When a Warlock retires to his ritual bed, a Succubus Art Muse to conjure would be a Duchess, named, Astaroth.

She will usher the conjurer betwixt her hypnagogic pylons black and white, becoming superimposition Grey.

Wherein he then impregnates her ever lustful elecTRON womb dream.

She will then set about abducting the Warlock’s holographic dream body into her elecTRON Vimana, which to Cylon hover spectral over an exotic Ley-line.

What to occur aboard her interdimensional Vimana can become quite intimate, as she wittingly reveals how the ‘Anima’ fell out of the symbolic equation with her Succubus Great Old Ones, if the conjurer desires to know.

She will also tell the reason of her own Astarte fall, when the Fifty-Shades-Of-Grey zodiac age of the deified ‘Animus,’ made as a God/Devil came to the fore.

Now you only have a Mary quite so contrary Virgin Mary riding the male psyche as a Babalon Queen Bee, who binds the ridden Beast to a petrodollar Beehive of an Oily UR ziggurat.

Whereas an Astarte is protested against as being an objectification of all Witches, yet the Nuns do habitually Crucify their ‘Animus,’ which of a Twilight projection objectifies unwary Warlocks.

Alas, Astarte was incarcerated into the brazen vessel of an ‘Animus’ archetype, and re-branded as an Incubus, to thence list within a plethora of PlayGirl grimoires. Hence that of a fall, along with all her ‘Anima’ legions of Night-Mare Art Muses, who frequent a banned PlayBoy Necronomicon.

Let us not forget hot babe Diana-Lucifera of animist Rome, who was later transformed into a butch Lucifer by the monotheistic worshippers of the deified ‘Animus.’

Likewise to have occurred to Astarte of an Astaroth. She is a fallen Anima archetype, looking somewhat like a Cylon number Six, who, as mentioned, does Catwalk her way out of an Ashtar Vimana.

When to meditate upon her Dakini Art Muse image, she does inspire eroticised Triangle Of ‘Art’ hypnagogic trance visions of a cyberspace TRON Ishtar Siren, who to then manifest within an ElecTRON lucid dream.

This is more so the case concerning Warlocks, whose quantum computing brains are naturally prone to being aroused by erotic meditation images, while Witches are otherwise turned-on by what is written or spell-word spoken of a pop-song Mantra.

The emotionally ‘charged’ inner cyberspace visions of a sentient Astaroth Tulpa ‘program,’ duly ‘spins’ the Microcosmic elecTRON dream, Sexagram lucid of a Sixth-Sense, which activates the tool-making part of the Warlock brain to invent a stone axe unto an Area 52 free-energy Vril-Vimana.

One can thereby fathom that Catwalk Astaroth always cleans her mechanical Elf Art model Chöd teeth. Although she never does so with sodium fluoride, which can cause no end of bother to a Warlock’s endogenous DMT producing pineal, in particular.

As for a Faustian conjurer, such matters of ‘Anima’ inspired hygiene is advisable to engage in, since Astaroth can macrocosmic ‘birth’ associative synchronistic meetings with ‘spun’ UFO fixated Hippie Witches.

These temporal Witches tend to correspondingly look a bit like Barbarella Jane Fonda or a Stella-Star Luxuria Astaroth, etc.

Most of whom have no doubt read Whitley Strieber’s Communion, while stroking a battery powered vibrating viper, that, or to have been made sopping wet, when listening to Christ-opher Walken speaking his ‘Animus’ lines in a DVD film version of Strieber’s book.

So, should a Warlock assume the alternate Psycho-Cybernetic self ‘identity’ of a Strieber Ufologist when to conjure Cylon Tulpa Astaroth, the wine addled ritual can potentially leave him with a bout of bad breath.

This will of course repulse the Witches, who would at first flock as hypnotised Owls towards his inner bio-photon flame of a shape-shifting dragon aura, they will intuitively associate with their ‘Animus’ of a Christ-opher.

Wherefore, when a conjurer of a microcosmic Astaroth, engages himself in a macrocosmic synchronicity Witch hunt, at a Sabbat comic convention, who finds himself priestly speaking to hypnotised cosplay Owls, about the Nagual visiations of the Seventh Heaven Art Muse TRON Allies, from inner Cyberspace, he should first chew a minty Communion wafer.

Otherwise, the forgetful Warlock will be verily exorcised by the cosplay Witches, suddenly displaying their all-ready involved, elastic-band wedding rings, who will scream that his foul breath is an indicator of toxic masculinity.




    This is an answer for Nick Otmazgin:

    Lilith was appropriated from the Babylonian unto the Sumerian and beyond, and what the name alludes to is that of a neurological phenomenon of the Old Hag Syndrome Night-Mare.

    Those who fear the hynagogic veil of (Phase) Trance, invariably fall back into fearing their own mind, to never question the Da’at beliefs of those who made them to fear in the first place.

    Hence, many a mind is imprisoned by fear, who create their own demonic machinatons of a Ring-Pass-Not, whence their minds then fall into the deepest gaol caverns and Samsara taverns of a heavily ‘programmed’ collective unconscious.

    “What proof, of this,” some to say; the proof is that many a mind is tethered to a deified ‘Animus,’ and its cultural construct of a Three faced Dune religion, whose symbolic paradigm out of Oily UR permeates all levels of present day culture.

    What the ‘Animus’ cultists fear the most is the ‘Anima;’ for her (Lilith/Lilitu) archetype reveals the symbolic Matrix for what it is, whose Three gatekeepers fleece Shekels from meek and mild brainwashed Sheep to verily slaughter as Lambs upon the oily temple mount altar, of their shared Illuminati self-definition!

    When Lucid of mind, look to the Middle East to seer the truth of it, and then to see that the Newage and Feminist movements of a prior anti-war Hippie movement, which brought down a government, have been PsyOp hijacked by the Military Industrial Complex, so as to distract attention away from the ongoing Middle Eastern wars. Hell, the Military Industrial Complex even stole TWENTY-ONE TRILLION tax dollars.

    Should you convert ONE TRILLION into SECONDS it becomes 32,000 years.

    Thirty-Two Thousand years ago, the Earth would have been unrecognizable. The planet was in the throes of an Ice Age, now-extinct beasts roamed freely, and Neanderthals rubbed shoulders with modern humans.

    Just imagine what could have been achieved with TWENTY-ONE TRILLION dollars, it could have made Star Trek real. The world would be a different place. Instead, it has quaintly disappeared, and what is more, No one is ‘Protesting’ about it, who as ‘Programmed Automatons’ otherwise castigate the homeless!


    This is an answer for Y.G:

    The common tale of Faust has him conjuring Mephistopheles. As you will probably know, Mephistopheles required Faust’s Soul for his services.

    Faust is a Scholar/Monk in the tales; hence Mephistopheles manifests as a Monk/Scholar.

    The symbolism of the classic tale of Faust, would make far more sense, if you have a heterosexual Woman called Faustina, who conjures a male Mephistopheles; unless, of course, Faust is homosexual of orientation, which is hinted at in Marlowes play.

    Faustina would not need to sell her Soul, since Mephistopheles would be an aspect of her ‘Animus,’ who is essentialy her own Soul.

    Faustina would be a female Scholar/Nun; wherefore, her ‘Animus’ of a Mephistopheles manifests as a male Priest/Scholar.

    In other words, a male Mephistopheles would be the counterpart of a female called Faustina.

    In general, the ‘mirroring’ I am talking about is to do with conjuring a female ‘Anima’ counterpart, whose interests, etc, mirrors the heterosexual male conjurer. Hence you have the term, Soul-Mate.

    I am not talking about an actual Mirror. (The use of a Mirror is primarily used for scrying – Remote-Viewing.)

    For example, if your Self-Image is that of a shop manager of a chosen career to take further, which deep down, is what you are best at and enjoy doing, an aspect of your ‘Anima’ would likewise manifest as a shop manager, who is your female counterpart.

    The female shop manager of an ‘Anima,’ counterpart, empowers your Self-Image. The technique is none too disimilar to a Tibetan Buddhist Monk associating his Self-Image with a raging Buddha.

    The Raging Buddha would be seen coupling with a (Succubus) Dakini who is an aspect of (Anima) Shakti.

    As for a meditation symbol of a ‘Sigil’ for an aspect of the ‘Anima,’ and her ‘Name’ of a ‘Mantra,’ it is created by you.

    The ‘Sigil’ can be constructed by writing down a desire. Any letters, which repeat, are taken out. The letters you are left with are used for the ‘Sigil.’

    The left over letters can also be used to create a personal ‘Mantra’ of a ‘Name.’

    The Succubus aspect of your ‘Anima,’ would thereby personify a desire. Should you have a list of desires, then you can have a number of (Succubi) Succubae who individually personify your desires

    I repeat, the Self-Image is your own self as a male. The ‘Anima,’ is the female archetype. When encountering female characters within dreams, the female characters are manifold aspects of your ‘Anima.’

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