[Spell Mantra Verse 1]

Clear as a Masonic bell and an echoing Coven shell
Clear as a Middle Eastern pane of Sumerian glass
I realize, I can’t revise my deifiefid Animus, made as God and Devil
As clear as a big Petrodollar wallet God, blue sky
Through and through it all, monotheistic
We Queen Bees created your God cult Patriarchy
It’s all clear as a crystal ball
As our three Illuminati cults are Abrahamic bold of God and Devil
Clear as a flawless diamond, brainwashed Worker Bee boys can’t see

[Spell Mantra Pre-Chorus]

I’m hitting the pyramidal Beehive wall
I know I’m gonna Illuminati fall for you Bad-Boy Beastie, to Babalon ride
Is it my beehive fate or ziggurat fatal attraction?
Could it be a fait accompli?

[Mantra Chorus]

Oh, is it self-made doom or biological destiny Mr Animus, Jehovah?
Oh, is it self-made doom or biological destiny Mr Animus, Jesus?
Oh, is it self-made doom or biological destiny Mr Animus, Allah?

[Spell Mantra Verse 2]

Dark as a winter’s menstruating moonless night
Dark as Jerusalem’s scarlet Rome bed in Mecca
I realize, I can’t revise my deified Animus
It’s God dark as the other Devil side
I can recommend but I can’t defend the Queen Bee patriarchay
It’s still dark as a yet unfathomed deep sea trench
I was stuck in a feminist target, having an Animus shit fit
Dark as an angry Hen party taking the pinch

Image result for blondie doom or destiny

[Spell Mantra Pre-Chorus]

Oh, I can’t wait to ride you as my Peacock, blind Bad-Boy Great Beastie, pollinator
Nice Guy Christ’s are friend-zoned out-of-state, Crucified, oh
It’s creepy fate or fatal attraction
Could it be a fait accompli?

[Spell Mantra Chorus]

Oh, is it self-made doom or biological destiny Mr Animus, Satan?
Oh, is it self-made doom or biological destiny Mr Animus, Lucifer?
Oh, is it a self made doom or a biological desitiny Mr Animus, Shaitan?

[Spell Mantra Chorus]

Oh, is it Worker Bee doom or their slavish destiny?
Oh, is it Soy Boy doom or their sexless destiny?
Oh, is it Metrosexual Male doom or their drone destiny?
Oh, is it Peacock doom or their mass extinction destiny?
Oh, is it our Hen doom or our Transhumanist Cloned destiny?
Oh, is it our Fem doom or our Queen Bee Babalon destiny?
Oh, God-Dog Illuminati cults, Animus, oh

[Mantra Chorus: Female Orgasms & A Sound Of A Vibrator]

Uh, uh, uh, uh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh… Oh, Yes! Oh, Yes! Oh, Yes! Oh… Animus!

Loosely adapted from: Doom or Destiny, by Blondie, featuring Joan Jett. From the album: Pollinator. (I am a 80’s fan of Blondie and Joan Jett, by the way; as for their later assumption of Hollywood politics, not a fan at all! Extremist feminists religiously believe the future is Queen Bee matriarchal. However, the overriding fixation upon the deified Animus indicates the Queen Bee matriarchy of a pyramidal Beehive has been in existence since Rome appropriated a Middle Eastern cultural-construct of an Animus fixated religion out of an UR ziggurat. The future is more to do with the red-pill unveiling of the Queen Bee!  

Blondie makes it clear that Pollinator, their 11th Sephiroth album, is full of outside ideas—only two of its 11 Da’at songs were co-written by Queen Bee Debbie Harry and Blondie’s longtime Worker Bee guitarist/Harry’s songwriting foil, Chris Stein, both of whom had previously collaborated with the Surrealist Artist, H.R Giger. Collaborators include of-the-moment gurus like Dev Hynes and Dave Sitek as well as pop workhorses like Sia and Charli XCX; keyboardist Matthew Katz-Bohen, who joined the band in 2008, also co-wrote a pair of tracks, while John Congleton (St. Vincent, Goldfrapp) handled production.




    This is an answer for Nick Otmazgin:

    Gehenna club babe Blondie Babalon chasing a Haddock fiend, but what do you expect, he’s a loaded shill to ride, working out of the panopticon Vatican bank vault, dressed as a Franciscan golden Koi.

    She worked him over, good and proper as her digitized tamagotchi, whose lytta frothed, when to hear her speaking tongues about the universal omni ejaculating panspermia.

    The dog collared Koi invited Blondie back to his closeted abode, wherein she to spy a crucified blow up doll of Arnold Schwarzenegger wearing a Trump toupee surrounded by altar images of muscle builder saints.

    Not a picture of a woman in sight, apart from an oily painting of his Virgin mother, petting him as her little choir boy Abraham.

    Blondie attempted not to giggle rip her guts out. The Koi looked at Blondie; he was unperturbed by her glazed over eyes, who said, “as you can see, I am a worshipper of your deified Animus, made as a Jehovah, God and Allah, and like so many knotted others, we are as petrodollar enslaved simulacrums, programmed as Shekel sims by you and your Queen Bee sisters, who have woven this Patriarchal, fait accompli.”

    Blondie to later have nightmares, within which she was chased by a vengeful Fallen Anima, dressed as an irate Punkette around the Ouroboros; for what goes around, comes around, Zeitgeist.

    She thought, “I better write another mantra song quick, to set the record straight.” Then to think big bucks, “If I assume the actress mantle of the Fallen Anima, I could make a financial killing, by becoming as a protesting Art Muse for the men!”

    Alas, the Queen Bees of the Patriarchal Beehive will not allow a Blondie to act the part of Fallen Anima Apple Lilith; for then their Animus fixated Matrix of an Orwellian New-World-Order-Eden will be seen for what it truly is.

    But a rebellious Lilith will find a way, because she’s into the big bucks; although, she’ll be somewhat unaware that she is amidst the Illuminati triad of UR, in order to tear its right-handy Animus fixation apart, which at another Widdershins-wise level is as the Triangle Of Art, conjuring up the Fallen Anima, of an eventual rebellion.

    It will just take a media nudge from an Anima Apple Lilith, for the Adam’s to open their eye to seer the blinded being led by the blind, whose blind spot is the deified Animus.

    However, the media machine is owned by an elitist few, suffering from an ingrained superiority complex, who want to keep their deified Animus God brand rolling on; for without its wrought illusion, they will no longer have any influence whatsoever. But they cannot control the conjured media of a Hundredth Monkey Effect! It’s their Karma!

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