“The Sixty-second Spirit is Valaka, Volaca or Valuna. She is a President Mighty and Great, and appears of a vision, like a Schoolgirl with Angel’s Wings, riding upon a Two-headed Dragon, looking like a caduceus, which be her broomstick.” (Above: A4 Size Pen/Brush And Ink Original Artwork. Full Artwork Can Be Seen On Patreon.)

“Her Art Muse Office is to give True Remote-Viewing Answers of Hidden Treasures, and to tell where serpentine Slytherin girls may be seen.”

“The which she will bring as Dakini Art models, who will offer up their teacher’s apples unto the conjuring surrealist Artist’s Triangle Of Art imagination, without any force or strength being by him employed.” 

“She governs over 38 Legions of Naga (Succubi) Succubae, and her Mercurial sphere Seal is to be meditated upon before conjuring her salacious archetype into a lucid dream.”

“Wherein, she will manifest as an interactive three-dimensional reality. She makes her conjured appearance amidst a spectral school, whose foundations of past memories are made up ones Cabbalistic climb up the educational hierarchy of seven planetary spheres. She will thence enable the conjuring Surrealist Artist to reprogram his inner child of an indoctrinated imprint. As the saying goes: “Have a Child For ‘Seven’ Years, The Adult Is Then Owned By The Establishment.” – S. L. MacGregore Freemason Matherson (1904) Goetia




    This is an answer for lug54:

    Between birth and 2 years old, a child is in a DELTA brain-wave state. When in deep sleep an adult is in Delta, which explains why a newborn usually can’t remain awake for more than a few minutes at a time, though still emotionally susceptible to the influence of music. It is one of the reasons why an Artist listens to music, while creating his/her Art.

    Then the brain-wave shifts towards THETA, which is predominant in children aged between 2 and 6. Children operating in Theta are very connected to their internal world.

    They live in the realm of imaginative daydreaming. Although they are still unable to show signs of critical, rational thinking. In other words, it is a state where an Artist allows his/her subconscious mind let rip, without his/her conscious mind interfering. Many an Artist of the Modern Art persuasion seeks to regain this state of being as well as going unto embryonic scribble Delta.

    THETA is a super learning state, where the child is open to suggestion. Children are more likely to accept what they have been taught as being true. Those who practice Meditation, which is basically the self-inducement of (Theta) hypnagogic trance, otherwise termed as self-hypnosis, can also access this ‘inner-child’ state in order to Hermes-Trismegistus reprogram themselves.

    Between the ages of 5 to 8, the brain waves have changed into an ALPHA frequency, 8 to 13 cycles per second. This is the point when the analytical mind begins to form. Children start to interpret and draw conclusions from their environment. Although, the inner world of the microcosmic imagination tends to be as real as the outer macrocosmic world of reality.

    Children in the ALPHA age-group tend to have a Magician/Witch foot in both the (dream/water) microcosmic and (physical/land) macrocosmic worlds, by using both (hemi-synch) left and right brain (Horns) hemispheres at the same time, one can term as being an ‘Amphibious’ shamanic state of (Anunnaki/Nommo/Oannes/Naga) being.

    When an Artist creates a work of Art, he/she can access an Alpha meditative state, which is a form of a light trance. It is described as being a peaceful and relaxed state, though still alert, having powerful associative ideas and inspiration. This is a sought for state to be in when brain-storming, creating ideas or learning.

    During the meditative creative process, focused upon symbolic stimuli can be implanted into the dream, wherein a meditated upon two-dimensional image can be conjured up as an interactive three-dimensional reality within a lucid dream.

    From ages 8 to 12 and on-wards, brain activity enters into BETA. This is the world of conscious, analytical thinking. The mind is awake, focused and alert and is capable of logical thinking. Adults spend most of their time in this cycle, which has been prior programmed by their upbringing, such as believing in the established symbolic paradigm of the deified Animus made as a God/Devil, which also molds and ‘programs’ their grimoire dreams.

    The Beta brain establishment fears the questioning inner-child of amphibious state Alpha, who knows how to consciously access Theta unto Delta.

    Art is Sorcery, Sorcery is Art, both are indivisible from the other of shamanic practice.


    This is an answer for Nick Otmazgin:

    Constantine had a vivid dream, within which he was once again a rebellious schoolboy of Hermes memory, being re-lived; though, his dream was somewhat different of surrealist juxtapositions.

    He found himself watching a Quidditch match between rollerball Maenads wearing Gimel camel-toe micro-shorts, wielding Thrysus hockey sticks.

    The St Trinian Maenads sought to win the Hogwarts Tetractys for their respective planetary sphere houses, which generated an arena roar from the surrounding blood-letting crowd of the coliseum.

    Then, Constantine heard his name being called out over the tumult by a petite schoolgirl, around whose bright mercurial brow she wore a Hippie Tainia of the finest filigree. Constantine subconsciously knew she had invited him to watch gladiator football.

    Constantine also realised she was his very strange girlfriend, named Valaka; but then he always had a liking for geeky Goth girls, who became as his Art models during Art class.

    Very soon she was intimately speaking to him about the Filioque, which has been the subject of great controversy between the Eastern and Western cults of Animus fixated Christianity leading to many a religious war over a God.

    Valaka then to secretly relate that the Holy Ghost is actually an aspect of the deified Animus made as a God, who smells just like a woman’s All-Father, which to mask an Alpha-Male Bad-Boy Devil Incubus, many a conjuring Witch has a liking for.

    She further explained that a Witch quickly learns, that a Bad-Boy Holy-Ghost doesn’t stick around for very long, when a child eventually drops from out of her bloody womb, which invariably leads to her Crucifying a Beta-Male good-guy Christ as her scapegoat, to verily friend zone as a ‘Useful’ Joseph. It’s all to do with biology at the end of the day.

    Constantine was shocked by the truth of Valaka’s revelations, before he awoke from his vivid lucid dream surrounded by Black Raven Tarot cards, one of which depicted Slytherin Hermione.


    This is an answer for Nick Otmagin:

    Valaka reveals the strutting Peacocks to have once Goosestepped their Tyrol way under the Mars banner of an Orwellian All-Father. Have a child for ‘seven’ years, the establishment then owns the adult.

    Now the Peacocks wear skirts, who protest against an Orwellian All-Father, to such an extent of propaganda inflicted guilt, that some of the Peacocks desire to become Venusian sphere Hens, and only because the converted Peacocks slimily seek to impregnate the Hens moist grottos.

    While doing so, the Green feathered Hens watch, whom are Queen Bee amused by the Peacocks ‘Usefulness;’ for the Peacocks always dance to the Hens Animus tune under Orions belt, to which ‘three’ Bene Gesserit Beehive Pyramids point.

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