A Dakini is a female entity of dreams, who is known of in Tantric practice; she is of similarity to the European Succubus.

There are many differing Dakinis; each of whom is unified with various alternate-selves (Avatars) of the Yogi, he can assume within (alternate reality) lucid dreams, which are empowered by the conjured Dakinis.

Whereupon, the same perspective can be applied to the Succubus archetypes of the fallen Anima, when to conjure them out of a grimoire.

The Succubae can be seen as governess’s who have governance over a myriad number of dream worlds, likened to beads threaded by a superstring.

Although a Dakini is similar to a Succubus, she represents far more as an Anima embodiment of enlightened energy within the watery domain of the dream.

This indicates that the phenomenon of the Succubus can be better understood, of Old Hag Syndrome dream visitations, when looking into what the Dakini represents.


In the Tibetan language a Dakini is known as a Khandroma, which translates as the following: ‘void going woman, she who traverses the sky, she who moves in space, sky walker, or sky dancer.’

The Dakini is called upon of conjuration when practicing dream yoga, which is orientated towards attaining lucid dream contact with her; wherein she is akin to a Genie of Succubus wiles, who initiates the conjurer into the associated knowledge, of which she personifies as a knowledge/wisdom holder.


A Dakini is associated with the arousal of the Kundalini Shakti, of which she is an energetic fluctuation, of its fire snake energy, as it arises along the spinal column of the practitioner.


As the Kundalini fire snake arises along the spine, its feminine energy of Shakti activates the seven (planetary sphere) Chakras out of which the Dakinis emanate of differing (seal) expressions. Their various dream (metal) characters pertain to what they individually personify of inner knowledge.

A Dakini is so central to a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner attaining full enlightenment as a Buddha, that she appears in a Vajrayana formulation of the Three Jewels Buddhist refuge formula, which is known as the Three Roots. (Three Roots – Triangle Of Art.) 


A Dakini commonly appears as the Dharma protector, sensuously sitting astride the lap of a guru and Yidam, with who she copulates of a sacred union.

But Judith Simmer-Brown, who is a Professor and past Chair of Religious Studies at Naropa University, as well as being a prominent Buddhist scholar, points out:

“The Dakini, in her various guises, serves as each of the Three Roots. She may be a human guru, a vajra master who transmits the Vajrayana teachings to her disciples and joins them in samaya commitments. The wisdom Dakini may be a Yidam, a meditational deity; female deity Yogas such as Vajrayogini are common in Tibetan Buddhism. Or she may be a protector; the wisdom Dakinis have special power and responsibility to protect the integrity of oral transmissions.” 

As a key Tantric figure the Dakini can also be found in other forms of Tantric Buddhism, such as the Japanese Shingon school, from where she was disseminated into Japanese culture, who evolved into Dakini-ten; whereby becoming inextricably linked with the (Fox) Kitsune (Succubus) of ‘erotic iconography.’

goetia_girls_lilith's_harem_succubus_book_mephistophina_ conjuration_of_fastus_crow 2

The origins of the Dakini had originally stemmed from ancient shamanistic practices, such as that of Siberian shamanism, whose shamans derive their powers from their conjured spirit wives.

The spiritual focus upon the Dakini continues to this day as a part of Indian folklore; though generally in wrathful forms, which of a meditation practice remains a part of Hindu Tantra.


Although the Dakini appears in Hinduism and within the Bön tradition, Dakinis occur most notably in Vajrayana Buddhism, who play a particular role in Tibetan Buddhism.


The Tibetan Dakini, is generally seen to be of a highly erotic form, of infernal looks; her nature is volatile of wrathful temperament whose abode of a haunt is often that of the charnel ground.


She initially manifests as an Old Hag Syndrome ‘Nightmare’ until the practitioner learns to overcome his fear to then ride her as his Mare of the Night; whereupon she will then become as his spiritual Muse of an inspirational (Tulpa) thought-form, who guides him into the dream to make lucid of awareness.

Dakinis are energetic (Tulpa) beings of (archetypal) Succubus form, who are erotically evocative of the microcosmic movement of energy (information) within inner space.


In this context, the macrocosmic sky of space indicates Shunyata, the insubstantiality of all phenomena, which, at the same time, represents the dream-time Dakini potentiality for all her possible (planetary sphere) Succubus manifestations.



  1. Emmanuel Dark Says:

    Peace Faustus Crow,

    I saw this video on Tibetan Dream Yoga by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and immediately thought of your Sublime Magnum Opus I still haven’t fully actualized my lucid dreaming skills but I’ve been working with shamanic methodology/technique which allows myself to basically lucid dream while awake and now watching for the results to unfold.

    All The Best!!!!!

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      Cool video, by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche who teaches the Bon tradition of Tibet, which is very shamanic of orientation. However, the Western perspective of Dream Yoga ‘generally’ falls into three camps, which is especially the case when covering the internalisation of the sexual impulse, in order to empower and attain lucid dreaming.

      In the first camp you have individuals who sincerely believe that Dream Yoga equates with black magic, whose fear porn mentality is none too dissimilar to what you will find in the Malleus Maleficarum; these types of individuals consider sexual interactions with dream characters as being tantamount to indulging in bestiality; some even see it as spiritual rape, and that the encountered dream characters are in fact medieval Demons, right out of Hollywood farce fare Buffy The Vampire Slayer. This is more so the case concerning (Dakinis) Succubae, these individuals believe to be male Demons in disguise, as listed in their Abrahamic Devil tome grimoires, who have since evolved into aliens.

      In the second camp you have individuals who see Dream Yoga as a means to indulge their hedonic desires of pornographic fantasizing, who have little or no interest at all in the exploration of the mind. Their primary drive is just sex, for its own sake, who are principally looking for a quick fix; hence, these types of individuals are not interested in working towards the goal of attaining a lucid dream; they want it now! They believe they can attain the experience by just muttering some arcane spell, or using some bio-feedback machine, being hypnotised, or to pop a pill.

      In the third camp you have individuals wearing Newage rose tinted glasses who believe that Dream Yoga will lead them into an internal paradise of inner wisdom. These types of individuals do not consider that their own psyches will be riddled with dark shadowy corners, which have to be transmuted of shamanic harrowing. Nor do they consider that Dream Yoga goes far beyond their present understanding of quaint psychologies, let alone to surpass their religious pseudo-philosophies, which are invariably tied up with a politically correct perception. These types of individuals have a tendency to externalise the practice of Dream Yoga to make flowery, which is often beset with cultural politics, such as feminism, for example. Whereupon, should you be conjuring up (Dakinis) Succubae, dressed in fetish gear, to otherwise transmute into the archetypal spiritual, you will duly find yourself being castigated as being sexist, let alone being tarred and feathered as being a vile pornographer.

      All three groups entirely miss the point concerning the practice of Dream Yoga; wherefore they will never know the depths of their own minds, which could have led them to seeing reality in an entirely different way, from what they have been taught to believe.

      Although the three groupings is a ‘generalisation,’ you can roughly plot the development of an individual who moves from one group to another.

      After a time of acting like a Witchfinder General, whose mind is constrained by religious constraints, which fills his indoctrinated mind with nightmares, fearing his own shadow; such an individual, will invariably find himself broken down to his base emotional drives due to his cultic fear; whereupon, when confronted by a possibility of attaining a lucid dream, within which he can secretly slake his sexual frustration, the onetime Witchfinder General goes way over the top concerning his hedonic sexual fantasies.

      However, the practice of Dream Yoga requires a lot of work upon one’s self, which does not offer up instantaneous gratification; this then leads to a furtherance of the frustration, and invariably that of feeling guilty about his own feelings. Said individual may then seek out an alternative paradigm to assuage his sensation of guilt, of a type of exorcism, and that of a perceived cleansing; so, he baptises himself into another religious perception, which in many respects is none too dissimilar to the one he had left behind of mind-control. Although, not at first apparent, the mind control is there of cultural conditioning, which has nothing to do with actual Dream Yoga; it is in fact a very Western version of Dream Yoga, with all its religious and politically correct baggage in tow.

      For example, the Western usage of the word, ‘Goddess,’ conjures up a number of associations within the present Western psyche, which would be very different for a Tibetan, who practices the shamanic techniques of Bon. A Goddess (Dakini/Succubus) for a Bon practitioner would be that of an energetic fluctuation of the feminine, personified as an archetype, who is aspect of his own Anima, should he be heterosexual of sexual orientation; whereas a heterosexual female practitioner would engage herself with a God (Daka) aspect of her own Animus.

      Those practitioners who are homosexual of orientation would engage themselves with conjuring up (Gods) Dakas; whence a lesbian conjures (Goddesses) Dakinis, as for a bisexual, he/she summons up both, Dakas (Gods) and (Goddesses) Dakinis.

      Whereby, a Tibetan practitioner of Bon, would see the gender focus of a cultural construct of a religion as revealing its underlying sexual orientation, in regards to its fixation upon a particular gender. But, if the Tibetan is on the run from China’s authoritarian rule, he/she will not kick up too much of a fuss among the authoritarian rule of another land, by revealing his/her Bon insights; since the religious and political foundation of the land, to which he/she is exiled to, is entirely enamoured with the Animus.

      • Emmanuel Dark Says:

        Thank you for your profound reply. Indeed conscious dreaming aka lucid dreaming takes considerable effort since. Thankfully, I previously had conscious dream interaction with a few of the Goetia Girls so I know that phenomenon is possible and now its only a issue of getting my lucid dream contact to be consistent’.

        All The Best!!!!!

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        Not everyone can retire into the life of a monk, in order to totally focus upon working towards attaining ingress into the inner reality. The need to survive amidst the tumult of the mundane world invariably divides the attention of an individual.

        Whereupon, the inner reality takes a backseat, or to be forgotten. In the Tibetan tradition you have Mahasiddhas who successfully used the everyday, habitual chores of their mundane existence, as a meditative practice, in order to attain access into the inner reality.

        One of the Mahasiddhas was a shoemaker, who, when making shoes, of a habitual meditative practice, he would repetitively intone an accompanying mantra.

        The force of habit is the key here, which of a repetitive chore is used as a form of meditation in order to direct the emotionally driven thought processes of the practitioner towards attaining the inner reality.

        If the thought processes are not directed due to confused emotions, which empowers thought, then the attention of the practitioner will be divided.

        Partaking of a power plant or that of popping a pill will not be a remedy for this divided attention; the practitioner will only end up experiencing nightmarish hallucinations as a consequence, who hasn’t the inner power to direct his/her emotionally driven thoughts.

        In the Native American tradition, you have the Medicine Wheel, which describes an energy movement.

        In ‘general’ the South of the Medicine Wheel is associated with ‘Emotion,’ which can give rise to a sound expression, becoming as a song, without words. An example of which would be that of Howling like an animal.

        When the sound of an emotional expression becomes conceptualised of ‘Thought’ around a symbol, such as a particular power animal to assume as an alternate guise, the song becomes aligned with words; whereby becoming as a mantra, in the North of the Medicine Wheel.

        The Emotional energy, which empowers Thought, will then affect your ‘Body’ in the West, where the practitioner may start to dance his/her assumed guise of a power animal; this then leads to varying states of trance, which can become ecstatic.

        The ‘Body’ of the practitioner can be affected through the force of habit, which a Martial Artist is very much aware of. The force of habit, will then affect the dreams of the practitioner, who will eventually attain a ‘Vision Quest’ lucid dream.

        When a Vision Quest lucid dream is attained, concordant synchronicities are then experienced in the East of the Medicine Wheel, which requires the practitioner to become aware of his/her inner and outer reality as being one and the same.

        As the energy movement moves through the Medicine Wheel, it crosses over the centre of the ‘self,’ which is associated with the ‘Heart’ area of the chest, where most of the nerve fibres belonging to your Central Nervous System are to be found.

        In Mongolian shamanism and elsewhere, the Heart area of the chest is seen to be associated with the power of trance.

        The practitioner has to be aware that he/she does not focus upon the desires circled around the Medicine Wheel; he/she has to otherwise focus upon himself/herself at the ‘centre’ of the Medicine Wheel in relation to his/her desire.

        If you feel so inclined, check out: Biodanza.

        Biodanza is based upon the energy movement around the Native American Medicine Wheel; as to its shamanic orientation, such will be dependent on who is orchestrating Biodanza in your area.

    • Emmanuel Dark Says:

      Just to be clear, I’m still interacting with the Dakini-Daemon-Succubae-Valkyrie-Tulpas of the Goetia Girls Shaman Chaos Magick Necronomicon Paradigm and using the methodology of “So You Want to Be a Goetic Shaman?” which beautifully complements your Magnum Opus until I can fully access my lucid dreaming skills.

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        I am very much aware of the, “So You Want To Become A Goetic Shaman,” article, I came across it some time ago when I was doing research into the shamans usage of hallucinogens; the author of the article extensively utilises Datura Stramonium, which is one of the classic power plants of the shaman.

        Datura is mentioned in the books of Carlos Castaneda. Castaneda’s teacher, Don Juan Matus warned him that Datura is highly addictive, whose seductive nature is feminine; whence the power plant is called Grandmother Datura, which of an inner manifestation amidst vision and dream, she would look like a Witch; whereupon she has to be treated with due respect; for her intention is to drive you crazy.

        This isn’t to say a crazy state is negative, just look at Salvador Dali; but as he said, “I don’t do drugs, I am drugs.”

        Datura was classically used in shamanic initiation rites in order to introduce the initiate into his/her inner reality by breaking down psychological blocks; whereupon the initiate goes ‘critical paranoiac’ crazy when confronted by tortuous memories to relive, which of an inner domain is frequented by his/her personified beliefs, made of visionary flesh.

        Wherein, the initiate ‘may experience’ his/her (inner-self-image) dream body being dismembered by colourful entities right out of faerie, before being rebuilt anew; that, or to experience being pursued by Demonic surgeons of similarity to the type depicted in the film Jacobs ladder, or being abducted by aliens etc.

        Whatever is internally experienced will be dependent on his/her beliefs, some of which the initiate will not even be aware of.

        If the initiate is mentally unstable, Datura can become very dangerous indeed, whose potency can potentially trigger off schizophrenia in susceptible individuals; wherefore, an experienced shamanic teacher will first determine if the initiate is strong enough to partake of her power.

        Don Juan stressed that Datura and other power plants are merely an initial launch pad for an initiate who finds it difficult to attain an altered state under his/her own power.

        Continuous usage of a power plant will invariably lead to a bodily reliance upon it of a growing addiction, which will take its eventual toll upon your physical body.

        Hence missing the point of the shamanic practice, being that of working towards acquiring your own personal power in order to attain internal ingress, without resorting to partaking of a sacred herb, or popping a pill.

        Each of the sacred power plants are also associated with a particular type of ‘Ally.’

  2. You are awesome. This whole web is. I did not know that there are names for them. Could You write something about the Orden der goldenen Centurie ? Franz Brandon mentions them, they should posess a tepaphone. Thank You in forward!

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      I must admit, I am only interested in the tale communicated by Franz Bardon, on an artistic front, concerning his colourful description of the Orden der Goldenen Centurie, controlled by demonic agencies, which has since been transmuted into the Illuminati being used by ultraterrstrial reptilians.

      Bardon’s reference to the number 99 concerning the Orden der Goldenen Centurie, may refer to Hebrew Gemetria, which is of course debatable.

      99, in numerology reduces down to 18, and in turn 9, which Bardon may have alluded to of a Cabbalistic sphere, being Yesod, and that of the Moon, leading thence to the anti-clockwise spinning Cross of the Swastika, representing the Moon.

      Such tales of the Orden der Goldenen Centurie being behind the National Socialist rise to power, and the Nazi involvement in the occult, appears to be an ongoing disinformation campaign, in order to distance Christian involvement in the holocaust.

      They even go as far as making out that Hitler was an Athiest, which does not make any sense at all, since the Communists, were Athiest, whom Hitler avidly despised.

      Hitler communicated that he was a devout Christian in his Mein Kampf, for anyone to check out, along with photographs of him shaking hands with the Pope.

      When the Nazi regime came to power, they quickly set about banning occult groups, such as the Masons, and various neo-pagan organisations, which led to the imprisonment of many an occultist, such as Bardon, for example.

      As for Bardon’s Tepaphone it sounds like Tesla’s Death Ray.

      The Western occult fixation upon the male (Animus) principle may be construed as being an occult blind, concerning the symbolic paradigm of the grimoires listing all male entities; of whose hierarchy, Bardon said he had conjured them, out of their Cabbalistic spheres.

      The occult blind being, whatever is left out of the equation, must be the secret. Hence, the feminine principle (Anima) is the obvious secret, along with sexuality, since the religious foundation upon which the grimoires are based is primarily celibate.

      However, it is more likely that the symbolic construct of the grimoires was never an occult blind, since there is ‘No’ historical example, whatsoever of a rebellious reversal.

      Wherefore revealing that the practitioners never bothered to rebel against the lopsided-nature of the symbolic paradigm, apart from validating it of a God (Animus) thesis, even when they claimed they were dallying with the Devil (Animus) of an antithesis.

      Hence, it indicates a continuance of a self-perpetuated religious brainwash, which was reinforced by their practice.

      • Dear Faustus Crow,
        thank You very much for Your answer. I see You are a very open-minded individual and You have already integrated Your recent gained knowledge of the Goldene Centurie in Your newest articles! I feel very proud to know, that I was able to serve with a relevant contribution to Your katartistik webblog. I have to disagree with Your asumption that the tepaphone and death ray have something in common. As far as i know, the tepaphone is mainly a mechanical device. Aside from that it is not functioning “raylike” similiar to a lasser fired out in some concrete direction. It bears similiarities with the Cerebro of Prof. X. Two what Devill! Law is the Loa and dardewill!

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        It is curious that you see Franz Bardon’s Tepaphone (Deutsch: Tepaphon) as being similar to the X-Men device of the Cerebro, which was a psychotronic machine designed by professor Charles Xavier in order to locate mutants with superhuman powers.

        The Cerebro amplifies the brainwaves of the user. In the case of telepaths, it enables the operator to remote-view traces of others worldwide, as well as being able to distinguish between humans and mutants.

        As for the Tepaphone, some researchers consider it to be a combination of science and black magic, which is capable of killing a target at any distance. Others see it as being a magical death ray generator.

        What is somewhat interesting is that the lore of the Tepaphone correlates with Nikola Tesla’s influence during the early twentieth century, whose technological innovations led to the development of an actual Death Ray as well as the HAARP device; some researches see the two as being both the same.

        Tesla’s works do have an occult edge to them; since those who investigate his work with electricity, sometimes speak of altered states of consciousness, along with what can be construed as being controlled paranormal phenomena, which may be due to the manipulation of electromagnetic fields.

        Tesla was seen to be somewhat of a Wizard during his heyday, whom inspired H.P. Lovecraft’s tale Of Nyarlthotep, who could be seen to be a prior Magneto.

        Whereupon his futuristic plans were appropriated after his mysterious demise, when WWII to have raged, while Bardon was no doubt incarcerated in a concentration camp, darkly whispering about the Tepaphone.

        HAARP is quite capable of affecting the minds of others at a distance a well as having other devastating abilities.

        It could perhaps be aligned with a Cerebro type device, right out of the X-Men comics, since the same technology, when scaled down, could potentially amplify the brainwaves of a trained operator, to thence influence the brainwaves of large groups of people, may be that of a targeted individual to zap of a lightning bolt, or to otherwise cause to spontaneously combust, at a distance via a HAARP device.

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