A grimoire is a textbook of magic, which is the literary fare of Harry Potter. These books typically have instructions on how to create magical objects, like talismans and amulets, as well as to how to perform magical spells, charms and divination.

A grimoire also lists supernatural entities, such as Angels, Spirits, and Daemons, which are sometimes liberally illustrated; they are somewhat likened to that of art books; although they are more like proto-comics in style.


The illustrated entities, which populate a grimoire, are of similarity to a Yidam. A Yidam is essentially a two-dimensional image, which is seen to be a repository for a type of deity associated with Tantric or Vajrayana Buddhism.


The Yidam usually depicts a deity, who is shown copulating with a female counterpart, called a Dakini; the imagery of which tends to be highly erotic. The term, erotic, is the operative word here, not pornographic! Those whom castigate this practice as being merely pornographic entirely miss the point of Dream Yoga, more so those who indulge in externalising it of base hedonism.


The deity is considered to be a particular manifestation of Buddhahood, as well as the enlightened mind of the Yogi; whereas the Dakini represents the creative power of the deity.


In medieval Europe a Dakini would otherwise be termed as being a Succubus; although, a Dakini is also like a Genie as well as being an inspiring Muse.


During personal meditation (Sadhana) practice, the Yogi identifies himself with the focussed upon deity, which represents an attribute, power and state of mind the Yogi seeks to assume, of an inner-self-image, for the purpose of self transformation.


The Yogi visualises himself copulating with the Dakini, as her deity, which is depicted in the Yidam; whereby he introverts his sexual impulse. This will enable the Yogi to implant his now sexually charged desire into his subconscious mind.


The introversion of the sexual impulse will then empower the emotive spin of his electron dreams; the goal being to attain a lucid dream, within which the Yogi consciously experiences copulating with the Dakini, who is a bio-photon aspect of the Shakti (Electron) power of the dream.


The Dakini will then enable the Yogi to assume the guise of the (strange attractor) deity, since the (informational associative fractal) dream, which is the (Shakti) power of the Dakini, will reflect him back as the deity.


The Dakini is sometimes seen as a self created thought-form, which is termed as being a Tulpa. A Tulpa can be constructed from varying symbolic stimuli like that of knitting together a Frankenstein’s creation of a Golem, this is done consciously of artistry; there is nothing strange or unnatural about this creative process, since your dreams are already populated with Tulpas.

The practice involves working towards the chosen Tulpa construct manifesting into three-dimensional form as a fully interactive reality.


As mentioned, this is very much the case within a lucid dream, which is the initial phase of a Tulpa manifestation. It is also believed that a Tulpa can manifest into physical reality; although this only occurs on very rare occasions, for a brief time, as a kind of Ghost, which tends to be only seen by the operator. However, such a conjuration into physical reality usually manifests as associative synchronicities, which is sometimes followed by corresponding poltergeist phenomena.

When a lucid dream is achieved, the dream will be the three-dimensional experiential manifestation of the two-dimensional image of the Yidam.

goetia_girls_lilith's_harem_succubus_book_mephistophina_ conjuration_of_fastus_crow 2

In other words, the three-dimensional experiential inner reality of the dream will be pre-programmed by the focused upon two-dimensional Yidam.


The Yidam would equate with an illustration of a spirit in a grimoire. The term, Yidam is sometimes translated as meaning, meditational deity, or, tutelary deity.


Examples of Yidams include the meditation deities of, Chakrasamvara, Kalachakra, Hevajra, Yamantaka, and Vajrayogini, all of whom have a distinctive iconography, with associated mandalas and mantra rites of conjuring them as Tulpas.

You can then see a grimoire being illustrated with Yidams of the spirits, which have accompanying mandala sigils and seals, as well as having mantra names, via which a practitioner can conjure the spirits as Tulpas within his/her lucid dreams.


Not all Yidams depict a deity copulating with a Dakini; many of which just illustrate Dakinis, upon whom the Yogi meditates, while imagining himself sexually engaging with them of Dream Yoga.


This is of course dependent on whether the Yogi is of a heterosexual persuasion or even of a bisexual orientation.


A Dakini can be depicted of modern expression as a female character out of a comic, Manga or Anime who symbolically represents a psychic power or an ability the practitioner seeks to attain.


A Dakini can even be seen as an alien girl, piloting a time travelling UFO of a TARDIS, who represents (Sleipnir) information pertaining to the Star Trek future, to thereby remote view via a lucid dream by the practitioner, who has assumed the (deity/Odin) guise of a ‘Dr Who’ shaman.

Whatever form the Dakini is depicted as, of a two-dimensional Yidam painting, it will determine the type of scenario the practitioner will access of a three-dimensional interactive reality within a dream.


The male version of a Dakini is called a Daka, which is the primary focus of the patriarchal grimoires; hence, I have totally reversed their all male (Daka) paradigm, towards that of the female (Dakinis) of ‘Anima’ preference.

Although, if your sexual orientation is otherwise predisposed, you can stick with conjuring up Daka Angels and Demons of traditional commonality, betwixt and between your ‘Animus’ fixation upon a machismo God and a butch Devil seeking to enter unto your orifice.

This fact of symbolic logic can either put a broad smile on your knowing face when to become as the Shekhinah vessel for your God, or for you to rapine scream that you are being possessed, due to your sheepish ignorance. Well, what do you bloody expect, a male does enter into a woman, it’s ‘fucking nature!’




Book Two will only be available in ‘Paperback,’ likewise with Book Three. These Books will ‘Not’ be available on Kindle. Book Three will soon be available on Amazon.



  1. i seem to be attracted to Gremore..the Nun…how can I become a subject of her and experience her visit….the sigil imparts an arousal in me ..iseem to keep coming back to her particular and sigil..seems hypnotic…would binoral beats for the succubus..help on a more psyche connection to her?..thankyou …I always seem to comeback to the Gremore on your site and the particular 56 sigil???

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      In general, Gremory is a rarity in the Goetia, who is listed as manifesting as a woman. The reason for this symbolic diversion from the overall patriarchal emphasis of the Goetia, and other grimoires of Animus fixated similarity, may be due to an occult blind.

      The occult blind concerns the number 56, which of numerology reduces down to 11 and 2. The number 11 alludes to the 11th hidden Sephiroth of the Cabbala, being Da’at, which means, ‘Belief.’

      The number 2 points at the Tarot card of the High Priestess of the Silver (Sirius) Star II, which is generally seen to be associated with the 13th (floor) path of Gimel, whose path passes through Da’at.

      As an aside of sorts, the Cabbalistic 9th sphere of Yesod is inextricably linked with the hidden 11th sphere Da’at; this is because Yesod is associated with the ‘sexual centre’ of the body, which is governed over by the Da’at reptilian-brainstem.

      This understanding is utilised by the practice of hypnotism, which is about how to induce hypnagogic trance in another individual or that of collectively hypnotising others by subversively manipulating their beliefs. Although, you can learn to hypnotise your own self of auto-hypnotism, so that you can disengage yourself from the collective hypnosis.

      The Hebrew letter Gimel is seen by some to be associated with a ‘Camel.’ The runic correspondence with Gimel is that of Gebo, whose Rune is that of the ‘X,’ crossbones, which equates with the English ‘G;’ you will find this symbolism being used in Freemasonry.

      Gremory is described as riding a Camel, wherefore alluding to the High Priestess and the sphere of Da’at. In some Tarot decks the High Priestess is seated between ‘Twin Pillars’ forming a Vesica Pisces ‘Doorway.’

      The High Priestess can be equated with Trinity out of the Matrix films, who in the Tarot also holds a book upon her lap, which can be seen as being a Grimoire. It is very likely that the name of Gremory is derived from the term Grimoire, which is essentially a tome of ‘beliefs.’

      The sphere of Da’at is accessed via the twin pylons of the High Priestess, who symbolises hypnagogic trance, which is represented by the ‘X’ Rune of ‘Crossbones.’

      The twin pylons of the High Priestess represents the two nerve channels on either side of your spinal column, which in Yoga practice are called the Ida and Pingala. These two nerve channels are associated with the Autonomic-Nervous-System, which is governed over by the reptilian-brainstem, the practices of hypnosis and neuro-marketing seek to influence.

      You also have a central nerve channel running along the centre of your spinal column, which in Yoga is called the Sushumna. The Sushumna is associated with the Central-Nervous-System. These three nerve channels are that of a ‘Trinity’ in Yoga practice, which are associated with three colours, black, white and red, known as the Gunas, being the colours of the feminine principle known as Shakti.

      In alchemy the Trinity of Gunas are known as the Nigredo, Albedo and the Rubedo. These colours equate with the Hypngogic (Nigredo) trance ingress into the (Albedo) dream and the Hypnapompic (Rubedo) egress out of the dream.

      Shakti is the illuminating power of the dream; for her light is that of the bio-photon, emanating from the Mitochondrial DNA, which is passed down from the Mother to her children. The alchemists had otherwise termed Shakti as being the Mercurius, Quintessence, Philosophers Stone or the ‘Anima’-Mundi.

      When consciously accessing Hypnagogic trance into the dream, it was seen as being a self-sacrifice. Hence the Gebo Rune of ‘X’ Crossbones, means (Da’at) self-sacrifice as well as being associated with the internalisation of the (Yesod) sexual impulse. The experience of hypnagogic trance was termed by the ancients as being the ‘little death,’ whereby you then have the symbolism of the Skull.

      Whatever you experience internally will be determined by the Da’at beliefs, which are housed within your Grimoire temple of a ‘Skull.’

      The domain of the informational (virtual reality) dream will reflect back your (internal programs) beliefs about yourself, and how you perceive reality. However, you will find that many of your beliefs have been (programmed) influenced and moulded by cultural, religious and political influences around you; wherefore (programming) determining your perception of reality since (imprinted) childhood.

      Gremory (Trinity/Shakti) reveals how the (Maya) Matrix of symbolic beliefs all around you and within you of an internal dialogue, incarcerates your ‘Skull,’ which of an inner revelation will enable you to free yourself of its subversive influence via self-analytical metaprogramming, so that you can unmask her.

      The symbolism of the High Priestess has a symbolic correlate with the Nun, Carl Jung would equate with an aspect of the ‘Anima.’

      How you interact with Gremory will be determined by your (Yesod) interaction of (Da’at) symbolic alchemy with the myriad Succubae (Dakini) manifestations of your own (Trinity) Anima, the Hindu’s call Shakti.


    This is an answer for RIK.

    You say you would like to learn; but you then relate, that you do not understand anything.

    I presume you are referring to this particular article and accompanying videos?

    If you are, there are other articles on this site, let alone videos to gain an understanding.

    Or are you referring to the subject of the occult, magic and shamanism, in general, which is quite vast in scope encompassing numerous traditions, philosophies, techniques, let alone differing symbol systems, etc?

    Okay! Let’s take it in steps:

    Step 1: Determine what you… Want To Learn In Particular.

    Step 2: Define what you… Do Not Understand.

    Step 3: Then ask a ‘Specific’… Question.

    If you do not know what specific ‘Question’ to ask, you won’t get a specific ‘Answer;’ hence ‘you will not be able to understand,’ because you have yet to determine what you actually want to… ‘Know!’

    For example, you ask yourself a specific ‘Question,’ to see if your Dreams will reveal an ‘Answer;’ when engaging yourself in this practice of Self-Observation, you have determined that you want to… ‘Know’… about Dreaming.

    You observe the symbolism of your dreams, to take note of in a Dream book, in which you also draw, or to otherwise paste images referring to your Dreams.

    After a time, you may notice that the imagery of your Dreams has an associative pattern to them, as well as to observe that certain images have stirred your Dreams.

    You can then take things further by meditating upon particular images you desire to Dream of, which you paste in your Dream book, in order to implant their symbolism into your Dreams.

    The Dream book then becomes as your personal ‘Book Of Shadows,’ which is essentially a Grimoire.


    This is an answer for RIK.

    Your question, that you, “want to know the succubus stuff,” is an open ended question; imagine for a moment that someone asks you that he/she, “wants to know computer stuff.”

    Will you generalise an answer, or will you reply, “what ‘exactly’ do you want to know about computers?”

    Should the person asking you the rather expansive question, then formulate a ‘specific’ question, you will then be able to give a ‘specific,’ answer, as well as determining from what angle the questioner is coming from.

    An analogy would be that of the questioner typing out a key-word into a browser; but the answer to the questioners query can go anywhere until ‘specific’ key-words are used.

    That aside, and of a… generalised answer… you are no doubt aware of the Western occult tradition, whose symbolic paradigm is primarily male dominated of an ‘Animus’ fixation; an example being its plethora of Playgirl Grimoires listing machismo angels and butch demons all as Incubi, dancing around a deified ‘Animus’ of a God and a Devil.

    However, when it comes to the feminine principle of the ‘Anima,’ she has been castigated out of the symbolic paradigm as the ‘fallen;’ hence you do not find any Succubae being listed in the commonality of the Playgirl Grimoires.

    Although, you can find a few female entities being mentioned in the Grimoires, they are quaintly described as being males in disguise.

    In order to find the ‘fallen’ Anima you totally reverse the all male paradigm upon its head, by transforming the indoctrinated focus upon the deified ‘Animus,’ made as a God and a Devil, along with their angelic and demonic Incubi, towards that of conjuring (key-word) Succubae, amidst your Triangle Of Art Imagination, instead.

    Whereupon you then have a Playboy Grimoire to stir your quantum ‘computing’ brain to generate (browsing) dreams, wherein a conjured Succubus can be encountered of an interactive… answer.

    She might just inform you that many a (computer) brain has been subversively… programmed… and that the conjuration of her ‘Anima’ fluctuation sisters is being done in order to negate a… brainwash!

    If however, you are unconcerned about the subversive programming of many an enslaved (computer) brain populating the New-World-Order of an Orwellian Eden, to be otherwise purely hedonic of orientation, then the (Da’at) Apple will stay put, upon the tree.


    This is an answer for RIK.

    A focus upon the Succubae is “NOT SATANISM.”

    Satanism worships the Anti-Thesis ‘God’ of the deified ‘Animus’ made as a Thesis ‘God.’

    It is none too different to the Good-Cop, Bad-Cop technique of Mind-Control.

    The’ Gender Focus’ upon a deity, such as YHVH, God, Allah, which of a ‘trinity’ are all essentially derived from the same Abrahamic source, indicates something else.

    It does not make any sense at all that the entirety of existence is personified as a male deity of a deified ‘Animus;’ nor does it make any sense that the feminine principle of the ‘Anima’ has been entirely castigated out of the symbolic equation.

    I am not talking about Goddess worship either, nor am I speaking of religion, which is a cultural construct.

    The entirety of all existence cannot be personified in any form, more so that of a particular gender, let alone being ‘Branded’ by a cultural construct of any religion.

    The symbolic utilisation of the human form and that of a gender focus, has more to do with the ‘Animus’ and ‘Anima.’

    So, if you find yourself feeling very uncomfortable conjuring up a Succubus amidst your Triangle Of Art ‘Imagination,’ to feel that you are doing something Satanically wicked, it is because you have been… ‘Programmed’… to reactively ‘feel that way’ by your indoctrination into a particular cultural construct of a religion, whose symbolic paradigm has an overriding gender focus upon the deified ‘Animus.’

    In other words, you find out that you have been… brainwashed!

    But don’t worry, you are not alone. When you look at the plethora of Playgirl Grimoires, of an example, whether they be old of medieval ilk, or modern of an ‘Animus,’ fixation, whose tomes have greatly influenced popular culture at all levels, you will then realise that you are not the only one who has been brainwashed; it has been going on for over 2000yrs.

    The brainwash becomes far more apparent when you find that there are NO historical Grimoires listing Succubae, even those, which are supposedly written by the Devil/Lucifer/Satan; but then said Anti-Thesis deity is the deified ‘Animus.’

    Even the modern Grimoires have a fixation upon the deified ‘Animus,’ which to claim they be banned tomes of many a Necronomicon; however, all these Playgirl tomes are the commonality, to find in numerous bookshops across the globe.

    Whereupon I rebelled against the ‘Animus’ dominated symbolic paradigm to create an ‘Anima’ Grimoire of the Succubus.


    This is an answer for RIK.

    Everything that you experience is in your head.

    The information of your five senses, which are symbolised as the pentagram, is interpreted by your brain.

    What you believe to be real, is an interpretation that your brain makes of the reality around you, as well as within.

    The upright pentagram representing your five senses is associated with the experiential physical reality of your waking state.

    Whereas the inverse pentagram representing your five senses is associated with the internal reality of the dream.

    When you experience a lucid dream of a (Hexagram) ‘sixth-sense,’ it’s reality can be far more real than what you physically experience; wherein a conjuration of a Succubus will be fully interactive.

    The conjured Succubus will be an aspect of your ‘Anima.’

    In general, the ‘Anima,’ is an internal female archetype, which determines the sexual orientation of a male, such as what type of women he finds himself attracted to, should he be heterosexual of persuasion.

    The ‘Animus’ is the male archetype residing within the psyche of a woman, which determines the type of males she is attracted to, should she be heterosexual of orientation.

    If you want to find out more about the ‘Anima,’ and ‘Animus,’ look into the works of the psychologist Carl Jung.

    As you have no doubt noticed, I placed a video above about the ‘Anima,’ in an earlier answer to a question. Said ‘Carl Jung’ video is entitled: ‘Anima Projection.’

    When to seek, yea shall find…

    By the way, I am not American; hence I do not use American spelling.

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