Lilith is said to have been the first wife of Adam, who was made of the same mud as he; but, she then rebelled against his dominating ways, wherefore Adam’s God of a deified Animus, cast Lilith into the pit, who then became the Witch Queen of (Succubi) Succubae.

Lilith is generally considered to be a sex demon, who seduces males in their sleep as well as having a liking for strangling babies. She has since been transformed into a Vampire. However, Lilith is not and never was a Vampire, which of a mystique has evolved since the late nineteenth century into a fascination with teenage romances of Twilight trysts and True Blood Necrophilia. If you follow Lilith further down, she will take you into her apple core harem dream.

Although, the Vampire mystique does point at the throat area of commonality, where you can find the reptilian-brain-stem, which of a symbolic correspondence is associated with the symbolism of the serpent. The symbol of the serpent is very much entwined with Lilith, who is said to have tempted, Adam’s second wife, Eve to taste of the apple of Knowledge.

The apple of knowledge is associated with the hidden sphere of Da’at in the Cabballa, which corresponds with the throat area of the reptilian-brain-stem.

The reptilian-brain-stem determines the lupine depths of hypnagogic trance and the intensity of your underworld dreams.

When to inadvertently access hypnagogic trance at the mid-point between waking and sleeping you might experience what is termed as the Old Hag Syndrome, or otherwise called the Bedroom Invader Experience.

For the unprepared it can be an intensely frightening experience, which involves sleep paralysis, the sensation of another presence pressing down upon your body, as well as the presence assuming terrifying forms, which will reflect back your deepest fears. When your fears mount to a pitch of total abject Hellblazer horror, you will also feel as if you are being strangled, before awakening, feeling utterly drained; wherefore, you have to take control over the experience, just like John Constantine would do.

The motif of Lilith having a liking for strangling babies, is an occult blind, which actually alludes to an inadvertent access of hypnagogic trance. The strangled baby being that of an unprepared dreamer, who cannot control the mounting fear of being assailed by the bedroom invading presence of the Old Hag Syndrome, which is otherwise represented as Lilith.

It is your own fears, which will lead to the sensation of being strangled. The experience of hypnagogic trance, will reflect back at you your beliefs, which you will then have to harrow, whether they be personal or otherwise molded by cultural conditioning; hence you have the Hebrew word: Da’at, which means, belief.

When you eventually realise that the hellish presence, which is assailing you is due to your own emotively charged beliefs creating fearful potions, poisoning your brain, that have been given terrifying dream form, because of what you have been led to believe, you then attain, ‘Knowledge’ of yourself.

The fear of accessing hypnagogic trance can be negated by introverting the sexual impulse; whereupon Lilith will be transformed into a Succubus, who will then guide the dreamer into a lucid dream via her vaginal star-gate.

At a deeper level, Lilith can be seen as representing a Tantric technique of dream Yoga, which of a sexual practice, enables the dreamer to attain lucid dreaming.

goetia_girls_lilith's_harem_succubus_book_mephistophina_ conjuration_of_fastus_crow 2

It is within a lucid dream, the dreamer can then consciously conjure Succubae, who are manifold aspects of Lilith; whereby she is considered to be their Queen, the psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung would otherwise term as the Anima, of an alchemical term, whose male counterpart is the Animus.

Physical life is geared towards procreating in order to transfer genetic material, which ultimately engenders evolutionary leaps down the generations. The Anima and Animus are bio-psychological functions, which heavily influence your choice of prospective partners.

Wherefore the Anima and Animus are very much part of the process of evolution. However, the influence of the Anima and Animus are not constrained to determining your choice of physical partners. The Anima and Animus can also facilitate evolutionary leaps of consciousness when internalised of lucid dream encounters.

Lilith is of the dream, being the implicate-order of the microcosm; whereas Eve is of the waking world, which is the explicate-order of the macrocosm.

When a dreamer consciously conjures a Succubus within the microcosmic dream reality of Lilith, the conjured Succubus will then initiate corresponding synchronicities to manifest within the macrocosmic reality of Eve, who can be otherwise equated with, Maya, of the Hindu. Maya can be seen as being like that of a simulated reality right out of the Matrix films.

Basically, Adam is the dreamer who stands between Lilith and Eve. The tree of knowledge symbolises the spinal column of Adam’s radio-active neural-net tuning into other realities via the dream, whose reptilian-brain-stem is the serpent of Lilith, wound around an apple. The apple symbolises the hidden ‘dream’ sphere of Da’at, whose core is consciously accessed via hypnagogic trance.

The motif of the serpent is also associated with an experience the Tantric Yoga practitioner terms as the Kundalini Shakti, which is personified as a Goddess, who is also seen to be a fire snake. The Kundalini Shakti fire snake describes the life-force, which is intuitively felt to have a feminine source. Such could indeed be the case, since the energy output of every cell in your body is determined by the mitochondria, which is passed down from the mother to her children.

The Kundalini Shakti is aroused from the base of your spinal column to the top of your head; as the Kundalini Shakti arises along your spine, the fire snake penetrates seven (seals) Chakras to open, which in the classical grimoires are associated with seven planetary spheres.

The Chakras are seen to be the abodes of the Dakinis, which are essentially Succubae, who are energetic Genie fluctuations of the Kundalini Shakti; whereby you can see the Kundalini Shakti as being Lilith.

The Kalahari Bushmen of South Africa who are highly versed in the trance dance, are also aware of this inner energy, they call Num. As the Num arises along the back of the neck (throat area) to then hit the back of the head, hypnagogic trance is attained, which is termed as Kia.

Overall, the symbolism of Lilith pertains to the introversion of the sexual impulse in order to attain conscious dreaming. If however, you believe otherwise, just be aware that your Da’at beliefs, have been primarily molded by a culture, which has deified the Animus as a God/Devil.

Your cultural conditioning will determine what you experience internally; whence becoming programmed as a brainwashed automaton, wandering around like an unknowing zombie.

But when to taste of Lilith’s apple to become more human than human, you will be verily cast out of the Abrahamic Eden; for within the Orwellian New World Order Kingdom Of Animus God Eden, knowledge is a sin, where the theocratic virtue of indoctrinated ignorance is bliss.

NOTE: I really do not give a toss about the biblical classification of Lilith, which of a subjective perception was symbolically molded of an artistic expression by the Bronze age mind-set of the time.

So, if anyone claims that what I have described concerning Lilith as being falsities due to their bible-thumping biblical education, such can only be applied if you are dealing with an objective reality, which Lilith is not; she is a subjectively experienced archetype, whose inner reality is subject to ‘artistic’ transformations depending upon the (Da’at) beliefs of an individual, more so that of an indoctrinated collective focus.

Just do a Google image search to find out how the collective mind-set presently sees Lilith. You will duly find, that Lilith is one of the few female archetypes, who has a symbolic consistency, depending on what media influence has dominance. In the main, Lilith is usually perceived to be a dark haired seductress.   

Lilith has since evolved as an archetypal character over time in accordance with cultural transformations, fulfilling differing roles, whether it be is as a feminist icon or as a Vampire due to mass-media machinations. But what is not often investigated, if at all, is what Lilith refers to of an inner experience, which other cultures also speak of. This inner experience being the technically termed, Old Hag Syndrome or Bedroom Invader Experience.

I am also unconcerned whether people take me seriously or not, concerning the material I illustrate and write about, merely because I do not solely couch its symbolism within the symbolic commonality of the medieval Gothic, which many have have been trained to ‘believe’ as being seriously inclined of morbid indulgences. 

Imagine the world of Harry Potter being set in a psychedelic setting; would anyone take it seriously? Of course they wouldn’t. But why not? It is because the mass-perceptions of the audience has been trained to associate the arena of the occult with a medieval Gothic theme in the West, which has become as heavy death metal, concerning the musical sphere. Hence it is indicative that the collective perceptions of the mass-mind can be easily manipulated via symbolism; in other words, the established symbolic paradigm is that of a self-perpetuated (Da’at) brainwash. 

The reasoning for my own symbolic stance concerning the material is because I do not desire to indulge in accessing hellish dream states and their ensuing synchronicities. For example, a mediated upon two-dimensional image of Lilith can become a three-dimensional interactive reality within a lucid dream.

As for those who worship Lilith or other entities, whether female, male or neutral of varying deities to dally with of internalised external relationship dynamics, such is your religious sentiment; not mine. I am not at all interested in religion, apart from artistically exploring its symbolic language form, which permeates all levels of culture.

I do not worship the archetypes; this isn’t to say they do not have an interactive three-dimensional dream reality beyond their two-dimensional depictions. But their interactive aspect is not set in stone of an indoctrinated religious fixation; such is a cult perspective, of similarity to comic fans getting aggravated when an Artist changes the costume of an idolised super-heroine.  

When a religious sentiment rears its head, you are no longer practicing the Art of Magic, which of an Art form is indivisible from the creative practice of Art, they are one and the same.  

As Faustian Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said:  “The artist alone sees spirits. But after he has told of their appearing to him, everybody sees them.” 

When an Artist creates characters to either paint or to write about it often involves visualising their varying characteristics, along with engaging in active imagination dialogues with them. It is of similarity to a child conjuring up invisible friends; which, depending upon the intensity of the creative work, it can then overlap into the domain of dreams, becoming lucid of quality; this may then lead to the observation of synchronicities, which reflects back the intense focus.

But it doesn’t lead to the Artist worshipping his/her creations, whether they be figurative or abstract. Such idol worship tends to be the province of the fans; although, I am not saying that this is wrong. But, when it becomes nigh religious of sentiment, the fixation is then fixed of scripted dogma, which invariably leads to all sorts of problems; such as occultists becoming rather aggravated when you reverse their all male pantheon of an ‘Animus’ focus towards that of the ‘Anima,’ which is analogous to comic fans getting pissed off, should an Artist decide to make stylistic changes in regards to their idolised characters.  

An artist had first created the Abrahamic propaganda story of Lilith, which others have literally believed to be true, leading thence to the castigation of the feminine principle and sexuality out of the spiritual equation up to the present day. Whereupon, in order to negate the established viral-meme of a 2000 yr old brainwash, you have to ‘rebelliously’ create an anti-viral-meme of Artistry.  

Because I have personally experienced the phenomenon I illustrate and write about, I do not care if nobody believes me. If you are seeking proof, best find out for yourself by conjuring up an ‘Anima’ fluctuation of a Succubus amidst your Triangle Of ‘ART’ Imagination, in order to keep the brainwashing Abrahamic Exorcist at bay, whose fixation is that of a deified ‘Animus,’ made as a God and Devil, Angels and Demons, all as Incubi!     




    This is an answer to Reddit members, dogolios and decobird.

    The Succubus is a manifestation of the ‘Anima,’ just as the all male Biblical pantheon of Incubi Angels and Demons, God and Devil are deified manifestations of the ‘Animus,’ which populate the commonality of the medieval playgirl grimoires.

    The phenomenon of the Succubus is known of in other cultures, which do not have an Abrahamic hang-up about sexuality. The only reason the Succubus is described in negative terms in the Middle East and in turn the West, is due to the fact that the feminine (Anima) principle along with sexuality were castigated out of the spiritual equation by the Abrahamic faiths, whose shared fixation is that of the deified ‘Animus’ made as God.

    Aleister Crowley conjured up many an Incubus out of the classical playgirl grimoire of the Goetia, when to frequent Boleskine house, who then illustrated their phallic manifestation unto his OTO. Don’t think for a moment that he didn’t whack off his meat when he did so, since he was bisexual; likewise with many a writhing Witch Nun, who to conjure up their Animus desires out of playgirl grimoires in secret.

    The problem here is that many consider the introversion of the sexual impulse as being merely a hedonic activity in the West, who find it very difficult to comprehend, that the sexual impulse can be otherwise utilised to negate the terror of trance as well as empowering lucid dreaming.

    The sexual impulse is transmuted into the spiritual arena, which enables an expansion of consciousness and the attainment of self ‘Knowledge.’

    For example, the Succubus is otherwise termed as a Dakini In Hinduism, Tantric practices and Tibetan Buddhism. The Dakini is a manifestation of Shakti, which can be otherwise termed as the Anima. Each Dakini is sexually coupled with a Buddha.

    The Buddha’s are the alternate guises of the male practitioner, who can assume a particular Buddha as his Avatar within a lucid dream. The assumed guise of the Buddha is empowered by the Dakini who represents the Shakti power of the dream.

    In dream Yoga practice, a normal dream of a surrealist symbolic miasma is termed as being a Karma dream; whereas a lucid dream is called a Wisdom dream. The Dakinis are seen to bestow Wisdom dreams, who are also known as ‘Knowledge’ holders, an Artist would call an Art Muse.

    Overall, your comments indicate that you have both been duped by the religious propaganda of the three faiths out of Abraham’s Ur in Iraq, whose Illuminati triad of ziggurat cults have a shared political agenda, who rule through ignorance, since their Orwellian New World Order Eden script relates that self (Apple) ‘KNOWLEDGE’ is their first Sin.

  2. dr Sandwich Says:

    Love you for taking the time to put this out.
    Thought you (and anybody else digging this gem of a site) might

    CIRCE by Ursula Rucker (Rob Yancey Vocal Mix)

    Look forward to more of your muse sings.

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      Circe be no Calypso. Not of sea, never was. She to be of another Muse realm, Hyperborean; her feathered cloak to reveal so, of predatory raptor, who to Howl alongside the Wolf.

      Nor that of watery emotion; she does not belong there either. Her wings take her astral, knowing of the Hecate trance. Ancient memories, though, to drink of, near unto death.

      Within her cup; an Infusion. A poison, deathly, seducing both Gods and men alike, bringing madness. To forget, yet remembering.

      Deeper, deeper, deeper into the dream; atavistic, primordial, where only the mad to go; sacred fools leaping into the abyss.

      Shifting of black inky form, becoming as a Crow, flying across webbed memories, of another to save; hovering then over a later bar age, to seer a spiked cup, dosed with… atropine.

      The drug, transforming an unknowing Naiad into a sickened bitch. She believes everything that is said to her by a druggie pimp, saying, he knows her from afar, making out he be a music producer of a ‘false identity.’

      He raped her soul, while his drunken friends watched the bestial horror show, becoming lesser than any beast, keeping it secret, of rapine murder. Her spirit gone, ever afterwards of a branded imprint.

      The Naiad to drown amidst the poisoned currents of lost memories, her eyes deadened of walking corpse, repeating everything, smiling inanely of pulled puppet strings, the pimp to string along of lies, rotting her brain. She is now, just another dead bitch zombie whore.

      Circe to rage for the drugged Naiad, seeking justified revenge, who only deals with the knowing to strangle back to the child, entering her womb cave; going down deep inside. Wherein, the beast awaits a thrice born Hermes to assume the trance dance guise; becoming animal; flying as a singular eyed Crow, and that of other creatures to know.

      But, when required, a snowdrop is ejaculated into Circe’s blood cup of an Athena antidote, to thence return, back from animal to human; such, Odysseus to know of a seven Chakra sea Odyssey around the magic circle of an Ouroboros, that Circe and mother Datura, are one and the same Udagan of an Ursula, who is not, and never was a Naiad.

      Though, Circe does rage poetic of Udagan spells for her sister. Hence the pimp will assuredly die by the hand of the Naiad he had drug raped, making out, he knew her as a free bird of paradise, singing songs, she to starry eyed believe. But only because the pimp had drugged her into a sickened addiction, to chain.

      Perhaps, Odysseus attempted to save the motley crew by getting the pimp to remember not to repeat his Ouroboros sin of Karma. But, alas, the pimp’s ego would have never of listened to the Greek, just as Socrates was too, ignored.

      Circe will eventually awaken the Naiad from her stupor through Udagan spells of sung poetry, revealing what the Naiad has lost, of drugged out dreams. And when to do so, the pimp will wish he had never been born; for the Naiad will finally see through the pimp’s mask of a conceptualised self, as being nothing more than a shit filled parasitical flea, whose arse buddy friends are obscene maggots!

      Circe be Datura wise in Yerba del Diablo. Hence the pimping Devil always gets his Karmic comeuppance.


    This is an answer for Reddit member, mistixs.

    All are entities within the informational dream; even your own self, conjuring up emtity simulacrums of others you to macrocosmic know, within your microcosmic dreams.

    A name to that of a word is only understood when associated with a symbol; it is how language works.

    In other ‘words,’ your own ‘words,’ which conjures up corresponding (entities) spirits, all as symbols, do trip you up!

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