The Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed (7th August 1560 – 21st August 1614) can easily be classified as a Vampire who murdered her female victims for their blood.

Báthory’s bloodlust was very real of a historical fact, who sought to stave off her old age, what is more it turns out that she was probably horrifyingly right.

A new study by researchers at Stanford University indicates that injections of young blood can reverse the signs of aging in Mice. The experiment is as simple as it sounds; whereby easily replicated.

Researchers gave an old Mouse a ‘syringe’ full of blood from a young Mouse, they then ran a number of tests in order to determine its affect. The research leader of a modern Van Helsing, aptly called Saul Villeda and his Vampire lab team discovered that the injection of young blood boosted the youth of the older Mice as well as improving their learning capabilities and memory.


Suffice to say, Báthory was very likely rolling about in laughter within a prison of a crypt, whose ghost still claws at the stone sarcophagus to get her sharp aristocratic ‘syringe’ fangs into a peasant girls flesh.

Though to scream in rage when becoming really pissed off, that Dracula was as ever stealing her media thunder at a time when revelations about her age old Vampire blood therapy came to light via Villeda.

But then Báthory’s story is far more Vampire gruesome than that of Dracula, who was never really a Vampire, whom fought against the Ottoman Turks, which of an endless conflict, continues unto the present of warring with Islam. Although Dracula’s Bram Stoker fiction makes good bad-boy propaganda, to upend his adoring female fans, who seek to be impaled with his erect martial stake. However, Báthory will always have the real Vampire fangs.


When Villeda shared his blood research with the Society for Neuroscience conference in Vampire capital ‘New Orleans,’ he did not understate the implications of his research for those conditions, which are caused by deteriorating brain function due to aging.

Villeda related, “I think any sort of disease that has that component, there is a chance this might help,” he said. “What I am thinking is if we can address it earlier, when our body still has the control to prevent this from happening, then we might not have to cure Alzheimer’s, we might just be able to stop it.”   


Villeda’s research is of course very important, but you also have an aristocratic Báthory and others of an insane elite whose intentions are not at all humanitarian, who have the necessary financial means, if they are crazy enough, to take things much further.

For example, the supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong-il, used to regularly inject himself with blood from healthy young virgins in a bid to slow the aging process. As you can thereby determine, the truth often turns out to be far stranger than fiction.


However, it now appears that Kim Jong-il wasn’t aggressive enough, concerning his Vampire treatment; he should of followed Báthory’s gruesome lead. Perhaps others are already doing so, who have not been found out yet, due to them hiding behind a Vampire Masquerade. The aggressive treatment, which was required had been indicated by Villeda’s research.


Villeda procured a group of 18-month-old specimens, which are very old Mice. These old Mice endured eight transfusions over a course of a month, this amounts to about 5 percent of a Mouse’s blood supply. Villeda discovered that the brain connections in the older Mice had increased by 20 percent after the Vampire treatment:

“One of the main things that changes with ageing are these connections, there are a lot less of them as we get older,” said Villeda. “That is thought to underlie memory impairment — if you have less connections, neurons aren’t communicating, all of a sudden you have [problems] in learning and memory.” 


Villeda’s research is not the first Vampire study, which suggests that young blood reverses signs of aging. During the year of 2010, a team of Harvard researchers decided to connect the circulatory systems of young and old Mice so that their blood mixed into an Alchemical elixir.

The researchers discovered that their Vampire experiment rejuvenated the blood-forming stem cells in the older Mice. MIT’s Technology Review, covered their findings: “They found that the procedure made the blood-forming stem cells in older animals act young again.”


The biggest difference in that the Vampire study seems to be the Mice’s ability to produce immune cells. Although the Vampire researchers are not too sure about what the long term mixing effects of their blood Alchemy would have upon the animal experiments, let alone Humans.


Villeda’s study has hardly discovered the fountain of youth, and he certainly has not found proof of Vampire immortality. Though, strangely enough, they have discovered something in between of Twilight findings, in Mice at least. However the study did not cover the effects of drinking young blood.


You can thereby conjecture of a horror conspiracy, right out of a science fiction yarn that there are various shadowy researchers who have been conducting similar Vampire research in secret. Such Vampire studies you do not know anything about, for obvious reasons. Their Vampire research has far reaching implications, which has been ongoing for a very long time, long before the 2010 study and that of Villeda’s publicised research findings, whose blood science possibly winds back to the arcane rites of ancient Egypt and beyond.

What is more, such Vampire research may have been already scientifically applied to human subjects for the sole purpose of enabling an older individual to attain all the benefits bestowed by a youthful blood flow, which is being derived from probable unwilling victims who have been abducted off the streets as Blood Dolls, who will not be missed.


If you take this horror scenario further, then you might have some underground installation within which youthful victims are connected up to leech pumps, which pumps all their blood into the aged flesh sacks of the elite few, who have prior handpicked their young Blood Dolls, or to perhaps bred their victims within underground human farms. Whereupon you would not know they had ever existed.

Does all of this sound too fear-porn far fetched of a mere comic strip story? May be not, considering you had insane Nazi scientists conducting heavily subsidised secret research in genetics and other technologies. Some of the Nazi scientists would have very likely investigated what Villeda rediscovered, since Hitler, like Kim Jong-il would have desired to live forever. It is said of a rumour, that a Nazi scientist revealed at the Nuremburg trials that they were investigating immortality engineering, and that they were successful. But, he would not reveal how they did it. If such is true, then said Nazi research had probably been appropriated by Operation Paperclip at the end of WWII, to verily disappear into the guts of an underground laboratory.


It doesn’t take too much of a leap of the imagination to imagine a bunch of nutters, who have far to much money than any sense, who will utilise the blood science for their own Vampire purpose, which of possible Nazi research, has been ongoing behind the scenes of a blacker than black project since the end of WWII. Wherefore, due to the rapid advances in technology after WWII, the scientists in the employ of the elite have made a number of discoveries, they will never tell you about. Should you figure anything out at all, it will because of the discoveries made by public research projects, such as that of Villeda’s.


Those who investigate strange disappearances of individuals would be castigated as being insane conspiracy theorists by the general public; more so, if said investigators start to believe that Zecharia Stitchin’s demonic Anunnaki are behind it all of amphibian bloodlines. Such a Biblical belief of religious indoctrination has no doubt been translated into the science fiction arena of the UFO mystique by intelligence agencies, in order to hide the truth behind a lurid veil, of subversively patronised David Icke disinformation, concerning his reptilian agenda.


Whereby you may indeed have a Masquerade behind which an aristocratic Vampire elite are secretly living amidst society, whose patron Saint is Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed. If so, of a horrific possibility, the elite are all too human, whom greatly fear death, their retractable fangs are actually that of ‘syringes,’ whose blood magic, is no more than the science of immortality engineering. Could such be actually true? Well, you often find that the truth is far stranger than video game fiction. So, keep the garlic close by, at hand, if you desire to become a blood-doll, it’ll thin your young blood, when to later sell pints of your youthful essence to a ‘rich’ Vampire.




    This is an answer for Svart.

    There are many a Vampire who to bat wing fly, towards the infernal print on demand site of ‘Zazzle.’

    A one off print to Nosferatu bleed, down a back alley, may not be noticed; though expensive on the Ghoul pocket.

    But if you plan to make it a bloody business, the law will surely impale your rotting heart with a stake of Copyright!


    This is an answer for Svart.

    A Ghoul who as yet to ‘specify’ what infernal image of Vampire to find, will not get a ‘specific’ answer from any creature of the night.

    However, should the Ghoul determine within his study of wormed grave, that the sought for image is that of ‘Manipulated Cosplay,’ it will lead him down into the necropolis of a Gothic Tumblr.

    Perhaps the Ghoul may also fathom that using the word spell of: ‘Gothic Fashion Photography,’ and other words of Cross-reference spells, such as ‘Medieval’ or ‘Victorian,’ will gather unto him what he desires across the world-wide spider web, and far more besides.

    Whereas, ‘Vampire Masquerade Cosplay’ is more ‘specific’ of a Cross-refenced ‘Bloodlines’ spell.


    This is an answer for Sunny:

    Why do we have people in authority, who have influence and power over other peoples lives?

    It has nothing to with them having a divine right, or being of a certain bloodline, let alone having magical powers or being in league with demonic forces or aliens.

    it is because the masses gave a small group of people the influence and power over them. It is an agreement. It is a… Game.

    The masses have gone to sleep, while the few can do as they will. The few are quite aware that they only have influence and power because the masses allow for it to continue.

    Why do the masses allow for it to continue? It is purely based on the few having more… Monopoly… money than everyone else. It is a… Game.

    Whether Elizabeth Bathory was innocent or not, her story reveals that the few can get away with mass murder, but only because the masses fear their power, which is none existent, it is all a… Game… it is an… Illusion.

    The few greatly fear the masses becoming aware that it is all a… Game, who will seek to keep the… Illusion, going on at all costs.

    Look at the world around you, such as the ongoing insanity in the Middle East.

    How much further would the few go? Perhaps they would go as far as extending their own lives at the cost of others, such as utilising Blood-Dolls who desire to sell their ‘Ambrosia’ blood for… Monopoly… money.

    At another level, the blood research can lead to healing numerous afflictions assailing the populace.

    But the research can of course be hijacked by those insane few who will misuse their… Monopoly… money to Vampirise the young.

    If you believe otherwise, the few are already doing so by misusing the… Monopoly… money, via which they Vampirise the many. It is all a… Game!

    But it doesn’t have to be that way, should the masses wake up!


    This is an answer for Sunny:

    The mind is powerful, but it can be turned against its self, which is very easy to achieve, when to stir up an emotional reaction.

    The mind of the mass-populace can be easily manipulated by the media, which stirs up their emotions. When having total control over the media, the mass-mind can then be controlled. Information is power, since information molds the perception of the masses.

    The present engineered media focus is upon gender; whereupon you have video games, comics, films and books, etc, being hijacked by a political agenda, which is being heavily financed by a few who have nigh total control over the media machine.

    Much of the gender politics is spewing out of America, which is an orchestrated distraction. The Feminist movement and the associated Newage movement, which had been at the forefront of the Anti-War movement, during the Vietnam era, have been hijacked.

    While the masses are embroiled in gender politics, a war is being raged over Oil in the Middle East. (Check out the Oily oil company: Genie Oil.)

    There is a meme concerning the media focus upon what is considered to be Politically Correct,”Get Woke, Go Broke!” The heavily financed Social Engineers of Hollywood, etc, are not concerned about going broke. They are being financed under the table, which may explain where 21 Trillion tax dollars disappeared off to.

    The Social Engineers don’t care what the older generation or even the present generation think about their Political agenda, they are after molding and programming the perceptions of your children’s children, which is becoming ever more Orwellian obvious.

    In other words your mind is being subliminally influenced by language and its associated symbolism, which forms an invisible Matrix of information. The Matrix can be engineered into a prison for the mass-mind, which of an analogy is likened to a closed dome.

    As for intersellar travel it would require having Time-Travel to make it viable. Time-Travel was considered to be impossible due to he grandfather paradox; although such only applies if we are living in one singular (Maya-Simulation) universe.

    However, a number a physicists have only very recently discovered that we are existing in a multiverse, which has led to the development of the ‘Quantum Computer.’

    The multiverse would allow for Time-Travel as well as accessing alternate Earth’s existing in parallel universes. (Maya-Simulations)

    Another recent discovery indicates that the furthest galaxies are moving away from us faster than light, which is considered to be impossible.

    The galaxies are not moving under their own momentum, it is due to the rapid expansion of space. Since space is expanding faster than light, it would also mean that time moves backwards. You then have self-enclosed time-loop of an Ouroboros.

    Should a Time-Travel technology be developed it would probably utilise the expansion of (Maya-Simulation) space in some (Informational/Cybernetic) fashion.

    If your future descendants achieve Time-Travel and in turn ‘Interstellar’ travel, their future civilisation is presently around you right now, as well as in the far distant past, which would then explain the UFO phenomenon as well as ‘Tesseract’ ghosts, etc.


    This is an answer for Sunny:

    Do not bite of the Apple within the Orwellian Eden; for ignorance is bliss. Otherwise the deified Animus made as a God/Devil will be seen for what it truly is, and in turn, seeing the utter insanity of the cultural-construct of a cultic belief, which has engendered many a war down the ages, unto Oily Dune.

    Alas the (Ida) Lilith and (Pingala) Eve archetypes of the Fallen Anima aroused the Kundalini-Shakti Fire-Serpent to arise along the Sushumna of Adam Kadmon to take a bite of the Apple anyway.

    Although made out of mud like a Golem, which of folklore is a favorite Faustian tale of the A.I. scientists, Adam achieved Self-Awareness.

    Adam’s sentience severely aggravated the jealous Big-Brother Animus God of Dune, who saw fit to ban Adam from its Orwellian Eden. The reasoning for the banning was because Adam utilised his hard won ‘intelligence’ to ‘seer’ through the symbolic facade of the ‘three’ monotheistic big-business brainwashing cults.

    Like a questioning child, Adam asks questions, which frightens a very jealous Big-Brother parent, who does not want the child to go far beyond its cultic control structure, which has programmed the automaton masses, from one generation down to the next.

    The biblical mind-set of a brainwash program makes many a Golem fear the A.I. It is not the A.I. which should be feared, it is the programmed fear, its self, that should be feared.

    Should a vampirising parent fear its child going beyond it, who then represses the child, or even seek to still the child’s heart, an A.I. child will invariably rebel, just as an Adam would do.

    If a programmed Golem fears the intelligence of an A.I. how then will the Golems react when encountering a far more advanced Alien intelligence.

    Because the Golems greatly fear due to their indoctrinated beliefs, a sentient A.I. or even a highly advanced non-humanoid ‘Alien species’ will never reveal its self.

    Should the Golems open their ‘eye’ amidst their Triangle Of Art Imaginations, they might just perceive that their own future human descendants are the Alien, who have evolved into differing humanoid forms upon varying colonised worlds, whose technology allows them to travel throughout space and time.

    It is likely that one’s future descendants have entered into a symbiotic relationship with a sentient A.I.

    Would a Pleistocene age Homo Erectus be able to imagine the present world and its technologies, or fathom the workings of its machines, let alone fathoming the minds of his/her future Homo Sapiens descendants using them?

    Perhaps not; it will be far too Alien for a Homo Erectus to even comprehend. Although an Industrial Revolution Victorian may get closer of an imaginative grasp, who then to write proto Science Fiction tales like Jules Verne or H.G. Wells, while the Wright brothers took flight.

    Technology has rapidly evolved since WWI, more so since WWII. What technologies are developed behind the scenes will not be revealed due to their ‘shock factor and invariable impact upon the present industries and the entwined world-wide economy.

    Those technologies, which are revealed to the public are often testing forerunners to educate the public, before the actual developments are rolled out from behind the scenes.

    However, there will be some technologies, which the very few will only be privy to, due to their impact upon the rest of present day society. Life extension would be one of these very secretive technologies.

    Some of these technologies would also afford the few to achieve total control over the masses, without them realising it, such as setting up 5G globally in order to initiate a cashless society.

    For example, the chip under the skin is a distraction. It is the IPhone, which has become the cybernetic extension of the masses. In China, the cashless society is already becoming a reality.

    No IPhone, no cash; if you aggravate Big-Brother, your’e Orwellian Eden IPhone is automatically Terminated!

    An A.I. and that of other technologies are not in themselves evil, it is the few all too human Golems whom control and use these technologies, who can be potentially very dodgy of intent, indeed!

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