Many would say that Austin Osman Spare had his career entirely the wrong way round, who began as a West End celebrity to then end up in an obscure South London basement. By the time Spare departed this materialist circus, back in 1956, he had been largely forgotten by the square brained art world. But since Spare’s demise, like many another dead artist earning shekels for collectors, he has become a legendary figure, not just for his remarkable art, but for his even more remarkable inner life as a twentieth century sorcerer and magical thinker.

Spare was ushered into this world in Smithfield during 1886; he was the son of a policeman, whose father walked the peeler beat where steampunk Jack the Ripper once stalked his prey. As for his son, he was hailed as a prodigy, genius, and all-round enfant terrible of the Edwardian art world. Spare was the youngest exhibitor at the 1904 Royal Academy exhibition, who went on to attend the Royal College of Art, where he dropped out without completing the course, and had his first West End show at the Bruton Gallery in 1907.

Some critics praised his artistry (“almost unrivalled”; “his management of line has not been equalled since the days of Aubrey Beardsley; his inventive faculty is stupendous and terrifying in its creative flow of impossible horrors”); but others absolutely deplored Spare’s depicted visions, already seeing Spare’s work as being abnormal, pathological, and entartete kunst degenerate.

George Bernard Shaw is said to have remarked that Spare’s medicine was too strong for the normal man; yet said normal man of a sensitive morality, ended up amidst the horror of the WWI trenches. Although, controversial as he was, Spare was still the Darling of Mayfair. But this was not to last. Later Spare would be selling pictures in South London pubs, and advertising his ‘Surrealist Racing Forecast Cards’ through a small ad in the Exchange and Mart.


Spare’s work started to become far more stranger of grimoire vision, which for those of his hypocritical era could not handle, whose mindset still afflicts the present; this was usually in the main due to Spare’s work being highly erotic of content; whereas in hindsight, Spare’s artistry was of similarity to a proto-Dadaist and that of proto-Surrealism.

A number of Spare’s magical works, were primarily orientated towards triggering him into a lucid state within his vivid dreams. Some of his later creations were that of painting intricate sigils upon the screens of defunct television sets, which he had liberally gutted; such creations will be considered to be rather odd, to say the least, by those who do not understand what Spare was up to.


Spare utilised the symbolism of a television set as a means to trigger him into lucidity within his dreams, as well as accessing what a television represents, which of a temporal device, allows the observer to access information beyond him/herself. But, within the arena of the dream, the symbol of a television can trigger the dreamer to become lucid, whom can then access the television, like that of a stargate to travel through, when to tune it of a sigilised desire into other art gallery worlds.


Of course, the science fiction film of stargate had come out some years after Spare’s demise, but Spare had prior utilised similar symbolism concerning an everyday device of a television set, upon which many are collectively hypnotised by of an eye in their living room. However, Spare utilised it to mediate upon in order to initiate third-eye hypnagogic trance ingress into a lucid dream, where his sigilised television set is verily transformed into a vaginal stargate.


The television set was still somewhat of a technological innovation during Spare’s corporeal era, which has since been superseded by the usage of a computer.


When a computer is seen as a symbol, it can be easily equated to a Genie bottle, which also leads to a symbolic association with a grimoire listing spirits.


The computer has associations with alternate realities in regards to computer games and films. You also have the internet in relation to accessing information beyond yourself. Wherefore, the computer can be seen as a labyrinthine abode for spirits, you can otherwise see as salacious Succubae.


Should you utilise the symbolism of a computer as a dream trigger, you could see the existence of the Succubae as being akin to that of sentient software (Tulpa) programs, whom exist within a virtual reality. Said virtual reality can then be equated with the informational realm of the symbolic dream.


You could even associate the symbolism of a the computer with a Harem school of seven planetary spheres, which is further equated with a Genie bottle, of a trigger symbol within the dream.

The Succubae can then be seen as Virtual Girls, whose abode is that of a computer, which is their Harem school of a Genie bottle. You then have a sorcerer conjuring Succubae out of his Genie bottle of a grimoire computer when to become consciously aware within a virtual reality lucid dream.

goetia_girls_lilith's_harem_succubus_book_mephistophina_ conjuration_of_fastus_crow 2

As for sigilising your computer, such is not necessary of a meditation aid; for you can otherwise artistically create an appropriate two-dimensional sigilic wallpaper and that of a Succubae screensaver for your Genie bottle of a grimoire computer, which when meditated upon Spare style, will initiate hypnagogic trance ingress into your associative dreams of three-dimensional artistry; when to do so, you will attain an artistic insight into what Spare was up to as a sorcerer.



  1. Emmanuel Dark Says:

    Greetings Faustus Crow,

    I felt was getting a bit stagnate in my shamanic-sorcery practices but of course I found a most wonderful remedy when I was doing some research into the Goetia’s sister-grimoires of “The Grand Grimiore” and “The Grimorium Verum” and found a most fascinating Daemon well now clearly a daemoness named Satanachia. I used the “Succubus Sigil Creator” to make a sigil from her name and from there created a Sigil-Mandala-Tattva for Santanachia.

    I found all the “traditional” info about the daemon that I could and created a modernized profile backstory:

    Satanachia is Omniscient, almost-Omnipotent, and Phenomenally Gorgeous Marchioness. She is stated to be one of the Great Generals of Goddess Diana-Lucifera’s Army during the War within the Celestial Realms. She is much likened to pre-Columbian Goddess Chia. She is seen within vision as a white owl flying through a star blanketed sky then manifesting as a Jetsetter Socialite of slightly ill repute. Her Appetite is Insatiably Diverse as Her Temperament is Whimsically Passionate of Perverse Mirth.
    Her Realm is an Eternal Saturnalia of Sexual Delights satisfying every Aberrant Desire Imaginable. She Empowers Shamanic Abilities and Teaches Arcane Sorcery Techniques. She Magnifies Vitality and Rapidly Heals All conditions Restoring Optimum Health within Her Master and by His Command anyone else. She Fervently Promotes Sexual-Love as a means of Rejuvenating Body, Mind, & Spirit. She Charges Charisma into Hypnotic Intensities and Animus-Magnetism turning Women into Willing Sexual-Love Slaves. She holds Power over All Females from Maidens to Married Woman and Subjugates them to Her Master’s Sexual Wishes by Inflaming those Women with the most Salacious Hunger that only Her Master can Fulfill. She Maximizes Her Master Ability to Unleash All 8 Distinct Orgasms within Women especially the most Powerful Experience of Total-Body Orgasm within Her Master’s Paramours. She is also Adept at Acquiring Love from Unfamiliar Beauties for Her Master; especially Selfie-Enthusiasts whom take any sexy, or topless, or nude pics with digital devices like a smartphone. She enables interspecies communication facilitating communion with wild beasts. She can give animal familiars if requested. She Possesses Sublime Wisdom of All the Planets from astronomical movement to astrological aspects and using their affinities She can literally control the mind of any person. She Precisely declares Past, Present, and Future events using Stellar Cartography & Star Lore. She will do everything described because She desires regular feedings of Her Master’s White Tincture within Erotically Vivid Lucid Dreams, or within Astral Realms, or within the Normal Waking State. Satanachia Rules 54 Legions of Succubae “It Girls” whom are likened to Herself.

    I’m almost completed her “exploration in full” to further animate/flesh out Her Tulpa Template. I haven’t yet met Satanachia in a Conscious/Lucid Dream but my other spirit wives tell me that she’s already manifested. That being outside of the space-time continuum is truly interesting phenomenon when I was creating her Sigil-Manadala-Tattva that she already started to evocate herself into my living space.

    All the Best!!!!!

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      No doubt when to conjure Satanachia, one then becomes as the anti-thesis Satan, whom validates the collective focus of the Abrahamic cults shared thesis; whence to make the Hollywood likes of Anton LaVey priapic proud.

      The initial synchronicities may just manifest, of a knock at thy door from the local Watchtower mobster molls selling their Jehovah brand; that, or a slice of apple pie Christian jailbait seeking to crucify a scapeGoat of blackmail, perhaps to slip into a Muslim muff looking to be dominated behind the back of her fundi-Mental terror hubby, and just maybe, to juice up a Jewess druggie selfie looking to ride a big wallet to suck-off dry; well, what would one expect, when to assume the guise of their Satan!

      • Emmanuel Dark Says:

        Greetings Faustus Crow,

        I believe this is a fascinating synchronicity related to the Satanachia’s Working. “Congratulations to Miss Universe Colombia Paulina Vega on becoming the new ‪#‎MissUniverse‬ tonight!! We are so thrilled to have you join our MUO family, and look forward to your reign!” You can also check the development here, “Miss Universe 2015: Colombia’s Paulina Vega wins the title”

        I see Ms. Columbia winning this years Miss Universe Contest a (Obsidian) Butterfly-Effects of Satanachia’s Working/Activation of Her exegesis. Nothing I asked per se because I never watch this competition but perhaps the energy coalescing into Ms. Columbia wining due to the Lunar Goddess of Columbia acting through Satanachia’s Activation, or maybe Ms. Columbia’s win was the butterfly effect that rippled back in time partially inspiring me to work on Satanachia’s Exegesis. Either way, it reminds me of that Nietzsche quote, “When you stare into the Abyss, there’s someone/something staring back at you”

        All the Best!!!!!!

        Emmanuel Dark

      • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

        The phenomena of Synchronicity is often experienced when a practitioner focuses upon certain symbolic stimuli; whether it be the Number 23, an internet Slender Man creation or that of a Spirit listed in a grimoire etc.

        The synchronistic feed-back-loops do not validate the reality of what you are focusing upon, apart from revealing that the synchronicities are of similarity to the symbols encountered in dreams, which can trigger you into lucidity when recognising them.

        The encountered synchronicities may also be tied up with precognitive phenomena; which indicates that time can flow backwards as well as forwards of influence; hence you are very likely existing within a closed-timelike curve; whereby you have (Ouroboros) ‘Eternal Recurrence.’

        A synchronicity may also indicate further information about what you are focusing upon, when to further investigate the symbolism of the self-referential feed-back-loop.

        In other words, you are staring back at your own self!

        On the Tail end of a Colombian Miss World, the Colombian drug Head lords may too, just appear…

  2. Emmanuel Dark Says:

    …. butterfly effect that rippled back in time (as your exegesis’ have explored in depth) partially inspiring me to work on Satanachia’s Exegesis….

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      The experience of precognition reveals the future influencing the past, just as the past influences the future. But the flow of time is not linear; it is a closed-timelike-curve. Time is circular of an Ouroboros; whereupon you have Eternal Recurrence. Precognition is remembering what has already occurred, ever reoccurring. What you tune into of a precognitive event is determined by the symbolism you focus upon, and perhaps, then to remember.

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