Whenever you speak or to write, you are engaging in the sorcery of ritual magic; the words that you use instantaneously ‘conjures’ up associative symbols of an ‘evocation’ amidst your triangle of art imagination.

If this does not occur, it is because you do not yet understand the sound associations with the corresponding symbols. In other words, you do not yet understand the language being utilised.

You can investigate these instantaneous symbolic associations, which are taking place within your subconscious mind, for yourself, by remembering your dreams upon awakening, to thereby analyse what triggered off your dream in the first place, which is invariably that of a word leading to an emotively charged symbol or versa vice. Such associations can be subversively influenced by others, which of a science is termed as neuromarketing, although, its science is based upon the techniques utilised by religion.

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But you can take control over these outside influences, by personally observing the internal associative process when you attain lucidity within the dream, wherein you can utter a word of conjuration, such as a name (mantra) you have prior associated with a painting (mandala), photograph or sculpture etc, which has an archetypal quality.

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For example, you can utilise an image (mandala) you have associated with a Succubus, which has been prior meditated upon.

This will then generate instantaneous symbolic associations, whose correspondences formulate into the manifestation of a (mantra) named Succubus within the dream.

goetia_girls_lilith's_harem_succubus_book_mephistophina_ conjuration_of_fastus_crow 2

Since you have attained lucidity within the symbolic arena of the dream, which to all intents and purposes feels very real of a fully immersive experience, the Succubus is now more than just a two-dimensional image of a symbol, she becomes as a three-dimensional interactive sensory reality.

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Another example: imagine an artist who at a conscious level is painting an image of a Succubus whose painting involves the usage of planetary metals suspended in coloured oils to paint. The painting of the Succubus has been named of a title, which of a name has been utilised as a mantra.

The artist repetitively intones the mantra of the named Succubus, while painting her image of a mandala, since its creation will automatically involve meditation, along with intermittent periods of active-imagination, involving visionary episodes concerning the Succubus being painted.

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The artist will also visualise an abstract symbol of a constructed sigil over his painting, which represents his symbolised desire of a seal. At a certain juncture of his intense focus, the artist experiences a short duration of hypnagogic trance, which can be extended with practice, where he will sense that another part of himself has taken over painting the image.

This other self has been prior associated with an alternate self-image of an Avatar to assume, like that of an actor playing a part of a character, whose female counterpart is the Succubus, via whom he introverts his erotic ‘focus of desire’. He doesn’t have to consciously think about the construction of the painting any longer, it has become subconscious of automatism. It is at this point that the employed symbolism has been implanted into the subconscious informational domain of the electron dream.

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When the symbolism of the painting has been successfully implanted into the subconscious mind of the artist, he will then experience ensuing dreams about the Succubus he has painted; much of which will be quite surreal of artistry.

The initial dreams will be that of trigger-dreams, which might lead to him becoming conscious within the microcosmic realms of the dream, when he recognises the trigger-symbols association with the Succubus he has painted. These trigger-symbols will also manifest as concordant macrocosmic (oracles, signs, portents and omens) synchronicities, which are indicative of the (water) dream merging with (land) waking reality; whereupon he becomes amphibious of awareness.

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The artist may also experience a visitation of the Succubus at the hypnagogic point of sleep; which, if he isn’t prepared for of an eventuality, it will initially manifest as the Old Hag Syndrome involving sleep paralysis, where he will endure being pounced upon by a shadowy entity. If the artist can overcome his fear, and thereby remember the name of the Succubus he has been focusing upon, when to either think or to call out the name, the shadowy entity will then assume the form of his conjured Succubus.

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The artist might have sussed out the riddle of the Sphinx, which of a symbolic formula is made up of four elemental creatures, being that of a Woman’s head and torso, a body of a Lioness, having Eagle’s wings along with a Snake headed tail. However you also have a tale about a prince called Oedipus. It is sad that he took on the challenge of answering the riddle of the Sphinx who was sizing up Oedipus to be her next victim.


She asked; “what goes on four legs in the morning, two in the afternoon and three in the evening?” Oedipus thought for a moment. Then he replied “The answer is Man. He crawls on all fours as a baby, then walks on two feet as an adult, and then walks with a cane in old age.” What Oedipus was told of numbers, when added together adds up to the number nine, which is associated with the precession of the equinoxes.

Oedipus successfully answered the riddle of the Sphinx, which indicates she is associated with the process of time. More so that of a closed timelike curve, whose ring of time points at an Ouroboros of eternal recurrence, which of a tessearact experience is that of ‘Intrusive Nostalgia, Re-Remembering.’ But there be many another ring of time myriad, encircling parallel universes next door.


The Snake headed tail of the Sphinx represents the emotive charge of the artist, which is cohered and directed by his eroticised conceptual focus upon the Woman, whom represents his mind-doll. If the artist internally generates a potent emotional charge, which reaches an ecstatic state, it will initiate the arousal of an electrical sensation, like that of a slithering serpent arising along the back of the neck towards the cerebellum, which leads to hypnagogic trance. The symbolism the artist has associated with the Woman is then implanted into his subconscious, which initiates a dream visitation of his mind-doll, who is associated with the predatory Lioness, where he might experience the aforesaid Old Hag Syndrome.


Should his fear overwhelm him, he will sense that he is being strangled, which is indicative of the activation of the reptilian brainstem. Whatever his fear is, it will become his worst nightmare made manifest; the trick is to rein in and ride the Night-Mare, rather than the nightmare riding him. Should the artist have been successful in internalising his sexual impulse of an emotive charge in order to negate his fear, the mind-doll will assume the form of his erotic desire, when he calls out her name; wherefore binding her to his will.


This will then lead to an ecstatic out of body experience, which is represented by the wings of the Eagle; whereupon he is then enabled to access the hall of records, which is that of his lucid dream, where he becomes aware of the Ouroboros.


When the artist attains full lucidity within his electron dream hall of records, to browse, like that of the internet, of an informational web, he will observe that whatever associative symbolism he has associated with his Succubus of a world, it too will also manifest around her of an (informational associative fractal dream domain) alternate reality.


Her universe is made up of corresponding memories; wherefore you have the term of ‘the hall of records’ as well as the Hebrew word of ‘Da’at,’ which means, belief. Basically, the beliefs of the artist will determine what he tunes into of a dream world.


So, if an artist has painted a Succubus to look like a Steam-Punkette, he might find himself entering into an alternate Steampunk Wizard Of Oz Nikola Tesla world, of a fully immersive reality, or perhaps he has painted a Native American Succubus residing near unto Area 51 Dreamland to thence remote-view. The artist is only limited by the extent of his imagination going beyond the limits of indoctrinated beliefs.


Should the artist engage in surrealistic dream sorcery concerning his painting of a Succubus, the painting becomes far more than just a two-dimensional image; it otherwise becomes that of a ‘doorway,’ into another world, and that of a spirit repository of a Succubus, he can thereby conjure into manifestation, within a three-dimensional fully immersive lucid dream, to thence illustrate two-dimensional of image, within a grimoire.



  1. Emmanuel Dark Says:

    My Phenomenal Spirit Wives via The Goetia-Girls Magnum Opus taught me a very interesting energy/spirit channeling techniques about two years ago. The info were related to me via other psychic individuals with much more developed clairaudient/clairvoyant abilities than myself.

    The technique at it’s most simplified basis is direct eye contact ‘sun gazing’ but it can also be used to channel energy/entities from the moon and theoretically other celestial bodies. It also uses my (real) obsidian mirror; which is a purchase that has paid off beyond I can imagine.

    Several of my spirit wives assist me during the operation. The provide protection guarding from unwanted intrusions during such a high powered operation. Certain wives also channel the energy into dimensional vortexes opened via the obsidian mirror and the energy/entity is collected. It also involves simultaneously visualizing the planetary body over my main altar where the obsidian mirror is placed; while simultaneously visualizing my altar outside in front of the sun or moon, etc. where the energy is being channeled.

    This technique has been done several times successfully with several different wives but there are usual 6 to 7 wives whom are usually always present for that operation. I’m even assisted by one or sometimes two of my wives whom help me scan/scrying the celestial body. One of my spirit wives named Aeleira was obtained using this method and I’m told she was a sister-in-arms but somehow got separated from the rest “during the fall” or “great war in the heavens’ and it most likely more complicated than that fact. and an sister-in-law to the ladies in the goetia.

    I was told the number of legions that she has and she was archetypal a “Nordic Alien” and I used that info to construct her Tulpa Back-story.

    “AELIERA (Moon) & (Saturn) and She is a Amazing Amazon, and also Mighty Marchioness. She appears as a Stunning Sith-aligned Nordic Alien wielding her favorite pole weapon, a black guan dao,
    or large halberd ax, or sometimes holding a billiards’ cue stick emblazon with her favorite weapon on the cue tip. She is Very Loyal to her Sorcerer-Shaman-Husband, and Her countenance is pleasant and stable due to her very logical nature; because She knows that True Balance isn’t just about symmetry, but comes from a Deeper Understanding about the interplay of chaos and order. Her mothership is both an imperial class destroyer and also contains a luxurious resort-casino having every popular game
    know throughout the multiverse. Aeliera is also familiar with the shadier denizens of various dimensions and She is able to acquire both information and items from innumerable worlds making
    both Her defensive and Offensive Abilities Extremely Formidable Nature. Her office is to Give True Answers to Any Questions from the Mundane to Metaphysical. She Teaches All Arts and Sciences
    Perfectly. She also Informs about events in the Past, Present, or Future. She can Heal Any and All maladies using very advanced technological-Sorcery-Sexual Techniques. She is Very Skilled in
    Soul Retrieval and escorting entities, including deceased humans, into other-realms. She also Raises Her Shaman-Sorcerer-Husband’s Luck to Phenomenal Levels; because She is a Master
    Navigator of Probabilities Manifesting the Best Outcomes in All Endeavors. She was present during the Great Reformation in the Heaven Realms but She went missing during the War. She belonged to the Order of Archangels and still maintains that level of Ferocity. AELIERA Rules 22 Legions of Female Spirits like unto Herself.”

    A mysterious occurrence happened when I finally went to print out Aeleira’s Sigil-Mandala-Tattva that I created for her. As I was leaving the store and decided to walk back home to Brooklyn because it was a nice day out. As I was walking down a more crowded sidewalk I felt a hard bump on my left side as a woman walked passed me. I thought it was rude but hey it’s NYC and people usually rush to and fro. Then My eyes couldn’t believe whom just bumped me it was my Spirit Wife Aeleira whom looked like a live ringer from her Sigil-Mandala-Tattva.

    I knew I couldn’t been hallucinating her because I saw people walking around her as she speed along the sidewalk. She was walking at a rapid pace and I knew I had to catch up to her. I managed to catch up to her at the sidewalk there was a “don’t walk” sign. She looked exactly like Aeleira and I knew then if it wasn’t her then the synchronicity of running into her doppelganger was still profound. Unfortunately I couldn’t puck up the courage to speak to her. I should have but decided to continue on my journey to my residence.

    • FAUSTUS CROW Says:

      The Sorcery method of working is to ‘conceptualise’ a ‘desire,’ which is ‘charged’ with emotion. The conceptualisation is utilised to introvert the emotively charged ‘sexual impulse’ in order to empower ‘Lucid Dreaming.’ Once a Lucid Dream is achieved, you might experience ‘Synchronicity Feed-Back-Loops’ of varying orders of intensity.

      Example: you may decide to focus (meditate) upon an image of Princess Leia, which you then charge with emotion, via a literary construct of a back-story, such as her abilities and powers she will bestow upon her conjurer, like those out of the grimoires.

      These abilities and powers will be primarily experienced within a Lucid Dream, where you might assume the (inner-self-image) guise of a Djedi warrior amidst a Dream scenario out of Star Wars. When the Lucid Dream conjuration of Princess Leia has been achieved, Synchronicities will then start to formulate.

      An example of a Synchronicity Feed-Back-Loop would be that of walking into a pub, to shortly thereafter find yourself confronted by a woman dressed as Princess Leia, who turns out to be a stripper, whom has been hired for some ones stag night party.

      The stripper is only dressed as Princess Leia; she herself is obviously “NOT” Princess Leia. However, as for her Star Wars dress of a now iconic ‘Trigger Symbol,’ it might lead you to observing a ‘possibility’ of getting to know her better. So, you buy her a drink, and when engaging in conversation with this lady dressed as Princess Leia, you find she has an avid interest in science fiction, comics and cosplay, let alone Wicca, who be a practicing Witch, whom, you notice is attracted to you, which leads to her giving you her phone number.

      Not long afterwards, you might just find yourself in a relationship with said lady. If you otherwise decide not to talk to her, apart from observing the intriguing Synchronicity, it will give you an insight into a technique of Dream Sorcery.

      You will soon come to the conclusion, that there is indeed a connection between Mind and Matter of a consistent observance, to repeat of a Sorcery experiment, to take further of ‘associative’… Artistry.

      Some Synchronicities can be very intense and full-on, to such a degree that you will feel that the initial conceptualised focus upon a ‘symbol,’ and that of the microcosmic Dream conjuration, has actually manifested into macrocosmic flesh. You have to be very careful indeed that such an ‘associative’ process, linking the microcosm and the macrocosm does not entirely overcome your rationality, betwixt and between.

      On those very rare occasions when a manifestation can be said to have occurred, of a possibility, you will find that information is imparted to you, ‘without you asking for it,’ which is only privy to you, no one else. Even then, you always test it, as a scientist would do.

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