I utilised the Succubus conjurations as a means to explore potential abilities, which can be construed as being psychic. When as a youth, I decided to conjure up a Succubus in order to induce the psychic ability of precognition and retrocognition.

The employed technique required implanting the focused upon symbolism of the Succubus into the infernal depths of my subconscious mind. The implanted symbolism would then become as a trigger within the dream. The trigger-symbol enabled lucidity to be attained, when it was recognised within the dream.

The initial erotic focus upon the Succubus involved introverting the sexual impulse so that its emotional energy of a charge empowered the spin of an electron dream. This was achieved when creating artwork depicting the Succubus, which was also meditative of practice. When creating the focused upon two-dimensional imagery I also utilised a name of the Succubus as a Mantra, which I repetitively intoned of a Spell, while I worked upon the images of meditation.


The imagery of the Succubus was that a knit-together Frankenstein construct, of a symbolic formula. This involved a fusion of symbols from popular culture and mythology, symbolising my desire to attain the remote viewing ability of precognition and retrocognition, within a lucid dream, which is essentially a form of time travel.


My experiment at the time was to access retrocognitive information pertaining to a particular geographic locale in the far distant past.


The creation of the focused upon imagery eventually led to a number of dreams, within which I noticed the implanted symbolism of the Succubus was starting to formulate of a three-dimensional inner reality. The initial dreams tended to be highly erotic of nature.


This then led to the experience of the Old Hag Syndrome, of sleep paralysis, as well as that of a formless Bedroom Invader presence entering the room, which is an initial phase of hypnagogic trance ingress into conscious dreaming. When experiencing the Old Hag Syndrome, I called out the Mantra name of the Succubus as well as visualising her (Sigil) seal.


I then experienced having an out of body experience, to then find myself consciously entering into the dream. I observed my still sleeping body upon the bed and that I was standing in my room, looking out of my window, though, at a distance from its slider portal of a kind of inner time tunnel.


What I could see of a scene outside of the window was not of the usual urban environment. What I saw looked to be a desert terrain over which loomed tortured orange clouds. I thought at first that I had successfully accessed the desired time period, until I smelt an overwhelming scent of death and decay when getting closer to the window of a portal.


I decided to look out of the window of a portal to see where I actually was. It was at this point I realised that the scene was of a scarred WWI battlefield, somewhere in Europe, possibly France. I then noticed what appeared to be a rather bedraggled German soldier wearing a gas mask, looking up at me, who had a flame thrower.


I had the distinct sensation that he was observing me, as if I was some kind of ghost, hovering in the fetid air above him, as some kind of winged eye of an orb. I felt that the soldier was severely traumatised by his horrific circumstances, as well as being shocked by what he was seeing.


From my vantage point, the German soldier was standing in the approximate area at the end of my garden. I then awoke from the dream, feeling somewhat drained due to the vivid intensity of the dreaming experience, since I was also accessing aspects of his life and other associated information. Of course, I couldn’t prove any of it to myself; whereupon my perspective was that the dream was primarily symbolic of nature, rather than proving that time travel from within a lucid dream was possible.

I then proceeded to write down the details of the time travelling dream experiment, which I felt was unsuccessful, though interesting, since it was a most vivid lucid dream.

About three hours later, I heard my parents excitedly calling me. At the time, they were doing a spot of gardening. Suffice to say, my parents were totally unaware that their young son was conjuring up Night-Mare Succubae to ride out of a grimoire.

I went to see what my parents wanted of me, to find them at the end of the garden where I had previously seen the German soldier in the dream. My parents then presented me with a rusty WWI German helmet they had discovered at the very spot where the German soldier had stood. At that moment I felt like I was a Slider Dr Who, whose loving assistants are Succubae.


It appeared that a previous tenant, who was no doubt a British soldier had acquired the German helmet as a trophy, which he later used as a garish flower pot; that, or he was a Hippy artist who had obtained the helmet from his grandfather to place, Make Love, Not War, flowers in its cavity during the Vietnam conflict.


Whatever the case, said helmet was eventually buried, to thence be rediscovered under intriguing circumstances, at a time, when I rode a Succubus as my TARDIS.

Although I had not accessed the desired time period within the induced lucid dream, I had otherwise seen a possible past event concerning WWI, as well as experiencing an associated precognition of Slider browsing, which may have been due to some of the symbolism I was creatively using at the time, of a meditative focus.


The experience led to a science fiction conjecture that it could be possible to access the electron dreams of an individual in the past to thereby impart spun information to, of a technological nature, which could potentially lead to engineering an alternate reality. Such may be a possibillity when to consider the vivid dreams of Nikola Tesla, wherein of which he had derived many a futuristic invention beyond his then present time-frame.


After this experiment I decided to utilise the same technique to see an event three days ahead in time, which was successful.


I still have the German WWI helmet in my possession, as a reminder that precognition within an engineered lucid dream is indeed possible. Hence, for me, time travel is a reality; wherefore my interest in the subject.

When science eventually finds a technological means to replicate what can be achieved from within a lucid dream, you will then have a time travel technology.


But then again, the scientists may have already achieved this feat behind closed doors. Whether you believe me, or not, as the case maybe, I do not care at all. If you want proof, best find out for your own self.



    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      Malleus Maleficarum inspired Playgirl woodcuts often depict Witches riding their Demonic Incubi. Although such Bad-Boy Incubi otherwise make Nuns groan in their sweaty cloisters, who seek to be saved from the guilt, by their oiled up Chippendale Angels.

      As for ‘Anima’ fluctuation Succubae, there are many who consider them to be red-neck Incubi in transvestite disguise. Such a ‘closeted’ mind-set of an ‘Animus’ fixation, is stuck in a Malleus Maleficarum brainwash rut.

      The ‘Animus’ fixated choir boys seem to like playing it rough in their Abrahamic desert. They far prefer Incubi Demons and Angels to ride, out of many a patriarchal grimoire, of Playgirl commonality.

      However, the Illuminati boys from Abraham’s Ur will never admit to assuming the role of the Shekhinah, whose brains are upended by their conjured up three-faced All-Father egregore, enthroned atop of a ziggurat.

      They then go home after attending their ‘closeted’ temples, acting all testosterone machismo, forcing their wives to wear Hijabs, Niqabs or Burkas, let alone beating them up, with their triad of channelled books, as well as picking on gays to persecute.

      • Chinppendale Angels? Animus fixated choir boys?!!! LOL Reverend boner 😛

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        The theologians make it a point that the Angels and Demons of their symbolic paradigm are sexless entities.

        However the male emphasis of a gender focus, predominates betwixt their God and Devil perpetually ‘Wrestling’ with one another amidst their Abrahamic desert; there be little or no mention of the feminine principle.

        It is only until the late twentieth century, that more moderate views came to the fore in the West, concerning the symbolic exploration of female Angels and Demons, which is mostly down to the influence of popular culture; although a ‘Wrestling’ fixation upon a machismo God and a butch Devil of a dualistic conflict, still persists.

        Due to a particular religious perspective, sexuality had been cut out of the spiritual equation in the West, for nearly a thousand years or more. This state of affairs only started to change during the late 19th century, when Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism was introduced into the West; whose symbolic explorations investigated spiritual sexuality as well as the feminine principle.

        The sexual symbolism of Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism and Tantra initially shocked the Western audience, whom labelled the sexualised iconography of the far East as being merely ‘Boner’ pornographic.

        It was not until the late 1950’s that the sexual symbolism of Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism and Tantra became more acceptable; this was more so the case, during the late 60’s – 70’s of the Hippie era, when far Eastern symbolic paradigms came to the fore, which greatly influenced popular culture; whereby you now have symbolic explorations of female Angels and Demons in the general media. This symbolic transformation was further empowered by the influence of Japanese, Anime and Manga depictions of female Angels and Demons, during the 80’s – 90’s, up to the present.

        As for the male-principle, which can be otherwise termed as being God and the female-principle of a Goddess, the psychologist Carl Jung came up with the psychological terminology of Animus and Anima to describe these archetypes.

        The Animus and Anima can be generally described as being the inner male and female archetypes, which determines the sexual orientation of a woman and a man. The Animus and Anima of Jung’s psychology is generally seen to have been derived from the practice of Alchemy.

        However, in pre-Christian Europe you had the term Fylgja, which describes a following spirit, whose manifestation within visions and dreams is determined by the sexual orientation of the individual to whom it is attached to.

        In regards to a heterosexual male, the Fylgja expresses her myriad female aspects as the Valkyries, within visions and dreams, which is none too dissimilar to the Hindu, Tibetan Buddhist and Tantric concept of the feminine principle called Shakti, who expresses herself as the Dakinis.

        In Tibetan Buddhist iconography the Dakinis usually manifest in erotic forms, who are also depicted as being human, animal hybrids. The animal aspect, symbolises the energetic qualities of a particular Dakini, whom manifests within a vision or a dream.

        In medieval Europe the Fylgja and in turn the Valkyries were categorised as being demonic Succubae, let alone being seen as Incubi in disguise.

        This institutionalised castigation of the feminine principle is basically collective thought-control, which is perpetuated, and empowered through fear; whose symbolic viral-meme still persists of a Malleus Maleficarum brainwash into the present.

      • Why you ask? Well you just can’t find good sex these days. 😛 If I had to choose though I would be a Valkyrie.

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        What type of Valkyrie would you choose to be of inner studio cosplay? Would you be inspired by Kate Bush’s costumed rendition of one of Odin’s daughters in her Rusalka video Babooshka, or to wear Amazonian Xena’s armour; or to choose, comic convention Red Sonja’s attire, perhaps to dress riskier as Ghita of Alizarr or to settle for politically correct Lady Thor, when to model for the camera; becoming iconic.

        Maybe to modernise what a Valkyrie represents of Galactic Empire attire amidst the Star Wars workplace, which of a Samsara battlefield, requires an Imperial understanding of emotional politics, to thence translate into the intimacy of Tantric Tie Fighter battles under the New Order stars.

        You could of course assume the Rusalka guise of the Rus Vikings, to otherwise see as a Trekkie Vulcan Valkyrie who has a Russian sense of Kenzi humour, whom harrows the Funkytown underworld of the collective psyche, as a Lost Girl Hell’s Angel.

        But if you choose to traditionally cosplay Wagnarian as Die Walküre, you will become very dangerous indeed; for when to go orgasmic Soparano, you will no doubt cause third eye camera lens to shatter, along with eardrums, intestines, blood vessels and eye balls to rupture, let alone turning testicles into mulch. But at least your Chosen prey will leave with a cracked incorporeal smile, to go unto Valhalla.

      • I LOVE KENZI!!! Meeep! “Regret is for suckaz” Haha. Hmm, well if I was a Valkyrie I would hope I would look something like this. I like the idea of being a pilot “Valkyrie” seeing as I get to choose. 😉

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        The actress Ksenia Solo brings Kenzi to life, who is the strongest and most memorable character in the Lost Girl series. In the last episode of season five, it appears that Kenzi took on the mantle of becoming a Valkyrie.

      • Indeed. 🙂

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        The name of Ran, is quite curious, according to Snorri Sturluson’s Prose Edda, entitled: Skáldskaparmál, Ran is a Goddess, who in the Lokasenna, has a world-wide-Net in which she attempts to capture men whom venture out upon its informational sea.

        Ran loves gold; hence the reason why Pirates traditionally wear gold earrings, just in case they go under hypnagogic, as hypnotic payment into Ran’s watery cyberspace of uterine dreams.

      • Ahh right! Here take my gold, not my life. Sounds like Rihanna and her Bitch Better Have My Money!–j3ttNm2L–/c_fit,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/1251824985677919123.jpg

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        When the Pirating Saxon’s and Norse plunderers, came a cropper upon stormy amniotic seas, for them to drown amidst maelstroms vaginal maw, their golden earrings were used as payment to gain entrance into Ran’s womb of a pleasure palace, which was essentially an undersea Cat-House.

        In other words, if a skeleton Pirate doesn’t have the treasure bucks, he didn’t get the astral fucks!

        Wherefore, of present analogy, if a poverty stricken unemployed fisherman, was to fling himself into the briny depths, it would be very unlikely that a Rihanna mermaid and her bitches would have anything to do with him.

        As the saying goes; “no shekels in the house, love goes out of the window;” that’s if the unemployed fisherman’s ghost, even had a temporal house to poltergeist haunt, in the first place; no doubt it had been appropriated by the Bank.

      • The bank! Those bastards want you to trust them with your money, yet they don’t trust you with their pens?! Ridiculous… what a painful dry hump if I ever did see one!

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        Freud to have said, “a cigar is just a cigar!” Of course, nobody believed him, since he first pointed it out of an associative image. Hence, Bankers do not trust you with their slimy pens; for it is by their pens that they hump the masses via their convoluted small-print, while vampirising the life-force of the captured populace, symbolised as money.

        Wherefore you thence have a Vampire Masquerade for real. The entirety of the worlds populace are enslaved to the Empire of the New World Order feudal Bank, which be owned by but a few inbred gangster Emperors, wearing no clothing, who are most assuredly insane.

        The problem is, their enslaved zombie minions have the war toys, which can turn the world radioactive.

        But the truer insanity is that all, are bound by illusory chains of finance, whereby, the slaves are imprisoned within a self-perpetuated prison of a symbolic Matrix.

        The proof being, when the Bankers drain your life-force, taking the utter piss out of all, they are not brought to task for their Vampire crimes, by the so called elected government, since they own the government, as their whoring puppets; whereby, democracy is but an illusory Masquerade!

      • Oh I agree about that. It’s all about money. The more you have the move you can “get away with”. It’s totally crazy how corporations can steal millions and disenfranchise so many people and displace families, yet a poor person who steals food to feed his family is thrown in jail! BS Not that I think stealing is ok, I’m just providing contrast to the narrative.

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        Should an Emperor Banker be deposited in the desert with all his illusory paper money, he wouldn’t survive for very long, since he cannot eat or drink it; more so if it is just digital.

        If said Emperor was to pontificate around claiming he be of an aristocratic blue blood lineage amidst a restaurant, having no Shekels in his Vatican wallet, he would not be served by the slaves, who are enslaved to money.

        His royal title would mean nothing, even though the likes of subversively sponsored David Icke will make him out to be an ILLuminati reptilian from planet X Files.

        Although, if the truth be known, he and his inbred gangster kin are far more akin to parasitical crabs, who give crabs a bad name.

        As for the poor, they are faced with the reality to survive; hence,the Emperor Banker and his kind greatly fear them, since the Emperor Banker and his gangster crew are living a lie, which they seek to sustain at all costs, by enslaving all to the illusory construct of money.

        For some inexplicable reason those who waft around the illusion of having lots of Shekels are seen to be more intelligent; yet, you often find these types going around shooting endangered species, such as Lions for mere sport, or to buy up freshwater supplies of perceived blue gold, as a commodity to own, with their illusory money, while fluoridating the public water, so as to get those with the Shekels to obtain quaint mineral water; let alone buying up shares in industries, which are dumping toxins all over the planet.

        Little wonder then that the Bee’s are dying off. Suffice to say, at this rate the Science Fiction film, Interstellar may just come true concerning the devastation of the planet.

        As Albert Einstein once said, if the Bee’s go extinct, the human race will surely follow, four years afterwards, and all because humanity became enslaved to an insane few who hypnotised all via the illusory construct of money.

      • Huh… that’s pretty much our reality! XD

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        The thing is, it doesn’t have to be. Alas, the few have imposed their own ‘perception of reality’ upon everyone else.

      • Those bastards! 😆

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