Jane Fonda stars in Roger Vadim's futuristic space adventure 'Barbarella'. The story is based on the comic strip created by Jean Claude Forest, 6th July 1967. Costumes by Paco Rabanne.

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Cinema of a childhood memory; I remember being taken to a cinema situated in Putney by my parents. The cinema was showing the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which had just hit the shores of the UK.

As many will no doubt know, the film is about a magical flying car, a Hindu mystic might just call a Vimana, which of a term has also been applied to sightings of UFOs.

Anyway, I was rather young at the time, I must have been around four years of age; what is quite strange is that I cannot recollect seeing the film at all, I probably fell asleep, since it is a musical. I never had a liking for musicals, they tend to do my head in with their sugary mantras.

Even so, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang no doubt zapped my reptilian brain-stem, which I later fused of symbolism with the sentient Hippie Volkswagen Beetle, numbered fifty-three (numerology: reduced to eight), featured in the 1968 Disney film, entitled, The Love Bug, to then symbolically merge with Odin’s ‘eight’-legged Night-Mare called, Sleipnir, and the prior 1960 George Pal film version of H.G. Well’s, The Time Machine.

Those of you who are Artists, creating within your Magic-Circle Art studios, might understand what I have just written of a symbolic merger. Whereas a non-Artist will very likely say that what has been written sounds absolutely barmy, deranged, let alone insane! Alas, ‘Muggle’ non-Artists find it extremely difficult to understand the reasoning of associative symbolism, leading to the evolution of an internal idea, to conjure up of a corresponding ‘brainstorming’ vision amidst the Triangle Of Art Imagination. Then to manifest it of externalised artistry, whether it be a drawing, painting, sculpture, writing, etc, or even a… musical. I still do not like musicals, even if it is based upon H.G. Wells, The Time Machine.

Okay! I might give it a go… maybe… since Jeff Wayne’s, musical version of H.G Wells, War Of The Worlds wasn’t so bad, which I must admit, I bought long ago. There is however an exception in regards to my dislike of musicals, I absolutely adore the hilarious 1966 musical film, entitled, ‘A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum,’ which led to Frankie Howard’s superb comical rendition of Roman culture in the 1969-1970 TV series, Up Pompeii.

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum, is brilliantly accurate concerning its depiction of Diana-Lucifera Roman society where the Mesopotamian, Make Love, Not War, sex Goddess Astarte was still remembered of an Anima archetype before she was bound into the Animus male form of Astaroth by the Hebrew’s and copy-cat Christian’s.

Astarte later became the machismo Ashtar Of Star Command, channelled by UFO devotees as their angelic saviour, looking like an Aryan Animus Christ piloting a Vimana. Lest us not forget that the Christian’s also transformed the Roman Anima Goddess, Diana-Lucifera into gender-bender Animus Lucifer of an anti-thesis ‘brand,’ which is a comedy of neuro-marketing mind-control errors in its self.

You might just enquire, “why do you consider the film, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum to be historically accurate in its depiction of Roman life?” Well, when I first saw the film as a kid, it triggered off a number of vivid recurring dreams about an inner self-image of mine being in ancient pre-Christian Rome, maybe animist Pompeii.

Or to be elsewhere among the precincts of the vast Roman empire, which has… Never Ended… of an Animus fixated symbolic Matrix since the time of Emperor Constantine, who appropriated the ancestral-self-identity of the Hebrew’s.

Image result for romulan

The imperialistic culture of ancient Rome the 1966 science fiction series Star Trek had conjured up as the Romulan empire. I still fondly remember the Romulan commander out of the 1968 Star Trek episode: The Enterprise Incident.

I have had a suspicion for sometime, that I have experienced a rather comedic past life as a rebellious citizen of ancient Rome.

Or otherwise accessing a passed down ‘Neuro-Genetic’ memory of a prior Dawning Of The Age Of Aquarius, which the Vietnam war era Broadway musical, entitled, Hair, had immortalised, of a Timothy Leary ‘Eight Circuit’ vision of consciousness, back in 1968, whose (53/8) Love Bug anti-war message was later made into a movie in 1979.

But the Love Bug message was duly forgotten during the very shady (23-Skiddoo) 2003 invasion of Oily Iraq.

I am digressing; sort of, as mentioned I cannot remember all the details of the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang film at the time. But what I do vividly recollect is seeing a psychedelic poster when we first entered and left Putney cinema. (A late 1960’s-early 70’s Hippie era photo of Putney cinema is featured in the comic strip below.)

The poster was for the 1968 Hippie film Barbarella, which had a profound affect upon me, I even remember waddling my way back into the cinema foyer to have another look, just after we left, wondering what had just hit me of a reptilian brain-stem Anima ‘Da’at’ zap; this of course freaked out my parents no end, since I escaped their grasp.

What I felt was a sensation of recognition; it was the same feeling of déjà vu I had felt when I later set eyes upon a Lamb’s Navy billboard poster of Anima icon Caroline Munro, which I made a ritualistic point of passing by as a kid; this invariably led to finding myself in an auto-hypnotised daze, repeatedly crashing into a lamppost Iriminsul near unto the billboard, when going to and from Hogwarts.

I cannot say that the Barbarella poster did not evoke a Love Bug sexual response in me, in all honesty, it did.

But not as an adult would understand it of a Politically-Correct Thought-Control Romulan intellect, it was something else, far more spiritual of a Tantric nature.

Although, the anti-war child doctor, Benjamin McLane ‘Spock’ may have understood, who signed the ‘Writers and Editors War Tax Protest’ pledge, back in 1968, vowing to refuse tax payments in protest against the Romulan War in Vietnam.

Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues!: Team Up:

Barbarella Jane Fonda is also well known for her anti-war protests. But history has since repeated its self. Such to occur because of those in power playing the same old game, over and over again, from Vietnam to Iraq; lessons were of course learned, which of psychological-warfare application was to stave off any repeat of the Hippie era anti-war movement. It worked!

I suspect that the now considered Entartete Kunst Barbarella poster acted as a symbolic trigger, akin to those symbolic triggers encountered in dreams, which triggers a dreamer into lucidity. These trigger events appear to occur at key-times around the Zodiac Ouroboros. As far as I can recollect, the UK Barbarella poster I saw as a child was the one below, which was designed by Robin Ray and illustrated by Renato Fratini in the comic strip style of Barbarella’s creator, Jean-Claude Forest.

The other poster design I potentially saw was originally done by the brilliant American illustrator, Robert McGinnis, which in the UK was in part redesigned by Robin Ray and Renato Fratini.

It is almost as if, what I am focusing upon now of Entartete Kunst artistry, concerning the conjuration of (Succubi) Succubae Art Muses within lucid dreams, such as the Anima version of Astaroth, otherwise called Astarota, has somehow influenced my own past through time.

The lucid dream conjurations of Hippie space-girl Barbarella, as Astarota, flying her Vimana of an Ouroboros flying-saucer may have generated a self-enclosed loop of time.

This was in turn triggered by my childhood observation of a Barbarella poster, depicting a Succubus fluctuation of the fallen Anima.

But then, Astarota to classically reveal how the Succubae Great Old Ones fell out of the symbolic paradigm. Hence, they are not listed in any Grimoire, until I rebelliously depicted their Anima manifestations.

If you think that sounds crazy, just remember, I am an Artist and Artists are naturally crazy, it goes with the creative turf! As for Roger Vadim’s ‘surrealist’ film of Barbarella I only got to see it until much later, when I was in my late teens.

The lucid dream conjurations of Astarota might explain the precognitive experiences I have experienced, some of which enabled me to avert a number of life threatening situations.

That, or it is a triggered indicator that eternal recurrence is an Ouroboros reality, which going by my other personal experiences, could indeed be the case of a closed-timelike-curve, to lucid dream ride as a conjured Night-Mare Vimana.



  1. Grandtrines Says:

    Reblogged this on Grand Dreams.

  2. as an artist myself I draw alot of females , are you suggestng that I can manifest these characters as animus in my lucid dreams as succubus to aid me in my shamanic journies ?
    I have been drawn here by a number of things and im really intruiged

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      This is an answer for sapien82

      The ‘Anima’ is the Feminine Archetype within the subconscious of a Male; whereas the Male Archetype is the ‘Animus,’ residing within the subconscious of a Female.

      In dream Yoga practice the ‘Anima’ is Shakti. The ‘Animus’ is Shakta.

      Your dreams are populated by dream characters; some of which have Archetypal characteristics. Should you attain lucidity within a dream, you can ‘Conjure’ up an aspect of the ‘Anima,’ which will manifest into your dream as a Succubus, a Tibetan Bonpo Tantric Buddhist would otherwise call a Dakini, the ancient Greek’s termed as being the Muse.

      I am not suggesting this as being an intriguing possibility. I am speaking from ongoing personal experiences. As an Artist, I conjure Succubus Art Muse Dakinis into my own Lucid Dreams.

      This is not some Newage pseudoscience, or pushing a religion; when doing in depth research into the inner experience, it is known about in numerous other cultures throughout human history, which of dream practice can be termed as being Shamanism.

      Shamanism is not a religion, it is otherwise that of a system of techniques, which enable a shaman to alter his/her consciousness.

      This is often achieved by using symbolic stimuli as meditation aids to induce hypnagogic trance, like that of an Artist creatively meditating when painting to the point of accessing hypnagogic trance.

      In other words, the shaman was the first Artist; for example the Palaeolithic cave paintings of Lascaux were created when in hypnagogic trance, which very likely involved lucid dreaming. When Pablo Picasso saw the paintings of Lascaux, he to have said, “we have learnt nothing new.”

      The practice of lucid dreaming does not mean that a practitioner can indulge in hedonistic fantasies.

      The practitioner will soon realise that the conjurations of gender Archetypes, whether they be symbolised as a Goddess/Succubus or God/Incubus, are aspects of his/her, ‘Anima/Animus,’ which will reflect him/her back within a microcosmic lucid dream, as well as initiating concordant macrocosmic synchronicities.

      Whereupon, a Tibetan Bonpo Tantric Buddhist conjures differing Dakinis in order to attain self-knowledge.

      Art is indivisible to the practice of sorcery, they are one and the same. The practice of magic is Art, Art is magic. Occultism is all symbolic, which of symbolic constructs were created by Artists.

      An analogy being, an Artist creates a comic, which for the groupie fans becomes their bible, who worship his work with a religious devotion.

      Should the Artist decide to change the costume of his character or to transform a superhero/God into a super-heroine/Goddess, the worshipping fans will become quite irate, which indicates that it is very easy to brainwash the reptilian-brain-stems of the mass audience via symbolic stimuli; this understanding the religious/political establishment and the advertisers of neuro-marketing know all too well.

      Sounds absolutely crazy doesn’t it, but that is exactly what is presently going on concerning heterosexual male ‘Role-Models,’ such as Dr Who, Thor and James Bond, etc, being transformed by the controlled media-machine into sexless female characters having masculine traits.

      This also includes female characters who are ‘Anima’ archetypes, who excite the heterosexual male audience, being media-machine transformed into sexless man-hating butch Maenads, sporting beards.

      So, when confronted by an all male religious paradigm of ‘Brand,’ which is fixated upon the ‘Animus, ‘residing within the female psyche, it indicates that its patriarchal ‘Product’ was created by women.

      Where then is the ‘Anima?’ She to have Fallen out of the picture with all her legions of (Succubae) Succubi. The ‘Anima’ is being tarred and feathered as being sexist, which is basically mass Mind-Control.

      It has happened before, in Rome, when Constantine converted Rome’s empire to have a monotheistic fixation upon the deified ‘Animus’ of Orwellian totalitarian/fascist centralist politics.

      Whereas The animists of pre-Christian Rome had an ‘Anima,’ and ‘Animus’ balance of varying Goddesses and Gods doing the Tantric tango.

      Hence one of the reasons why I conjure Succubus Art Muse Dakinis into my lucid dreams, which of an Artistic rebellion is to negate the symbolic brainwash of an ‘Animus’ fixation permeating the symbolic language of the masses, which in turn permeates all levels of culture.

      Art Witches have their ‘Animus’ Playgirl grimoires, out of which they conjure their Jehovah/God/Allah and a Devil/Lucifer/Satan, around whom to gather Good-Guy Beta-Male Angels and Alpha-Male Bad-Boy demons.

      The Playgirl grimoires of the ‘Animus’ are the commonality you to find in many a Newage Hogwarts bookshop.

      I am not saying they are bad; if the sexual persuasion of the practitioner is orientated towards conjuring up male aspects of the ‘Animus’ amidst his/her Triangle Of Art imaginations, such is his/her path of choice.

      Whereas I conjure Succubi out of my Playboy grimoire of the Fallen ‘Anima.’ However, you might just find that the masses will react against such rebellious artistry as being Entartete Kunst, to castigate as being pornographic.

      The Dakini of a Tibetan Bonpo Tantric Buddhist is not Newage fluffy of a symbolic focus, nor is her symbolic expression politically correct.

      Basically, a Dakini (Succubus) is an Entartete Kunst Art Muse; for her dream manifestations enables a conjuring Artist to see beyond the symbolic illusions of a cultural construct in order to go beyond its Ring-Pass-Not!

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