The Artwork depicts a Siberian shaman drum. The drum in Siberian shamanism, in particular, is symbolised as being the trance horse the shaman rides into an ecstatic state of consciousness. The motif of the horse is often symbolised as being an eight-legged Mare. 

The eight-legs of the Mare represent the eight cardinal directions, which are also associated with the eight points of a ‘cube.’ Hence in the Tarot card of the ‘horned’ Devil XV, which depicts a demonised ‘horned’ shaman, he is traditionally depicted seated upon a ‘cube,’ you could imaginatively associate with the TARDIS of Doctor Who, since the shaman saw the drum as a macrocosmic tool, that empowers his microcosmic trance ingress into other (inner) realities.

At the centre of the ‘cube,’ and at the centre of the eight cardinal directions you have a ninth point. Whereby the eight-legged Mare was also associated with the world tree interlinking nine (worlds) states of consciousness, which of a symbolic formula was painted upon the drum skin. 

The eight-legged-Mare is also a fusion of two horses, representing the two nerve channels running along either side of the spinal (world tree) column. These two (horses) nerve channels belong to the Autonomic-Nervous-System. When these two (horses) nerve-channels are brought into balance via meditative (hypnotic) drumming, the two horses become fused, as the eight-legged-Mare, which activates the central-nerve channel of the Central-Nervous-System running along the centre of the spinal (world tree) column.

When the central-nerve channel is activated, the shaman will experience the arousal of what is known to the Yoga practitioner as the Kundalini-Shakti, along his spinal (world tree) column. The Kundalini Shakti is considered to be the life-force, which is experienced as being a liquid (fire) light, whose ‘quintessence’ is intuitively felt to have a feminine  (Anima Mundi) source. The Kundalini Shakti may be an intuitive description of the bio-photon, emanating from the Mitochondrial DNA, which is passed down from the mother to her children.

Whereupon the eight-legged Mare is seen to be the (female-centaur) animal form of a Spirit Wife, who manifests as a shape-shifting human (Anima) female within visionary states and bio-photon illuminated lucid dreams, a Surrealist Artist would call an Art MuseIf you are interested in an Art print or the shirt design, etc, Check Out my Redbubble shop, Please Click Here.  

Those of a Westernised temperament will probably find that the symbolism employed by a shaman is a bit too much to swallow, concerning his/her trance tool of a (genie bottle) drum. In order to further clarify what the shamanic symbolism of the drum is communicating in regards to hypnagogic trance induction, which is none too dissimilar to inducing a state of self-hypnosis, you have the following excerpt from a research paper.

Shaman Night-Mare Drum Siberian Trance by MARDUN

“Scientific research has determined that drumming patterns are associated with different brain wave activity, as measured by cortical EEG. The research was conducted, to determine if the subjective experience of percussion in general, and rhythmic drumming in particular, would elicit (inner) images or (internal) sensations with a common (symbolic) theme.”

“Twelve participants were divided into three groups and monitored for EEG frequency response to three separate drumming tapes. These tapes included: Shamanic Drumming, at approximately 4 to 4 1/2 beats per second; I Ching Drumming, at approximately 3 to 4 beats per second; and Free Drumming, which incorporates no sustained rhythmic pattern.”

“Four cortical sites, bilateral parieto-temporal and parieto-central areas, were monitored for each participant during three sessions. At the conclusion of the sessions, each participant prepared a brief written account and was given a tape-recorded interview of his or her subjective experience. These subjective experiences were then categorized according to recurring themes and consensual topics.”

“This research supports the theories that suggest that the use of the drum by indigenous (shamanic) cultures in ritual and ceremony has specific neurophysiological effects and the ability to elicit temporary changes in brain wave activity, and thereby facilitates (Triangle Of Art Imagination) imagery and possible entry into an ASC (altered state of consciousness – active imagination of varying visionary intensities), especially the (shamanic state of consciousness – hypnagogic trance/ecstasy) SSC.”

“Drumming in general, and rhythmic drumming in particular, often induces (inner) imagery that is ceremonial and ritualistic in content (depending on setting) and is an effective tool for entering into a non-ordinary or altered state of consciousness (ASC – active imagination) even when it is extracted from cultural ritual, ceremony, and intent.” 

“The drumming also elicits subjective experiences and images with common themes. These include: loss of time continuum; movement sensations, including pressure on or expansion of various parts of the body and body image distortion, “energy waves,” and sensations of flying, spiraling, dancing, running, etc.; feelings of being energized, relaxed, sharp and clear, hot, cold, and in physical, mental, and/or emotional discomfort. 

“Emotions, ranging from reverie to rage; vivid images of natives, animals, people, and landscapes; and non-ordinary or altered states of consciousness (ASC – active imagination), whereby one is conscious of the fact that there has been a qualitative shift in mental functioning., including the shamanic state of consciousness (SSC -hypnagogic [the Phase] trance) journeys, out-of body experiences (OBE’s), and visitations.” 

“A pattern that incorporates approximately 4 to 4 1/2 beats per second is the most inducing for ‘Theta’ gain. (Theta frequency is usually associated with drowsy, near-unconscious states, such as the [hypnagogic trance] threshold period just before waking or sleeping. This (acoustic/’music’) frequency has also been connected to [creative – ‘Muse’] states of “reverie” and [The Phase] hypnogogic dream-like image.”

“The pattern of the drumbeat as it relates to beats per second can be correlated with resulting temporary changes in brain wave frequency (cycles per second) and/or subjective experience, provided the drumming pattern is sustained for at least 13-15 minutes.” (NOTE: The Theta brainwave is depicted in the design.)

NOTE: The excerpt of the research paper, was adapted with notations, from a ‘Presentation Abstract’ by Melinda Maxfield, Ph.D. for the Stanford University Centre For Computer Research In Music And Acoustics (CCRMA).

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  1. happy to see you again writing here!

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      Writing elsewhere for a different audience; hence, I changed my writing style a bit, in order to communicate to the less esoteric inclined Muggles.

      But, since I am not into Osculum Infame pandering to the Muggle masses, whose Political Correct hive minds are in general en-trained by Mind Controlling Thought Police via the Controlled media, etc, I will not dance to their totalitarian tune; for the Entartete Kunst and its Censorship has come around again in the form of soft fascism, which is invariably entwined with a ‘cultural construct’ of a religion.

      “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.” – Alduous Huxley

      Back in the pe-internet 80’s, the Entartete Kunst was initiated by the Political Correct Thought Police during the Cold War era of Reagan, Thatcher and Foot in the USA and UK.

      Now you have Trump, May and Corbyn. History repeats its self, cyclically of a cosmic joke, when to observe the signs of mass conjurations of subconsciously hewn ‘archetypes’ becoming as flesh, which you could otherwise term as psychologically profiling the populace worshipping media images.

      “All gods are homemade, and it is we who pull their strings, and so, give them the power to pull ours.” – Alduous Huxley

      However, history repeats its self due to certain people in a position of illusory power, based upon the ‘symbolic construct’ of money, playing the same old habitual Samsara games, over and over again, who stir up and control the mob’s reptilian brain-stems via the fear porn ridden media.

      “All religions are founded on the fear of the many and the cleverness of the few.” – Alduous Huxley

      As for the themes I cover in my Art and writing, they all communicate that ‘Sorcery Is Art, Art Is Sorcery,’ which in ‘general’ goes right over the heads of the Muggles, whose engineered preference is NWO Kingdom Of ‘Heaven’ Sweet-box-tin Hitler art, and ‘Eden’ fear porn, which Censors the Apple as being Entartete Kunst, as well as a meaningless hedonistic ‘Hell!’


    This is an answer for Dante Leone:

    It is time for the Witches to be entirely honest about their deified ‘Animus,’ made as a God/Devil.

    Amomg their Blood-Moon lodge be Artists, who can easily eroticise of aritsty their Chippendale Angel and Demon Incubi, out of their patriarchal Playgirl grimoires, unto spandex Übermench’s frequenting many a superhero comic.

    It is now the time, of a politically orchestrated focus, which will lucratively cater for such symbolic explorations of the Witches ‘Animus,’ Homosexual Artists will of course also engage in of eggregore exploration; for their shared focus upon the ‘Animus’ is akin of nature.

    However, these new viral-meme Gods of an ‘Animus’ archetype is just a continuum of what has already been established of a cultural construct. The difference, will be that of honestly declaring that the patriarchal all male gender focus of the Uruk trinity indicates an underlying sexual orientation, which cannot be denied.

    The publishers will enable the publication of these Playgirl tomes; for it is right up their financial Wall street alley of Feminist gender politics.

    The Empire Has Never Ended, of an ‘Animus’ fixation, which has hidden its underlying sexual orientation behind a celibate facade!

    As for an ‘Anima’ manifestation of the seventy-first Succubus, Dantalioni, her Art Muse model forms are many across the Art studio Art movements of zeitgeist Zodiac ages and that of present alternate Earth possibilities.

    She to relate, “a Playboy grimoire of the fallen ‘Anima,’ is considered as being a politically incorrect tome of the infernal Entartete Kunst, to character assassinate ban, to censor or ignore.”

    This I personally know; for I have rebelled, by creating such a Faustian Necronomicon to self publish.

    However, if I had made out that I was a lesbian female Artist/Author to assume the name, Faustina Crow, the publishers would have bent over backwards shitting Feminist Shekels.

    But I will not lie; for in doing so, I will be lying to myself, let alone to everyone else.

    I like women, but I am not a woman!

    Hence heterosexual Faustus Crow has conjured up Mephistophna, for real!


    This is an answer for Dante Leone:

    A well crafted Anti-Viral Meme or Rebel Supersigil has as its foundation the ‘Biological’ in order to negate the illusory mind-control constructs of those who subversively bind many a mind to focus upon the deified ‘Animus,’ made as a God, so as to keep their big-business cults rolling on.

    The established PsyOps memes use the misdirection Illuminati, reptilians or Secret Atlantean-Annunuki-Aryan’s, etc, which of engineered Creepypasta viral-memes all lead back to fingerprint Abrahamic UR.

    The biological Anti-Viral meme points at the ‘underlying sexual orientation’ of the overriding focus upon the deified ‘Animus,’ which is blatently obvious, but not seen, for what it is; for the consensus reality has been engineered as an incarcerating Matrix, whose prison bars are symbolic, which has consigned human sexuality into the pit, so as to blind the indoctrinated collective to a biological truth, this being the foundation stone weak spot of UR’s oily petrodollar ziggurat.

    When the undeniable truth is revealed, the brainwashed do habitually react, who rant and rage, flinging stones within their glass temples, going quite mad, gibbering pseudo-inanities; but whether they like it or not, the biological truth will always win, it is nature, which cannot be socially engineered out of existence by the symbolic constructs of relgion or by politics.

    When the brainwashed finally see the truth, they will then realise that the overriding fixation upon the deified ‘Animus,’ made as a God, which had been appropriated of a religiously wrought ‘gender focus,’ has driven many a mind down the generations, into utter insanity, who will also see the ‘closeted’ burning many a Witch at the stake, along with murdering homosexuals across dark age theocratic Europe for no reason at all!

    Such insanity continues, which can be seen when to observe news reports of homosexuals being flung from rooftops by closeted ‘Animus’ fixated worshippers who consider that their cultural-construct of a cult is superior to all others, while Feminist extremists align themselves with fascist Fifty Shades Of Grey Sharia law Islam.

    Why do protesting heterosexual women invariably align themselves with doiminating bastards? Well, it happens all the fucking time in a relationship dynamic when a heterosexual woman finds herself being in control, whose self-identity as a female becomes more masculine, who then finds herself being attracted to a dominating Bad-Boy outside of the relationship, whom makes her feel more feminine. What then happens to her cheated on partner? He gets crucified! it’s not rocket science, it’s bloody nature!

    This and other realisations will also lead to seeing those who have copied hook-line-and-sinker invariably seek to murder the original, which initially formulates as a persecuting character assassination and that of an eventual holocaust.

    You can thereby gather that the copied cultists have been playing the copycat cults against each other in order to avert another horrifying holocaust; well, what do you expect, it is somewhat understandable that the copied superority complex desires total control over the oily UR triad of cloned nutters, it’s a basic survival instinct.

    How is this being achieved? It is being done via the illusory construct of money, buying whoring politicians all over the patriarchal whorehouse! Just follow the money trail to see the bedlam truth of it.

    But such monetary machinations is engendering yet another Hell-fire, of a self-fulfilling prophecy, which of cultic insanity will initiate a nuclear Armageddon, of an End Of Days, all three of UR’s ‘Animus’ fixated trinity shares of a death cult focus.

    This is not a conspiracy theory, it is happening now, and what is more, UR’s insane triad of cults has been psychologically profiled by those who are observing the Aquila of debt-ridden Romano America being crucified between an oily suicide bomber and a banker land thief.

    “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    How then to negate the viral-meme of UR’s supersigil triad having an imprisoning hold over consensus reality? A homosexual mage can utilise the ‘Animus’ fixation by hacker revealing its underlying sexual orientation, and likewise by a heterosexual Witch, if they are bloody honest about it; although in doing so, the duo will come under a lot of flak from the dark age mentality of the theocratic closeted!

    Whereas a heterosexual sorcerer will have to look for what has been entirely castigated out of the symbolic equation, which is the Fallen ‘Anima,’ of a Necronomicon Anti-Viral meme, a Lesbian priestess can also appreciate, let alone a bisexual magus. Savvy!


    This is an answer for Dante Leone:

    PsyOps viral-meme Creepypasta Maria quite so contrary Orsick and the Aldebaran Vril of Thule ‘Sumeria,’ photoshopped whoring around URuk ziggurat, with Abraham’s Orwellian eye amidst its hierarchal oily triangle.

    The neo-Roman Liliputian’s to fasces copycat cry, “we are the chosen race of the allfather ‘Animus,’ our phallic cult be Sol-Invictus blondie bigger than yours.”

    The progenitor to look down at his banker crotch, “what the fuck, no way! We are the chosen super race of the great prick ‘Animus’ in the sky, raining down golden Shekel showers upon his favoured children, grabbing ths 911 land, not you!”

    Then another to shout, “neither of you are of the chosen, We are of the primordial perfect dick faith, the final revelation of our deified ‘Animus,’ if you do not convert, we will take your infidel heads as trophies, to shit into your fluoridated skulls.”

    All three to ritualistically chant, “We are the BORG. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile.”

    As you to say, it is homoerotic of an ever warring triangle. When the Illuminati minions of the URuk triad, eventually wake up from their gender fixated brainwash, to see that no cultural-construct of a big-business religion can brand the ‘Great Mystery,’ they might just reactively scapegoat many a gay, rather than seeing their own Ill-uminati stupidity.

    Unless a gay author looking like Christ, staves off the bloodletting madness, along with making killing Shekels in the temple, where Feminist priestesses await his Alighieri entrance upon their already prepared patriarchal stage.

    And so again, back to oily UR, full circle, so to speak. But will they ever remember not to repeat a nuclear End Of Days?

    Although, by doing a bit of transmutation tweaking, it will otherwise be the End Of Days of the URuk trinity… this time… around.

    The ‘signs’ are there to seer of ‘coded’ message, so as to Ouroboros remember. It isn’t by chance that you have an Aquila crucified between a land thief and a suicide bomber of trigger-symbolism.

    Alas, their eye be blinded; probably because of what has been systematically dumped into their public water supply since IG-Farben WWII, which has invariably led to a number of neurological disorders and low fertility rates in the industrialised West; maybe it was subconsciously committed of an unconsciously wrought crime, in order to leaden blind the Illuminati zombies of UR’s trinity to all their Karmic cult horrors.

    Now they are seeking to cover up their eugenic crime upon warring crimes, by using an influx of migrants. All the apparently disconnected information-age dots join together into a very sickly weave.

    Will others see the woven terror tapestry? Probably not, it’s just another conspiracy theory, isn’t it; they would rather look for reptilian’s from planet PsyOps under their beds, it’s far more pseudo-B-movie entertaining.

    “You have noticed that everything an Indian does is in a circle, and that is because the Power of the World always works in circles, and everything tries to be round…..

    The Sky is round, and I have heard that the earth is round like a ball, and so are all the stars. The wind, in its greatest power, whirls. Birds make their nest in circles, for theirs is the same religion as ours….

    Even the seasons form a great circle in their changing, and always come back again to where they were. The life of a man is a circle from childhood to childhood, and so it is in everything where power moves.” Black Elk Oglala Sioux Holy Man, Wounded Knee, 1863-1950.

    What goes around, comes around.

    In the Samsara land of the Karmic blind, the Dharma Sorcerers are singular of seer eye.


    This is an answer for Dante Leone:

    Hemi-synch Horned Shaman Rubedo, menstrual blood rebirth, reborn via the hypnopompic gate; thrice born, to thence paint red ochre visions upon macrocosmic cave wall unto canvas.

    Inner visions seen, illuminated within the microcosmic bio-photon Albedo dream, consciously accessed when to leap betwixt and between the Nigredo hypnagogic pylons.

    At first, the dreams are Karmic of lead; the dreamer still asleep within, until the Citrinitas is experienced of amber dream lucidity; whence the mirroring silvery Moon is Coitus Pactum united with the observing Sun, Dharma golden.

    The six-pointed sexagram stargate of a Sixth Sense is then attained.

    Hemi-synch Horned Shaman, shapeshifting into other Sorcery forms of animal barbed tales within; becoming as a Moon sign WereWolf, as well as an Ascendant sign Bat winged Dragon.

    Wherein of the dream, he can then Sun sign conjure the fifth element ‘Anima’-Mundi around the ‘Golden Compass’ Zodiac of Ourorboros key-time ages.

    The collective unconscious Wyrd web to thereby internet tremble; for the web be sorcery browsed, when to lucid dream ride a Night-Mare Rune, leading to yet another corresponding Rune associative.

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