The Artwork is a mixed-media photo-montage digital painting, which of a Pop-Occulture (Occult Goth/Punk) design is an alternative version of the Fifty-Sixth spirit, Mantra named Gremory, who is listed in the medieval Grimoire, entitled the Goetia. The name of Gremory is derived from the French word, ‘grimoire.’

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I have otherwise depicted Gremory as a Succubus Art Muse, who is of similarity to what a Tibetan Tantric Buddhist terms as a Dakini.

A Dakini is seen to have vampire tendencies, who as a ghostly Witch haunts the periphery of you Surrealist dreams.

The psychologist Carl Jung would term the (Succubus) Dakini as being an inspiring Art Muse emanation of the ‘Anima.’

However, Tibetan Buddhist Shamans practice conjuring (Succubae/Succubi) Dakinis into their eroticised dreams, wherein a Dakini enables a Shaman to become (sixth-sense) lucid of awareness. Wherefore, Dakinis are considered to be personifications of inner (Sophia) Wisdom.

When conjured into a lucid dream, Gremory manifests as a Pop-Surrealist Nightgaunt Nun, who is an Entartete Kunst Art Muse stands betwixt the hynagogic trance pylons of the Sacred and the Profane.

The symbolism of the Artwork refers to the Tarot card of the High Priestess (Nun) of The Silver Star II. 

The Silver Star is a reference to the star of Sirius, which was considered to be sacred to the ancient Egyptian’s who associated the Goddess Isis with Sirius as well as her child, called, Horus.

Isis and her child, Horus was later transformed into the Virgin Mary and her Christ child by the Christian converts of Rome. Horus as a Hawk represents an ecstatic Out Of Body Experience, which can be experienced when accessing an inner (Yoni/Vagina/Wormhole/Stargate) portal/doorway into a (womb) lucid dream.

Hence the abbreviation of ‘C-haos U-nitarian N-uns T-emplar,’ which of an Entartete Kunst banned word, was the one time name of an Anglo-Saxon Goddess, whose vaginal Stargate was later associated with a Church door, represented as a Sheela na Gig, the Hindu to also know as their Goddess (Kunda-lini/Yoni) Cunti.

The Dogon of South Africa are no doubt aware of lucid dreaming, who considered their ancient shaman trance adepts to be amphibious of awareness.

The trance adepts can freely shift their consciousness between the ‘watery’ domain of the dream and the waking state of ‘land;’ wherefore they are symbolised as being amphibians, having ‘Fish’ heads called Nommo who are well aware of the inner portal of the ‘Chaos Unitarian Nuns Templar. 

(Note: The Nommo [shaman] trance adepts are often symbolically depicted as being phallic headed ‘Fish,’ since the impregnated [hypnagogic trance portal] ‘Stargate’ into the [watery-womb] dream is seen to be feminine, which is symbolised by a planet of women orbiting a star in the Sirius system called Emme Ya. In other words, the Nommo are NOT Aliens; although the feminine quality of the bio-photon illuminated dream can be construed as being of an otherwordly Alien intelligence.)

The Tarot card of the High Priestess (Nun) is also ascribed to the 13th (floor) path of Gimel (Camel) in the Cabbala, which interpenetrates a hidden sphere, called Da’at. The sphere of Da’at is physiologically aligned with the reptilian-brain-stem, which has governance over the depth of hypnagogic trance and your dreams.

The term, Nun, is originally derived from the ancient Egyptian name for the primordial amniotic ocean, called Nun, which represents the inner (womb) space of the dream, from which all (Tulpa/Maya-Matrix) forms are believed to be born.

In ancient shamanic cultures, the (cave/womb) realm of the dream is experienced as having a feminine quality; this is probably due to your dreams being illuminated by the bio-photon, which emanates from the Mitochondrial DNA that is passed down from the (Isis) ‘Mother’ to her (Horus) ‘Children.’ 

So, when to lay down your head upon a pillow to sleep unto dreaming, during the key-time of the Dog Days, when Sirius to burn brightly during the pull of the Moon, ponder the following, at its hypnagogic precipice, to thence slip and slider slide as the serpentine Nommo through the ‘Chaos Unitarian Nuns Templar’ portal into Alien dreaming:

Some scientists believe that the ancient Earth had been seeded with life from out of the womb depths of space, riding the backs of asteroids and comets, carrying bacteria, the serpentine DNA or even the Mitochondria, (Mitochondrial DNA), which to have fallen from the heavens.

If such was indeed the Panspermia case, the Mitochondria, would then be an Alien, which to have originally swam as an organism within the primordial (Nun) ocean before uniting with another organism, to then create a Cell of all Carbon based lifeforms upon the planet, whose Atomic number is 6: Electrons, 6: Protons and 6: Neutrons.

Who knows, maybe the Alien within your serpentine Mitochondrial DNA is communicating a Necronomicon (Gremory/grimoire) code from another Star via your bio-photon illuminated dreams, wherein the (Succubi) Succubae to Dakini reveal their C-haos U-nitarian N-uns T-emplar (code) Wisdom.  

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  1. Dear Faustus, What movie is that with the “Succubus Lucid Dream” black and red title?  It is seen below this line of text,  “A Dakini is seen to have vampire tendencies, who as a ghostly Witch haunts the periphery of you Surrealist dreams.”I’d really love to know as I have almost all of your books and am always looking for movies that I do not know about with related material.

    P.S. Are you planning to continue the Goetia series?  I have both books I and II in color and would really love to complete my collection!  I love your flavor of art and I always learn something interesting (have the .pdf books you’ve released, too). Cordially, Kyle Whitis

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      The film you are seeking is called ‘Lifeforce.’ It is a 1985 science fiction horror film directed by Tobe Hooper and written by Dan O’Bannon of Alien fame, along with Don Jakoby. The film is loosely based on Colin Wilson’s 1976 novel, The Space Vampires, featuring Mathilda May.

      The Lifeforce scene in which the principle character is visited by an otherworldly intelligence within a Bedroom Invader dream, manifesting as Mathilda May is the only relevant part of the film; although, the reference to a spacecraft being hidden within the tail of a passing comet is interesting, concerning panspermia, since a vessel could just as well be the Mitochondria riding a Fallen comet.

      What is more, the Mitochondria has microtubules, some researchers suspect are acting like mini onboard quantum computers parallel processing information from probable alternate possibilities/realities, which also determines the ‘lifeforce’ energy of the cell, within every carbon based life-form vessel.

      It’s almost as if all carbon based life-forms are programmed; but, such programming can be changed.

      I like the film myself, since the movie has a very British edge to it, which is of some similarity to the 1979 classic ‘Quatermass And The Pit,’ involving hive-mind insects from (panspermia) Mars, somewhat like worker Bees being ‘programmed’ by a Queen Bee, you to find of a Feemason’s Beehive lodge motif.

      Quatermass only figures out what is going on when descending into the infernal underground of interconnected vaginal barrelled tunnels, which can be symbolically equated with H.P. Lovecraft’s, ‘Dream Quest Of Unknown Kadath,’ whose principle character, Randolph Carter descends a flight of stairs into the depths of a Necronomicon dream world, somewhat like a shaman accessing a bio-photon illuminated lucid dream.

      There is another interesting motif in Lifeforce concerning the Vampire character of Mathilda May, who communicates to a zapped astronaut that she is the feminine manifestation of all his deepest desires, Carl Jung would term as being the (Tarot-High Priestess II/Gimel) ‘Anima,’ which of an archetype is encountered within the symbolic (virtual realty) interface of dreams.

      A shaman would see the ‘Anima’ as being a symbolic interface with the intelligence/information of the Mitochondria, the ancient Egyptian’s, had intuitively equated with Isis, who personified the ‘throne,’ a Cabbalist would call the Merkabah, a Hindu knows as a Vimana.

      A shaman would otherwise see the ‘throne’ motif as being an eight-legged-Night-Mare, such as Odin riding Sleipnir, whose shamanic (Merlin/Hawk/Horus) character can be equated with Doctor Who riding his (Isis/Morgan le Fay) TARDIS to (trance) ‘program’ (dream) slides into other (Tarot-World/Universe/Multiverse XXI) possibilities/realities.

      I am presently working on the ‘Third’ Goetia Girls book, The Artwork ‘may’ be bit different to the first two books, which is dependent on what Art Muse electron dreams are tuned into of inner ‘browsing,’ upon a Triangle Of Art ‘Spun’ conjuration.

      Hence I am not into horror movies to any great extent, which of emotively ‘Charged’ symbolic stimuli has a habitual reinforcement tendency to follow the same Holy-Wood formula of a Biblical script. Though fun to watch, when having a Heyoka perception, which enables the practitioner to Avadhuta alter the symbolism of inner alchemy.

      So, you will soon be able to complete the ‘Goetia Girls’ series. Your interest in my Artwork and books is much appreciated.

      • You’ve given me a lot to contemplate with your informative response.

        Thank you, sir.


        Kyle Whitis

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