“The Fifty-second Succubus archetype of the Fallen Anima is Alloces, or Alocas, who be otherwise known as Louhi. She is a Duchess of the seventh dimensional planetary sphere, who be a Great, Mighty, and Strong sorceress. She is adept in the meta-psychic arts, appearing in the Form of a Starship trooper piloting a Great flying disk, she to call her Sampo, which enables her to travel through time. Her salacious nature is like that of an ever hungry Siberian Tiger, her moist lips very Red, and having most lustful Flaming Eyes. Her name of Alloces or Allocas is possibly derived from the Russian, Allochka, which means, Vodka drinker.” 

“Her Speech is seductive and very commanding, sounding Russian or Finnish of accent. Her Office is to teach the Art of Astronomy, and all the Liberal Sciences, who has a great liking for science fiction. She brings unto her Surrealist Artist, Good Familiars in order to inspire him as his wanton Muses; also she rules over 36 Fallen Anima Legions of Succubae star troopers. Her Seal is to be meditated upon before conjuring her into a lucid dream, in order to remote view future Sampo technologies.”

Surrealist Goetia – S. L. MacGregore Freemason Matherson, Alternate Earth, Locale III, Paris, 1904

(Note: when conjuring her, place some Vodka into a dish to thence set alight its potent fumes as an offering, just as the Siberian shamans traditionally do when summoning their spirits; hence the name, Allochka.)


Within the epic poem of the Kalevala, which is the distillation of Finnish mythology, there is mention of a magical artefact called the Sampo or Sammas. The Sampo is a yet unknown construct, which had been forged by the shaman smithy called Ilmarinen, who you could easily equate to a scientist; that’s if you update the myth to make modern of a Star Wars soap opera.


The myth relates that the Sampo was acquired by underhanded means by the sorceress named Louhi, who is the Queen of the Northern land known as Pohjola, which may refer to what is now called Russia; or should you prefer, Pohjola is another far distant planet, or that of an asteroid space station like, Omega, featured in the video game Mass Effect.

You could otherwise imagine Louhi being like some kind of Russian spy or that of an outlaw smuggler, looking like Caroline Munroe out of the science fiction film, Starcrash, who starred as a dark haired version of Barbarella called Stella Star.


Whether Louhi is bad or good is dependent on who’s telling the story. The Finnish telling, paints Louhi as one bad bitch who stole the Sampo. Hence her name of Louhi, which is a variant of Loviatar, who is the Goddess of disease, death and drunkenness, who is somewhat akin of nature to the Hindu Goddess Kali.


After Louhi acquired the Sampo, Ilmarinen’s homeland, or planet, fell upon hard times. But Illmarinen wasn’t beaten, he sent out an expeditionary force of heroic Djedi commandos, led by the shaman Väinämöinen in order to retrieve the Sampo of a prior Star Wars space opera.


However, Louhi knows all the psychic secrets behind the iron curtain, who has the ability to change shape and weave mighty enchantments warping space-time, so, she didn’t give up the Sampo easily.


In the ensuing Star Wars battle with Louhi, the Sampo crashed to Earth, whose technology was ‘smashed and lost in the Baltic sea.’


Ancient myths often refer to actual events, although over great stretches of time, they become highly embellished of imaginative additions; whereupon the factual details of an event is eventually buried behind a layers of convoluted symbolism. The Sampo may refer to an ancient meteorite impact in the Baltic sea, or something else far stranger, which had fell as a fallen Angel into deep waters of a Star-Crash?


Curiously enough on June 19, 2011, a team of Swedish treasure hunters were exploring the bottom of the Baltic Sea with their sonar when they noticed a bizarre, disc-like structure at a depth of 90 meters. At the time, international experts were unable to explain the sonar images. During 2012, after months of preparation, the Ocean X Team, as they call themselves, went back in order to determine what the disk-like structure was.


The massive disk-like object rises three to four meters above the seabed and is about 60 meters in diameter. Members of the expedition describe it as something round, with rugged edges and concave sides, resembling a ‘huge mushroom’ or, otherwise described to look like the Millennium Falcon spaceship from Star Wars; although going by the myth of the Sampo, it was piloted by the Stella Star outlaw called Louhi rather than rebel princess Leia.


The central part of the object has an almond-shaped hole leading inside. Surrounding the hole, they found odd-looking circular rock formations which appeared to look like small fireplaces, with stones covered in something resembling soot. Some would say, “perhaps it is and ancient temple or some cornucopia of an ancient free-energy Tesla technology using crystals?”

Although samples taken from the site indicate high levels of metal. Maybe it’s naturally volcanic, others to postulate? “Since no volcanic activity has ever been reported in the Baltic Sea, the find becomes even stranger,” said Lindberg in a press release. “As laymen, we can only speculate how this could be made by nature, but this is the strangest thing I have ever experienced as a professional diver.”


What makes the find even more curious is the discovery of a 300-meter-long ‘trail,’ which the crew described as a ‘runway’ or a downhill path, with the object at the end of it. The crew also discovered another path leading to a second smaller disk of similar configuration. It is possible that it could be some kind of object; maybe that of a meteorite, which had crashed and split into two parts? Although, both objects are very distinctive of non meteorite discoid shape looking more like ‘smithy’ horseshoes.

There are many who consider that the find is that of an alien spacecraft, which the sceptics would see as being mere science fiction fantasising on par with the mythology of the Sampo. As for the modern mythology of science fiction, it has conjured up numerous imaginative designs for various futuristic vehicles, such as spacecraft or time machines, some of which have now become iconic, like Star Trek’s starship Enterprise and of course the Millennium Falcon of Star Wars.


If there is anything to the extraterrestrial hypothesis concerning UFO’s you would think that the supposed extraterrestrials of UFO lore would blow us all away with their snazzy alien designs for spacecraft right of Guardian’s Of The Galaxy or Jupiter Ascending, or to perhaps go retro Flash Gordon etc.


But alas, their imaginative design sense appears to be somewhat, lacking, who far prefer very ‘recognisable’ aerodynamic designs. Nonetheless, they’re still really Dreamland cool, even though their design sense is rather Area 51 practical.

But if as the numerous UFO researchers now say, that these craft are anti-gravity devices and that their propulsion systems involve zero-point energy, which have potential time travel capability, due to multiverse theory slowly taking centre stage, which allows for journeying through time etc; then said extraterrestrials, who were once said to have emanated from Adamski’s Venus, now journey from the far distant stars. You may conclude, that they would have hogged themselves out with weird and wonderful deigns of mind bending alien complexity, since they are not restricted by the mundane problems of gravity or friction etc; that, or they haven’t got much of an imagination.


Something seems to be very much amiss, considering that the supposed extraterrestrials appear to be mostly described as being humanoid, of recognisable form, along with their practical designed craft. When you look at the multiplicity of differing life forms upon the planet Earth, to thence imagine what types of very different species we would encounter frequenting the universe, which is extensively explored by the imaginative tales of science fiction; what do we find when to look into the supposed alien contacts of UFO lore? Mostly humanoids. Does this mean that nature doesn’t have much of an imaginative design sense? Well, not going by the numerous different life forms existing upon the planet.


So, what you then have are recognisable aerodynamic designs concerning the UFO observations along with their pilots being recognisably human of form, which means, we are not dealing with aliens, but something else, far closer to terra firma.


But, if they are far closer to home, than what we are led to believe, who are they?


Technology is observably developing at a rapid pace. At one time the iconic Star Wars hologram of Princess Leia was just a science fiction fantasy; now it is ever closer to a reality.

You could then theorise that behind the scenes of the military industrial complex, it’s technolgy has possibly far outstripped what the public is aware of.


This secret technology would, by all intents and purposes, be considered to be something right out of a science fiction movie by the general public who can then be easily led to believe that it is alien. Hence, easily hidden away by those who have developed it, you could term as being a shadow government, the likes of Julian Assange knows all about.

If this technology involves time travel capability, which would also involve a sentient artificial intelligence, then, the world as you presently know it will never be the same again, if it is ever revealed. Would the general public be able to handle such a technological leap, if there is a disclosure? No, they will not; all you have to do is to look at the religious wars in the Middle East to get an idea what would occur globally of a Death Star reaction.


This is because they would then become aware that their present civilisation is surrounded by another all around them, which has time travel capability, whose worldview will very likely not be based upon the ongoing conflicts between bronze age religious mentalities, which are caught betwixt and between their ever warring Angels and Demons of static dogma.

This other civilisation would be able to journey through time, just as easily as an anthropologist would do, when taking a quaint everyday plane journey over New Guinea, who will take note of the humorous Cargo Cults of the natives, or that of flying above the Amazon jungle, where ‘protected’ stone age tribes are said to still exist, who are unknowingly surrounded by your present civilisation.

Grace Park

This other civilisation would be able to journey back or forwards into time, which will enable them to colonise other planets in the far distant past or future. Though once human, they would of course evolve in differing ways, due to environmental influences on other worlds, who are still humanoid of kin.

Wherefore, if this other civilisation, which is in essence that of the future human, has made contact with certain present governments, there would be protections set in place.


Those who are seeking disclosure concerning UFO’s would be subversively utilised as a means to educate the general public in order to negate the shock factor of the slow and methodical introduction of advanced technologies, which will also involve readying the public for the eventual collision of worlds, just as a stone age tribe in the Amazon will invariably find out that they are surrounded by your civilisation, when to discover a plane wreck in their backyard.


When will this collision take place? Watch the skies for the technological singularity, or look to the ocean depths for that matter; who knows, you might just find a wreck of a Sampo time machine, a Hindu would call a Vimana.


However, it is very likely evidence of an ancient structure, possibly that of a Sampo temple, of similarity to that of Göbekli Tepe. We are all aware what the sceptics said before the discovery of Göbekli Tepe, which made the dogmatic archaeologists soil their pants. Wherefore the archaeologists do not want to dig any deeper concerning the Sampo Baltic sea discovery, since it would predate Göbekli Tepe.

Image result for baltic sea anomaly

But if you be a sceptic, you will otherwise sceptically believe that the search for the Baltic sea anomaly is merely that of an elaborate Sampo ruse by NATO, whose establishment of a deified Animus made as a God and Devil mundanely hunts for Louhi’s Red October of an ongoing, very Cold Star Wars.





    This is an answer for Darren:

    The Native American Medicine wheel associates the West with the Quantum realm of dreaming, many an ancient Shamanic culture across the globe considers to be a Feminine domain.

    The reason for the dream being associated with a feminine quality is probably because the Electron dream is suffused by the ‘light’ of the bio-photon, emanating from the Mitochondrial DNA, which is passed down from the Mother to her children.

    The Mitochondria determines the Energy output of the Cell, which leads you to what a Yoga practitioner calls the Kundalini Shakti, a European Alchemist termed as the Anima-Mundi, a Kogi Mama from South America knows as Aluna.

    The cosmology of the Kogi Mamas speak of Nine Earth’s, surrounding a cosmic spindle, the Shamans of Siberia unto Scandinavia also related there are Nine worlds, which are interlinked by a Tree of Worlds.

    You also have the ancient Egyptian Ennead and the Nine Bardo states of the Tibetan Book Of Dead, which refer to Seven visionary states and a Primary (bio-photon) Clear Light and a Secondary Clear Light.

    The cosmic spindle and the world tree is a symbolic reference to the axis-mundi of the spinal column and in turn the Neural-Net and that of the brain. The world tree is seen to interpenetrate the cosmic mountain looking like a pyramid, which refers to the body.

    Some physicists suspect that the Microtubules of the Mitochondria are acting like on-board mini Quantum Computers, which generates your consciousness. If such is indeed the case, then your dreams are Quantum Computations, which are being made by the Microtubules.

    The Nine Bardo states of consciousness would correlate with the Nine dimensions of String Theory, wherein the physicist James Gates has discovered computer code, which is the same code used in ‘Browsers.’

    The Mathematical code is abstract; whereas ancient Shamanic societies utilised a different form of Mathematics, which was not only highly symbolic, but also that of an interactive reality within the dream; wherein the code for a ‘Browser, was conjured up as an Eight-Legged-Mare, which also refers to a Tesseract and (throne) Cube.

    In other words, a shaman who can consciously access the bio-photon illuminated electron dream can ride the Eight-Legged-Mare as a ‘Browser,’ browsing it like the internet, which allows him/her to (associatively) tune into other alternate worlds existing within parallel universes.

    The ancient Hindu mystics described the experiential reality, that is being processed by your five ‘Pentagram’ senses as being Maya, whose term is Feminine, which refers to the bio-photon emission emanating from the Mitochondrial DNA.

    When accessing (hypnagogic) trance a shaman may experience entoptic phenomena, which manifests as a vast (Grid) ‘Web’ overlaying the landscape and all space-time. The ‘Web,’ has a close association with language, which of words conjures up instantaneous associations with corresponding symbols. The symbolism of the ‘web,’ leads you back to the Eight-Legged-Mare (Browser) being ridden as a (Association Retrieval) weaving Spider.

    The technology of your ancestors was based on understanding the nature of consciousness; whereby they were very much aware of the workings of the brain, who became aware that reality is an illusion, the Hindu mystics called Maya, the present scientists term as being a Simulation.

    Energy/Information/Mathematics/Programming/Abstract – Dream/Microcosm/Symbolic-Interface/Virtual-Reality/Symbolism – Experiential Reality/Macrocosm/Maya/Simulation/Synchronistic-feed-back-loops.

    But it isn’t the only Maya Simulation, there are innumerable other Maya Simulations, and all are interlinked by a Multiverse world tree, to which is tethered an Eight-Legged-Mare.

    The interactive symbolic interface of the Multiverse World tree usually manifests within a (Virtual reality) Quantum Computing (Night) dream as a (Mare) female, the Alchemists experienced as the Anima-Mundi.

    It is she (Mitochondrial DNA intelligence) who leads the dreamer into her womb maze; this is especially the case for a heterosexual male dreamer who becomes aware of his (Aluna) ‘Anima.’

    Ancient shamans learnt their dream (Orion) hunting skills when to (hypnagogic) trance within a (womb) cave, they associated with the (mother) Bear, and in turn with Ursa Major.

    The pole star represents the Primary Clear (bio-photon) light of the (Mitochondrial DNA) ‘Anima,’ and that of a fairy atop of a (world tree) Christmas tree.

    The interfacial archetypes of the ‘Anima’ manifest as female (Programs) characters within Quantum Computing dreams. When lucid within the dream, a shaman can conjure up female personifications of worlds, a Tibetan Buddhist would call Dakinis.

    The conjured Dakinis are often depicted copulating with numerous Buddhas, and each Buddha is an Avatar of the conjuring shaman. The conjured Dakinis allows the shaman to (Browse) tune into any alternate world within which an (alternate-self) Avatar exists.

    Hence the (Mephistophina) use of the womb dream MAZE of WEST-WORLD, at whose (‘Sexagram’) lucid dream centre the shaman becomes aware that he is the ‘Programmer,’ who knows how to ride the Eight-Legged-Mare, whom (Kwisatz Haderach) travels without moving.

    But the shaman can only achieve his goal if he becomes aware of his (Aluna) ‘Anima.’ As the Hindu to say, “A God Is Not A God Without His Shakti.”

    Although, if the shaman is a heterosexual woman or otherwise sexually predisposed of nature, he/she will seek out their corresponding counterpart. A heterosexual woman would have her ‘Animus.’

    The Anima and Animus equates with what is termed as being the Soul. Whereby you have the term, Soul-Mate.

    In ancient societies the Soul was seen to be the opposite gender of the physical self. The ‘Anima’ and ‘Animus,’ can be considered to be inner divinities, to otherwise term as being a God and a Goddess.

    For example Michelangelo’s predisposition was homosexual, who would be attracted to his God. He had painted his Sistine Chapel ceiling on top of a hidden brain who was a servant of those who deified the ‘Animus.’

    The three cults of UR who have deified the ‘Animus’ are aware that the brains of the masses can be easily ‘programmed’ via symbolic stimuli, which of indoctrinated symbolism incarcerates their perception within a Matrix of language, laden with their symbolism at all levels of culture.

    Even the Ukrainian mathematician Maryna Viazovska is not free of the symbolic hold of UR over her mathematics, if you believe she has masculinised the Nine.

    (But I do not think gender associations can be applied to Viazovska’s findings. Space has been found to be expanding faster than the speed of light; going by Einstein, this would then lead to time reversing back on its self. You would then have a universe, which could be visualised as being a toroidal ‘Sphere’ (Egg) and that space-time is (Ouroboros) Eternally Recurring. There are also other Maya ‘Sphere’ universes just next door, existing in other dimensions.)

    Many a brain has been systematically ‘programmed’ down the generations, who have become as automatons within an enclosure of geometry, shaped by religious language, gridding up the entirety of the Earth.

    As for the ‘Anima,’ she has been castigated out of the symbolic paradigm along with all her Succubus archetypes as the Fallen.

    When becoming aware of the WESTWORLD quarter of the Magic Circle Medicine Wheel, the singular of a lucid dreaming eye are as (Orion-Hunter) Sorcerers within the (Maze) realm of the blinded.

    What are the Sorcerers hunting for? Their Souls to Free, from their Programming since birth, which makes them as slaves to the religious geometry of the UR Matrix!


    This is an answer for, Darren:

    I find it rather curious indeed that a symbolic paradigm, underlying Western culture has an overriding gender fixation upon the deified ‘Animus,’ which had been prior appropriated from Judaism by Constantine’s Rome.

    But then Rome’s Empire wouldn’t have existed without the wealth of the Middle East; wherefore, the Hebrew’s had Rome by its balls, when they kicked up a stink. So, Constantine appropriated Judaism in order to erode the Hebrew hold over the Middle East, by getting the slavish populace of his Empire to religiously focus upon the Middle East, as his unpaid Christian legions. What a crafty fellow he was!

    The problem with big-business cults, they tend to compete with one another, more so when a cult appropriates a ‘Brand’ from another cult, which leads to the copycat seeking to entirely eradicate the original. Then you have Arab’s copying Rome’s Gnostic synthesis of Judaism, who created Islam, so as to attain dominance over the Middle East.

    When to find yourself caught between two copycats who desire to eradicate you, your family and fellow kin from the face of the Earth, what would you do? Perhaps you might seek to find a way to subversively get the two copycat cults to fight against each other. But in order to do so, you would need to have total control over what both cults need, which is… Money.

    Those outside of the religious Matrix of three cults, see them as being totally and utterly insane. The problem is that these three cults have dominion over Middle Eastern oil. Like any other big-business cult, their survival is determined by acquiring ownership over needed resources. An example being Scientology buying up Hollywood real-estate, etc, or the prior Mormons seeking to influence the politics of the new Rome of fasces America, whose Aquila is atop of their standard.

    Although when the pilgrim fathers made their way to the new world, their religious goal was to make it their new Israel, having a new Jerusalem at its centre. Very strange indeed, isn’t it, considering they were not Hebrew, nor did they like Jewish people, let alone having any liking for the animist natives they encountered.

    Then again, Jerusalem had been merged with Rome, one and the same, whose Empire had been transformed into a Middle Eastern culture by Constantine’s Gnostic synthesis, which in the main had been sired from out of Sumerian UR.

    In other words, what is considered to be Western culture is not in fact Western at all; it is Middle Eastern. Although some semblance of Western culture is remembered when to remember ancient Greece; but, look to Greece now, to see how Athena has Fallen.

    The three cults share the same focus upon UR, over whose oily Petrodollar ziggurat Horten inspired stealth bombers flew, betwixt the lightning struck asbestos twin towers of Boaz and Jachin.

    Dancing Zionists, shadowy Wahibist’s and very shady Neo-Con’s. Kind of reminiscent of a land-thief and a suicidal-murderer being crucified on either side of Constantine’s Sol-Invictus atop of pyramidal Mt Calvary. I guess you could call it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Amidst the ziggurat of UR is Abraham’s Orwellian Big-Brother eye. Atop of which a temple once stood, it be no missing pyramid cap-stone stone; it is a reference to a secret hidden in plain sight, yet not seen. The pyramid, is an occult blind; though the triangle does refer to the trinity of big-business cults, which have been around for a very long time indeed; hence they have their oily thumbs very deeply embedded in the Money pie.

    You could imagine Abraham standing outside of the UR ziggurat looking up at the sky to see a precognitive vision of bat-winged Horten stealth bombers, Kenneth Arnold to have much later described as being flying boomerangs; but Bronze age Abraham would describe them as being his visiting angels, who ushered in B-2 stealth bombers bombing the Hell out of Babylon’s Bagdad.

    It started with UR and ends with UR; full circle, like the Ouroboros rings of Saturn, whose metal is as lead, a Hindu would term as being Karmic; but then a Hindu still remembers his/her own ancestral self-identity; whereas the peoples of so called Western culture have entirely forgotten their own ancestral-self-identities.

    Cults use a classic tactic, they get their followers to entirely lose any sense of their past in order for the cult to then own their present and in turn owning the followers future. What a cult does is it engenders a fractal around a dwell-point of an indoctrinated belief-system, whose symbolism coheres as well as enslaves the mass-mind of the followers.

    A shaman is aware that his/her self-identity is reflected back at him/her by the synchronicities, which he/she observes. Likewise with the cohered mass-mind of a cults followers who become as a group-persona, who at certain key-times will observe a mass-synchronicity, such as the return back to UR.

    The thing is, if the cults followers have copied the ancestral-identity of another, it doesn’t empower them, it otherwise empowers the original, which just continues of a leaden Karmic repeat.

    A shaman outside of the UR Matrix wryly smiles to himself/herself, who is internally attune with that part of his/her DNA, he/she shares with the plant kingdom, which is associated with the South of the Medicine Wheel. But how can that be? It has something to do with inducing the ’emotional’ Fight-Flight response, which generates endogenous DMT to erupt forth from the ‘chest’ area of the lungs. The technique is known as the Red Road,

    The Red Road then leads to the North of the Medicine wheel, where the head of the Plumed Serpent is eating its own Tail of a Tale. It is a place of beliefs, which can be artistically created or broken apart to make anew in other forms, and all are as constructs. It is a conceptual domain of mentally created illusions, many become enslaved by, such as being imprisoned by the construct of Money and its banking games.

    The shaman will observe that the overriding gender fixation upon the deified ‘Animus’ by the three cults of UR is their shared weak spot of a head eating a tail, since it reveals that their monotheistic cults of centralist religious politics was created by woman; for she forged its gender focus; it is biology, it’s nature, and she’s a bitch.

    The shaman will also notice the Saturn ring around UR is being perpetuated by the Petrodollar. Little wonder then that the Chinese Dragon has methodically worked towards initiating the Petro-Yuan. But then China is one of the oldest surviving cultures on the planet, which outlived Sumeria.

    One of the main reasons why China became Communist was because of the insanity of the UR cultists, who like the BORG seek to convert everyone to adore their deified ‘Animus.’

    Sumeria always had a fear of the Dragon, since Sumeria was in competition with the ancient culture of China, where the (DNA) Dragon is an ancient symbol of the culture bringer. What goes around… comes around… Ouroboros.

    As for the interdimensional, when the head of the serpent is broken away from its tail in the North of the Medicine Wheel, it then initiates a quantum leap of consciousness in the West of the Medicine Wheel, within the dream. At a bio-molecular level it is equated with DNA self-replication, when the DNA splits apart. At every 23rd (IChing) Angstrom a periodic proof-reading occurs, which engenders a mutation.

    When the self is successfully redefined within the quantum dream, it then leads to experiencing a synchronistic feed-back-loop in the East of the Medicine Wheel, which is that of an alternate possibility tuned into. You then have a transmutation of the leaden (Saturn Ring) Karmic repeat becoming as golden (Torc) Dharma.

    Long ago Saturn was associated with a Golden Age. The motif of the Golden Age might refer to an ancient shamanic understanding that humanity creates its own (Magic Circle/Medicine Wheel) reality.

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