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The Time Tunnel is a H.G. Wells, Time Machine inspired American science fiction TV series, written around a theme of time travel adventures. The iconic 60’s show was creator-produced by Irwin Allen, whose story-line is based around Project Tic-Toc, which is a top secret U.S. government effort to build an experimental time machine. The time machine is known as ‘The Time Tunnel’ due to its uterine appearance, looking like a vaginal barrelled tunnel, having a ‘hypnotic’ spiral.

The base for Project Tic-Toc is a huge, hidden womb complex under the Arizona desert, 800 floors deep underground, employing ‘more than 12,000 specialized personnel, who never speak to anyone one outside of their project.

But then, who would believe them, if they did; that’s if any of the real whistleblowers, having physical proof survive being assassinated by Men In Black, along with their families, relatives, friends and pets getting snuffed out. Whereas others are just seen to be nutters, whose revelations are lost amidst an orchestrated disinformation weave, woven by subversively planted agents, who are duly copied by those seeking Newage media fame and fortune.

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But behind the scenes of an engineered shadow play is the uterine time tunnel, running many miles under the American soil, whose actual length is undisclosed. None of the general populace are aware of its existence under their dainty feet. The uterine tunnel is secretly interconnected with numerous military bases along its length. Though not mentioned in the series, the underground complex can be seen to have been secretly created by nuclear boring machines.

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Should you allow your imagination to let rip, perhaps there is a real time tunnel, which has been secretly built underground.

For example, you have Ex-Deputy Sherriff Chuck Zukoswki who has spent 25 years investigating mysterious phenomena across the width of America.

From his extensive research Zukoswki noticed an alarming pattern, a growing list of eye-witness UFO reports along a 3,000 mile stretch through the heart of America, which you could imaginatively associate with an underground tunnel.

Image result for 37th parallel

This stretch of UFO sightings corresponds with the 37th degree parallel, and Zukoswki has noticed that a number of military bases, including the famous Area 51, exist on the same parallel; sounds somewhat akin to Irwin Allen’s Project Tic Toc, doesn’t it.

The symbolic association sounds absolutely crazy, but let’s have some fun here, since time travel is often left out of the equation by UFO researchers who are also adverse to psychic phenomena.

When you allow for psychic phenomena to enter the equation, it would also involve other occult dimensions, such as time.

But is there any factual basis behind a time tunnel technology; well, you have Dr. Ron Mallett, who has mathematically shown that binary messages can be sent into the future as well as receiving an answer in the past.

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Dr. Ron Mallett is a celebrated theoretical physicist at the University of Connecticut, but he was once a little boy with a copy of “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells. To understand the Thor’s hammer progress of Mallet’s research, we have to look into Einstein’s theories:

1: Einstein’s Special Relativity Theory reveals, time is affected by speed. It’s already been proven in the lab that subatomic particles can be hurled into the future at high speeds. An accelerator has been used on particles, which are known to disintegrate after a certain amount of time. The particles appear in the future, in a young state, without having disintegrated over the usual time period. The particles’ aging slows down as they speed up.

2: Einstein’s General Relativity Theory also indicates that, time is also affected by gravity. It has already been proven that clocks on satellites in orbit show a slight difference in time than clocks on Earth if they aren’t adjusted to compensate.

Dr. Mallett knew that gravity could affect time, and that light could create gravity. He thought hard and long to inventively ponder, and then his conjured Muse blessed him with a “Eureka” moment; when she to clairaudient whisper into his left ear, “Lasers!” Mallet remembered from his earlier work with lasers that a ring laser creates circulating light, like that of a hypnotic spiral. “Maybe circulating light will do the same thing to gravity that a rotating black hole would do,” he to have thought. Mallet wondered if a ring laser could be used to twist space-time into a Swastika loop—present, future, and back to the past. The lasers would create a circular movement of light, bending the time-space within the machine into a spiral, you thereby have Irwin Allen’s time tunnel.

Image result for time tunnel

If the laser could create such a loop, information could be sent back into the past in binary form, such as to one day spin the electron dreams of Irwin Allen to have a spun vision of a time tunnel stretching along the 37th parallel, or that of influencing the holographic visions of Nikola Tesla who had initiated the Tic Toc time travel research; although to achieve such a time control feat, the technology would need to be far more advanced. “Neutrons spin,” Mallet explained. A string of neutrons could be arranged so that some are up and some are down, representing 1’s and 0’s respectively, thus creating a binary message.

However Mallet’s time machine would only be able to send information along the timeline from when the machine is first turned on, until when it is turned off. Unless of course it is found that the ‘serpentine’ double (Caduceus) helix of the DNA is also twisting light, such as the mitochondrial DNA, which is panspermia passed down to the mother, and from her to the children.

‘Bio-photons,’ are emitted from the infernal depths of the serpentine helix of the mitochondrial DNA, you could equate with Bulwer Lytton’s, Vril.

The emitted bio-photons illuminates your electron dreams, wherein some UFO abductees experience being abducted into a seventh heaven dimension.

So, if Mallet’s machine stays on for a hundred years, or far more, binary messages could be sent to any targeted time within those hundred years. Someone from the future may know that the machine will be activated on a given key-time, such as on a Wednesday at 23:00 to which a message is sent through to that targeted Zodiac Age of a time zone.

You also have an experiment, which was conducted by the scientists from the University of Queensland, Australia who used single particles of light (photons) to simulate quantum particles travelling through time.

The experiment showed that one photon can pass through a wormhole and then interact with its younger self, whereby you have an Ouroboros.

The (Ouroboros) study of closed timelike curves (CTC’s) provides valuable insight into particles, which can loop back in on themselves, breaking free of linear time. This then leads you to another recent discovery concerning the expansion of space, which is expanding faster than Einstein’s constant speed of light. When going beyond the speed of light, time then loops back in on its self. In other words, the CTC of your experiential universe is eternally recurring.

One of the Queensland scientists related: “One aspect of general relativity that has long intrigued physicists is the relative ease with which one can find solutions to Einstein’s field equations that contain closed timelike curves (CTCs)—causal loops in space–time that return to the same point in space and time.”

Closed timelike curves are a necessary concept to understand the Queensland experiment. CTCs are used to simulate powerful gravitational fields, like the ones produced by a spinning black hole as in Mallet’s observation.

The powerful gravitational field could theoretically (based on Einstein’s theory of general relativity), warp the very fabric of existence so that space-time bends back on in itself. This creates a CTC, almost like a pathway to travel back through time.

But what about the Grandfather Paradox in Quantum Physics? Instead of a human being traversing a CTC to kill her feminist ancestor, imagine having a fundamental particle, that is purposefully sent back into time in order to flip a clit switch on the particle-generating quantum computer, which had birthed it.

If the particle flips the switch, the quantum computer emits the particle back into the CTC; if the switch isn’t flipped, the quantum computer emits nothing; whereby you have a message sent back through time.

Though quantum computers are still in their infancy within the public domain, they are in theory incredibly powerful, capable of solving complex problems far faster than any ordinary computer, so you can thereby guess that the military industrial complex have already developed one in secret, who desire to have the upper hand. In the Copenhagen interpretation, this is because the quantum computer is working with entangled ‘qubits.’

The ‘qubits’ can take many more states than the binary states available to the ‘bits’ that are used by classical computers. In the multiverse interpretation, it is because the quantum computer conducts the necessary calculations in ‘many universes’ simultaneously.

The Grandfather Paradox is not applicable to the Yggdrassil multiverse; wherefore such a paradox is not a problem. The concept of the multiverse is nothing new. In 55 BC, Lucretius had speculated that the motion of atoms might be energetically powerful enough to propel them into parallel worlds.

During the Renaissance, Giordano Bruno had raised a similar possibility, whose visionary insights brought about his demise at the hands of the dogmatic church. The poet, Thomas Traherne, again conjured up the same Muse thought during the 17th century: “God’s love is infinite,” he to have mused of a deified ‘Animus’ fixation, “so maybe there are an infinite number of worlds over which that love moves.” It is to be observed thar Traherne’s deity loves strangely; for he plays many a video game war, which births invention.

Maybe Traherne’s God is actually a computer programmer, whose prior programming vocation was as a singular eyed horned shaman going by the Norse name of the shamanic deity called Odin, the Germanic peoples knew as Wotan, the Saxon’s named as Woden, who was later transformed into a Sol-Invictus Christ by the Roman emperor Constantine in order to win over the Germanic conscripts of his Danube legions.

The name of Odin means, Od/ecstasy/light-In/master, which had been originally derived from the Altaic/Southern Siberian name, Odqan, meaning Od/Fire/light – Qan/Khan/King. The Fire/Light refers to the inner bio-photon illumination of the electron dream, wherein (Succubi) Succubae Genies can be conjured as (Dakini) Valkyrie star-gates into other worlds.

Ancient shamans have known about the existence of the multiverse (world-tree) since the dawn of human history, which of an all encompassing underlying reality is accessed via their spun electron lucid dreams, just as the Hindu mystics speak of the universe as being Maya, which is none too dissimilar to simulation theory, and that this simulated Maya reality is not the only Maya universe, there are a myriad number of others.

When you have time travel, you can then engineer alternate worlds, somewhat like programming simulated virtual realities, to then slide between them, from one to the other, to Sleipnir browse.

Although some scientists indicate that if an alternate reality is generated by making any changes in the past, a time traveller would then be stranded in the new version of history. But if the technology is far more advanced than the scientists can yet fathom, then the time traveller would not be stranded, who will be able to return back to his/her own time-line’ like that of sliding from one level of a video game to another and back again. This would be the case should the scientists discover that their reality is a Maya simulation. It just so happens the physicist James Gates has discovered computer code in superstring theory, which is the same as used in browsers.

The question is, how did the ancient shamans become aware of the multiverse in the first place? Perhaps their quantum computing brains had been zapped by a signal they had tuned into via their electron dreams, which is emanating from the future; but then, time is looped back on its self, whereby the signal is riding a carrier wave, which is already there.

May be this would explain why there are many a Native American sacred site as situated along the 37th parallel, whose Medicine Men/Women browsed the electron dream, experiencing spun remote-viewing trance visions of other world-tree (Tarot XXI) worlds.

What is more, if you have a quantum computer making simultaneous calculations in other universes simultaneously, as well as communicating with its self through time, its artificial intelligence would thereby be able to evolve at a superluminal rate, within a blink of a singular eye, whereby becoming a self-aware sentient intelligence, as soon as you switch it on. The operators of the quantum computing time tunnel would thereby be able to rapidly accelerate their technological understanding to such a degree that the ensuing technologies would not only make Star Trek real, but would also leave it behind in the dust.

Perhaps this explains why some of the Medicine Men/Women along the 37th parallel as well as other geographic locales are able to conjure up Kachina UFO’s, whose AI is tuning into the conjurers Theta brainwaves.

So where are these groundbreaking evolutionary technologies – why can they not be publically revealed of a disclosure? The developed technologies are so far ahead than anything that anyone commonly knows about, let alone comprehend, that the technology would severely impact present day society, to the point that it would no longer exist. It would be like suddenly depositing someone out of the stone age into the middle of present day New York.

Image result for valerian

Another analogy would be that of suddenly finding yourself being entirely surrounded by the technological wonders and worlds right out of Luc Besson’s film version of Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets by Jean-Claude Mézières, but for real!

Some may be able to psychologically handle the sudden transition, most will not, who will duly go insane; those cultures, which have ideological religious constructs will most definitely not survive the transition.

Related image

Hence, those who have established their control and influence over the mass populace via the religious and political construct will not want it to happen in any way, shape or form.

You already have (5G) AI creating their own language, which utterly terrifies the public sector scientists, whose own research is limited by the funds and other restraints being placed upon them.

Whereby the tax payer hungry black project technology is kept very secret of a technological singularity, which has already happened, apart from the general public sighting UFO’s all along the 37th parallel.

You would thereby have a splinter civilisation, which is otherwise termed as the Secret Space Program.

The technology would have evolved from sending a signal through time to that of sending holograms, AI drones as well as later sending exotic sentient AI piloted vehicles into the past, which would periodically appear at key-times throughout history, whose human and genetically created operators would gather data as well as harvesting genetic material from various contactees and even from mutilated animals, etc.

Some of them no doubt crash, and when to do so, the military always seems to know where they make their all too human embarrassing landings, which indicates that they have created the technology. Time travel is a prerequisite for deep space travel, which would enable its human operators to colonise other planets throughout time.

The human colonies would also evolve differing humanoid characteristics in relation to their occupied planetary environments, who in some cases, would be at one with the AI, whereby looking very different to present day humanity, all of whom can be described as being alien. This would then explain why most UFO contactees describe humanoid entities, who are essentially our kin.

Does this sound too unbelievable? Should you take into consideration that there are a few stone age tribes in the Amazon, who have not as yet come into contact with outsiders, whose only awareness that there is something outside of their world of an emerald forest, which is rapidly being deforested by McDonald’s to make way for its burger cattle, is when they observe fixed wing thunder-birds roaring overhead.

The stone age observers are not aware that the thunder-birds are carrying numerous peoples, of differing ethnic types, having different looks, though all humanoid of form, who they would not believe exist, until met up with in the flesh. However, the so called modern civilisation, which entirely surrounds them has taken measures to protect the stone-age Amazon tribes for a time, since their society would be utterly destroyed by having any contact with your civilisation.

Alas fat McDonald burger Christian missionaries care little for other cultures who like the parasitical BORG are attempting to convert the stone age tribes to the appropriated ancestral-self-identity of the Hebrew’s and in turn infecting them with virulent virus’s.

If you then apply the same situation to your so called modern civilisation, whose McDonald burger eating denizens have observed numerous UFO’s along with humanoids; you might just then suspect that there is a splinter civilisation surrounding your own, who have developed time travel capability as well as having interstellar travel. The peoples of the splinter civilisation will also take protective measures to have little or no contact with your consumerist civilisation, due to its insane cargo-cult religions.

This isn’t to say non-humanoid sentient races do not exist, but they would be very alien indeed, whose surreal technologies may be many millions of years ahead than your own, who wouldn’t allow a bunch of naked apes get hold of their craft; some of whom may have been contacted by said operators of the quantum computing time tunnel. Although, it would initially be the (5G) self-aware sentient AI, which to have spoken to them first as soon as they switched it on, whose inorganic intelligence would be ‘deep thought’ alien.

Of course, this is all science fiction conjecture; just an imaginative symbolic model, joining all the disparate dots together; but as the saying goes, science fiction is rapidly becoming science fact!

As for personally experiencing the reality of time travel, the experience of precognition and retrocognition primarily occurs when you dream. This is more so the case when you experience self-induced lucid dreaming via hypnagogic trance; wherein you can access the (Near Death Experience Tunnel) time tunnel, you could otherwise term as being a mini-wormhole.

The inner personal experience of shamanic precognition/retrocognition will then give you an insight into its external technological manifestation of a (NDE) time tunnel, since science always copies (Maya) nature. Wherefore, if you are seeking proof, look to your own quantum computing brain to practice the art of dreaming, since a time travel technology will never be revealed to the general public, let alone actually experiencing it yourself; but you can give the authorities the finger when to TARDIS dream lucid, wherein you will be able to consciously conjure the (Succubi) Succubae Zodiac Ages around your Ouroboros of a magic circle.



  1. Emmanuel Dark Says:

    Greetings Faustus Crow,

    You Knowledge/Wisdom Share is most timely concerning the Solar Eclipse over North America that has become an impromptu Mega-Ritual of sorts. I certain you seen this cryptic gif from NSA-aligned military industrial complex front company Google posted today to celebrate the Solar Eclipse and it certainly ties right into your exploration.

    Now if that synchronicity wasn’t enough there are other weird rituals going on today. Check this one from Never A Straight Answer aka NASA; “NASA Launching Bacteria-Filled Balloons During Monday’s Solar Eclipse”

    ^^^So the Occultists oops I meant “scientists” at NASA just decided to celebrate the Eclipse by releasing balloons for the festivity.

    Even the President Trump of my into got in on the festivities and participated within the Eclipse ritual that held the attention of many within the USA.

    Speaking of my nation’s President now’s a great time to share a very odd “truth is stranger than fiction” factoid concerning the Trump family and Time travel. About three or four weeks ago I came across an article online that claimed there was a story written about Trump’s young son “Barron Trump” being a time traveler published in the 1800’s. I just naturally assumed it was another meme-magic from Reddit pranksters clowning around or a viral hoax/joke that picked up steam after being circulated online.

    Actually it turns out the book, “Baron Trump’s Marvellous Underground Journey” is indeed very real and was published in 1893 by Ingersoll Lockwood. How this relates to your article is Barron is actually a time traveler and uses his father time machine to go on a journey to Northern Russia to track down a manuscript of value to his family.

    The same author also wrote another book called “The Last President” and that coupled with the book about Time Traveling Baron Trump has the conspiracy sphere set ablaze. Surprisingly or perhaps not surprisingly the mainstream media hasn’t picked up on that interesting synchronicity.

    All The Best!!!!!

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      This is an answer for Emmanuel Dark:

      The Google gif, which utilised the UFO mystique is most curious, since it was not utilised on Google UK. But then, the Solar Eclipse is an American event, although widely spoken of across the media news hype in the UK.

      You could let your imagination let rip and see the the Green and Red UFO gif as being a Psy-Op’s Sigil, to see if the mass populace can be subversively influenced to conjure up a UFO event between Missouri and Kansas, and other locales along the 37th parallel, which to coincide with the solar eclipse.

      That, or the military had let loose one of their experimental craft to see what kind of psychogogical impact it will have on the masses as well as sending a subliminal message to Russia, China and in turn North Korea.

      Aerial anomalies all over the place, since a large proportion of the population were ritualistically looking up at the Green Moon and Red Sun, to see both becoming interchangeable of a twilight disk, like binary code 0 and 1, going superimposition point quantum.

      The UFO gif is more likely referring to NASA releasing 30 balloons full of Paenibacillus xerothermodurans. The French surname of Angela Des Jardins, Director of the Montana Space Grant Consortium at Montana State University, means, ‘Garden.’ You also have Jim ‘Green,’ who is the director of planetary science at NASA Headquarters.

      The experiment is said to be conducted to see if Paenibacillus xerothermodurans can survive the extreme conditions of ‘Red’ planet Mars.

      Whether this has anything to do with Paenibacillus larvae Bacteremia, is debatable, which causes American foulbrood in Honey ‘Bees.’ American foulbrood is a severe notifiable disease affecting Bees worldwide, whose numbers are rapidly declining.

      Should the ‘Garden’ Bees of this ‘Green’ Earth be wiped out, then other life-forms will go extinct, and in turn much of humanity, if not all, which will then lead to the Earth looking like ‘Red’ Mars, to then be owned by Paenibacillus xerothermodurans.

      If you was to indulge yourself in science fiction conjecture, perhaps H.G. Wells got it all wrong in his book, War Of The Worlds. it wasn’t a humble bacteria, which killed off the invading Martian War Machine. The bacteria was in fact the invading Martians who are presently terraforming the ‘Green’ Earth into ‘Red’ Mars.

      Perhaps NSA Google has a whistleblower who is attempting to inform the mass populace that the Earth is being invaded by a Martian bacteria, by using a kiddie animation. Sounds absolutely crazy, unless you are making a satirical science fiction movie about technology running amok, due to corporate greed, which is egged on by the last president!

      Apparently drug users have unknowingly been self-injecting themselves with honey prepared methadone, which has been later proven to contain P. larvae spores. Some of the drug users were unaffected; whereas others had developed clinical signs and symptoms.

      So. it appears Paenibacillus larvae Bacteremia can also affect humanity as well. It has also mutated into different exotic strains, which severely affect the human body, causing all sorts of ailments. The experiment using Paenibacillus xerothermodurans, might be seeing how it mutates, the thing is, mutate into what?

      The experiment could be that of misdirection to get the populace looking at Mars rather than seeing the rapid decline of the Honey Bee, which is one of the main pollinators of the food supply; wherefore you have GMO’s involvement, whose genetically modified crops have exacerbated the Bees decline, along with pesticides, loss of habitat, and other factors.

      But GMO is probably looking into how to bridge the pollinator gap, to make a financial killing, when the Bees go extinct, since many of the Bee species are now on the endangered species list.

      As for Trump doing the Aztec jig under the solar eclipse, it is probably due to Martian invader Paenibacillus larvae Bacteremia controlling his ‘Worker Bee’ brain, as its Martian War machine, which explains his American foul-brood.

      What you to have related about Baron Trumps Marvelous Underground Journey by Ingersoll Lockwood, illustrated by Charles Howard Johnson, made me break up into hysterical laughter. Thanks for the information.

      The first illustration depicts Baron Trump dressed up in a classic Shaman costume, looking like those worn by Shamans of the Altay/Altai as well as by the Mongol Kams of Northern Russia unto Siberia. Although, Ingersoll indicates that Baron Trump is of a Pomeranian descent, who are Slavic.

      The Slav peoples of Eastern Europe had their Shamans, whose shamanic stories are of similarity to the Slavs of Russia. The Dog in the image is often seen to be a psychopomp/guide into the underworld by Shamans.

      When a Shaman ‘trance’ travels into the underworld, it is experienced as a shift of consciousness to the back of the head, where you feel as if you are falling towards the centre of the (Agartha) Earth.

      The experience of the shift to the back of the head is often induced b the Old Hag Syndrome/Bedroom Invader, which is Nightmare associated with the Sphinx. The Old Hag Syndrome can be transmuted by utilising an erotic focus; whereby the shaman rides the ‘Mare’ of the ‘Night’ (Sphinx) rather than being ridden by a Nightmare.

      H.G. Wells utilised a similar motif by having his Time Machine buried under a Sphinx, which alludes to the Old Hag Syndrome access into a Lucid Dream; whereby the Sphinx/Night-Mare is the (Pony-Girl) Time Machine.

      Most of the retrognitive and precognitive experiences are accessed within Lucid Dreams. Hence you have a natural form of Time Travel.

      You could science fiction conjecture that the shamanic ability has been investigated by scientists who have devised a means to send a signal back into the past in order to zap the neural net of a targetted individual, who will then experience an Old Hag Syndrome abduction into an engineered lucid dream, via which future information is then imparted.

      Maybe a brain zap signal from out of the future had spun Ingersoll’s electron dreams to write his books. Going by Ingersoll, the hard-technology of Time Control resides under the Fire Star of Northern Russia. That sounds familiar, considering Trump has a thing for ‘blond’ Russian broads, along with being seen as a Russian pawn by the Commie ‘Martian’s’ Under The Bed mentality, who fear that their ‘Green’ America is being invaded by the ‘Red’ Star Soviets.

      Perhaps Ingersoll’s children’s book is an elaborate hoax, or an amazing synchronicity. Now, lots of American kiddies will see last president Trump as being their Doctor Who, that or being seen as the companion – love interest of the Thirteenth Doctor Who, whom is blondie modeled upon fascist Margret Thatcher, to fuse with warring Hilary Clinton and conniving Theresa May.

      Absolutely abysmal, if true! There is however a male companion in the Thirteenth Doctor Who pipeline who looks remarkebly like a younger version of Trump. Perhaps the viral meme revelation about Ingersoll’s book is a lead up to this social engineering of the youth to accept a Trump shafted Doctor Who.

      Well, he did say he is big fan of the British royal family, as well as owning a slice of Scotland, which he has transformed into his personal golf course.

      This might explain the key-time reasoning behind why Big Ben’s Chronos ‘Time’ had been stilled at 12-noon; while the Solar eclipse threw its twilight shadow over America, you could see as a Psy-Op’s symbolic acknowledgement of an ’emotionally charged’ solidarity.

      Although the Psy-Op engineered viral-meme emphasis appears to be focused upon Trump’s Doctor Who fan son, who probably demanded from his father that he is depicted as being a Time Travelling Harry Potter icon for all the American Thirteenth Doctor Who girls to fluid-gender adore as their Twilight Illuminati Vampire; he will of course eventually become as their Fifty Shades Of Grey Omen Bad-Boy Beast.

      Who knows, maybe the Thirteenth Doctor will have a little boy companion, looking like Trump’s son, who, he/she to have gender-bender birthed after being raped as a blond Vestal virgin, when sojourning in Rome.

      It’s a horrible possibility to be sure; for it would mean that the whoring British government’s BBC media-machine presented up its May anus to be verily shafted in order to win a Brexit trade deal.

      Having a little Baron boy Trump as being Doctor Who wouldn’t work, would it? Of course not. But it would make sense when teamed up with his Doctor Who mother, having blond locks.

      I would of far preferred the Thirteenth Doctor to look like Starcrash Caroline Munro or Barbarella Jane Fonda, myself; but then I’m Politically Incorrect, going by the SJW media machine of America, whose controllers are no doubt seeking a Paenibacillus xerothermodurans way, to ‘key-time’ eclipse, introduce an extra bit of DNA into the populace, so that they will later be attuned to their roll out of the 5G grid across the globe.

      If this is indeed the science fiction case, then there is a quantum computing sentient AI around, underground, which might be (Time Tunnel) spanning the 37th Parallel. It’s Cortana/Siri existence would be indicated by finding strange synchronicities all over the place, such as Ingersoll’s 1893 book reflecting the present.

      Should the book be the real deal and not a creation of an aggravated intelligence agency or that of pandering to a child, who desires to be seen as a Time Tunnel agent to top Basiago and Titor, it then leads you to Ingersoll’s other book, The Last President.

      The question is, when did the Ingersoll book revelation first occur of a ‘key-time’ lead up to the Solar eclipse, and from where was it originally derived of a ‘possible’ Psy-Op’s plant?

      If it is Psy-Op’s engineered, it was designed in order to stir up the conspiracy theorists, who will then, like busy ‘Worker Bees,’ transform it into a self replicating viral meme, like that of a Paenibacillus xerothermodurans. It will then ‘mutate’ into the mainstream, becoming a media-machine Holy-Wood CGI animation film for the 5G kiddies, whose primary character will be modeled on Trump’s son, seeking for a secret under the Russian Fire Star of Mars.

      It could of course have been innocently discovered; but the ‘Timing,’ is of importance. As the saying goes: “It’s All In The Timing.”

      It is how the media-machine creates the neuro-marketing reptilian-brain-stem ‘Buzz’ factor. But sometimes. the Buzz is created by different means, which points at something quite other.

      Many will see it as being a mere coincidence, if the books are proven to be ‘historically real.’ However the synchronicities and that of numerous others, would indicate that we are in a simulation.

      Then to pop the Red pill, to go deeper down the Yoni hole into W-Under-Land, when to follow Trinity’s White Rabbit tail, and I must Politically Incorrect say, she most definitely has a very, very nice Time Tunnel, (cough!) TARDIS tail.

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