Canada, discovered that playing video games, or even card games before sleep can bestow an unusual level of awareness within the dream, as well as inducing lucid dreams.

Video games as well as the occult symbolism of the Tarot, can be conjured up as inner realities, a dreamer will then be able to experience within his/her lucid dreams.

Wherefore a two-dimensional image of a meditated upon Tarot card, when playing the Sorcery Poker game of Lilith’s Harem can be conjured up as an interactive three-dimensional reality within a lucid dream.

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NOTE: Lilith’s Harem is not played like Tarock, it is more akin to Poker, though not the same. Other types of card games can be played with the Black Raven Tarot. As for the game rules for Lilith’s Harem, they are described in the accompanying grimoire, which can be downloaded separately from the Black Raven Tarot cards as a PDF, or otherwise automatically acquired when obtaining the Black Raven Tarot.  




    This is an answer for Nick Otmazgin:

    Let’s cut to the Cross-Bones through all the fleshly layers of The Legions Of Charlies esoterica about the Black Sun, which of Saturnian onion skin convolutions becomes labyrinthine…

    The question, which has become quite lost within the conceptual maze of Gordian knot symbolism is quite simple: “From where does the inner ‘light’ of the dream emanate, which illuminates the Skull?”

    The caveman asked the same Artist question when painting erotic murals within the cavernous womb depths, who had surmised that the light of the dream is emanating from an inner Sun behind the Sun, which was later called the Black Sun, and that this Black Sun is associated with the experience of (Chronos/Saturn) time.

    But in order to know of the Black Sun, the practitioner has to first experience (Crossbones/X-Rune) hypnagogic trance, the Alchemists termed as the Nigredo (Black/Raven) stage of ingress into the womb depths of the dream, wherein the Albedo (White) light of the inner Sun is (Skull) experienced.

    Upon awakening The practitioner will experience the Rubedo (Red) stage of hypnopompic egress out of the womb dream, which was symbolised as a menstrual blood (red-ochre) rebirth around the Luna pull phases.

    The practitioner will sometimes experience the Citrinitas (Yellow) stage of the Great Work, when initially awakening, who will perceive the visionary material of the womb dream (caul) overlapping his/her waking perception.

    The scientists of the new priesthood have determined that the inner light of the dream, they call the bio-photon, is emanating from the Mitochondrial DNA, which is passed down from the mother to her children.

    What is more, some physicist wizards believe that the Microtubules of the Mitochondria are acting like on-board ‘Quantum Computers,’ which are generating consciousness and in turn the experience of time, since consciousness and (Chronos/Saturn/Binah) time are indivisible.

    It just so happens that horny horned Shamans had intuitively sussed out that the inner light has a feminine source, they had equated with various female deities.

    For example, the Mongolian Kams had Yal un-eke, who is the mother of the inner fire, the ancient Greek’s called Artemis, or sometimes associated with Hera of the hearth, whereas the Roman’s had Diana-Lucifera, the Christian’s later transformed into their Lucifer.

    It is the reasoning behind why some ancient shamanic cultures associated the Sun with a female deity, who for them also ‘illuminates’ the Quantum Computing realms of the womb dream, ‘illuminated’ by the inner fire of the ‘bio-photon,’which is emanating from the Mitochondrial DNA of a Black Sun.

    Hence the reason why horny horned Shamans dallied with (Jinn/Druden) Dakinis who are made of fire, a Faustian Artist does Truderer conjure as his ‘illuminating’ Black Raven Art Muses amidst his Triangle Of Art imagination, unto a Quantum Computing (Lilith’s Harem/Sexagram/Hex-Sixth-Sense) lucid dream.


    This is an answer for Nick Otmazgin:

    “The man who arrives at the doors of Artistic creation with none of the ‘madness’ of the Muses would be convinced that technical ability alone was enough to make an Artist… what that man creates by means of reason will pale before the Art of inspired beings.” – Plato


    This is an answer for Nick Otmazgin:

    A Beta brain-wave adult takes note of his/her Filum rot, which to make an adult ever so Terra serious, thinking he/she is maturing, likened to that of Ereshkigal’s mouldy wine, tasting like Irkalla’s bitterest vinegar.

    When a Beta-brain adult is faced by an Avadhuta who has not forgotten his/her inner Heyoka child, the Beta-brain adult whom prefers indulging in a Cauda Pavonis tune pit of a self-wrought depression, tends to tunnel-vision see the Avadhuta wearing the Conical hat of a… Tarot Fool.

    The Avadhuta reminds an Alba mind-set what has been molded out of a mass media-meme focus upon the Gothic darkness, which reinforces a medieval Witch burning era memory of trauma, is as pliable as Pipe-Clay Kaolin.

    A Faustian Doctor Frankenstein can knit-together an exquisite-corpse of a Tulpa mind-doll as he sees fit, to thence animate with his electrified desires, since he is not answerable to any indoctrinated fashion-fad of a media-machine clique, which considers its self to be The Legion Of Charlies Beta-brain mature.


    This is an answer for Nick Otmazgin:

    A skeptic often uses the word Con, who doesn’t have any personal experience of what he/she is throwing Bunyip stones at within his/her glasshouse of an enclosed temple; nor will he/she ever decide to find out for himself/herself, due to their indoctrinated disbelief.

    Does such a Bunco playing skeptic remember his/her dreams, probably not; for his/her memory has been severely limited to just playing the rat-race game of Samsara.

    Hence, a skeptic sees lucid dreaming being on par with spectral UFO’s hovering around like drones, to not even see that UFO’s could be military industrial complex black-project tech.

    Wherefore a skeptic lacks the imagination to see that the immensity of space may be populated by other life-forms, such as the possibility of hallucinogenic mushrooms growing on Mars.

    Let alone being capable of seeing that his/her Australasia government is very likely lying to the mass populace about Contrail geoengineering.

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