The Marvel comic character of Doctor Strange was forged during the rebellious Hippie era, which of an underlying Newage Zeitgeist fixation since the mid to late twentieth century had an alternative focus upon the spiritual disciplines of the far East. Hence you have Faustian Doctor Strange seeking to become the sorcerer apprentice of an old Tibetan shaman known as the Ancient One.


There are still many a Hippie around of rebellious attitude, remembering the 60’s-70’s anti-war  protests, who as fans of Faustian Doctor Strange, consider the nigh psychedelic sorcerer supreme as representing their bygone youth, when to have first read the books, written by Carlos Castaneda, about his sorcerers apprentice experiences with the Ancient One called Don Juan Matus.


Many of the present comic fans are unaware of the Hippie zeitgeist roots of Doctor Strange, but as an archetypal Faustian mage, he would be generally associated with the likes of Lord Of The Rings, Gandalf and Harry Potter. As for the non comic fans, they are unconcerned about the social engineering machinations of Marvel and Disney, concerning the transformation of the Ancient One into a female Celt, using Kung Fu.

Let’s say that the transformation of the Ancient One into a Celt, may be referring to the genetic findings of the Human Genome Project, which has recently discovered that the Celts originally came from Siberia, not Europe as first thought. Whether the Doctor Strange script writers are referring to the Human Genome Project findings is debatable, though unlikely. Whatever the case,  the Stone Age ancestors of the Celts apparently lived in the region of Lake Baikal to the Altai region more than 30,000 years ago.

For example the historians had previously believed the early Britons were mainly made up of Celtic incomers from Europe a few centuries ago. But study of Celtic DNA indicates a strong connection with the nomadic people known as the Kets of Siberia, rather than anywhere in Europe. Wherefore the ancient ancestors of Doctor Strange are Siberian migrants, whose original homeland is the realm of the shaman.

As for the Altai region of Southern Siberia and central Mongolia its locale has been identified as the point of origin of a cultural enigma termed the Seima-Turbino Phenomenon. It is conjectured that changes in climate in this region around 2000 BC and the ensuing ecological, economic and political changes triggered a rapid and massive migration westward into Northeast Europe, Eastward into China (Tarim basin mummies) and Southward into Vietnam, Thailand and even Japan, whose animist culture gifted the world its Manga and Anime.

There are also indications of far earlier migrations from the Altai region unto Lake Baikal, when a great inland flood afflicted the area, around the time of the demise of the Great Mammals. Whether there were any migrations into Tibet, is of course open to imaginative conjecture, right out of the highly innovative film Inception.

sleipnirdrumyahoocouk doctor strange succubus celtic goetia girls

You also have fabled Tibetan land of Shambala, which some to believe is actually situated in the Altai; although Shambala primarily appears as a mystical conception, rather than a geographical location, which of a mystique has since been used in many a film.

Curiously, although the tale is known now as a Tibetan myth, it seems that it was first recorded in AD 966 in India, where the nomadic Aryans had long ago flocked into.


The Buddhist Kalachakra tale tells of a (Shangri-la) land behind the Himalayas, ruled by a gracious King Sucandra, who was the first to learn the Kalachakra doctrine from Buddha Sakyamuni himself. A number of European believed Sucandra was a Celt. May be the Doctor Strange writers are alluding to a Celtic Sucandra who they have transformed into a female Ancient One?

No! Probably not, since a Celtic Sucandra dates back to Madame Blavatsky’s infatuation with root-races, which inspired the Nazi regime’s infatuation with finding a white, blond haired, blue-eyed Nordic super-race in Tibet, looking like Tilda Swinton.

If the Nazis had known of the Altai burial sites, it would have given them the dire shits. The Altai burials revealed mummies, whose DNA are of a most colourful ethnic mix, of similarity to those of the Tarim basin site; so, the eugenic perspective of a distinct ethnic identity, such as a Celt, or even Aryan does not, and never did apply, when looking back into the far distant past. Both the Celts – Aryans were nomadic tribal people who liked to wildly party, mixing a lot with other peoples genes they had come across, which would piss off Baron Mordo.

Should you deem that the Doctor Strange script writers are referring to the Human Genome findings that the Celts were in fact Siberians, which then leads to the Tarim basin mummies of China, etc; It will be very difficult to communicate these ideas without getting tied up in the ugly knot of racial politics, which to have afflicted the so called modern age. One thing for sure, it  will not go down at all well with the Chinese authorities, who might interpret Marvel and Disney to be saying that the European’s were in Tibet before China.

Whatever Marvel and Disney to say to the contrary of slippery tongue twisting, it is somewhat obvious that they are attempting to appease China by not having the Ancient One as a Tibetan, to then use the neuro-marketing balm of political correctness by transforming the Ancient One into a female.


The reasoning for the gender change is that of negating any potential protest from the fans, whose protesting will be rapidly drowned out by Bible thumper Oprah Winfrey, and her Fifty Shades Of A Dormammu ‘Animus’ Grey sisterhood. Their growing P.C. brigade multitude are no doubt jumping up and down in joy, for their feminist cause, wielding Thor’s hammer, whirling as a pink Swastika.

However, the Chinese authorities will probably not be too impressed by Marvel and Disney transforming a Tibetan into a Celt, which might be seen as being far worse than their political pandering. The Chinese audience might just question, “why did you not have Doctor Strange go to Britain, Scotland, Wales or Ireland, since you have transformed the Ancient One into a Celtic female?” But said Celtic migratory locales are probably considered to be not exotic enough by Marvel and Disney.

sleipnirdrumyahoocouk dream russia witch trance

It thereby would have been better to have had the Ancient One as an Altaic Siberian; alas, Marvel and Disney’s idea of diversity, gave the role to Tilda Swinton; who as a female symbolically represents the ancestral (Anima) Soul of Dr Strange that the Dormammu ‘Animus’ worshipper, Baron Mordo and his minions seek to destroy.

Then again, may be that is exactly what the writers of Doctor Strange are attempting to indicate, as to an Altaic soul source of the Celts; whereupon you have him journeying to the far East to discover an ancient Altaic ancestor who had migrated into Tibet, due to a prior flood hitting the Altai. Although, if to go more esoteric, it would be unlikely Marvel and Disney will allow for the Ancient One being depicted as the ‘Anima’ soul of Doctor Strange, since it would be just too succubus sexy for them to handle.

NOTE: “I would like to point out that I am not a Social Justice Warrior whose general P.C. attitude I find to be distinctly Enatarte Kunst Fascist; and what is more, the third-wave feminist politics of Social Justice Warriors can be very easily used against them, such as having a female actress playing the part of a male character, behind which a primarily monetary driven decision is hidden.

I am far more interested in C. Robert Cargill’s comment, who compared the process of casting The Ancient One to Star Trek’s ‘Kobayashi Maru,’ which I find intriguing. The Kobayashi Maru is an unwinnable test, which was first depicted in the opening scene of the film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and also appears in the 2009 film Star Trek.

As for the name, Khan, it is the shortened version of Khan Noonien Singh, whose fictional Star Trek character alludes to the historical, Ghengis Khan, who achieved eventual domination over China; yet for some Chinese he is considered to be a heroic figure, even though he was Mongolian. In the fictional universe of Star Trek, Khan is depicted as once controlling more than a quarter of the Earth during the Eugenics Wars of the 1990’s.

World War II can be seen as being am actual Eugenic War due to the Nazi’s having a infatuation with eugenics, which of a warped pseudo-science, was first extensively practiced in America, during the early nineteenth century. Many at the time considered the blond, blue eyed Aryan to be the racial ideal, which of a self-inflicted Kobayashi Maru curiosity, you have an Aryan looking Tilda Swinton, playing a Celtic Ancient One, even if she is bald. 

In Star Trek, James T. Kirk took the Kobayashi Maru test three times while at Starfleet Academy. Before his third attempt, Kirk surreptitiously reprogrammed the simulator so that he could beat the unwinnable test. Despite having cheated, Kirk was awarded a commendation for ‘Original Thinking.’

So, if Cargill was to otherwise translate the ‘Kobayashi Maru’ into that of a script, it would have mean’t, like Kirk, that he would have had to totally (reprogram) rewrite the Ancient One. Let’s work with Cargill’s Celtic depiction of the Ancient One; since Cargill has transformed a Tibetan male into a Celtic female, it would then lead to a further ‘reprogramming’ of the original story-line by having Doctor Strange finding himself instead in Britain, Wales, Ireland or Scotland rather than… Tibet. 

Heck! Cargill could have done a tricky Kirk number, by using the Newage mystique of Glastonbury Tor being associated with Shambhala; he could have had a forlorn depressed Strange finding himself amidst Glastonbury festival on his travels, to then be dragged off by a wild eyed Druidess, up and around the Serpentine spiral of Apple isle Glastonbury Tor. That would have been really way out, with all those glowing Ley-line dream roads webbed out around ancient stone circles, lit up like exploding stars going Matrix style; though far more psychedelic of innovative Doctor Strange visuals, having no reference to Inception whatsoever.  

Instead, Cargill’s Celtic female, played by a blond haired, though bald, blue eyed, Tilda Swinton is discovered in Tibet. This is somewhat of a self inflicted Kobayashi Maru, since it will be associated with the Nazis swarming all over Tibet, who were seeking out a blond haired, blue eyed super-race, while being best buddies with the then Japanese Empire, whose military might was causing total havoc in China.

Wherefore, if Cargill is attempting to appease the Chinese authorities by transforming a Tibetan into a Celt… in Tibet, he has very likely stuffed himself up his own Kobayashi Maru. The Chinese authorities will be really pissed off, big style. 

Would Cargill make such a silly creative mistake, which could cost Marvel and Disney very dearly, or was the trailer an Occult-Blind? I guess the only way to determine this is to see whether Marvel and Disney are making any prior cut-backs to their business empire, in order to nullify any potential business losses concerning China’s backlash.

No! Cargill wouldn’t have made such a big mistake, his script would have been gone over with a fine tooth comb by the hierarchy of Marvel and Disney, since it is historically well known that the Nazis were searching for a Tilda Swinton super-race in Tibet, which of a eugenic agenda will really piss off the Chinese. Therefore, the trailer, must be an Occult blind!? 

Perhaps Cargill has assumed the mantle of Carlos Castaneda, to have instead depicted the Ancient One as a female version of Don Juan Matus, who just so happens is a wannabe Navajo; she is actually a Celt living on the Four Corner reservation selling trinkets to tourists. The Ancient One had been prior apprenticed to an ancient Toltec Skinwalker, who bestowed immortality upon her, which is also a curse; so that she will never forget the near genocide of a prior holocaust the natives had suffered, whose children had been forced into missionary schools to learn the ways of the foreign invaders.

Let us go even further; the Ancient One is a Chinese sorceress who had long ago emigrated from China to America around 1,300 BC – nearly 2,800 years before Christopher Columbus arrived at the New World in 1492. Said scenario is based upon highly controversial ancient Chinese styles of the scripts, which have been discovered in North America. Or you could have the Chinese sorceress sailing with the fleets of Admiral Zheng, who is conjectured to have visited the Americas prior to Columbus, and that the same fleet circumnavigated the globe a century before the expedition of Ferdinand Magellan. 

These scenarios would really get the Yuan flowing into the Marvel and Disney coffers. let alone greasing up the smiles of the Social Justice Warriors, who will also be writhing in ecstasy at the thought of the Ancient One being gender bent into a female. 

But what of a backlash from the European market? There wouldn’t be too much protest if at all; but if so, a middle ground can be found. The Chinese sorceress can be otherwise seen to have emigrated to America during the 1850’s, at the time of the California gold rush. San Francisco was only a transit station on the way to the gold fields in the Sierra Nevada. According to estimates, there were in the late 1850’s 15,000 Chinese mine workers in the ‘Gold Mountains’ or ‘Mountains of Gold.’ You also have the transcontinental railroad, which was mostly built by Chinese labour.

The Chinese Ancient One is a Huli jing (狐狸精; literally: “Fox Spirit”), Huxian (狐仙; literally: “Fox Immortal”), or Jiuweihu (九尾狐; literally: “Nine-Tailed Fox”), basically she is a Succubus, who as a Tantric Wu (shaman), takes up residence in San Francisco’s Chinatown, where a psychologically wounded Doctor Strange stumbles into her upon a synchronicity.     

May be Marvel and Disney have utilised the expensive trailer to make the audience believe that the Ancient One is a female Celt in Tibet, using rejected Inception outtakes, knowing full well that it will stir up an ongoing controversy and in turn a buzz; whereas, a few among the Chinese movie hierarchy know the truth. This is of course totally implausible.

But, if Cargill had depicted the Ancient One living on an American Indian reservation as a Tilda Swinton European seeking redemption, or as a Chinese sorceress in America, the authorities in China will lap it up, wanting more. He would have then beaten the Kobayashi Maru, smiling all the way to the bank.      

But, let’s say that Cargill has stuffed himself up his own Kobayashi Maru; how will it then affect the rest of the Marvel movie franchise, concerning a Doctor Strange tie in with their other MCU characters? Well, if Cargill has indeed stuffed it up, the MCU franchise could crumble very quickly indeed, should China back out of the equation. But, China, being very business savvy, might just use the situation in order to take over Marvel and in tun Disney, whose media empire spans the entire globe.

Should Cargill have Kobayashi Maru stuffed it up; Marvel and Disney could potentially avert total MCU disaster by having the Ancient One as being the ancestral ‘Anima’ (female) soul of Doctor Strange, and that its Celtic source originates from the Altai, which had long ago been afflicted by an inland flood. The prehistoric catastrophe led to those few survivors migrating into other lands, some of whom found themselves in Tibet; one of them being… the Ancient One. 

Anyway, if Marvel and Disney are Over-Watching, I am available for any ‘financially lucrative’ creative work put my way.” 



  1. Emmanuel Dark Says:

    Greetings Faustus Crow,

    It’s interesting that you bring up spirit foxes. I had a run-in with that spiritual entity the first time I visited the Dakini Realms. I managed to make it to one of the Dakini-Realms through “The dreaming” a few years ago and was pleasantly surprised that there were the most ephemeral and aesthetically radiant females as far as my eyes could see. they were playing games and there were even Dakinis in traditional Asian-like bamboo or wooded restaurants. That should have been enough for me to satiate whatever desires I had for being with their realm but no I found myself climbing a mountain.

    Oddly enough I was doing it with no gear and just my hands and that’s pretty strange because I don’t mountain climb within the normal-waking-state but apparently in that dimension it’s second nature to me. The physics to me felt quite similar to earth i.e. gravity, etc. Well eventually I got to a certain point and then I couldn’t proceed no further. There was a fox-spirit blocking my path. I believe the fox spirit was floating even. I’m not sure if I just lost my gripe or I was gently nudge but I fell but didn’t hit the ground and instead landing back into my body on Earth and immediately awakened.

    Since that experience I haven’t the warmest feelings for those beings, even though I know she was just doing her job; I found out later from a very intuitive acquaintance the fox spirit’s gender when I shared the experience with her. I was able to successfully return at least 2 maybe 3 times to the Dakini Realms but I never encountered the fox-spirit again at least not in fox form. Although I haven’t had the sense of interacting with another Dakini and thought she was either the same or maybe another Fox spirit.

    All the Best!!!!!

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      The cosmic mountain is represented as a ziggurat, pyramid or as a man-made hill, all of which symbolises the ‘Physical Body.’

      The cosmic mountain is interpenetrated by the World Tree, which of an axis-mundi symbolises the ‘Spinal Column.’

      Along the axis-mundi of the spinal-column you have the Endocrine-System, whose alchemical glands are associated with the seven Chakras.

      The seven Chakras can be equated with the seven planetary spheres as found in the grimoires, which describe entities having their abodes in the planetary spheres.

      The seven Chakras are likewise the abodes of the Dakinis.

      An individual may be of a particular Chakra predisposition, due to an Endocrine-System gland having governance over his/her body.

      Hence, when to have a dream of (axis-mundi) ascending a mountain (body) he/she may find himself/herself confronting an energetic fluctuation of a Chakra, which to manifest as a Dakini.

      The individual may believe that he/she is being blocked in their ascent; however, the dream manifestation of the Chakra Dakini is indicating that further work needs to be done concerning self-healing, or that of opening the (seal) Chakra; hence lessons still need to be learned.

      The motif of the shape-shifting Fox in the far East, ‘especially China’ is not necessarily negative, just as the symbolism of the Dragon is not the same as that in the Middle-East/West.

      The symbolism of the Fox-spirit is very much tied up with the Dakini, just as the Dragon is associated with the arousal of the Kundalini Shakti through the Chakras, whose energatic fluctuations within the dream manifest as the (Fox-spirit) Dakinis.

      As for the symbolism of exotic restaurants, it would indicate you like your (navel Chakra) food.

      • Emmanuel Dark Says:

        I must admit to having a soft spot for fine cuisine made even more delicious served by phenomenally gorgeous Dakinis and they probably thought that would reel me in like a fish hook. On subsequent visits afterwards I knew I was in the Dakini Realms but found myself in slightly different areas/situations.

        A following visit after the previous one I described I saw Dakinis all about me running in multiple directions. The Dakinis knew I was there but their attention was focused on whatever they was alarmed or excited or panicked about. That’s all I saw before returning the normal waking state. I didn’t know what that was all about but had the distinct impression they was off to kick serious behind.

        Another visit I’m not sure if I actually found myself in the Dakini realms but it seemed like a possible adjacent reality close or as you would state next door to them. I saw long lines of people and had no idea what those lines were for… not that it mattered because I was taken and handcuffed and place in the back of a van. I think their were other people also detained within that van but my attention was focused on escaping my handcuffs; which I was able and freed myself. Returning to the normal-waking-state shortly afterwards.

        My final attempt/trip to the Dakini Realms was the most mysterious/successful. I was trekking/walking a very long time and I’m guessing it would have been hours in the normal waking state comparatively. It wasn’t a straight path and in fact no discernible path that was winding through many areas. Until finally I arrived at a very contemporary looking building. Almost like an office building but not an office building.

        I entered the building and found myself in a room or office. There I saw a East-Asian Looking Dakini up at a high bench; almost like a judges bench in a court room. She was busy working on whatever she was doing. I don’t recall any words being exchanged and she looked up and towards my direction very briefly. She then handed over a large stack of papers or file and immediately went back to whatever she was working on. I took that as my cue to leave and so I left; shortly afterwards returning to the normal waking state. I’m still not quite consciously aware of whatever that Dakini gave me but hopefully my subconscious knows what was given to me.

        All the Best!!!!!

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        The dream symbolism of the restaurant is indicating issues concerning the navel Chakra, not that of reeling you in; unless you are saying that you have a binge-eating addiction you are seeking to have control over; whereupon, the exotic restaurant and its sensual Dakinis can be considered to be a ‘testing’ temptation.

        Although when the symbolism is alchemically transmuted, the lesson is that of, “everything in moderation,” which involves having (navel Chakra) ’emotional’ balance.

        When out of balance, such as for example, an individual becoming paranoid that others are working against him/her, who are being seen as blocking his/her ascent, the Endocrine-System Chakras of said individual will correspondingly respond in planetary sphere panicked alarm, becoming uncontrollably exited.

        The (axis-mundi) nervous system cannot tell the difference between a vividly imagined scenario and that of reality; whereupon, when becoming paranoid, the nervous system will correspondingly respond to an unbalanced emotional state as being an actual reality.

        This can be further exacerbated when others feed into the paranoia; some of who do so in order to influence and thereby having power over a paranoid individual; even though the paranoid individual has totally misinterpreted the internally experienced symbolic scenario of a vivid dream.

        The imbalance of an emotional charge, which spins the electron dream is summed up in the VIII Tarot card: Justice; the dream symbolism of which manifests as being detained, handcuffed, put in a police van with others, who may have fed into a misinterpreted situation, etc.

        But should the dreamer subconsciously become aware that he/she has become handcuffed by a misinterpretation, he/she can potentially escape from his/her self-wrought dilemma.

        This then leads to attending a (Dharma) court of self-reflection, whose Judge reminds the dreamer he/she has to regain his/her (navel Chakra) emotional balance, which requires having a (Dharma) self-analytical (file) objective mind, to do so.

        Otherwise he/she will have his/her Karma butt kicked and put in a self-created Samsara jail, since a convicted paranoid will often actually do what he/she ‘believes’ others are imagined doing, which of a ‘belief’ is usually not based upon objective evidence, it is purely subjective, whose premise is invariably (navel Chakra) emotively driven.

        The navel Chakra is associated with childhood imprints, which a dreamer may not be aware of, to have forgotten.

        These imprints will repetitively determine the often habitual (Karma) responses of individuals, which then forges the emotional politics of their Samsara existence at differing Chakra levels, of energetic relationship interactions.

        The imprints can be triggered into microcosmic dream manifestation via certain macrocosmic symbolic stimuli, which then become associative of fractal dream nature.

        The ensuing symbolic dream correspondences may incorporate precognitive information.

        When the precognitive dreams are observed, it may then lead to an understanding that the experience of ‘Time’ is Ouroboros circular, and that the experienced precognitive phenomena is more that of Eternal Recurrence, (file) remembering.


    This is an answer for Dante Leone:

    I find it rather curious that Benedict Cumberbatch played the part of John Harrison/Khan, a genetically engineered Übermensch during the Eugenics Wars in Star Trek Into Darkness, to then act the part of Doctor Strange encountering a bald, though naturally blond haired Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One in Tibet.

    I guess its merely coincidental type-casting; just as the Star Trek eugenic wars and the eugenic Nazi’s looking for a super-race in Tibet is purely coincidental, isn’t it.

    Then again you have a Californian Hippie icon Doctor Strange, behind whose cape, is Californian eugenics, which influenced the Nazis.

    As for how far China’s influence has over Disney/Marvel’s media machine, who knows. However the Chinese billionaire who bought the AMC theatre chain and Legendary Pictures, home of The Dark Knight and Jurassic World, is now looking to get his fingers into Hollywood’s biggest studios.

    Over the past 28 years Wang Jianlin, 62, has transformed a debt-ridden Chinese real-estate company into the 44.7billion-revenue conglomerate Dalian Wanda Group, which has been hungrily snapping up US businesses.

    Those who greatly fear Red Commie Martians under their 1950’s beds are perhaps being faced by their Red Dawn; maybe its an example of a collectively conjured synchronicity, Doctor Strange would know all too well, which is manifesting as a crafty Dragon along with a patient Bear and its Siberian oil.

    Many have observed that America PsyOps influences other cultures via its media machine empire, as well as influencing particular political perspectives; however, it can also go the other way around, which of a subversively patronised political influence some would construe as being nigh Totalitarian, whose social engineering minions are Politically Correct Thought Police having Fascist tendencies.

    But then, everybody is doing it to each other of an interwoven weave of a web; the question is, who is the Spider, catching the flies with its big-bucks.

    You have no doubt noticed that the article was written before Doctor Strange hit the silver screens, which is a free-fall exploration of archetypal themes. I haven’t as yet seen the film, when to do so, I might rewrite it… a bit!


    This is an answer for Dante Leone:

    A pre-Sith President Palpatine-Bush Dynasty Hollywood film to check out, would be the 1963 epic comedy of errors, entitled: ‘It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World,’ which is about, Smiler Grogan (Jimmy Durante), an ex-CIA operative wanted by the shadow government for exposing himself in a tuna factory fifteen years prior, and currently on the whistleblower run, careens his 1941 Love Bug Volkswagen Beetle off twisting, mountainous State Highway 33 near Palm Springs, California and crashes into a Beehive lodge of Queen Bee Feminists.

    Five motorists stop to help him: Melville Crump (Sid Caesar), an evangelical right-wing Christian dentist fan of Lyndon Johnson, who preaches the eugenic benefits of fluoridating the public water supply; Lennie Pike (Jonathan Winters), a mad Area 51 scientist, who specialises in back-engineering Nazi technology behind a B-movie veil of Project Blue Book UFO’s; Dingy Bell (Mickey Rooney) and Benjy Benjamin (Buddy Hackett), two Mosad assassins. looking like Laurel and Hardy Men In Black, who are celebrating their hit job on JFK, are on their way to Las Vegas, dreaming of Israel having the atomic bomb; although, now tasked with taking out Marilyn Munro, she knows just too much; and Russell Finch (Milton Berle), an entrepreneur who owns an affiliated IG Farben chemical Company in Fresno.

    Just before Grogan leaves his mortal coil, he tells the five men about where to find the plans of Tesla’s free-energy device, the oily Arab Sheik Wahhabis will Gematria pay $350,000 for to keep secret, which are buried in Santa Rosita State Park near the Mexican border under … a big ‘Shin’… doctor (Benjamin) Spock later made 31st Cabbala path Shekinah iconic unto Schwarzenegger’s Tarot card time-travel film, Judgement Day.

    It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, indeed, “It’s terrible to have to say this. World population must be stabilized and to do that we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. This is so horrible to contemplate that we shouldn’t even say it. But the general situation in which we are involved is lamentable” – Jacques Cousteau – UNESCO Courier Interview, November 1991

    Perhaps Jacques Cousteau was inspired by the 1963 film, to JFK November focus upon the number 350,000; that or he was privy to more shadowy Ox Goad information, derived from atop of the ziggurat.

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