Faust decided to engage himself in an active imagination exercise, which led to him entering betwixt the Werewolf and Vampire pylons of hypnagogic trance, via which he accessed a twilight lit lucid dream.

He duly found that he had taken on the form of a Bat to fly of astral journeying towards Transylvania where he then howled of conjuring up Mephistophelia (Mephistophina) within a toppled abbey as a Nun.

Her dream domain is set amidst a Baba Yaga birch wood forest, bathed by the bio-photon light of the mitochondrial DNA Moon.

Mephistophelia manifested looking like Nastassja Kinksi, who for some reason many to believe is Romanian, who is actually of German descent as well being Polish. Hence that Eastern European Rusalka look of hers of near Gypsy appearance. Although she also looks like Ksenia Solo, who is a Latvian actress


However, there was once a large Germanic colony of Runic Saxon’s in Transylvania at one time. It is said Transylvanian women are very… hot bloodied.

Faust to have surmised that it might be the subconscious reasoning of associative correspondences for the Transylvanian Coitus Pactum union with a sexy Valkyrie vamp.

Of course, this involved a contract being drawn up in the corresponding language, comprising of pigeon ‘Romanian’ and a bit of ribald pub Latin thrown in for good measure.


Subsemnatul (a)…………………. sunt de acord
cu urmatoarea tranzactie: imi vand atat trupul cat si
sufletul lui Mephistopheilia.

Clauzele contractuale:

1: Mephistopheilia va i subalternul meu si va indeplini tot ce li voi cere, inclusiv intinerirea mea.

2: Sunt de acord ca, dupa un terman de 100 de ani,
timp incare clauza nr. 1 va fi respectata ad litteram,
Mephistopheilia sa ma transporte in integralitate, trup
si suflet, carne si sange, in teritoriul lui, oricare ar
fi acesta si oriunde s-ar
afla acesta.

Scris de mana mo
(loc de semnatura)

Consummatun est! 


The undersigned (a)………………….

Agrees with the following transaction: sell both my body and soul to Mephistopheilia.

The contractual clauses:

1: Mephistopheilia will be responsible for fulfilling all that I am going to ask, including the rejuvenation of me.

2: I agree that, after a term of a 100 years, clause no: 1 ends.

I agree that after a term of a 100 years, clause no: 1 will be observed literally, Mephistopheilia will carry my entire, body and soul, flesh and blood, to its territory, wherever, whatever it be.

Hand-written (place of signature)

Consummated in Eastern Europe! 

As for Faustus Crow’s Coitus Pactum with Mephistophina, it is a far more detailed of an inner agreement with the summoned Succubus archetype of the Fallen ‘Anima,’ who desires her artistic manifestation in return for her Kundalini Shakti Muse gifts she to bestow via lucid dream encounters.

Crow’s Coitus Pactum does does not involve the selling of souls, or having an indulgence in self-defeating brain-dead acts of imbecilic evil, etc.

goetia_girls_lilith's_harem_succubus_book_mephistophina_ conjuration_of_fastus_crow 2

Such is just for Holy-wood fare shock entertainment of an ongoing biblical brainwash, which enamours the monotheistic worshippers of the deified ‘Animus.’

The deified ‘Animus’ has been made as their Jehovah/God-Christ/Allah, and a Satan/Lucifer-Devil/Shaitan, of Orwellian Big-Brother politics.

Anyway, should you become a Faustian rebel, seeking to free your soul from an ensnaring brainwash, rather than selling it down the baptismal river, you might just find yourself being tarred and feathered as a blasphemer by Nuns, Priests, and even by the Pope himself, who are all wedded to their deified ‘Animus,’ made as a God/Devil, wearing wedding rings of Coitus Pactum matrimony.

You might even get into bother with Rabbis and Mullahs, as well. If so, just Howl out; “there is a perpetual Sex War in heaven; I’ve decided to side with the Great Old Ones, who be the Fallen ‘Anima’ fluctuations of the politically incorrect Succubae, to whom I be wedded to of a Coitus Pactum!That should confuse the Hell out of them!

NOTE: Most psychologists of varying psychological disciplines are very much aware of the Animus and Anima, which were scientifically investigated and clarified of a psychological function by the psychologist Carl Jung.

However, said psychologists, and even Jung, himself usually describe the Animus and Anima in very convoluted language, which of labyrinthine intellectualisations, lose any applied practicality. The following has been simplified for the layperson.

But then it is all very simple of nature anyway. Hence, without thinking about it, an everyday psycho-biological process is easily taken for granted, and thereby entirely missed. Wherefore, the likes of religious/politically motivated social engineers utilise what is habitually not self-observed in order to influence and ultimately have total control over the quite oblivious masses.

NOTE: Coitus Pactum is Latin for, ‘Sex Pact.’ This does not mean that the sexual aspect is merely hedonistic of nature, nor does the ‘Pact’ allude to a practitioner selling his soul. The ‘Coitus Pactum’ sums up a Sorcery technique of internalising the sexual impulse in order to empower a lucid dream conjuration of a ‘Tulpa’ some will term as being a ‘Mind-Doll.’

The technique initially involves an ‘active imagination’ conjuration of an imagined (Tulpa) character, which is none too different to what many an Artist does when ‘vividly visualising’ a chosen character to draw, paint, sculpt or write about, etc.

When engaged in creating a character the Artist is entering into a ‘Pact’ with himself, to complete an Artistic project. If the Artist is a Surrealist, he might take the technique further by internalising his ‘Sexual’ impulse, while creating an Artwork featuring an erotic female character.

Should the act of a creative (hypnagogic trance) meditation be sustained of a ‘Pact,’ which leads to finishing the Artwork, featuring a meditated upon female character, it will initially engender ‘Sexually’ charged trigger-dreams and then an eventual lucid dream encounter with the focused upon female character, a Surrealist Artist will see as an Art Muse.

It is within a lucid dream that a two-dimensional image of female character will become an interactive three-dimensional reality of an Art Muse, who is an aspect of the male Artist’s ‘Anima.’ The experienced lucid dream encounter will then inspire the Artist to create further Artworks of a ‘Pact.’

But the Artist is not bound to a particular conjured Art Muse aspect of his ‘Anima;’ for he has many an Art Muse to conjure amidst his Triangle Of Art imagination within his Art Studio of a Magic Circle Harem. In other words, Sorcery is Art, Art is Sorcery, they are indivisible from each other of (shamanic/occult) practice. The first Shaman was also an Artist!

Some practitioners will tend to externalise their internal reality, which leads to seeing the ‘Coitus Pactum’ as an actual marriage to a particular ‘Anima’ or ‘Animus’ projection. This will be due to the practitioner feeling that he/she needs to be in a monogamous relationship, which, if none to physically exist, it is otherwise imagined, which validates the practitioner’s Inner Self-Image of himself/herself as being a partner who is committed to a relationship.  

When exploring shamanic orientated cultures, you will find numerous examples of male Shamans who often describe female characters they encounter within their hypnagogic trance visions unto lucid dreams as being their ‘Spirit-Wives’ to whom they are married, as well as having spirit children with them. These ‘Spirit-Wives’ are Harem aspects of the male Shamans ‘Anima.’

In some shamanistic societies elaborate wedding ceremonies are ritualistically performed when a Shaman marries a ‘Spirit-Wife.’ These weddings will often involve an effigy of the ‘Spirit-Wife,’ or a drum, wherein she is seen to reside, likened to a Genie in a bottle.

This then overlaps into the domain of the religious where a priest is marrying a (Anima archetype) Goddess. Such examples one will find when looking into animist Hinduism. The marriage symbolically represents the priests life-long commitment to worshiping a particular (Anima archetype) Goddess (bride) as their priestly (husband) vocation.

Female shamans likewise have ‘Spirit Husbands,’ who are archetypal aspects of their ‘Animus.’ Hence you have Catholic Nuns who are seen to be married to their ‘deified Animus,’ made as a God/Devil.

The religious sentiment is difficult for some to let go of, which of an external projection can potentially lead to psychological problems. And what is more, when one honestly looks at nature, the female is primarily attracted to a male because he is the one who usually protects and provides, while she gives birth. It is the obvious reason why a woman requires a man to be monogamously committed to a relationship with her.

Wherefore, the ‘Anima,’ will reflect back this biological reality within the male psyche, just as the ‘Animus’ does within the female psyche. Hence one has an overriding symbolic fixation upon the ‘deified Animus,’ because Nuns/Witches seek out an Alpha-Male God/Devil to protect and provide for them, otherwise he’ll end up being crucified as a Beta-Male.

So, when a male Artist conjures up an Art Muse aspect of his ‘Anima,‘ amidst his Triangle Of Art imagination he will have to make sure he assumes the Inner Self-Image of a Fifty-Shades Of Grey billionaire Artist as his Avatar, otherwise a conjured Art Muse will not pose for him.





    This is an answer for Yann Gompel:

    The Contract is essentially made with your own Self.

    The Self is the Inner-Self-Image you have of your own Self, which at a conscious level is not always in accord with how you truly see your Self at a subconscious/unconscious level.

    Your dreams will reveal how you truly see your Self of an Inner-Self-Image. The mirroring power of the dream for a heterosexual male practitioner is seen to be the province of the Anima.

    (The Anima is the symbolic interface with the subconscious/unconscious mind of the dream.)

    The Anima reflects back the Inner-Self-Image of the practitioner within the dream.

    Wherefore, when the practitioner consciously changes his Inner-Self-Image, the Anima will reflect back this transformation as well as empowering it.

    (The subconscious/unconscious realm of the dreaming mind, which has an influence over your physicality, cannot tell the difference between a real or an imagined event.) This is the Coitus Pactum.

    The technique is of similarity to what the Tibetan Buddhists engage in when assuming an Inner-Self-Image of a particular raging Buddha, which is empowered by a corresponding female archetype of a (Succubus) Dakini.

    The Dakini is an aspect of Shakti, which is the subconscious/unconscious power of the dream. Carl Jung would term Shakti as being the Anima.

    The assumption of a raging Buddha within a mirroring Dakini dream is fine for a Tibetan Buddhist monk, who seeks to become a better monk. But it would not be practical for the purposes of those living in the urban jungle.

    As mentioned, the Inner-Self-Image at a conscious level is not always in accord with the true Inner-Self-Image, which resides within your subconscious/unconscious.

    This discrepancy can cause problems. The practitioner has to first become aware of how he truly sees himself, before he can engage in transforming his Inner-Self-Image; this is where dreaming comes to the fore.

    The Inner-Self-Image is like a ‘program,’ which determines how you interact with your experiential reality.

    Some will find it easier to re-program their Inner-Self-Image; whereas others will be confronted by past traumas, which has engendered a Negative-Self-Image, they will have to heal, before seeing themselves as they desire to be, and to become.

    The Inner-Self-Image has to be realistic. For example, it would be unrealistic for a practitioner to see himself as being superhero character, like Superman.

    But it would be far more realistic seeing himself in accord with what he does best to do better.

    If he becomes more adept at what he does best, then money will soon flow towards him.

    Should the practitioner come to a realisation that he is good at writing, who desires to become an author, he would set about perfecting his writing skills, which is done step at a time.

    The series of steps will then lead to the eventuality of publishing his work.

    However, while climbing the stairs towards his goal, he will no doubt be assailed by self-doubts, which can be negated by formulating an Inner-Self-Image as being an author who is inspired by the Muses.

    When the practitioner achieves the realisation of his true potential, he experiences a ‘rejuvenation’ of his Inner-Self-Image.’ He might also experience vivid mirroring dreams and concordant synchronicities, which will empower his Inner-Self-Image.

    This inner realisation can happen in a moment; but it will then have to be sustained by taking ‘physical’ steps, one step at a time towards the goal. Hence you have the Sorcery term, ‘The Great Work.’

    As for your three questions, in general:

    1: Money – When the practitioner ‘imagines’ himself as he desires to be, which is an extension of his abilities to take further, he will be able to initiate a career that he wants, a step at a time.

    2: Sex – When the practitioner becomes aware of his Anima, whose archetype reflects back his Inner-Self-Image, he will learn not to project his Anima at a woman. This will negate much of the probable rejection scenarios the practitioner will very likely encounter before meeting a woman he will have a relationship with. (As you will probably know, a relationship is hard work, which involves compromises being made by both parties.)

    If you are just looking for sex with no strings attached, then having the necessary finance that you have acquired from your career will act as an aphrodisiac to certain females who are likewise looking for fun, but nothing more than that. I presume you desire a more substantial relationship, which invariably takes time to develop.

    3: Leader – When the practitioner formulates a positive Inner-Self-Image he becomes a leader of his own life, who has a sense of direction and self-purpose.

    The Leader of an Inner-Self-Image is the first ‘step’ in the list, which is tied up with how you ‘imagine’ your Self to be in a career you seek to establish. Then you will have other possibilities, such as a relationship to find with a woman, which of a long-term prospect will need to empower your Inner-Self-Image and in turn empowering her own Inner-Self-Image.


    This is an answer for Yann Gompel:

    There are a number of techniques, which are used to determine how an individual truly sees himself/herself deep down. These techniques often involve writing down the negative and positive traits you have, what you presently desire, and seek to become in the future, etc.

    The most effective way to write down your desires is to create what is called a ‘Mind-Map,’ which also involves using ‘imagery.’ The reason for using (Art) ‘images’ is because what you see is recieved by your reptilian-brain before it is sent on to the rest of your brain. You will then be able to have (leadership) control over your own mind. (Your reptilian-brain does not think in words, it otherwise thinks in ‘symbols,’ which is the language form of the dream.)

    Scientific research into heterosexual male brain-scans has revealed that the ‘tool-making’ part of their brains lights up when seeing (Muse) ‘images’ of scantily clad women. Wherefore the reason why erotic images of (Succubi/Succubae) Dakinis are used in (Shamanic) Tibetan Buddhist (Self-Hypnosis/Hypnagogic Trance/Phase) meditation practices.

    In other words, particular Dakinis symbolically represent the desires of the practitioner. For example, you would have a (Succubus) Dakini who symbolically represents wealth, whereas another represents love, etc. The (Goetia Girls) Dakinis are then arranged around a (Mind-Map) Mandala. (The [Mind-Map] Mandala can also be the Zodiac, having the Astrological Star-Sign ‘personality’ qualities being represented by [Decan] female archetypes.

    The erotic imagery of the Dakinis, which are used for the (Mind-Map) Mandala then (rejuvinate) excite your (tool-making-brain) dreams. The depth of Your dream-states is determined by your reptilian-brain.

    The Mind-Map is essentially a (Mandala) ‘pact,’ you make with your own self and your Anima, whose feminine archetypes resides within the dream.

    (The pact is not written in stone, it is otherwise that of saying to your own conscious mind that you are entering into a [Hypnagogic Trance/Phase] pact with your inner-Self and your [subconscious/unconscious] Anima in order to creatively explore your potential. This requires [Self-Analysis/Meditation] persistence on your part, hence the [Mind-Map] contract of a [Mandala] pact with your own Self of a… Great Work.)

    The inner archetype of your Anima determines what type of women you are attracted to and establish relationships with. When you ‘imagine,’ a woman you would like to be ‘physically’ with, you are ‘conjuring’ up an aspect of the Anima, it is as simple as that.

    The conjuration of the Anima is not a Newage pseudo-fantasy; the Anima is the driving force behind the biological reality of attraction, every heterosexual male conjures, when to imagine a perfect woman he desires to be ‘physically’ with, or one to avoid, etc, just as a heterosexual woman’s attraction to a male is determined by her Animus.

    The problem is that a desired woman is not the Anima projection, which is likewise the case concerning the Animus, a heterosexual woman projects at a man. (Those of other sexual orientations reverse the symbolism as required.)

    The Anima is very much associated with how you see your Inner-Self-Image deep down, because her (Succubus) Dakini archetypes mirrors you back within the dream. Hence, if a male has a negative Inner-Self-Image, he will invariably encounter his negative Inner-Self-Image being reflected back at him by the women he projects his Anima at. Wherefore it is wise to become aware of your… Fallen Anima.


    This is an answer for Yann Gompel:

    The Inner-Self-Image you have of yourself is sustained by your ‘internal dialogue,’ such as constantly saying to yourself that you are a failure, etc, when to habitually dwell upon past mistakes and varying traumatic experiences.

    By dwelling on past mistakes you are inadvertantly reinventing your memories, which become the reinforced flesh of your older-self. These reinvented memories have been swerved in favouring the negative viewpoint you have of yourself.

    An analogy would be that of an actor having an acting fixation on playing a part in a tradegy. The actor being yourself, constantly going over the lines of a self-wrote script.

    The internal-dialogue of an inner-script is entwined with the force of habit. Whereby, you use this force of habit, by saying to yourself that you are not a failure, to otherwise dwell upon past successes and those goals you seek to achieve.

    This will be difficult at first, since the script of your negative Self-Image has been empowered by habit, and like an addiction, you will initially experience withdrawl symptoms from your iniital acting part, which leads to slipping back into old thought patterns.

    The trick is to use the power of habit by creating an addiction to a new acting part of a Self-Image, you formulate of yourself, as you desire to be.

    (NOTE: The use of repetitive Mantras are used in shamanic practices in order to change the internal-dialogue by using the power of habit.)

    When you find yourself thinking negative thoughts about your self, you will have to make it a habitual point of countering the negatives with a positive (Mantra) script.

    As mentioned before, the subconscious/unconscious mind thinks in ‘symbols,’ not words. The posiitve (Mantra) script has to be associated with an ‘image’ you ‘Imagine’ yourself to be of an acting part in your own film of a life. The positive ‘image’ of yourself has to be realistic, concerning a career, etc, which you seek to physically manifest a step at a time.

    As for the ‘Anima,’ it is the female counterpart to your Inner-Self-Image as a male. At a mundane level, the ‘Anima’ represents a woman you imagine yourself being physically with. The ‘Anima,’ is ‘NOT’ your male Self, the archetype of the ‘Anima’ represents your female opposite.

    (NOTE: In Tibetan Buddhist practice icons of raging Buddha’s coupling with [Succubae/Succubi] Dakinis are often emplowed of an erotic meditation focus in league with corresponding Mantras. The raging Buddha’s represent the male practitioner; whereas the [Succubae/Succubi] Dakinis represent the Shakti [Anima] power of the dream.)

    The inner archetype of the ‘Anima’ is not to be deified or worshipped, nor put on a pedastal, otherwise you will engender a needy attitude. You do not seek out the ‘Anima’ saving you from your negative Self-Image; if you do so, she reflects you back.

    Physical women tend to be attracted to those males who have little or no interest in getting into a relationship with them, since said males are focused on their own lives and careers.

    These types of males are usually of the Alpha type who seek to have choices.

    In other words, you focus upon your own Self in relation to your desire, not the other way around, otherwise you will become a very needy Beta.

    Wherefore, you ‘focus on your own Self first’ as an actor playing the part you desire to be, then the inner archetype of the ‘Anima’ will reflect back at you your Inner-Self-Image within your magic theatre dreams of a self wrought film.

    Your ‘Anima’ dreams will reveal what needs to be worked on of an inner script. When to observe your dreams of an internal-dialogue to transmute by habitually focusing on a positive acting part, you then become the (leader) director of your own life.

    Your nervous system cannot tell the difference between a real or an ‘Imagined’ event; whereby, when to habitually’Imagine’ a positive Self-Image in order to engineer a vivid (sixth-sense) lucid dream involving all of your five introverted senses, you can then re-imprint your nervous system.

    Sounds absolutely crazy doesn’t it… but you are already ‘unknowingly’ doing the Mantra Magic when to habitually focus on your negative Self-Image, experiencing assailing self-doubts and ensuing nightmares, which will have an effect upon your physicality, afflicting your interaction with others, dimming the wonders of the world around you.

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