UFO is a 1970’s science fiction TV classic, which had been created by Gerry Anderson and Sylvia Anderson, along with Reg Hill. It was the Andersons’ first totally live-action TV series.


Many of the TV station executives assumed, and still assume that it was a program for children; however the series was not at all aimed at the kiddies, it was primarily intended for an older audience; more so the males.

Many of the female cast wore politically incorrect tight clinging camel-toe costumes or micro skirts; suffice to say, though I was still young of age, I invariably fell head over heels in love with the Secret Space Program chicks, who secretively became as inspiring Succubae Art Muses within my lucid dreams.


UFO covered adult themes, such as adultery, drug taking and various convoluted relationship problems.


The basic premise of UFO was that in the near future, which at the time was a fictional version of 1980, whose date is indicated in the opening credits, the Earth is being invaded by humanoid aliens.

These aliens are coming from a dying planet who are covertly harvesting human organs so that they can eventually adapt their own biology and thereby take over the Earth. Although, it does appear of gory Hollywood spectacle that it is the supposed aliens who often get sliced up on the lab slab.


The main cast of UFO are members of a very Secret Space Program, whose international agency is called SHADO, being an acronym for Supreme Headquarters, Alien Defence Organisation.

SHADO has been established to defend the Earth and humanity against the mysterious invaders as well as learning more about them and their intentions; while at the same time keeping the threat of an alien invasion hidden from the general public at any cost.


The Supreme NSA Headquarters, of SHADO operates under the cover of the Harlington-Straker Studios movie studio in England.

SHADO is headed by Commander Edward Straker (Ed Bishop), a former United States Air Force colonel and astronaut, who poses as the studio’s chief executive. The studio-as-cover idea for a Secret Space Program is quite brilliant.


A studio as a business involves many unusual events and routines, which would not be at all remarkable or even noticed. Comings and goings at odd times, the movement of  futuristic vehicles, advanced looking equipment, oddly dressed people and exotic materials would not create any undue interest, which could easily be explained away as sets, props, or extras.

So one can deduce that a real Area 51 of a most secretive Dreamland desert secret, of which everyone knows about, would otherwise be very likely located in an underground installation, hidden under a film studio; probably Mickey-Marvel-Mouse Disney studios. Hell; it could even be under Dreamland Disneyland, what a tourist cover that would be.


SHADO has a variety of high-tech DARPA hardware and snazzy vehicles at its disposal to implement a layered defence of the Earth, which of a technological Singularity is far in advance than that of the more mundane technology the general public are aware of.


Early warnings of any alien attack come from SID, the Space Intruder Detector. SID is an tracking satellite, which is essentially an artificial intelligence, whose sole purpose is to constantly scan for UFO incursions.


The primary line of defence is Moonbase from which the three Lunar Interceptor spacecraft, carrying nuclear missiles, are launched.

However, going by intriguing photographs of the Moon, some researchers believe that there is giant Tesla death ray-gun on its surface, of similarity to the one seen on Mars.


A secondary line of SHADO defence uses Skydiver, which is a submarine mated with a submersible, undersea-launched Sky One interceptor aircraft. The last line of defence involves man-in-black ground units who use IFV-like SHADO Mobiles, fitted with caterpillar tracks. UFO was and still is a really cool TV series, which deserves to be made into a movie; then again, it may actually be happening for real, or should one say Surreal.



  1. Emmanuel Dark Says:

    Greetings Faustus Crow

    Thanks for putting me on to this cool sci-fi series. I seen the first six episodes do far and will definitely watch the rest of this innovative series. You are definitely right there’s a lot more going on within that sci-fi show than first appears. There is definitely something going on with this program may be speaking the truth in fiction when looking at mundane world correspondences or synchronous historic events.

    I’m sure you are well aware of the former United States Air Force Former Top Secret Film Division at Lookout Mountain Air Force Station on Wonderland Avenue. &

    Considering UFO came out in 1970 while Lookout Mountain held just shut down the year before in 1969 is quite interesting sequence of events. Of course it takes longer than a year to develop a broadcast show and I don’t think it’s impossible that word probably gotten out or was leaked to he creators of UFO about the secret film diversion of the United states Air Force.

    However, the military Hollywood connection doesn’t stop at look out mountain. Christopher Knowles author of “Our Gods Wear Spandex” and blogger at “The Secret Sun” has documented that the Star Gate series of TV has huge backing from the United States Air Force and there are reports of them making changes to the scripts for the show and characters lines. &

    At this point an individual couldn’t be denounced for then assuming there’s to much smoke not be a fire coming from a very real secret space program.

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      UFO was way ahead of the times with many of its imaginative concepts. When UFO was first hitting the small screen back in the 70’s, there was little or no mention of a ‘Secret Space Program,’ apart from some authors who were putting it around that the Nazis got to the Moon; this was all pre-internet.

      UFO covered concepts, which only later became a focus of UFO-lore, such as aliens indulging themselves in organ transplants and genetic research. The humanoid aliens of UFO, are themselves being controlled by another alien species, which is only hinted at in the series. The other alien race, are similar to the Martian Mysterons from Gerry Anderson’s, Captain Scarlet.

      UFO had an innocence about its highly imaginative concepts; much of which had nothing whatsoever to do with a particular religious perspective. When to watch the show, you will notice the big difference between then and now. The science fiction shows, which came after UFO, much of them from the USA, have an underlying religious focus upon a particular geographic locale.

      The science fiction series of Stargate for example, is very much tied up with ancient Egypt, which in turn ties in with a Biblical focus; this has been taken further by various conspiracy theorists who are enamoured with the Sumerian’s and Babylonian’s of Iraq, from where Abraham came from.

      The in your face situation, is a continuance of a religious theme, which underlies the UFO mystique and that of associated science fiction shows since the late 70’s in particular; all of which are primarily tied up with a Biblical focus upon the Middle East.

      Is this Biblical focus being engineered by an intelligence agency, whose orientation is negate alternative viewpoints coming to the fore, such as those of the Hippie era 1960’s-70’s, which brought down a government?

      Or, is it being self-perpetuated by an indoctrinated group of creative’s, who can’t get religion out of their brains?

      It is very likely both; for if you lose the religious focus upon a certain geographic locale, those who seek to sustain their religious and political influence in world affairs will not be able to do so. Overall, it is a case of subliminal mind-control at every level of popular culture, which is otherwise termed as sustained propaganda, psychological warfare or social engineering.

      The motif of the Stargate in particular has shamanic origins, which is to do with (hypnagogic) trance ingress. One of the shamanic abilities, which is attained by shamanic practitioners was that of teleportation. This ability of projecting the dream body to another locale to thence stay at, to then be followed by the physical manifestation is also mentioned by Hindu practitioners of Yoga and Buddhism, as well as by other ancient cultures.

      Basically, the Stargate technology resides within oneself of consciousness expansion; it isn’t alien. As for the associative Stargate symbolism concerning reptilians, the employed symbolism of the reptilian in ancient times was associated with attaining the ‘amphibious’ state of (hypnagogic) trance.

      Shamanic adepts of trance, were often symbolised as being amphibious Serpents or Fish, which was later demonised by the ascendancy of the Abrahamic religions out of Ur in Iraq. The symbolism of the amphibian has nothing whatsoever to do with aliens.

      The UFO researchers look through scores of NASA photos of the Moon or Mars, finding anomalies, which they claim are alien; but much of which looks to be recognisably Human technology. If it was truly alien of probable non-humanoid origin, then they wouldn’t recognise it at all, which would be more so the case, since it would probably be many thousands if not millions of years in advance of anything they could ever comprehend.

      An analogy would be that of a Neanderthal coming across a computer, which had popped into his/her time out of a vortex. There would be no frame of reference for the Neanderthal to comprehend, what he/she is looking at. If it be otherwise that of a wooden wheel, the Neanderthal may be able to back-engineer it of a technological leap.

      However, the computer or that of a wheel, would be defined by physics and Humanoid usage of design; whereas a non-Humanoid would very likely utilise a technology, which could never be understood, nor utilised to any great degree by the Neanderthal. A Humanoid by definition would be akin to that of the Neanderthal and that of the later Cro-Magnon to Homo Sapiens. Hence, said Humanoid would be the kin of the Neanderthal; in other words, sharing the same genetic heritage of a terrestrial origin.

      The mystique concerning downed UFO’s, which either crash of their own accord or being supposedly shot down doesn’t make sense at all. You have a highly advanced technology involving spaceflight from star to star, requiring extensive radiation shielding and other defensive technologies, which would be far ahead of our own. The pilots of these craft have been observing the Earth for decades if not longer, who then find themselves being shot down by a bunch of naked apes. This common UFO-lore scenario sounds like something right out of a badly made 1950’s science fiction movie; that, or said aliens are not very intelligent at all; they appear to be all too… Human!

      It is distinctly possible that the anomalies upon the Moon and Mars, etc, have been pre-doctored of photographic manipulation, and in turn found by aspiring researchers, due to recognisable similarities. This then feeds into an engineered mystique, which permeates all levels of popular culture, whose underlying focus is the Biblical Middle East. Wherefore, it is all subversively engineered in order to manipulate your perception of reality.

      If the anomalies actually exist upon the Moon or Mars, etc, then the technology is not only recognisably Human, it is also not too far ahead from the technology the general public presently knows about. You then have a ‘Secret Space Program.’ But if so, it will very likely involve ‘Time Travel’ capability, which would then indicate that your reality has been engineered by… Humans.

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