Valak was originally conjured out of the gnarled grimoire of the Goetia as a little naked school boy having the wings of an angel who rode a two headed dragon. Said spirit, like most of others described in the grimoires are depicted as being male entities of an overriding ‘Animus’ fixation. The how and wherefore of Valak’s symbolic transformation into a pasty faced Nun in the film, The Conjuring 2 is of the age old Hollywood tradition of rewriting history. But then, at the end of the day, it is an artistic creation, just as the original was an artistic creation, which of viral-meme ‘artistry’ conjures up associative archetypes within the collective unconscious. As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said:

“The Artist alone sees spirits. But after he has told of their appearing to him, everybody sees them.”


Perhaps the creators of The Conjuring 2 decided to avoid utilising the motif of a little naked school boy because he would end up looking like a deranged version of the animated Voodoo doll icon, Chucky, so, instead they transformed Valak into a transgender entity looking like a Marilyn Manson asylum Nun out of an ‘American Horror Story.’


Or maybe, the creators of the film had decided to reverse the ‘Animus’ fixation towards that of the ‘Anima’ by having Valak as a Nun. Whatever the case, symbolic logic would have dictated that the original little school boy would have been transformed into a school girl, not that of a Nun. But Hell, most of audience wouldn’t know about Valak’s historical grimoire manifestation.

Valak is not one of the most iconic entities of the grimoires; wherefore it is curious that the creators chose this particular entity; why not some other?

Well, the film is about the spiritual torment of a girl; hence the associative conjuring up of demonic cherub Valak, who, at some Hollywood boardroom juncture, before its ‘Conjuring’ into celluloid, was otherwise re-scripted to be ‘Conjured’ as a Nun.

As mentioned; the symbolic reversal of a school boy ‘Animus’ into an ‘Anima’ expression would be that of a school girl; so, why that of a Nun instead?


May be it is reference to the Tarot card of the High Priestess ‘II,’ whose card can be associated with another spirit to conjure out of the Goetia, going by the name of Gremory, who would manifest as a Nun.


Gremory is of of the very few spirits listed in the Goetia who is described as appearing a female; though as per usual, the feminine manifestation is seen to be but a ruse. (If you are interested in the above Gremory shirt design, Please Click the image for further details.)

Wherefore, though manifesting as a woman, the spirit is considered to be male, which of a classical ‘Animus’ depiction would be somewhat alike to the Marilyn Manson Nun, featured in The Conjuring 2 film.


If however you totally rebel against the ‘Animus’ fixated Playgirl grimoires, whose listed entities are all male, then Valak would manifest as a schoolgirl.

Whereas Gremory appears as a Nun. Both of whom would be very feminine of an ‘Anima’ expression. In ancient times, male Shamans would enter into lucid dream congress with their spirit wives, who are manifold aspects of the ‘Anima.’ This did not involve being possessed; for a male enters unto a spirit wife as he would do a woman. However, should the shaman not be in control, or to be homosexual of persuasion, the conjured archetype of the ‘Anima,’ would then become more masculine of expression. It was usually the woman, who allows herself to become possessed by her deified ‘Animus.’


The symbolic motif of the Nun has associations with the ancient vocation of the Priestess and in turn that of the Witch, which of a Tarot card is associated with psychic phenomena, trance and dreaming.


Should you look into the symbolism being employed by The Conjuring 2 film you will find intriguing symbolic references, which allude to the Tarot sphere of the High Priestess. You also have the actual character of the young girl named Janet, from the Enfield Poltergeist case who speaks of an ethereal presence affecting the back of her neck, which of an experience refers to hypnagogic trance.

Should you decide to look for any historical parallels to the Janet case, look into the Loudun possessions. The Loudun possessions was a notorious Witchcraft trial in Loudun, France during 1634. A convent of Ursuline Nuns are said to have been visited and possessed by demons; however, a number of the Nuns had inadvertently experienced trance. The Loudun possessions is of similarity to what the ancient Priestesses used to do, who allowed themselves to become erotically possessed by their deified ‘Animus,’ made as a God.

What Janet to tell of concerning an otherworldly sensation stroking its way up the back of her neck is also spoken of by the Kalahari Bushmen of South Africa, who call it the Num, which initiates trance, they term as Kia. The Num is the same as the Kundalini Shakti of the Yoa practitioner, which is also known as the ‘rush,’ in trance dance culture. It is this energy, which stirs ‘The Conjuring’ of the archetypes out their Jinni bottle of the subconscious mind.

goetia_girls_lilith's_harem_succubus_book_mephistophina_ conjuration_of_fastus_crow 2

It just so happens that the back of the neck is associated with the hidden sephira of Da’at in the Hebrew mystical tradition of the Cabbala, which is numbered ‘eleven.’ Da’at is interpenetrated by a path, whose associated Hebrew letter is Gimel, which in occult practice corresponds with a ‘Camel,’ as well as being ascribed the Tarot card of the High Priestess II, (otherwise known as the ‘High Priestess of the Silver Star’ – Sirius); wherefore you have the symbolism of a Nun.


Gremory is depicted as riding a Camel, who is the fifty-sixth spirit of the Goetia, whereas Valak is the sixty-second spirit out of seventy-two listed spirits. The numbers eleven, and seventy-two are mentioned in the Conjuring 2 film. The girl is aged eleven who is being haunted by a ghost of a seventy-two year old man.


This would then translate as the girl being affected via the eleventh hidden sephira of Da’at, which physiologically corresponds with the throat/neck area of the reptilian brain stem; whereas the old man’s age of seventy-two, is a number, which is traditionally associated with the seventy-two names of a deified ‘Animus,’ made as a God, who is commonly depicted as an old man.

NOTE: Valak was classically conjured as a means to discover the whereabouts of serpents, which of symbolism refers to the Kundalini Shakti (fire snake) signature of individuals, which is basically their ‘aura.’

At another more mundane level it would be to discover those who are slippery as serpents, having hidden agendas and ulterior motives.

For example, the BREXIT vote in the United Kingdom, where the Enfield poltergeist to have haunted, (although there was no mention of Valak at the time) has revealed the political class as being nothing more than a nest of serpents, who like the ‘Senate’ of ancient Rome are biting each others shitty backsides, for all to see. 

The illusory power structure of the political elite is fragmenting; but then, the whoring politicians are essentially being propped up by their gravy-train involvement with the European Union’s corporate lobbyists and the banks.

You could imaginatively conjecture of a surrealist perspective that the mass Holy-Wood ritual of unknowing cinema audiences across the globe has inadvertently led to ‘The Conjuring’ of Valak in the UK, who has revealed the whereabouts of serpents. 

Perhaps the film makers should have Valak haunting 9/11 America next, as a convent… school girl… wielding a baseball bat, who will no doubt totally freak out the Wahhabism of ‘Oily’ Saudi Arabia.

By the way, I am not talking about David Icke’s reptilians here; should you take that route, you will duly find yourself becoming entangled in a subversively orchestrated psychological operation engineered by ‘twin tower’ serpents, who are all too human. 

I am speaking far more of those serpents who have their gangster heads shoved up their own self-serving Romulan arses, like slimy two-faced Nigel Farage, who is in turn being utilised by the Machiavellian politics of a Kafka autocracy, to tar and feather anyone as being a Nazi, who disagrees with the European Senate of ‘Oily’ owned corporations! 

The same psy-ops game is being played with the likes of David Icke who is being utilised to tar and feather anyone who questions the official theocratic line as being a conspiracy nut job. This is somewhat easy to achieve if you believe in inter-dimensional shape-shifting humanoid lizards from planet X, of one time Biblical demons, which be all of an ‘Animus’ expression; although they be more like legions of corporate lobbyists.

The elite rules through dividing and conquering, which is promoted by the controlled media. They will use any means within their power to do so, whether it be by the use of religion, race or age, etc, to get your reptilian brain-stem emotionally agitated, like a rearing serpent!

This is, however not a conspiracy; Hell! Everyone can watch the media circus on their Orwellian eye of a TV, via which you can observe that the Emperor never wore any clothes since the time of ancient Rome, whose Empire Never Ended.  

The question is, will those who voted to either stay or to leave the European Union see the serpents for what they truly are, such as old man TONY Blair, for example. Alas, they have already… forgotten! 




    This is an answer to User ID: 66437954 frequenting GODLIKE PRODUCTIONS.

    This article is not a case of Gorilla marketing for Johnny Wang, considering he is into the Christian Exorcists, Ed and Lorraine Warren who are enamoured with a deified ‘Animus’ brand of an Abrahamic ‘Production’ made as a ‘God.’

    Whereupon Valak is featured as a transgender Marilyn Manson Nun, who no doubt represents the Cherub gender fluidity of the Hollywood likes of Jaden Smith!

    Wang is well aware that in order to be a ‘big artist’ he has to pander to the indoctrinated mind-set of the audience; wherefore his featured Demon is of the classical Playgirl Grimoire kind, which to sell $$$$$$$$$.

    If Wang had featured Valak as a rebellious ‘Anima’ manifestation, of Underground artistry, the politically correct mind-set of the primarily American audience would have screamed Entartete Kunst, just as they had done when Janet Jackson’s boob fell out, while Abraham’s Ur was being invaded.

    Although in France, there might have been less riots over showings of The Conjuring, whose audience may have seen the Belphegor parallel!

    However, the riots sell the pasty faced Marilyn Manson Nun, whose Hollywood transgender image has gone viral of a $$$$$$$$$ Conjuring!

    In other words, if an individual desires to become a ‘big artist’ he/she has to prostitute their art of pandering to an audience, who have been indoctrinated to buy into a branded product, such as an ‘Animus’ fixated ‘God Production!’

    So, your argument is nullified by the fact that Wang featured Valak as a $$$$$$$$$ transgender Nun, rather than going Entartete Underground, because if an ‘Anima’ reversal sells $$$$$$$$$, everybody would be doing it, which of historical examples up to the present, concerning the commonality of the Playgirl Grimoires of an ‘Animus’ fixation, nobody did so, until I created a Grimoire of the ‘Anima.’

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