From out of the infernal depths of the subconscious necropolis, disparate exquisite corpses are exhumed of archetypal ‘Anima’ desires, which are then knit-together upon the canvas lab slab of creative meditation, to hence paint of artistic conjuration, to Mantra name, Mephistophina.

The canvas skin of the two-dimensional knit-together Frankenhooker is verily tattooed with sigils of desire. The Frankenstein sorcerer to mediate upon these sigils, while manifesting the visualised knit-together Succubus of planetary layers of oiled skin, imbued with metallic colour, to sculpt into a sublime form with his erect wand of a brush stroke.

goetia_girls_lilith's_harem_succubus_book_mephistophina_ conjuration_of_fastus_crow 2

At the hypnagogic point of sleep, the Frankenstein sorcerer introverts his five senses of inverse pentagram, while visualising his sigilised Frankenhooker.

The Frankenhooker Succubus is thence conjured into three-dimensional Tulpa life within a lucid dream, when to electrify her with a Vajra lightning bolt of a barbarous name to call out, of an emotionally charged Necronomicon mantra, “Mephistophina.” 


Sorcery and Art are one and the same of practice. An Artist does not worship his knit-together creations, which be that of a religious sentimentality, even when they come to life within a sixth-sense lucid dream; for if the artist does so, he will surely lose himself to his obsessively fueled Mind Doll, just as he would do when engaged with a flesh and blood woman of an ‘Anima’ projection.

This will invariably lead to a rather odd psychological conundrum arising concerning jealousy issues, which in reverse would be understandable, if your beloved to thence dally with others.

If the Artist becomes enamoured with a singular Mind Doll creation, becoming thence as his only tunnel reality, he is no longer practicing Art, nor Sorcery, but that of religion.

Since there be many another ‘Anima’ fluctuation to knit-together of conjured Frankenhooker artistry, to visualise amidst the Triangle Of ‘Art’ Imagination.

The same is true concerning the creature of a deified ‘Animus’ made as a jealous God-Devil, by many a Mary Shelley, around which three ‘Borg’ faiths seek to convert everyone to their patriarchal tunnel reality populated with machismo Angels and butch Demons, all as knit-together Incubi, which to be illustrated in numerous Playgirl Grimoires of commonality.



  1. Greeting Faustus Crow,

    Young Frankenstein is one of my all time favorite films that never ceases to crack me up even decades later after I first saw it. The 80’s film “Weird Science” also has a similar tongue-in-check vibe as Mel Brooks’ take on the Frankenstein mythos. I saw it first as a young tyke in my very earlier teens, and after successive viewings appreciated it even more. It’s pure sublime brilliance wrapped in campy humor. Looking at it again recently I realize how that film was a brilliant imagination-primer for practicing the Goetia Girls Shaman Chaos Necronomicon Paradigm you created.

    Weird Science even has a wonderful tulpa creation scene of the perfect women later named Lisa; whom the male characters created using pin up photos, computer hacking, and sorcery-ritual to bring the her to life. It’s a shame but no surprise that “professional movie critics” panned that movie. As you so astutely explained within numerous posts on your blog any anima-centered artwork is almost always attacked by the cultural vanguard. Had the male characters made a male Frankenstein-tulpa using the same process then those same movie critics would have been enthralled by the perfect created man depicted on screen. Well as you Brits say ‘Those critics can Bugger themselves’ because I’m perfectly happy with the sublime genius of that very underrated film.

    All the Best!!!!!

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      The mage Mel Brooks never takes himself too seriously when practicing the Heyoka Magic of his Avadhuta Art.

      Brooks no doubt noticed that Mary Shelley’s meeting with Lord Byron in Carl Jung’s Switzerland, had stirred her ‘Animus’ of a Byronic Frankenstein, to knit-together an Exquisite Corpse, of a Bad-Boy, Great Beast.

      Mary Shelley’s lucid dream conjuration of a Frankenstein ‘Tulpa’ is essentially based upon the deified ‘Animus’ made as an ‘Egregore’ God, creating the ‘Golem’ of an Adam.

      Hence Shelley’s Frankenstein ‘Tulpa’ is all the rage since its symbolism rides many an indoctrinated mind, which have been ‘Programmed’ to ‘Golem’ worship the deified ‘Animus,’ made as an ‘Egregore’ God.

      You could consider the deified ‘Animus’ made as an ‘Egregore’ God as being the ‘Weird Science’ of a Mary quite so contrary Witch, whose dreams are Twilight Holy Ghost stirred by a Bad-Boy Byronic Frankenstein, riding her as an incubus, which to then inspire the Moon-Child birthing of an eventual Übermensch.

      But a Jungian Mel Brooks may just enquire, “where is the Weird Science of the fallen ‘Anima?”

      The Weird Science of the fallen ‘Anima,’ would require hacking the quantum Computer of a ‘Programmed’ brain, which has been systematically brainwashed since birth.

      The operation will need the artistic utilisation of imagery to thence knit-together an Exquisite Corpse of a personified ‘Anima’ to meditate upon of sorcery.

      This will then initiate a lucid dream conjuration of a knit-together Succubus fluctuation of the ‘Anima.’

      Alas, the numerous brainwashed minions of the deified ‘Animus’ made as a God, will consider such a ‘mind-hack’ operation of Weird Science as being a pornographic wank fantasy, who will duly castigate it as being politically incorrect.

      Why the highly emotive reaction? Because the minions of the deified ‘Animus’ made as a God, do not want their illusion shattered, of a seventh seal revelation, that their all male pantheon is the ‘Animus’ creation of a Mary.

      Their emotively reactive protest will further reveal that a collective brainwash is very real, which is being sustained by a symbolic Matrix, whose imprisoning symbolism is derived from a ‘cultural construct’ of an ancestral-self-identity of a religion, stolen from another people.

      I’m sure that Brooks was aware that if you have a psychopathic nutcase who copies you hook line and sinker, the nutter will then seek to exterminate the original; hence you had the holocaust!

      The copy-cats are totally insane; welcome to planet Dementia. But Brooks handled the madness through his Heyoka humour in the hope, that he could to heal the nutters, who at one time saw America as being the new Jerusalem, but in order to accomplish it, the natives had to be exterminated Biblical style.

      Apart from that, when to look into the fixation upon a deified ‘Animus’ made as a God, it has an underlying sexual orientation, which at a far deeper level has a biological basis, concerning many a Mary quite so contrary having the Twilight hots for a Bad-Boy Great Beast, looking like a Christian Grey, Lord Byron.

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