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Faust is an archetypal rebellious hero of one of the most durable legends in Western folklore and literature. It is a Rabelaisian story of a Sorcerer who sells his tortured soul to a Devil, named Mephistopheles, in exchange for knowledge and power.

Mephistopheles is conjured forth from out of the plethora of Hogwarts Playgirl grimoires.

The commonality of the Playboy grimoires list machismo Chippendale Angels and butch Demons who are all Incubi archetypes of the deified ‘Animus,’ made as a Crucified Good-Guy God and a Bad-Boy Devil, around whom protesting Witch-Nuns, Mary-quite-so-contrary writhe, who to rage at their All-Father.

But it would be far more likely that Faust conjured up his fallen ‘Anima,’ whom manifested as a salacious Nigredo Raven haired Succubus within a threefold coerced lucid dream, wherein he is a Hermes-Trismegistus Doctor unto his own self.

If Faust was an Artist, he would have conjured her up amidst his Triangle Of Art imagination as his spectral Art model to mantra name as Mephistophina.

As a Succubus Art Muse, Mephistophina would inspire a rebellious Faustian Artist to create a Playboy grimoire, illustrating the politically incorrect Succubus Great Old Ones of the fallen ‘Anima.’

Her Art Muse sisters frequent the Entartete Kunst realm of Necronomicon harem lucid dreams, which verily leads to a Black Raven Tarot deck.

This Faustian Tarot deck is not only used for divination, or as a Tantric meditation tool for inducing Art Muse lucid dreams, let alone utilised as Playboy Zener Runic cards, etc.

This Tarot deck can also be used for playing a Lilith’s Harem Sorcery game, as well as other arcane card games, when to sojourn the local Goat Head inn.

Hilarious, profound, light-hearted, elegant, filthy, heroic, anti-heroic, and truly Occult… move over Marlowe, Goethe, Gounod, Mann…

Faust fucks his Tantric way through Heaven and Hell, and wherever he decides to multiverse go, within his quantum computing dreams.

He cares not for the politically correct thought-control of the Orwellian Eden’s Samsara Sand-Box, of a prison. All Faust cares about is to seer his soul being reflected back at him within his lover’s eyes, and she, the fifth-element, who he has sought out around the eternally-recurring Ouroboros, he to travel without moving.




    This is an answer for Nick Otmazgin:

    A Devi (Devi-l) Dakini depicted in a 2D (image/card) Yidam of a meditation tool, who is in a Tantric embrace with a raging Buddha, can be ‘experientially’ conjured into an ‘interactive’ 3D lucid dream.

    Wherein, the lucid dreamer assumes the raging Buddha guise of a Faust, who has conjured up a Devi-Dakini aspect of his (‘Anima’) Shakti, with whom he enters into a Coitus Pactum, within a sexagram (sixth-sense) lucid dream.

    Some will no doubt consider this Dream Yoga practice to be Quixotic. Those who do so, have not as yet experienced a lucid dream.


    This is an answer for Nick Otmazgin:

    Language is made up of the numerous Necronomicon whispers of the dead, which you utilise as symbolic code of conjuring bones, whose nigh archaic use is not of the generalised language of the common arena.

    This isn’t to say nobody can understand your surrealist usage of a conjurers language; but many will no doubt throw your coded words out the window of their minds as being the stuff of a Defenestrated Omnibus.

    Do not unduly worry yourself if they do so; for you will find they do not know how to dream and in turn never knowing that they can experientially become lucid within a conjuring dream, they see as being a Quixotic endeavour.

    Such individuals will not understand that the first Artist was a Shaman, and that the lucid dream gave birth to Art, which of a conscious practice is indivisible to Sorcery!


    This is an answer for Nick Otmazgin:

    The language of the West, has become Middle Eastern of orientation due to a religious cultural-construct of an ancestral-self-identity, which had been appropriated by the Roman Empire; though its symbolism has a deeper layer, which refers to the ‘biological’ of a shared sub-stratum, underlying all other religious constructs.

    Those who do not know how to dream, nor remembering their dreams will be totally unaware of how their subconscious minds can be influenced via symbolic stimuli, without them being aware of it.

    If you have a language, which is shared by many whose symbolism constantly refers to a religious cultural-construct, then the collective mind is programmed as well as being reinforced to focus upon a locale of an… icon.

    If you have religious-cultural-construct whose symbolic emphasis is that of the deified ‘Animus’ made as a God/Devil, it will invariably have an underlying sexual orientation due to its total focus upon a particular ‘biological’ gender.

    The ‘biological’ indicates that the focus upon the deified ‘Animus,’ is a construct, which has been forged by the female, whose deified ‘Animus,’ did not want the ‘Anima,’ being part of the symbolic equation.

    You then have a ‘Henpecked Adam’ who gave into his ‘very jealous’ protesting wife, spinning as an axe wielding Ophanim. Hence the ‘Anima,’ was castigated out of an Orwellian Eden as the Fallen.

    Does this sound all too familiar to you concerning the socially-engineered protests of Banshees, which is that of a subversively orchestrated distraction from an Oily locale, over which the greedy few sacrifice many a Sheep to slaughter.

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