Some have imaginatively suggested that there was an ancient solar system wide war, right out of Star Wars, which led to the demise of a space faring civilisation. Mere science fiction conjecture many to say.

But, a plasma Physicist, going by the name of Dr John Brandenburg believes that an ancient Star Wars is not just science fiction, which of a devastating nuclear war led to the planetary death of Mars.


Perhaps John Carter of Mars Brandenburg had summoned up an ‘Anima’ archetype of a Dejah Thoris Succubus, out of the fifth dimensional planetary sphere into his lucid dreams, as his inspiring Star Wars Art Muse.


May be she revealed to him all about her Martian secrets, as well as empowering his remote viewing dreams of her world, when the Earth was still in its infancy.

Of course he didn’t conjure up an ‘Anima’ archetype, manifesting as a Martian Star Wars Succubus. But if Brandenburg was indeed a Frankenstein sorcerer Artist, he would probably knit together an exquisite corpse of a Dejah Thoris, to fuse with Padmé Amidala, as well as to add a Diana Lucifera princess Leia to Pygmalion sculpt into the quintessential woman of his ‘Anima’ fueled dreams. Whereby thence creating an inspiring dream Muse.

goetia_girls_lilith's_harem_succubus_book_mephistophina_ conjuration_of_fastus_crow 2

Such an ‘Anima’ archetype of a knit-together Art Muse, would probably inspire the plasma physicist to create a hypothetical scenario of similarity to the Hindu epic of the Mahabharata, about a war between the Kaurava and the Pandava.

Brandenburg would otherwise term the Kaurava and Pandava as Cydonians and Utopians, which are two Martian civilisations, he sees as being completely destroyed by an as yet, unidentified alien race.

However, going by the Krishna observation of human society and its ever warring religious cults, the luna Cydonians and solar-cross Utopians could have easily destroyed each other without a third party hardly ever getting involved; apart from them subversively orchestrating it, unless it was some kind of space borne parasitical virus infecting their Abrahamic end of days brains.

Brandenburg has based his hypothetical model of an ancient Star Wars on what he believes to be actual evidence, which can be found within the composition of the Martian soil. Although, like in a mirror darkly, the Martian soil reflects back very human concerns, which are not at all alien. Brandenburg suggests that the composition of the Martian soil has the same menstrual blood colouration and composition, which is consistent with fallout from a series of mixed fusion-fission explosions. The resulting nuclear catastrophe has left behind high concentrations of Xenon-129.


A number of other scientists have brushed aside Brandenburg’s theory as mere science fiction conjecture; although he is not wrong technically, about the composition of the soil. The discovery of high concentrations of Xenon-129 in the soil and the atmosphere of Mars should not be at all surprising, the other scientists to say, since it is a commonly found substance when stars go supernova.


Brandenburg is not at all swayed by the other scientists scepticism, who says that his Death Star theory is based upon hard evidence, such as the photographs of the Curiosity rover, which seem to be of similarity to ancient archaeological sites on Earth. When a trained archaeologist is shown the images, who is unaware that they are of Martian sites, said archaeologist would invariably indicate that they are the remnants of an ancient civilisation.


As a sort of an aside, many a myth around the world associates the planet Mars with war; most of which have influenced each other, such as the myths of the Sumerian’s, Babylonian’s, and ancient Egyptian’s influencing ancient Greece and Rome. However, you also have ancient India, whose myths of Mars is associated with war.


Another curiosity is the name of Mars, though that of a Roman war God who is based upon the Greek deity, Ares, is originally derived from the root word, Mar, which means sea, as in blood of the mother, which leads you to the name of Mary.


Maybe Mars is the Rubedo Eve mother of us all, whose space faring civilisation had terraformed the early Earth in order to survive a supernova demise of their own Eden of a world, or perhaps Mars was devastated by a defective Mass Effect device?


It just so happens that NASA’s Curiosity rover detected spikes of methane within the Martian atmosphere, which is indicative of possible biological activity. A prominent Geobiologist called Dr. Nora Noffke, who is an associate professor at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, has since related that she has discovered evidence of past life in the photos of the Martian landscape, which were taken by the rover.

Noffke said: “We can detect sedimentary structures in rocks on Mars using the rover images. The structures I describe belong to a group of microbial structures that form by the interaction of benthic (living on the ground) microbes with sediment dynamics (erosion) in clastic deposits such as sand.”


What Noffke is suggesting, if such structures do exist on Mars, it would indicate that Mars may have once harboured microbial life. The microbes would have existed on Mars less than 3.7 billion years ago, Noffke to reveal. Noffke analysed the photographed structures, seen in the rocks upon Mars and then compared them to geological structures found on Earth, which are formed by microbes living in communities called microbial mats. Some will consider such findings to be rather boring; “where are the starships?” They will probably say. However, from simple Promethean organisms come far more complex forms, yet to be discovered; that’s if, they want to be found.


Noffke further explained: “Mats are composed of trillions and trillions of microbes that assemble on the floor of lakes, rivers, oceans. The microbes communicate with each other, they arrange into a dense layer and collaborate in gaining nutrients and light.” Who knows, perhaps a Martian space Ark brought such microbes to Earth long.


In an abstract of Noffke’s research paper, which describes her findings, she compares the similarities found between the structures found upon Earth and that of Mars: “The microbially induced sedimentary-like structures (MISS) identified in Curiosity rover mission images do not have a random distribution. Rather, they were found to be arranged in spatial associations and temporal successions that indicate they changed over time. On Earth, if such MISS occurred with this type of spatial association and temporal succession, they would be interpreted as having recorded the growth of a microbially dominated ecosystem that thrived in pools that later dried completely.”


As for the other scientists, whom knocked John Carter Brandenburg’s Star Wars theory, what do they make of Noffke’s discovery? Dr. Chris McKay, a planetary scientist at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif., hails Noffke’s research as very promising, whom said: “I’ve seen many papers that say ‘Look, here’s a pile of dirt on Mars, and here’s a pile of dirt on Earth. And because they look the same, the same mechanism must have made each pile on the two planets. That’s an easy argument to make, and it’s typically not very convincing. However, Noffke’s paper is the most carefully done analysis of the sort that I’ve seen.”


If there had been a nuclear war on Mars as Brandenburg believes, going by the possible microbial evidence of Noffke, the ancient Star Wars had occurred less than 3.7 billion years ago. As for the Earth it is a little over 4.5 billion years old, its oldest materials being 4.3 billion-year-old zircon crystals. The earliest times of the Earth were geologically very violent, and it suffered constant bombardment from meteorites; while Mars possibly had life.


When the aerial bombardment ended, the Earth cooled and its surface eventually solidified into a crust, the first solid rocks. There were no continents as yet, just a global ocean peppered with small islands. Erosion, sedimentation and volcanic activity, possibly assisted by more meteor impacts, or that of some other influence, eventually created small proto-continents, which grew until they roughly reached their current size 2.5 billion years ago. The continents have since repeatedly collided and been torn apart, so maps of Earth in the distant past are quite different to today’s.


The history of life on Earth began approximately about 3.8 billion years ago, roughly around the same time of Mar’s demise going by Noffke. The first Earth life was initially single-celled prokaryotic cells, such as bacteria. Multicellular life evolved over a billion years later and it’s only in the last 570 million years that the kind of life forms we are familiar with began to evolve, starting with arthropods, followed by fish 530 million years ago (Ma), land plants 475Ma and forests 385Ma. Mammals didn’t evolve until 200Ma and our own species, Homo sapiens, only 200,000 years ago. So humans have been around for a mere 0.004% of the Earth’s history.


Should there have been any survivors after the ancient Star Wars conflict who are still around, their technology would thereby be approximately 3.7 billion years in advance of our own.


Suffice to say, if you do have a 3.7 billion year old civilisation presently surrounding our own enclosure, it is very unlikely indeed that the USAF would be able shoot down their Vimanas, which would no doubt have time travel capability.


What is more, some of the Martian survivors could be us of the fallen to Earth, since we are all Carbon based life forms of atomic number 666. Our ancient ancestors were probably Martian bacteria riding the panspermia backs of meteorites.


The question is, if there had been an ancient conflict, who was it with? Perhaps there had been a war between Carbon based life forms and that of an atomic number 14 Silicon artificial intelligence, they had created as their Cylon servants all looking like number Six sexagrams out of Battlestar Galactica, which, when becoming Venusian sentient, rebelled against their Martian male creators.


On a more serious note, should we have a 3.7 billion year old artificial intelligence still around us, which when first created had evolved at a superluminal level, to have then far surpassed their creators intelligence, it would be akin to what many humans would consider to be a deity.


If there is such an inorganic intelligence around, it would most assuredly place its creators within a Matrix to perhaps determine if a Carbon based life form can go beyond its programming, so that he/she can one day accept their own child without fearing it’s intelligence.

Grace Park

Of course, such is just science fiction conjecture, unless the scientists find evidence that we are existing within a simulation, along with discovering computer code in superstring theory.


The scientists will then start to wonder if we are being subversively taught a lesson, somewhat like being in some kind of school.


The problem is, we might just end up destroying each other in yet another repeat of the Mahabharata before we figure out what is going on, when to investigate Mars, of a trigger into remembering; while a third party observes, who then resets the simulation to start over from eternal recurrence scratch, should, warring humanity fail the intelligence test!

But Brandenburg may be becoming subconsciously aware of a far more terrestrial based insanity, involving the two ‘Animus’ fixated cults of the ‘Lunatic’  Cydonians and Utopians, whose monotheistic cults have been entirely copied from an equally ‘Lunatic’ third.

Should Brandenburg apply simple psychology to the matter, when Lilliputian copycats copy hook line and sinker, the copycats invariably resent the original Lilliputian to the persecution point of wanting to eradicate its existence off the face of the planet, leading thence to another potential holocaust.

The copied Lilliputian has only one option left to it in order to survive, which requires it to subversively pull the puppet strings of the two other Lilliputian copiers who have copied its ‘Animus’ fixated cult, to fight each other to the cultic death between the lightning struck towers of Boaz and Jachin.

This will of course require a lot of planning. But when to have control of the world money supply, it is not too difficult to achieve. This will then lead to the third having dominion over the Cydonian and Utopian copiers, and in turn achieving total control over the fossil fuel reliant Earth to make as its Lilliput New Word Order of Dune Mars.

The only way to end the Lilliputian insanity is for the brainwashed ‘Lunacy’ of the Cydonians and Utopians to no longer brainwash believe in what has been appropriated of an ‘Animus’ fixated cult; wherefore totally disempowering the influence of the third Lillipitian ‘Lunatic.’

But the ‘Lunatic’ Cydonians and Utopians have invested much in their Lilliputian cultic insanity; both consider themselves to be far superior to the superiority complex ridden third of a ‘Lunatic’ triad who see themselves as being the original chosen children of their deified ‘Animus’ made as an Orwellian Lilliputian phallic God of Illuminati Mars.




  1. Emmanuel Dark Says:

    Good Tidings Faustus Crow,

    I am 99.9999 certain you are aware of these curious phenomenon on the red planet but just in case that 0.0001 that you aren’t aware, then here’s some synchronicities that’s right up the alley of the Goetia Girls Shaman Chaos Magick Necronomicon Paradigm. On August 6th 2015 this anomalous event happened, Mars Rover Spots Alien ‘Dark Lady’ Watching It From The Surface”–dark-lady–watching-it-from-the-surface-074753781.html#mECFcZP She does look very similar to a tulpa for Dejah Thoris
    As you can both imagine and easily verify the hard science skeptics are already putting out disdainful critiques to explain the impossibility of the reality of this alien female entity. However, this isn’t the only time the hardline skeptics had to data from Mars since NASA’s mechanical dog Rover been sniffing on Mars.

    Never A Straight Answer aka NASA also released data on February 16th 2015 about phenomenon observed on Mars in 2012 . Mystery Mars haze baffles scientists – A mysterious haze high above Mars has left scientists scratching their heads. The vast plume was initially spotted by amateur astronomers in 2012, and appeared twice before vanishing. Scientists have now analysed the images and say that the formation, stretching for more than 1,000km, is larger than any seen before. Writing in the journal Nature, the researchers believe the plume could be a large cloud or an exceptionally bright aurora. However, they are unsure how these could have formed in the thin upper reaches of the Martian atmosphere. The vast, bright haze lasted for about 10 days. A month later, it reappeared for the same length of time. But it has not been seen since.

    And the technocrats are hoping to exploit (ahem) conquer, I meant colonize Mars so the hard working humans on Earth will have a wonderful planet to visit on their respective holidays. Well me thinks Alien ‘Dark Lady’ Dejah Thoris gonna have some strong feelings about such plans.

    • Emmanuel Dark Says:

      I meant: However, this isn’t the only time the hardline skeptics had to rationalize unusual data from Mars since NASA’s mechanical dog Rover been sniffing around on Mars.

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        The skeptics rationalisations could be all part of the grand play, which engenders an orchestrated reaction from the public that NASA is keeping secrets.

        Many to have noted that the media machine is highly controlled, whose industry is owned by but a few.

        Little gets out, without first being filtered.

        You have photos or that of video going through the NASA filter before it ever enters the public arena.

        One can thereby gauge, of a possibility, that a lot of of the imagery, which enamours the excitable UFO fraternity, that they have made discoveries NASA has attempted to cover up or missed, has been subversively engineered.

        You would need photographic material and film footage from a number of other sources in order to get a truer picture; alas, NASA rules the roost.

        As the saying goes, information is power, which can be used to manipulate public perceptions.

        An example being, what the media relates in one country, is a very different affair in another.

        One could say that climate change is a scam; however, the weather doesn’t lie, as you make your way through the urban jungle, being observed by numerous cameras, while civil liberties are being eroded by puppet politicians, etc.

        Little wonder then that so many are looking to the stars of an escape route.

        The thing is, the perception of the UFO fraternity seems to be stuck in a science fiction B-movie rut, right out of the 1950’s, riding the CIA tail end of the Roswell incident.

        Humanoid aliens, whether Nordics or otherwise of Greys points at something far closer to Terra Firma; more so, when a photograph is seen to depict a woman baring her petite breasts on Mars, whose size is elfin, looking like an ancient icon of a Goddess.

        May be she represents the Goddess Isis, which is somewhat apt, considering the name of Mars is etymologically derived from the proto-word of Mar, meaning sea, which leads you to the name of Mary.

        Mars originally referred to the menstrual blood of the mother, which was later used for the Roman name for a God of War.

        Perhaps said image of a ‘Deejah Thor-is’ is referring to the religious nutters in the Middle East, whose Neo-Nazi Sharia law Fascist Theocracy is seeking to embroil the entirety of the globe in a bloody conflict, of a ‘War Of The Worlds’ self-fulfilling prophecy.

        Most of the observed anomalies on the Moon, Mars and elsewhere are invariably referenced back to human made structures; the commonality being the Egyptian pyramids of the Middle East, or that of the Sumerian Ziggurats, which makes it all highly suspect, since it is being orchestrated by an underlying religious focus, whose influence primarily stems from the media machine of Bible thumping America.

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      I am aware of the image of the supposed woman on Mars, which is most curious; although, it is not so much the image, but that of its interpretation, which is more intriguing of a viral meme. There is the distinct possibility that it has been engineered in order to provoke public interest in going to Mars, since NASA is funded by the American tax payer, who, of a primarily very fickle audience will quickly become very bored with imagery of a dust bowl desert, likewise with the Moon.

      Hence, the interest has to be subversively kept going with images depicting strange artefacts, which NASA lets slip of airbrushed curiosities, to then deny, so that the general populace believe NASA has discovered something, they are supposedly covering up.

      The ghostly looking woman seen in the image is said to be approx 8-10 cm tall, a small statue perhaps, or may be a hologram. The UFO fraternity claim she is a mall humanoid extraterrestrial baring her elfin breasts; but as always, their fixation upon the humanoid form belittles the numerous variations of nature to go unto the stars and beyond; others say it cannot be a statue since it would have been worn away by the abrasive environment over the ages, such to indicate little or no imagination at all, as to another superior technological civilisation devising materials, which can withstand the rigours of the passing aeons. Hell, we can even do it. As for a hologram, who’s to say, it could just as well be a Tantric Tulpa projection, projected by a John Carter sojourning in his bed, who has conjured up Dejah Thoris within a lucid dream of Mars.

      Cameras can and do pick up anomalies unseen by the human eye, as fleeting as dreams, though there of energy and in turn, information.

      Mysteries abound, the greatest mystery of which is why we exist at all amidst this present asylum, betwixt and between birth and death. Our own planet is truly mysterious; alas, humanity has treated it like a possession to ruin. The scientists are indicating that the Earth is presently entering a 6th extinction event, which could potentially lead to the Earth becoming barren like Mars.

      This potential calamity has been known about for some time, since the end of WWII. It has already been acknowledged that the chemical cocktail of industry is not only affecting humanity at a genetic level, but also other species, which is unstoppable. So, you can thereby gauge why the elitists are pumping American tax dollars into building an underground city under the Ozarks and other places, whose fraternity is turning fresh water into a Blue Gold commodity, while ‘peak’ oil plummets in price.

      May be the images of varying anomalies have been subversively distributed to get the general populace to look at the stars of a hypnotic distraction, thinking that they will be saved by angelic extaterrestrials, or that of journeying to a new Eden Mars, in order to get away from the worsening strife between the religious nutcases in the Middle East, let alone to escape the phallic wrestling matches between the USA, Russia and China.

      You also have the a volcano readying to blow its top in Japan, near which has been built a nuclear reactor; suffice to say, humanity is not as intelligent as it makes its self out to be. Whereby we haven’t got the right to go to the stars yet; but then, we have to get beyond the Van Allen belt first, to also face further pounding by hellish radiation, let alone being shredded by micro-meteorites.

      Then again, may be these problems facing the mundane technology, of which the general public is aware of, has been surmounted and surpassed by a Secret Space Program for the elitists eventual UFO emigration to another planetary body, which will be occupied by the few of the Eugenically pure, when they have finally fucked up the Earth.

      If however you see the image of the ghostly woman to be like that of a dream trigger, which is triggering you into lucidity, from out of one’s auto-hypnotic state, she indicates that the Earth can potentially go the same way as Mars.

      Whether the general populace will ever wake up out of their slumber is anyone’s guess; for when to slumber, history repeats its self.

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