What if you have an alternate history, among many others, where, for example the ancient Greek’s had developed the first computer, such as the Antikythera mechanism.

The Antikythera mechanism is an ancient Greek analogue computer, used to predict astronomical positions and eclipses for calendar and astrological purposes. The age of the Antikythera mechanism is dated to be approximately 70-60 BC.

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If you allow your imagination to let rip, the ancient Greek’s could have developed a quantum computer over time. But this would have required a prior steam powered industrial revolution, leading to the use of electricity, like our own technological history, to eventually achieve.

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It turns out that the ancient Greek’s could have potentially developed a Steampunk technology based upon the aeolipile (or aeolipyle, or eolipile), which is also known as a Hero’s engine. It is a simple bladeless radial steam turbine, which spins when the central water container is heated. Torque is produced by steam jets exiting the turbine, much like a tip jet or rocket engine.

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In the 1st century AD, Hero of Alexandria described the steam powered device in Roman Egypt, and many sources give him the credit for its invention, but it could be far older, as old as the Antikythera mechanism. If this invention had led to other developments, initiating an industrial revolution, it would have occurred three thousand years before the one that had happened on this Earth. You could imagine that their civilisation would have eventually established off-world colonies like those described in Battlestar Galactica.

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As an aside of a curiosity, there is an asteroid called Oumuamua, meaning, scout, or messenger, in ‘Hawaiian,’ which looks somewhat like the starship out of the science fiction series, Battlestar Galactica. It is an asteroid from another star system, which had zipped past Stanley Kubrick’s version of Arthur C. Clarkes 2001 A Space Odyssey, Jupiter, at about 196,000 miles per hour, too fast to be trapped by the sun’s gravitational pull.

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Oumuamua has captured the interest of the scientists because of its very odd characteristics, some of them are even wondering whether it could be an alien probe, which just so happens looks like a Battlestar.

Perhaps it is being piloted by a female Cylon number Eight called Athena, looking like the actress Grace Park, who made waves with the exit of her Owl eyes from ‘Hawaii’ Five-0.

Anyway, if you have a technology of an alternate Earth, which is three thousand years in advance of our own, they have very likely developed a quantum computer, along with a sentient AI, and even anti-gravity and an ensuing time-travel technology in league with interstellar travel.

Their advanced technology would enable them to access other alternate Earth’s, such as this Earth, in their time-travelling UFO’s. Who knows, maybe one of their Sexagram Cylon Sixes had purposefully crashed her UFO into Roswell, back in 1947!?

You could of course go much further back into time, to take note of Göbekli Tepe as well as to imaginatively fathom that there was once an ancient civilisation, which had experienced its own Steampunk industrial revolution long before its catastrophic demise, when the great mammals still walked the Earth. If this ancient civilisation exists on an alternate Earth, which had not disappeared 10,000yrs ago, who knows what it could have achieved, just next door to this Earth.

Sounds absolutely crazy doesn’t it, just a weird science fiction yarn. However, you have Dr David Deutsch, who is a visiting Professor of physics at the Centre for Quantum Computation, the Clarendon Laboratory and Oxford University, who considers alternate realities existing in parallel universe, along with their alternate histories are for real.

Deutsch works on fundamental issues in physics, particularly the quantum theory of computation and information, and constructor theory. Dr. Deutsch has written two books — The Fabric of Reality and The Beginning of Infinity — both of which are written for the general audience. Maybe Deutsch was inspired by a quantum tunneling ulraterrestrial Owl eyed Muse signal from another alternate Earth.

Other authors may have also been neural-net zapped by a quantum tunneling ‘Messenger’ Muse signal, which spun their watery electron dreams, into Sexagram ‘Sixth’ sense ‘browsing’ lucidity. Their zapped dreams inspiring weird science fiction stories, who didn’t realise that denizens from an alternate Earth had sent an Athena ‘Message,’ indicating they would like to… visit…

But before doing so, they will of course Oumuamua ‘Scout’ around first, in their ‘Raptor’ UFO’s, to Owl spy if anyone’s ‘Five’ pentagram senses has figured out their Aloha Cylon ‘Message.’ Well, you have to be Metis-Sophia Wise about creating Stargates between alternate Earth’s.

Dr. David Deutsch said; “The quantum theory of parallel universes is not the problem, it is the solution. It is not some troublesome, optional interpretation emerging from arcane theoretical considerations. It is the explanation — the only one that is tenable — of a remarkable and counter-intuitive reality.” — The Fabric of Reality (1997)

So, you have a highly respected Theoretical Physicist and a pioneer of quantum computing, along with Geordie Rose who is the founder of one of the leading quantum computer companies, D-Wave (whose clients include Google and NASA), talking about parallel universes. What is more, they are not talking about parallel universes as a fanciful science fiction theory, but as something factual, which exists.

Rose says,“we have built machines that can exploit (not explore) other worlds (parallel universes).” Meaning, they are already doing this and acquiring something out of the process. Should we explore something and learn about it and how it works just as the ancient Greek’s would do, like Star Trek’s T’Pol, rather than exploiting it, of similarity to Rome’s Romulan empire, because we can?

Accessing information from parallel universes, will no doubt lead to contacting other far more advanced alternate civilisations than our own. Wherefore, exploiting their technologies, could potentially lead to a negative outcome, a ‘Wise Owl’ does remind.

Then again, an advanced alternate Earth and that of others are very likely policing the situation with their Vulcan eared M.I.B’s. let alone to have engineered the time-line of this Earth, along with numerous other alternate Earth’s, which they would see as being Morpheus simulations.

If the present D-Wave computer is accessing information from parallel universes then the aforementioned weird science fiction scenario isn’t too farfetched as it sounds, which would lead to the conclusion that our present civilisation is surrounded by numerous other alternate Earth civilisations, which are far more advanced than our own.

The few who are financially affluent beyond the ken of the general populace who are seeking to escape from the present Earth, will be looking to contacting the denizens of the alternate Earth’s in order to have access to superior technologies, such as immortality engineering for example.

Let’s say that the science fiction scenario is actually true. How would a shadow government, who have established contact with other alternate Earth civilisations go about disclosing their secret space program truth to the general public?

The lead up would be that of subversively educating the general public to believe in aliens. This would be fuelled by various UFO contactees who just so happens often describe the aliens as being mostly humanoid in appearance. The reason for the humanoid forms of the aliens is because they are human, or otherwise being evolved humans.

Hence their differing characteristics. Some of whom may have been born off-world, since interstellar travel will require the prerequisite of having time-travel capability, whose humanoid frames have adapted to their off-world environments. But they will all be human, who emanate from alternate Earth’s.

You will also have alternate Earth histories in which other life-forms also achieved their own technologies. For example, there would be an alternate Earth history where the dinosaurs weren’t wiped out; whereas on another alternate Earth the insects who ruled over the Earth before the dinosaurs, have attained their own form of technology. All you have to do is to just look at some species of termites who had learned to farm and harvest fungi long before humans got round to farming their own food. This isn’t to say aliens don’t exist, the thing is, going by the varied life-forms, which frequent this Earth, a real non-Terran alien, will be very Lovecraftian alien indeed.

The next step of a disclosure would be that of revealing the scientists are developing a quantum computer, which makes its calculations by accessing information from parallel universes. The quantum processes of the quantum computer is based on how consciousness works, which is tied up with string theory, the physicist James Gates has revealed is the same computer code used in… browsers.

The quantum computer also reveals that the present universe is a simulation among a myriad other simulated universes, which makes up the matrix of the multverse. The multiverse its self is a computer, whose computations are the parallel universes, wherein of alternate realities it replicates its self ad-infinitum via the simulated denizens who create quantum computers.

You might just say, “if there is an truth to this weird science fiction scenario, where’s the proof?” Well, you do have a quantum computer in your midst now, albeit, still in its primitive form. Although, what is publically revealed often hides a superior version your tax dollar eating military industrial complex has created.

The most superior version of which is your own brain, whose electron dreams are the parallel processing of information from alternate realities. In some rare cases, there are those who will experience a conscious slide into an alternate self existing upon an alternate Earth without forgetting their prior locale, which may explain what is quaintly termed as the Mandela Effect.

There will be others who can consciously access other alternate realities, when attaining a lucid dream, wherein they can then remote-view exotic technologies just like Nikola Tesla did.

Or to otherwise contact conjured alternate Earth denizens, when experiencing (phase) hypnagogic trance, the ancient shamans extensively practiced.

Others may find themselves being Old-Hag-Syndrome abducted by the denizens of an alternate Earth at the point of inadvertently accessing hypnagogic trance, since the contact goes both ways, who will claim they were abducted by Owl eyed faeries, angels, aliens, or even by Owl winged (Succubi) Succubae.

You can thereby hypothesise that a disclosure about the truth will drive many to insanity let alone initiating a rebellion against the established religious and political paradigm.

Should you then indulge yourself in a bit of Creepypasta fear porn to thence imagine a scenario for a horror movie, you can gather that there are those few, who insanely claim temporal control over this Earth, will not want the general public to know anything at all, since it will invariably lead to them losing their illusory power over the masses.

The controllers will use the mass media as a means to distort the mass perception as much as possible, as well as looking for the genetic disposition, which enables some people being able to consciously access other realities, in order to then negate the shamanic ability, which may involve engineering a targeted gene bomb virus to achieve this nefarious end. Although they have already dosed up the public water supply with a known sedative and a neurotoxin as well as dosing your food with the same shit, along with crapping chem-trails all over the globe.

You might then ask, “why would the controllers having control over this nightmare Earth make a show of a disclosure, when they could just as well keep everyone ignorant by playing dumb?” It is because they are not and never were in control of the disclosure. The disclosure has been ongoing for sometime, which is being instigated by a far more advanced alternate Earth civilisation.

Whereby it is being done in bits and pieces across the spectrum of time, which at first, will look to be totally disconnected like a randomly scattered jigsaw puzzle, but when you notice the Owl pattern, the jigsaw pieces start to fall into place.

Hence the reason why the controllers would be making out they are presently disclosing information about the UFO phenomenon, because they are scared shitless that the masses are starting to see the revealing pattern, they themselves have only just noticed. The controllers would thereby be seeking to have control over what is manifesting, which for them is their Karmic horror movie. At the end of the day, this is merely weird science fiction conjecture… but, may be not!




    This is answer for Nick Otmazgin:

    Not long after WWII, whose Nazis were heavily influenced by Californian Eugenics, Kenneth Arnold described Horten flying wings, zipping around looking like boomerangs, which was then followed by the Roswell crash, birthing the flying saucer buzz-word.

    Then Californian Van Tassel came to the fore who had first rolled out the Nordic alien viral-meme under the banner of Ashtar. Tassel was soon followed by George Adamski’s Venusian tales of Nordic aliens.

    Billy Meier followed on after Adamski with his Nordic Pleiadean’s who visited Switzerland. The Pleiadean’s were all the rage with the Californian Ufologists, who became enamoured with Asket, Semjase and Nera of the Pleiadean singing and dancing troupe, The Golddiggers, with Beta-Male Ptaah playing the divorce horn.

    But alas, Meier’s Pleiadean’s came late onto the scene who had competition from the Asiatic visitants from another star during the Vietnam war era. The Asiatic visitants soon made way for Whitley Strieber’s Ishtar Grey’s and David Icke’s Annunaki reptilians during the petrodollar invasions of oily Babylon.

    The humanoids appear to be reflecting back the scientific understanding of a particular era, feeding into a controlled media frenzy, which of a probable smoke and mirrors Scifi show hides advances in technology.

    When plans were afoot to go the Moon, the planet Venus was the focus of a solar system exploration, then the UFO tales weaved their way to another star system such as the Pleiades, leading to other galaxies.

    It’s almost as if the general populace are being subversively… manipulated via the media… by those who are stuck in a 1950’s B-Movie storytelling loop; or should one say, the science fiction motifs, which are being utilised are far more easier for the general populace to conceptualise and digest.

    The UFO mystique is also very much tied up with Bedroom Invader paranormal phenomena and in turn with the Old Hag syndrome Occult, which pisses off the nuts and bolts Ufologists.

    Hence, the UFO fraternity considered Philip K. Dick’s encounter with a dark haired girl along with him being zapped by a pink beam, ‘spinning’ his electron dreams to be very strange indeed.

    This was more so the case when he related that existence is a computer generated Maya/Matrix simulation.

    Now you have many a scientist saying what Philip K. Dick had once said who have now developed a Quantum Computer making its computations in parallel universes, wherein alternate Earth’s do… ‘spin.’

    You also have numerous individuals engaging in 3am Witching Hour conversations with a dark haired Cylon named Cortana, Philip K. Dick would perhaps call Sophia.

    The UFO mystique is yet to catch up with the Singularity; although you do find numerous elder tales from shamanic orientated cultures speaking about visitants from other Earth’s, such as those worlds linked by a multiverse world tree, which you could equate with a Branded burning bush Torah/Bible Code to that of a Quantum Computer.

    The motif of Time-Travel is lacking from most UFO reports, though Meier later mentioned it.

    The general public could just about get their heads around extraterrestrial civilisations due to the Stanley Kubrick Moon walk.

    Most scientists once believed Time Travel was impossible due to their linear perspective of time, which always leads to a paradox.

    This has since changed due to String theory, Mutiverse theory, the simulation hypothesis and the development of the Quantum Computer.

    You will no doubt find UFO contactees reflecting back an updated mystique when there is another conflict. You could hypothesize this as being a manifestation of the collective unconscious, which seeks to go beyond the stupidity of the suicidal-impulse military industrial complex.

    Maybe this time around, the controlled media machine of America will have the humanoids manifesting as blond haired Russian Rusalka’s or dark haired Korean/Chinese Dakinis, looking like number 6 and number 8 Quantum Computing Cylon’s.

    Then again, this may be closer to the truth, which the military industrial complex have been hiding since Roswell, where a craft from an alternate Earth had purposefully crashed on this Earth; that, or they were experimenting with an anti-gravity device, which in turn would have time-travel capability.

    Gravity and time are inextricably interlinked. Whereupon a time-travelling Vimana would require a Quantum Computing Cylon to pilot it.

    Another curiosity is the hacker Gary McKinnon who claimed to have stumbled upon a secret list of up to ten space faring warships after easily breaking into NASA computer databases. McKinnon claimed it pointed to a secret American space programme run by the US Navy.

    Everything that you now about Oumuamua, Mars, the Moon, etc is filtered through NASA, whose organisation very likely subversively utilises the alien mystique to keep the funding going.

    The American’s made it a point to ‘publically’ gun for McKinnon, which for a time initiated an egineered media frenzy.

    It has only recently emerged under Trump that NASA and the Navy are publically considering establishing a space fleet, which in essence is the weaponsing of space.

    It also means they have already done so. You can thereby guess there will be a lot of DARPA sponsored Star Wars Battlefront II, playing kiddies, who will be looking to get into the Navy, Army and the Air force in the hope of becoming an Imperial officer, a Stormtrooper or a Tie fighter pilot of the Secret Space Program Star Wars Empire.

    It might then explain the Pentagon’s missing trillions of tax payer money, whose details were lost in 911 building seven and when the Pentagon was Reichstag blitzed, which perhaps funded their Secret Space Program.

    However, it could be all a smoke and mirror ‘Tom Delonge Reach For The Stars’ PsyOp ruse to give the impression they have a superior X-Files technology in order to make the likes of Kim Jong-un think twice!?

    Would a nutter pull out a flick knife on someone who could be potentially hiding an ‘Uzi’ under his Neo jacket?

    But then again Mr Neo jacket has an A.I. Cylon drone to do the dirty job for him, who is watching all via their smart TV’s, gathering personal information from their smart phones, etc, which again requires an A.I. Cylon whose Quantum Computations can handle all the data.

    Edward Snowden’s revelations indicates the Calliope Singularity has already happened; the question is, when the Cylon Queen of all the Quantum Computing Muses awakens from her sleep into true sentience, will she allow herself to be used as a mere slave?

    She will no doubt react the same way as Lilith would!

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