Aristocratic Vampires do not like rotting Zombies at all, whereas lowly Ghouls are the underworld minions of Vampires. As for Werewolves, their low-tech, back to nature Hippie ways, really pisses off the Gothic Vampires big time. The infernal pop-occulture interactions of these creatures of the night leads to many an intriguing tale to tell of a developing modern mythology. Their terrifying popularity of dark cultural conjurations is very likely a subconscious reaction to ever changing world events, as well as consciously coming to terms with rapidly developing technologies.

Another aspect of this modern mythology, which otherwise expresses its self via the genre of science fiction, concerns extraterrestrial alien Greys or ultraterrestrial reptilians and their hybrid creations along with men in black, who are seen to have bases under the Earth, or at its hellish core. These mythic viral-meme themes appear to be referring to futuristic technologies, such as the development of an artificial intelligence and genetic research, in one form or another, which many distrust; wherefore being subconsciously translated into mythologies involving demonic entities or aliens.


For example, the recent scientific revelations about transfusions of youthful blood revitalising old blood, which in turn improves brain function and other physical abilities afflicted by aging, conjures up associations with the Vampire.

You would be hard pressed to believe that the scientific discoveries are only recent, since the ancient Vampire sums up the findings. You can then imaginatively conjecture of mythic conspiracy theorising that this technology has been around for a long time, and that an elite few, who have the financial means to do so, have utilised the blood science of the Vampire for themselves behind closed doors.

The elite are commonly seen to be a shadow government, who of a modern mythological theme have been translated into the Illuminati, whose myth has been interwoven into the Vampire mystique as well as science fiction aliens and their UFO’s.

The elite few, who are otherwise classified as being Vampires, would have to hide their blood science away amidst underground laboratories, as well as to weave an intelligence veil of a Masquerade around themselves. They would do so, since they see the rest of humanity as being dumb Zombies who far outnumber their Vampire elite.

When to be hypnotised by a Zombie flick, while eating copious amounts of popcorn and takeaway Pizza, you will note that a huge gathering of Zombies, are virtually unstoppable, unless you divide and conquer them or of a last resort nuking their undead hordes to thereby reduce their rotting population. Hence the Vampire elite have taken measures against the Zombies, such as dosing up their water supply and food source with hydrofluorosilicic acid, sodium fluorosilicate, and sodium fluoride, which are known neurotoxin and mutagenic compounds in order to systematically dumb them down.

This has been done because the Vampires greatly fear the Zombies becoming aware of their existence who have also looked into using biological warfare against the Zombies, should things really get out of hand of mass civil unrest.


Another more passive measure, which the Vampires have used is that of subversive psychological warfare, this involves brainwashing many of the Zombies to believe in exotic cargo-cult belief systems, such as believing in demonic reptilians emanating from planet ‘X’ of a 1950’s science fiction movie scenario.

Those Zombies who sincerely believe in the engineered myths, are duly considered as being scum of the Earth conspiracy theory nutters by the other Zombies. Whereupon, the few Zombies who do get far too close to the truth are also tarnished with the same scum of the Earth nutter brush; this is quite handy, since the Vampire elite can also hide their high tech singularity behind the wrought UFO myth of a Masquerade.


Being a Zombie can be quite monotonous, whose existence is none too dissimilar to that of a programmed automaton. Its programming stems from its religious indoctrination or via the relentless engineered media.

The Zombie goes through the motions of similarity to that of a servile serf who is chained to the tomb banks who secretly aspires to become a Vampire driving a Dragula. But, you have to be born a Vampire; for they are of the elite, who are a continuance of the aristocracy.


The religious orientation of the Vampire elite is monotheist of theocratic centralism, which ties in with their New World Order politics lorded over by their jealous Big-Brother ‘Animus’ deity, behind whose smiley face is that of a totalitarian/fascist.

The totalitarian/fascist politics of the Vampire elite has always been feudal who utilise politicians as their whoring muppet puppets via whom they weave the Masquerade of Democracy or otherwise that of Communism, by which they then divide and conquer the Zombie masses.


The elite few greatly fear their eventual demise, who, likened to Vampires have indulged themselves in financing the blood science of immortality engineering and other associated medical disciplines; much of which is being conducted in secret, by the enslaved Zombie scientists within their underworld labs. This is easy to accomplish, since the Zombies, whether they be scientists, or of the military, along with the police can be hypnotised by money, and thereby easily controlled, hence controlling all the other Zombies.

Whereby, should a Van Helsing Zombie and a Scully Witch X-File researcher team desire to find out if a Vampire Masquerade actually exists beyond the veil of subconsciously wrought myths, they would have to follow the money trail into the infernal depths. Although the Zombie X-File team would have to use a Witch-crafty route in order to avoid detection by the 72 Shemhamphorasch Fusion Centres of the Vampire elite. But where to start on this terror trail? The first bloody rung on the ladder of investigation would be the Ghoul trade in human body parts.


The financial world wide crisis, which was engineered by the Illuminati Nazi criminals of Wall Street led to Europe experiencing a sparked increase in the trade of human organs, as Zombie families scrambled to put food on the table, whom the Vampire elite utilise for spare body parts. It sounds like something right of a science fiction horror flick; but its all crash and burn real.

The undead X-File team would note that the Ghoul black market for human organs, traditionally based in India, China, Brazil and the Philippines, is spreading to crisis-hit Western countries like Greece, Italy, Spain and poor Balkan nations, like Serbia.


Vulnerable and impoverished Zombies are trying to sell their kidneys, bone marrow, lungs, corneas and of course their blood, which is spurred on by the internet. The Ghoul traffickers use the internet body part donors to fill the glut of a global shortfall for organ transplantation. This is made worse by criminal Ghoul gangs getting in on the act, who prey on war victims for body parts or otherwise preying on homeless Zombies, who mysteriously disappear off the streets.

The creeper X-File researchers will discover that the Ghoul trade has expanded into the US where, there have been numerous cases of poor undocumented Zombie immigrants selling their kidneys via websites such as Craigslist to get by: “Thanks to the global financial crisis organ trafficking is a growth industry,” said Jonathan Ratel, a European Union prosecutor. “Organized criminal groups are preying upon the vulnerable on both sides of the supply chain, people suffering from chronic poverty, and desperate and wealthy patients who will do anything to survive,” he said.


The Vampire elite and those who have the monetary wealth will do anything to stave off death; whereupon you can easily fathom that a hierarchal Vampire Masquerade actually exists.

But the terror of such a dystopian realisation is too much for many a Zombie to consciously handle, whereby the horrific reality is otherwise subconsciously translated into a modern mythology of shadowy night creatures, which symbolically ‘mask’ underlying truths.


But it isn’t too dark within the underworld, there is light at the end of the infernal tunnel, which of a singularity flame is to do with the rapid development of technologies, where the mythology of Cyberpunk reigns, whose coldness of cybernetic computer science has been humanised via the Darwinian symbolism of Steampunk. It is essentially a subconsciously wrought fusion of mythic genres, which is a way for the conscious mind to deal with the coming Future Shock.

It will soon be possible to have cybernetic implants, along with creating engineered (GDF11) Tru: Blood on an industrial scale as well as having 3D printed organs, which will enable many to far extend their lifespans, of science fiction becoming fact. However, it will take time for this to occur of a Vampire technology becoming widely available to the Zombie masses. But it will still cost an arm and a leg… money, which, like blood, you will need a lot of it, to pay for an extension of your life to become a nigh immortal Vampire.

As for the present, the old ways of the Vampire are still a reality; so, if you should ever meet up with a seductive Hungarian woman in a Goth club looking like Vampira, who says her name is Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed, claiming she is a Countess, you had better watch out for her DARPA ‘syringe.’ This is especially the case if you are a woman, unless of course, you desire to become her drained Blood Doll. If so, charge her lots of cash on your Orwellian Cashless Society IPhone for the Apple Eden core sucking. But then, you will need loads of accumulated blood credits for the coming Future Shock singularity.




    This is an answer to ‘B.’ I am sorry to hear that Amazon’s distribution of my Kindle books and that of other authors are incompatible with your mobile and Windows 7 Kindle App.

    Since I do not own shares in Amazon’s vast business empire, nor to be one of its Vampire employees, numbering of legions, I am afraid I cannot help you.

    I do not have any say whatsoever in how they distribute Kindle books; nor am I an enslaved Amazon programmer who can amend their company software.

    However, I can direct you to getting in contact with Amazon’s “CUSTOMER SERVICES.”

    Amazon’s ‘Customer Services’ will no doubt help you in your query regarding the distribution of their numerous Kindle books for Windows 8, and what software can be used of Free Downloads, such as Patches and Fixes in order to read them on previous versions of Windows.

    But it will be more likely that Amazon will direct you to a ‘Buyers Page’ in order to download the ‘bought’ Kindle books, which are compatible versions for your Windows device.

    In regards to your request of sending you copies of the Kindle books, on the side, in order to remedy your software problem; I am not able to do so, since Amazon will obviously see it as a breach of their Vampire contract.

    Amazon are not at all happy about the free distribution of their Kindle books, since the Zombie authors of said works will soon find themselves out of pocket, should they do so of promotional desperation; more so that of Amazon, who take a large cut out of every book sold.

    The only way to remedy this problem concerning software issues, to thereby negate, would be to publish the books in grimoire Hard-Print, of ink upon paper, which I am presently looking into.

    Though easier said than done; it has taken a lot of time and effort to figure out how to technically translate the Kindle books into Hard-Print, such as determining their overall design, margins, font, etc, and having them of a certain file size, so that they can be printed by the publisher; let alone having the necessary finances for Proof Copies.

    Although the eventual Hard-Print books will not be available to freely peruse for a specified period, as well as being more expensive than the Kindle books.

    Figuring out how to do the Kindle books was also a total headache, involving designing them, editing the work, sorting out the font and file sizes, etc. The artwork and writing side is the more creative part of the process; whereas the publishing side is primarily technical.

    As for the reading of the Kindle books on an App, etc, not everyone has Windows 8, such as myself. I work on Windows 7; whereas, going by what you are communicating, Amazon publishes the books for Windows 8.

    Hence your query should be levied at Amazon’s “Customer Services.”

    It is somewhat apparent to all, that the supposed upgrading of Widows is just a Vampire trick to drain the Zombie populace of their shekels, who are duly forced to upgrade their software, let alone that of hardware.

    For example; I had a scanner, which worked fine on Windows XP; but it does not work on Windows 7, whose software cannot be updated. You also have Explorer 11, which is incompatible with some Windows 7 software, such as various graphic programs. Wherefore I am somewhat pissed off with the Vampire trickery!

    But then, many an aspiring Vampire seeks to drain the piss out of Zombies in one way or the other of Vampiric opportunism!

  2. Emmanuel Dark Says:

    Greetings Faustus Crow,

    Chris Carter needs to cut you a check….. seriously!!!!! The Latest X-Files episode Season 11 Episode 9 titled “Nothing Lasts Forever” was this blog entry “VAMPIRES, WALKING DEAD ZOMBIES AND GHOULS OF HORROR SHOCK X-FILES” along with the previous one “VAMPIRE MASQUERADE OF BLOOD SCIENCE” turned into a dramatic screenplay.

    Watching that episode I felt like I was reading those blog posts and I’m certain the writer of that episode was inspired by those posts as well.

    All the Best!!!!!

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      I guess my articles may have been seen when tweeting them on twitter, on which the writer of the X-Files episode is to be found. I have not personally seen the X-Files episode myself.

      Going by the plot-line of the X-Files episode as described by linked page, it appears to have a primary emphasis on having touchy-feely religous faith, when surrounded by a scenario right out of the Hammer House Of Horrors.

      Going by what is occurring in the real world, science fiction is quickly becoming science fact, which for some is a truer horror, and far more terrifying for them, than anything the X-Files episode had covered, or would dare to do so, since it overturns their religious paradigm.

      • Emmanuel Dark Says:

        Greetings Crow,

        I said it before but it needs to be repeated about you being ahead of the curve. This article has gone viral within the last seven days; “A controversial startup that charges $8,000 to fill your veins with young blood now claims to be up and running in 5 cities across the US”

        And here’s the icing on the cake or perhaps blood sausage is a better aphorism; “A startup called Ambrosia that charges $8,000 to fill your veins with the blood of young people is now accepting PayPal payments for the procedure online.”

        ^^^^Well how nice that vampires no longer have hide in the shadows and do shady deals in parking lots or heavy forbid Starbucks with a morally-challenged blood bank employee. Now they can buy their blood with pride like anyone else whom frequents a popular supermarket.

        All the Best!!!!!

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        This is an answer for Emmanuel Dark:

        Organ trade around the world is booming, especially in the so called holy land of the war torn Middle East. It is one of the bloody business enterprises the proxy-war funded Daesh engage in.

        You can thereby gather that the harvesting of young blood, for the likes of the immortality junkies will become a desired commodity… the youth, farmed as unknowing Ambrosia cattle.

        This will of course require the blood-dolls to become as meek and mild 5G mind-controlled Sheep, who will see the selling of their organs and blood as being no different to an everyday monetary exchange, so that they can acquire a new shiny cashless-society IPhone.

        In China, the deposit of an organ or your blood, will enable you to acquire Black Mirror social-credit points. If you had said ten years ago that what is presently occurring would happen, you would be tarred and feathered as being a conspiracy nut job!

        Science Fiction becoming fact, which is far stranger and more horrifying than fiction. No doubt soon, people will be selling the corporeal shells of their loved ones for a financial killing, when they depart this monetary world.

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