Watch the skies; for the Vrilerinnen UFO Witches from Aldebaran, who belong to the Grey Valkyrie coven of the Secret Space Program, Vril Gesellschaft, which is commonly known as the Vril Society, are always on the lookout for eligible Sorcerers.

But said Sorcerers will have to be of an erect Alpha-Male Mars quality, the Babalon Vril Witches habitually seek as their Bad-Boy Great-Beasts, who will fit nicely into their moist Venusian eugenic agenda.

The Vril bubble Witches are not at all interested in Good-Guy Christ’s, who are invariably friend-zoned before being Crucified.

You can easily fathom the ulterior motives of the Babalon Vril Witches when to look at their deified ‘Animus,’ made as a God and Devil.

The Flying Lizard Vril Witches are the ones who had created the Oily Petrodollar patriarchy, of the Illuminati trinity of ‘Animus’ God cults out of Sumerian UR.

It is the biological duty that a Worker Bee Warlock always provides; no bucks, no F£$K’s. So, all yea fellow Warlocks, be verily warned, always carry a Trojan condom around with you, when going on a blind Sabbat.

Because you may just, be abducted by a Spartan Vrilerinnen from Bene Gessirit Aldebaran, that’s if she hasn’t been dissected on a Military Industrial Complex lab slab.

If you do not have a Rubedo flavoured Trojan upon your personage, proudly hold onto your erect Wand.

Then to remember the litany against fear, and hope for the best; while entering the Nigredo Sun of the vaginal star barrelled torsion tunnel of the Vulcan Vrilerinnen:

“I must not fear.

Fear is the mind-killer.

Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

I will face my fear.

I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

And when it has gone past, I will turn the inner eye to see its path.

Where the fear has gone, there will be nothing.

Only I will remain.”


Should you survive the penetration of the Vrilerinnen wormhole, which has hungrily received your Albedo seed, be ready for the distinct possibility of her birthing your Indigo Moon Childe, when she returns back to her Area 51 home planet of Dreamland Aldebaran.

For extra protection, it be wise that a Warlock becomes aware of his Fallen ‘Anima,’ so that the Vrilerinnen Sirens will not be able to hypnotise him with their feminist wiles.

Otherwise, the Warlock may just find himself being Soy-Boy castrated by their patriarchal ‘Animus’ projection, which they will blame him for.


3 Responses to “VRIL UFO ALIEN GIRL”

  1. I already believe in VRIL . I’d say I lived a past life in and during the Nazi era. I do have a connection. I am also a practicing Witch. I am a fashion designer which the fashions that we do have to do with being futuristic. I am one of the STAR PEOPLE. I would like to know more of the VRIL and also if here is such a society or group in existence. I am not a Kook but someone who is seeking life at much higher dimensions. I am a visionary. What I am very curious about is~WHAT IS THE CONNECTION WITH THE LADIES IN THE BLACK LATEX OUTFITS AND A FUTURISTIC LADIES (no-BLACK) SOCIETY? I would like to know more about the Vril. The very interesting thing about Maria Orsic is that she really looked very modern for those times. I also believe in my Goddess.

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      In general, after WWI, of swinging twenties, and just prior to WWII there was an avid interest in far Eastern mystical disciplines, which was especially the case in Vienna. Many of those who were interested in the occult lore of the far East, were inspired by the work of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. She was a Russian emigrant to America, who soon became the Queen Bee of the New York based Theosophical Society. Her larger than life influence initiated the later Newage movement.

      A number of members who belonged to the Theosophical Society believed that Edward Bulwer Lytton’s 1871 novel, Vril: The Coming Race, was based on fact, who sought to discover the underworld realm of the Vril-ya.

      However, much of the occult lore of the far East had been misinterpreted by the European mind-set, which of a habitual perception, due to its Conquistador religious indoctrination, has forgotten how to dream as a Horned Shaman.

      Wherefore, the underworld of Agharti, and the realm of Shamballa, which had been tied in with the Vril-ya, was perceived as being temporal realities. This has led to a number of Indiana Jones conspiracy theories, woven by Conquistador Christian researchers concerning the Nazi party attempting to discover their geographic locales, which is said to have been inspired by Blavatsky’s metaphysical theories concerning eugenic root-races.

      The truth of the matter was that the Nazi’s were aided and abetted in their eugenic agenda by the American eugenics movement. Eugenics was practiced in the United States many years before the eugenics programs in Nazi Germany; the U.S. eugenics movement provided much of the information and materials for the Nazi eugenics programs.

      Blavatsky like many another during her time were influenced by eugenics; who had a disdain for anything she considered to be primitive. She either ignored, or did not understand that the far Eastern disciplines of Tibet have their ancient roots in what she considered to be the primitive practices of Shamanism, whose orientation concerns its self with trance induction and conscious dreaming, which enables a practitioner to experience shifts of consciousness into other realities.

      Agharti is associated with a shift of consciousness to the back of the head, which of a sensation is experienced as falling into the centre of the Earth via an initial (emptiness/void) phase of an abyss or tunnel. When to consciously awaken at a destination within the dream, the practitioner experiences being in another reality. Agharti is usually associated with past ancestral memories; whether they be human or non-human.

      Shamballa is associated with a shift of consciousness above the head, where the practitioner feels as if he/she is flying up into a (emptiness/void) tunnel; when to consciously awaken at the dream destination; the practitioner will experience being in another reality, which is to do with accessing information in the future.

      In many of the far Eastern disciplines and that of other shamanistic traditions there is mention of an energy, which is often described as being like liquid light or living flame, which illuminates your dreams.

      This liquid light has many names, such as the Hindu, Prana, Chinese, Chi or Austronesian, Mana etc. The Kalahari Bushmen of South Africa call it Num, which initiates trance, they term as Kia.

      In pre-WWII Vienna, it was called Odic force, which is named after the Shamanic deity, Odin, whose name translates as Od/Light/Ecstasy/Trance – In/Master.

      The name of Odin was originally derived from the Southern Siberian Altay name, Odqan, which means Fire King. The Odic force is also associated with Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone energy.

      The term Od, gave rise to the word ‘Odd,’ which of an original meaning described an altered state of consciousness. The word of Od, may have originated from the African root-word, ‘Odun,’ which means virtually the same as Odqan and Odin.

      Others had utilised the term of Vril for the liquid light, which illuminates the inner reality of your dreams.

      The liquid light, which illuminates your dreams is that of the Bio-Photon emission emanating from your Mitochondrial DNA. The Mitochondrial DNA is passed down from the mother to her children; wherefore the liquid light (Vril) has a female source.

      Odqan’s female counterpart is called Yal-un eke, who is the mother of fire. In ancient Rome she was called Diana-Lucifera, the Christian’s had transformed into their Lucifer.

      Diana is the Roman name for Artemis, whose twin brother is Apollo, both of whom are said to have come from the land of Hyperborea, beyond the North Wind. The ancient Greek poet Aristeas sought out Apollo, which led him as far as Mongolia; but he didn’t quite make it to the Hyperborean realm of the Altay to discover Odqan, which is a term for a shaman.

      The Hindu’s called the female source of the inner fire, Shakti, whose myriad manifestations manifest as the Dakinis when to arouse the (fire snake) Kundalini.

      The Dakinis are often described as being faerie sorceresses, or Witches, who are associated with the dream domains of Agharti and Shamballa.

      The term Dakini is also given as a title to a physical woman; basically, she is a female shaman.

      The Shakti of the Hindu, Carl Jung termed as the ‘Anima’ within the psyche of a male; whereas the female has her ‘Animus,’ which empowers her internal self-image as a Goddess.

      In Tibetan Buddhist practice a male practitioner mediates upon an ‘Erotic’ image of a Dakini, in order to conjure her up within his dreams. The internalisation of the sexual impulse negates the terror of hypnagogic trance. The conjured Dakini then empowers the male practitioner to assume the Avatar of a particular Buddha within a lucid dream.

      The Dakinis are of similarity to the Valkyries, who are the handmaidens of Odin. which leads you to the temporal (Vril/Odic force) priestesses of Odin, you can otherwise term as the Vrilerinnen.

      As for Maria Orsic, her name is rather intriguing of nigh Catholic connotations, being that of Mary, while Orsic, means Divine Ruler, which leads you to Mary Queen Of Heaven.

      It appears that someone has attempted to create a German version of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, whose Theosophical Society has been transformed into the Vril Society of a Witches Coven.

      Most of the conspiracy tales about a Nazi occult society investigating the Vril is based upon what Willy Ley said, who was a German rocket engineer.

      Ley had emigrated to the United States in 1937. In 1947, he published an article in the science fiction magazine, Astounding Science Fiction, entitled: ‘Pseudoscience in Naziland’ .

      Ley related: “The next group was literally founded upon a novel. That group which I think called itself Wahrheitsgesellschaft — Society for Truth —and which was more or less localised in Berlin, devoted its spare time looking for Vril.”

      Ley did not utilise the terminology of the Vril Gesellschaft when describing the Wahrheitsgesellschaft, which appears to be none too different to a Berlin branch of the Theosophists, whose members were, and still are intrigued by the Vril.

      Maria Orsic’s modern appearance of design, makes her out to look almost like an Aryan Marilyn Monroe of an archetypal Venus icon; somewhat likened to the ‘feline’ Goddess Freyja of the inner fire, who is the mistress of the Valkyries.

      The photographs of Maria Orsic appear to badly photo-shopped in order to empower the Creepypasta viral-meme of the Vril mystique, which of design may have been subversively orchestrated in order to divert attention away from discovering the lost ancestral-self-identity of the European’s, let alone to hide right-wing Christian atrocities behind a veil of Nazi UFO-lore.

      As you probably know, one of the abilities of a Witch is that of remotely viewing the future, which could be applied to accessing information about a futuristic technology. Such a ‘Stargate’ ability would be sought out by the Military Industrial Complex, whose scientists are intrigued by ‘Vimana’ Time-Machines.

      So, if Maria Orsic actually existed, she would have probably been abducted by Operation Paperclip, to then sojourn in an Aldebaran Area 51 underworld laboratory, of a Vril Gesellschaft Dreamland; wherein she to lucid dream of remote-viewed futuristic technologies, for the Industrial Military Complex, of the Star Wars Neuordnung.

      Of course whatever futuristic technological information is accessed will have to be tested in the real world, just as the Nazis did, who were at least fifty years ahead of the Allies. Whereas now, behind the scenes, the appropriated technology may be at least a hundred years or far more ahead than what is publically known, apart from observing UFO’s hovering all over the place, piloted by Valkyries, or to otherwise crash in remote places, with the United States army awaiting their angelic fall.

      A time travel technology would be a prerequisite for deep space travel; whereby we are surrounded by our time travelling descendants. In other words a time travel capable civilisation of our future descendants very likely surrounds our own, just as ours surrounds an unknowing stone age tribe in the Amazon.

      Many may consider remote viewing the future to be rather implausible, but you will find that Nikola Tesla experienced vivid lucid dreams via which he accessed technological information, whose inventions ushered in your modern age of a Coming Race, circled around the splitting of the WWII (Atum) Atom; wherefore you are all now as the Vril-ya.


      As for the women wearing spray on latex, it was and still is a fetish fashion, which is utilised in Science Fiction imagery. Although, there have been a number of UFO abductees, mostly males, since the late 40’s who have reported being abducted by female humanoid aliens wearing, what was often described as spray on latex clothing.

      These female aliens were of differing ethnic types; but the most common were the Nordic types during the late 40’s after WWII. Whereas during the late 50’s when the Korean war raged, followed by the Vietnam conflict of the 60’s Hippie era, the female aliens were described as being dark skinned or Asiatic.

      There were a number of UFO abductions across America during the late 70’s, early 80’s, whose male abductees described humanoid female aliens looking like Barbarella Jane Fonda, Pamela Anderson or Kim Bassinger, wearing spray on latex space-suits/jump-suits.

      You also have the classic Australian case of Peter Khoury, who claimed to have been seduced by two female humanoid aliens, one of whom looked like the Nordic number Six out of Battlestar Galactica, while the other female alien looked like the Asiatic number Eight.

      These humanoid aliens were later transformed into Grey’s during the late ‘Politically Correct’ 80’s on-wards, which had occurred when Whitley Strieber’s book Communion was first published in America. Strieber’s book had the now iconic Grey face on its cover.

      Strieber described his Grey alien as being of similarity to the Sumerian/Babylonian Goddess Ishtar of looks, even though his Grey was nigh sexless.

      Strieber’s book was published around the time of the growing conflicts in the Middle East, which eventually led to the invasion of Iraq, where Ishtar’s Sumeria/Babylon can be found under war torn Baghdad.

      The vast majority of UFO reports come out of Media Machine America, which of an initial phase occurred in 1947. UFO’s have since been reported all over the world, whose waves of sightings seem to be associated with corresponding media events.

      You also have the intriguing case of the Thin-Man and its associated UFO mythology, which of a Creepypasta creation, initiated a number of ghost sightings. The ghostly apparition of the Thin Man was reported by a number of individuals. Whether they were telling the truth is debatable. Although their experiences were of similarity to the UFO abductees, which involved sleep paralysis and the Old Hag Syndrome of hypnagogic Nightmare.

      It just goes to show how powerful propaganda can be, which of Neuro-Marketing can subversively zap your reptilian-brain-stem and thereby influence the psychic powerhouse of your subconscious mind.

      The Vril mystique concerning Maria Orsic, spread across the internet of badly photo-shopped viral-meme Creepypasta imagery, just prior to the engineered mass-media focus upon 2012.

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