There are different techniques, which can be utilised to read the Black Raven Tarot cards. These methods can be combined. (For more information about the Black Raven Tarot, Please Click On The Artwork.)

The described techniques, are general descriptions. These techniques are just a few examples, which can be used for divination or meditation work.

(NOTE: The following pages are not derived from the Black Raven Tarot Grimoire. The Black Raven Tarot Grimoire features new Artwork, etc.) 

A free-form reading focuses upon the Tarot card ‘images,’ which requires you using your ‘Active Imagination.’ you can interpret the images as you see fit of imaginative explorations, in order to create an imaginary story construct for each card, which you then link together of similarity to a mind-map.

Let’s say that you shuffle the Tarot, and pull out five cards for a personal reading reading. The depicted Tarot cards below, are initially placed in the same ‘pentagram configuration’ as shown above. You then allow your imagination to weave a story around each image. For example:

PAST: VALAKA: Schoolgirl-Witch/Mutant Student

NEAR PAST: PHENEXI: Punk/Goth-Girl/Anarchist Art Rebel

PRESENT: AMONA: Streetwise Psychic Gangster Moll

NEAR FUTURE: ALLOCESI: UFO Nun/Eye/Revelation Of Secrets

FUTURE: OSEA: UFO Girls/Visitation/Abduction Into Another Dimension

Valaka is otherwise known as Valuna. Valaka is the Fallen ‘Anima’ name of a spirit listed in the classical Goetia, whose ‘Animus’ name is Valak or Volac.

When weaving your own story around a chosen Tarot card, allow your Active Imagination to let rip of free-flow automatism, which is akin to daydreaming, or if you prefer, a creative form of (mind-map) brainstorming.

Should you be interested in seeing an example of an Active Imagination story construct for Valaka, Please Click Here.

GENERAL STORY ‘IMAGE’ CONSTRUCT: PAST: Studies leading to NEAR PAST: Rebellious attitude. PRESENT: Having a streetwise wisdom. NEAR FUTURE: Seeing differently, leading to a revelation. FUTURE: A surpising visit out of the blue.

A GENERAL IMAGE INTERPRETATION AND READING: Previous studies have led to having an unorthodox perspective, which others may see as being rebellious. Having an unorthodox viewpoint, is not that of being unrealistic, since it has been aligned with an observational streetwise wisdom, which leads to a revelatory insight as well preparing you for situations, which could shock you, let alone others.

There are also associated divination ‘keywords’ on each card. The keywords can also be combined with the images of the cards when constructing your imaginary story. Example:

IN GENERAL: PAST: Relying on your inner (Caduceus) wisdom leads to NEAR PAST strange dreams/inspiration/insights, which are rebellious of PRESENT nature. Having such a rebellious street-wise perspective enables hustling for new opportunities. A potential opportunity will arise, which will be somewhat of a NEAR FUTURE revelation, even though you will feel as if you are being abducted against your will into an alien situation in the FUTURE… it could be fun.

You also have associated ‘RUNES,’ which can be Cross-Referenced With the planetary Spheres of the depicted (Succubi) Succubae. Example:

IN GENERAL: PAST: Inner wisdom and Mercurial/Intellectual guidance. NEAR PAST: Getting rid of that, which hinders; relying on your Luna intuition to do so; an emotional time. PRESENT: Intuitively (Luna) looking for opportunities, which are somewhat tied up with the Rune of (X) romance. NEAR FUTURE: A sign, portent and omen pointing at Venus. FUTURE: Finding yourself in a more structured Mercurial situation, which could be associated with studies/learning something new.

The Star signs can be utilised to determine possible qualities pertaining to individuals or determining times when situations may occur. There are different symbolic layers of the Tarot cards, which can be cross-referenced with one another.

What you focus upon can initiate synchronicity feed-back loops of macrocosmic phenomena as well as bringing about corresponding situations. Remember, you are in control of the Tarot, not the other way around. This is very much the case concerning the two-dimensional meditation images of the Black Raven Tarot.

Each of the (Succubi) Succubae have associated offices and functions, which are listed in my accompanying Goetia Girls grimoires.

The functions of the (Succubi) Succubae are based upon the classical grimoire descriptions, which can also be utilised when conducting divinatory work with the cards, or otherwise used for meditation purposes in order to induce corresponding microcosmic lucid dreams, wherein the (Succubi) Succubae manifest as three-dimensional interactive realities.

You also have the Zodiac, which is turn associated with the symbol of the Ouroboros. You can imagine the ‘spinning disk’ of George Pal’s H.G. Wells (Merkabah) Time-Machine as being the zodiac/Ouroboros, whose Decans are associated with corresponding (Succubi) Succubae.

The (Succubi) Succubae are associated with star signs, which also refer to Zodiac Ages.

When ‘Seated’ in ‘meditation,’ you can (H.G. Wells) meditate upon an image of a Succubus pertaining to a Zodiac (disk) Age, which will invariably induce intriguing (Art Muse) Quantum Computing Time-Travel dreams.

The Sorcery game, Lilith’s Harem, can also be played with the Black Raven Tarot cards, which will facilitate the symbolism of the cards to be easily learnt, as well as empowering ensuing dreams. Lilith’s Harem can be played by two to six players. If you are interested in buying the Black Raven Tarot, Please Click Here.




    This is an answer for Nick Otmazgin:

    Moll Dyer Faerie stone, like those of Celtic spirals, into whose pot-marks offerings were made to the Leannán sí, whom cavort as spectral Witches around a Master Leonard. A three horned Leonard knows of the ‘Tarot’ Leys, whose dream paths cross over the dodecahedron edges 72, of the crystalline Earth under star clock Zodiac, which lead to alternative possibilities at hypnagogic trance key-times.


    This is an answer for Nick Otmazgin:

    Quantum computing, alternate Tarot possibilities via hypnagogic Nigredo trance…

    Who is to say, yay or nay, that there be a ‘bellibone’ counterpart of a Leannán sí Owl eyed Witch wearing a spray-on silvery-Grey Catsuit, whose alternate Steampunk Earth has a Tesla Vimana she to UFO pilot, from her parallel universe to this commercialised domain…

    May be she be otherwise a hot and most tempting descendant of those ancient survivors, whom escaped a world-wide cataclysm 10,000yrs ago when to retreat into their hidden Agartha…

    Whatever the case of Triangle Of Art imagination, a horny Faustian Sorcerer likes cavorting with ‘bellibone’ Owl eyed Witches, he to meet up with upon an engineered synchronicity, across the Wyrd web Tarot Leys at a key ‘Time.’

    It be just a case of focusing upon a nexus-stone at a power ‘Place,’ having the right Gimel ‘Camel-toe’ indentations, whose EM frequencies make Owl eyed Witches spin, becoming quite dizzy, frozen to the the Gebo ‘X,’ marking the spot.


    This is an answer for Nick Otmazgin:

    “There is also a ‘third’ kind of ‘Madness,’ which is possession by the (Leannán sí) Muses, enters into a delicate and virgin soul, and there inspiring frenzy, awakens lyric….But he, who, not being inspired and having no touch of Madness in his soul, comes to the door and thinks he will get into the (Tarot) temple by the help of Art–he, I say, and his poetry are not admitted; the sane man is nowhere at all when he enters into rivalry with the Madman.” Plato, Phaedo.

    Hence, Faustus conjures the Fallen Anima ‘dark haired girl,’ Mephistophina, who initiates the bedroom invader, little (crossbones ‘X’ Rune) death of Nigredo hypnagogic trance.

    At the point of impregnation, entoptic forms are initially seen of a polkadot Salome veil, prior to accessing the seven visionary Bardo states, leadng thence to the Primary and Secondary Bardo of the tetractys, illuminating the crystalline skull.


    This is an answer for Nick Otmazgin:

    Three shifts of consciousness: The back of the head (Qoph) be one, of Urd’s well cerebellum.

    The Old Hag Syndrome Witch of said shift of slider consciousness, has a liking for being slipped a Saveloy; though her inner school be no Hog-worts.

    When to impregnate the hymen veil of Nigredo trance into her cavernous womb domain of a honeycombed fractal, her spectral hands to thence Kundalini Shakti caress thine Ygdrassil spine, lighting it up like a Tarot path candelabra.


    This is an answer for Nick Otmazgin:

    Crystal skull, ancient shamanic tech, exploring the nature of consciousness, energy/information, symbolism/language and matter; before an asteroid hit Greenland, then much was lost.

    The connection with the symbolic (Tarot) interface of the dream, severed by severe trauma. Bone is crystalline of fractal structure, like everything else in nature.

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