The Ninth Succubus archetype of the Fallen Anima is called, Paimona. She is a Great Witch Queen, and very obedient unto DIANA-LUCIFERA. She sometimes appears as a woman sitting upon a Dromedary, with a Crown most glorious upon her head.

There goes before her also a host of Succubus Great Old Ones, who be female Genies, with loud trumpets and well sounding cymbals, and all other sorts of musical instruments, which cause a stir of protest music.

She has a most seductive voice, and seduces at her first coming, and her hypnotic speech is such that the Sorcerer cannot well understand, unless he can compel her to explain, who will reveal, what has been established of a patriarchal symbolic matrix by the minions of the deified Animus, made as a God and Devil, is actually the biologically driven creation of the Queen Bees.

This Succubus of the Fallen Anima can teach all Arts and Sciences, and other secret things to relate concerning the elite few who control all, whose monotheistic triangle of the deified Animus cults stem from oily UR.

She will reveal that your perception of reality is being managed for the benefit of the elite few atop of their ziggurat Beehive of patriarchal skulls, and why they do so; and to reveal how they control your mind via the controlled media.

Such as making heterosexual males feel guilty about their own sexuality by attacking the Fallen Anima, and where it is all going; or any other thing you may desire to know.

She gives Dignity, and confirms the same. She binds or makes any of the elite few subject unto the Sorcerer, by revealing who they are, if he so desires it. But alas, most Sorcerers are into egocentric role playing games, who fight among one another, rather than fighting against the insanity of the elite few.

She gives good Anima Familiars, and such Muses can teach all Arts; for the practice of Art is indivisible to the artistry of Sorcery; they are one and the same of shamanic practice.

She is to be observed towards the West, due to the fact that she has migrated, because of all the insane religious wars, and slaughter over the petrodollar, which afflicts her original homeland.

She is of the Order of Dominations who has under her 200 Anima Legions of Succubae Genies, and part of them are of the Order of Angels, and the other part of Potentates. Now if you call upon this Succubus, Paimona alone, you must make her some ejaculatory offering; and there will attend upon her two Witch Queens called LABALA and ABALI who are most salacious twin sisters, and also other Succubae who be of the Order of Potentates in their host of 25 Legions.

And those Succubae Genies which be subject unto them are not always with them unless the Sorcerer do compel them. Her Character is depicted amidst her bottle, which must be prior meditated upon, before conjuring her within your lucid dreams, etc.

NOTE: The classical grimoires, which primarily list an Animus fixated pantheon of fallen male Angels, depicted them as being part of an aristocratic hierarchy, who ‘symbolically’ represented the ‘Rebellious Anti-Thesis’ of the ruling (Angelic) aristocratic elite. You could see the Daemonic hierarchy of the grimoires as being an artistic form of prior Protest against the (Angelic) establishment. This tradition has carried over into David Icke’s Reptilian Agenda, although, its surrealistic theory is seen as being a literal conspiracy by Icke and his followers, just as many believe that humanity is in thrall to Biblical Demons spewing out of their Middle Eastern Hell hole; however, they are all too human, who make out that they are more than what they are!


One Response to “GENIE GIRL REBEL”


    This is an answer for Andrew:

    Very simply put and in general, it has been scientifically discovered, when males see scantily clad women, whether actual or ‘Imagined,’ the ‘tool-making’ part of their brains light up.

    One can see the scantily clad women as being akin to the ancient Greek ‘Art Muses,’ who light up the ‘tool-making’ part of the male brain, which leads to original ideas.

    The reason why this occurs requires one to look back into time to see a Caveman seeking to impress a sexy Cave-woman, by presenting her with a really big chopper, he has just ‘invented.’

    Of course, the Caveman was inspired to create a really big chopper in the first place because the sexy Cave-woman lit up the ‘tool-making’ part of his brain.

    Well, what do you expect, most Cave-women are only sexually attracted to Cavemen with really big choppers, which can bring down a Woolly Mammoth.

    Later, unto the present. a male attempts to come up with an original ‘idea’ for a financially lucrative business so that he can attract the sexy girl next door, who lights up the ‘tool-making’ part of his brain.

    Whereas a Shaman introverts his sexual impulse, when meditating upon an erotic image of an ‘Art Muse,’ who is depicted as a sexy female Genie, such as Paimona for example.

    The Shaman knows that the erotic meditation will light up the ‘tool-making’ part of his brain.

    The Shaman’s goal is to encounter the ‘Art Muse’ within an ‘illuminated’ lucid dream, who will inspire him with a ‘Genius’ of an ‘idea!’

    In other words, the sexual impulse is the evolutionary driving force behind ‘innovative’ ideas and ‘technological developments,’ which is associated with a ‘Genius.’

    The word, ‘Jinn’ and ‘Genie’ is derived from the Latin word ‘Genius,’ which is also associated with an inspiring ‘Muse.’

    The Art Muse inspires Genius. Can a human become a lit up tool-brain Geni-us?

    Look to the Genius of Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso or Albert Einstein, etc, etc.

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