Many a child has been hypnotised by the Christmas story of Rudolph the ‘red’ nosed Reindeer, which of a tale the Thirty-fourth Succubus archetype of the Fallen Anima, called Furfur, refers to, who initially manifests amidst the Triangle of Art imagination as a Reindeer with a fiery ‘red’ tail. When a bright eyed child grows up, becoming as a square headed adult, Rudolph, becomes as a mere fable. Now but a fanciful childhood recollection of opening up branded presents around a brand of a Christmas tree. But at a far deeper level of the collective unconscious the Christmas tree alludes to the multiverse world tree of the horned shaman.

The multiverse world tree in old Norse was called Yggdrassill, upon which the Norse shaman deity named, Odin hung himself into trance, so that he could travel the tree of worlds from within his lucid dreams. The Saxon’s knew Odin as Woden, who the Christian’s later equated with St Nicholas, or to have otherwise castigated as being their Old Nick of a fiery ‘red’ horned Devil, having horns. Both Santa Claus and the Devil allude to the Reindeer horned shaman. The horns of the shaman represents his/her ability to access trance, which requires achieving hemi-synch of the two (horns) hemispheres of the brain. In other words, the horns of the shaman are not associated with evil in any way, shape or form, whatsoever, they represent the shamans vocation of having mastery over (hemi-synch) trance.

St Nicholas, Old Nick or Santa Claus, was originally Odin/Woden, who indicates an ancient shamanic legacy from out of North Central Asia unto Siberia. A Siberian shaman would recognise Furfur as being a shamanic power animal. However, the monotheists have made the symbolism negative; wherefore, in order to rebel, it will require reversing the ‘Animus’ fixation of the Goetia towards that of the ‘Anima,’ to make Furfur female. You then have Furfur manifesting as a powerful Great Countess of the fifth planetary dimensional sphere of volcanic Mars, who rules over twenty-nine legions of (Succubi) Succubae.


She initially manifests as a Reindeer with the breasts and arms of a woman, having Bat-like Nightgaunt wings, which allows her to carry her conjuring shaman throughout the myriad parallel universes of the multiverse world tree; for she initiates an out of body experience.


Her tail, as mentioned, is often described as being on fire of arcing electric sparks, who speaks with a seductive voice.

She then assumes the form of a most beautiful Reindeer horned woman, who will willingly make love to the conjuring shaman as his spirit wife within erotic lucid dreams. She is highly versed in Tantric love magic, stirring shamanic visions of Siberia.

She can also raise lightning, thunder and great tempestuous electrical storms against the shamans enemies, whether they be temporal or spiritual. Most of these enemies tend to be monotheistic cultists who have deified the ‘Animus’ as their God/Devil of a gender focus upon the male, which has a most obvious underlying sexual orientation. When commanded, she answers, both of remote-viewed secret and also of divine matters.


She will initiate surrealistic visions until she is compelled into the Triangle of Art vision of her conjuring shaman; though such visions will be inspiring of shamanic artistry. Her name of Furfur, of mundane meaning, and that of an occult blind, means dandruff, indicating an experience of itching all over the body, like a prickly heat. However, the name Furfur refers to her bestowing the ability of generating an internal heat, which is termed Tummo in Yoga.


You can thereby gauge that such practice is integral to the shamanic practices of the far North, which enables a horned shaman to survive the freezing conditions, under the pole star crowning the neural-net world tree, of his axis-mundi spinal column. The practice of which, as previously noted, initially initiates a sensation of a dandruff itch all over the body. This initial phase is to do with the shedding of those fearful beliefs, which blocks the process; leading thence to a sensation of growing ‘fur,’ as if there is a ‘fiery’ energy pouring out of every pore of the skin, before the shaman senses that his/her body has become as pure light.

A 1982 study of the physiological effects of Tummo had been conducted by Herbert Benson who is an associate professor of medicine at the Harvard Medical School and president of the Mind/Body Medical Institute at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre in Boston. He firmly believes that studying advanced forms of meditation, “can uncover capacities that will help us to better treat stress-related illnesses.” He extensively studied Indo-Tibetan Yogis in the Himalayas and in India during the 1980’s.


Benson’s research was conducted in Upper Dharamsala in India. Benson found that the subjects under investigation, being three monks, exhibited the capacity to increase the temperature of their fingers and toes by as much as 8.3 °C.

In a 2002 experiment reported by the Harvard Gazette, which was conducted in Norseman Normandy, France, two monks from the Buddhist tradition wore sensors, which recorded changes in heat production and metabolism. Another 2013 study by Kozhevnikov and colleagues showed increases in core body temperature in both expert meditators from Eastern Tibet and Western non-meditators.


The fiery tail of Furfur symbolically refers to the activation of the Kundalini Shakti to arise from the base (perineum) Chakra along the spinal column of the practitioner, whose shamanic trance practice of Tummo, can be utilised for healing purposes as well, which involves the shaman directing his internal (fire) heat towards an afflicted area of a patient.

This inner heat is also experienced during intense lovemaking where you will sense yourself entirely melding with your partner of Tantric union. The technique was also utilised by the (Norseman) Berserker warriors, which enabled them to attain great (martial) strength via ecstatic (howling/raging) shaman rites, when they had conjured up their Valkyrie spirit wives within their visions. Furfur will inform the conjuring shaman about such shamanic secrets, when to conjure her within his Siberian lucid dreams.

However, If you be otherwise inclined of a traditionalist sexual orientation, to be enamoured with Crowley’s Biblical Goetia, you can evoke Furfur as an OTO Rudolph the red nosed Hart, who bisexual Crowley viral-meme illustrated as being a phallic fellow; I’m sure he would be most pleased indeed to arouse your indoctrinated perineum to set your anus alight of a continued ‘Animus’ fixated brainwash.


But should you be rebellious, conjure a Succubus tonight, to keep the ‘Animus’ fixated exorcist at bay, whose monotheistic egregore seeks to possess your anus with a limiting belief system of mind-control; wherefore negating your shamanic legacy, by making you fear a Reindeer Horned shaman as a Devil!

NOTE: The symbolic paradigms of the animists, such as the Hindus for example, or that of your Pagan forebears had a gender focus ‘balance’ between the male/Animus and the female/Anima. Whereas, the ‘three’ monotheist paradigms out of the Middle East, which to have stemmed from out of Abraham’s ziggurat of UR in Iraq, have an overriding gender focus upon the deified Animus/male to make as their God/Devil.

(Note: the inner archetype of the ‘Animus’ resides within the female psyche, which determines what type of males a heterosexual female is attracted to.)

(Whereas the inner archetype of the ‘Anima,’ which resides within the male psyche, determines what type of females a heterosexual male is attracted to.)

The three monotheist paradigms share the same Monotheistic (Animus) agenda of theocratic politics, which is due to Christianity and Islam copying Judaism hook-line and sinker.

When copycats copy, they invariably resent the original to the point of wanting to eradicate what has been copied. Such as the right-wing Christian Nazis initiating the holocaust, who copied the super-race mystique from Judaism. The copied original will then seek to survive the murderous intent of the copiers by subversively getting them to fight each other, whereby taking control over the middle East and in turn the oil dependent world.

Well, what do you expect; you would do the same if you were being copied by two nutters who also want to murder you, your family, relatives, friends, to erase from existence. The problem though, you will become like the supremacy complex copiers, to go quite insane as well, which is due to your own supremacy complex, the copiers had copied.

If you are looking to blame someone for this ongoing cult war insanity, look to Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Augustus who first set the Monotheistic ball rolling across the Roman empire, whose Christianity was then followed by Islam, and all because Rome wanted dominion over the Middle East. Without the wealth of the Middle East, Rome’s empire would have never existed. Hence the reason why the Hebrew’s had Rome by the balls, to then be later followed by the Arabs who wanted a slice of the cake.

Your Animist pagan forebears fought against the BORG tactics of the so called Holy Empire of Rome, who did not want to assume the ancestral-self-identity of another people; for in doing so, they would lose their own ancestral-self-identity. Alas, the propaganda machine of Rome was highly efficient, which had legions of priests doing shady Shekel deals with the greedy power hungry aristocracy of Europe, who then promptly ‘upended’ the ‘arse’ of the mass populace to shaft.

The Holy Inquisition then initiated a terror campaign across Europe unto the Americas, which lasted for 500yrs of a prior Nazi wet dream. The reason why Rome burn’t Witches of a European genocide was due to the ancestral-self-identity of the European’s being traditionally passed down the female line, which was especially the case in Northern Europe.

Not much if at all survived of the ancestral-self-identity of the European’s apart from what was recorded by biased Christian monks. So any data, which concerns the ancestral-self-identity of your pagan forebears has been heavily doctored by Christian converts. This has been further exacerbated by others of a Christian mind-set who perpetuate the brainwash, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

The habitual line of attack is by making out that your pagan forebears were into wholesale homosexuality, which is a very big problem for an Abrahamic mind-set. Those who are afflicted by this mind-set are obsessed with homosexuals, to the point of seeing homosexuality wherever they look, which soon becomes self evident that they are in closeted self denial.

Your pagan forebears had no problem with homosexuals, lesbians or bisexuals, it was not a big deal at all, nor did did they endlessly harp on about it. Their symbolic focus had a balance between the Animus/male and Anima/female; whereupon you have numerous myths about Gods and Goddesses hanging out together.

When you have an overriding gender focus upon the deified Animus/male to make as a Monotheist God/Devil, it is patently obvious as to what its underlying sexual orientation is.

Wherefore, the symbolic ‘weak spot’ of an Animus/male fixated paradigm is that of its ‘total negation’ of the Anima/female, which has fallen out of the symbolic equation. So, when you rebel against the symbolic brainwash, which has been going on for nigh 2000yrs, you reverse the symbolism towards that of the fallen Anima/female and her archetypes.

Although, when you reverse the symbolism, the Entartete Kunst thought-police will scream, “its all pornography!” The same thing can be said of an all male focus upon the deified Animus.

The symbolic paradigm of the deified Animus/male is a ready made erotic focus for a heterosexual female and likewise for a homosexual and a bisexual. But where is the Anima/female?

The creative principle of the universe cannot be personified as being human, nor having a particular gender, let alone being owned by a ‘cultural-construct’ of a Lilliputian religion. A gender focus is far more to do with biology, which of nature has the Animus/male and the Anima/female doing the tango.

A heterosexual Nun will swoon over her Beta-Male-Good-Guy Jesus to thence crucify with a bastard babe, while a female Satanist to dance around her Alpha-Male-Bad-Boy Devil, hoping to be impregnated by him, as her Holy Ghost Incubus. Both the Nun and the female Satanist are one and the same woman, who has a focus upon her All-Father of a deified ‘Animus,’ made as her God!

Another example is Don Diego Vega who Don Juan romances Lolita Pulido. Lolita is unimpressed with Diego who she sees as a passionless Beta-Male Good-Guy fop, whose smile is as bright as a fluoride Soy-Boy Jesus, she can easily crucify. Whereas she is hugely attracted to the dashing Alpha-Male Bad-Boy Devil called Zorro.

When ‘Lolita’ discovers that Diego and Zorro are one and the same male, who represents her desired ‘Animus’ in the flesh, smelling like her All-‘Father,’ she then realises what Christmas is all about.

But, deep down, she won’t like it, because Miss Feminist Lolita will have to come to terms with the gender focus fact that the patriarchy of the deified ‘Animus’ is the monotheistic creation of women. She will of course not admit it, even though it is blatantly obvious!

Those of differing sexual orientations will naturally have a preference for the Animus/male or Anima/female, whose archetypes symbolically represent their desires, and facets of their own lives.

Should you be looking for the real Illuminati, they are staring you in the face, it is a secret hidden in plain sight for all to see; especially by those cultures who have ‘not lost’ their own ancestral-self-identity, such as the Hindus, among others, of an animist perspective.

The real Illuminati are the ‘three’ monotheist cults of the deified ‘Animus’ out of the petrodollar ziggurat of UR, amidst whose oily ‘triangulated trinity’ of New-World-Order cultural-constructs is their Orwellian NSA ‘eye of Abraham.’ Savvy!




    This is an answer to the REDDIT crowd; specifically: 911bodysnatchers322

    The sex magic you speak of concerning an ‘Anus’ fixation is obviously homosexual of inclination. However, your article has missed the patently obvious; if you have a religion whose focus is primarily male dominated, which has castigated the feminine principle out of the spiritual equation, it would thereby indicate that said religion is ‘Anal.’

    Hence ‘bisexual,’ Aleister Crowley did not rebel against the established symbolic paradigm, since it was right up his alley.

    The monotheist focus upon an all male symbolic paradigm, being that of a God, Devil, Angels and Demons, can be construed as being an ‘Animus,’ fixation.

    As you are probably aware, the three Abrahamic faiths have an overriding all male focus, whose trinity of religions stem from Ur in war torn Iraq, where a ziggurat can be found, amidst which be Abraham’s eye.

    Wherefore, when to look into the convoluted Creepypasta mystique of the Illuminati and other affiliated cults, such as the Templars, Freemasons, and Rosicrucians, or even the Luciferians and Satanists, etc, their shared symbolism is Abrahamic, let alone being male dominated, whose pyramid is in fact that of a ziggurat. As for the missing benben stone, it refers to the missing temple atop of the ziggurat and in turn the shadowy few of the inbred gangster elite, you are not aware of, until you follow the oily Petrodollar trail.

    As for the archetype of the ‘Animus,’ it resides within the psyche of all females, which determines their choice of mates, should they be heterosexual of inclination.

    Whereas for a homosexual, an all male symbolic focus is somewhat obvious, unless they be in closeted self denial, which invariably leads to hatred being meted out to gays as well as engendering the misogynist practice of burning Witches at the stake, let alone castigating other spiritual practices as being homosexual, by transforming the ‘Base Chakra’ into something quite other.

    The use of the witches broomstick can be found in many cultures, one of which being the ancient culture of the Kogi (/ˈkoʊɡi/ koh-gee) or Cogui or Kágaba, meaning “Jaguar” in the Kogi language, who are an indigenous ethnic group living in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. Their civilization has continued since the Pre-Columbian era.

    The use of the broomstick is ritually used to sweep sacred track-ways, the Kogi consider to be dream paths along which the disembodied dream body of a practitioner travels, when consciously entering the dream realm of Aluna.

    The initial phase of consciously accessing the dream involves inducing hypnagogic trance, when sweeping the dream paths, which is aided by repetitively singing sacred chants, a Hindu would term as Mantras.

    The Witches of pre-Christian Northern Europe also did the same who termed the inducement of hypnagogic trance as Seior, who also ritualistically swept sacred track-ways, which were later called Ley-lines.

    The problem however is that much has been lost, due to the systematic eradication of the ancestral-spiritual-identity of the European’s by the Church of Rome whose establishment had appropriated the ancestral-spiritual-identity of the Hebrew’s.

    What little has survived of the pre-Christian elder lore of Europe has been used by the propaganda machine of Rome’s Church, which has led to it being entirely twisted out of shape. This is further exacerbated by those who do not understand the pre-Christian symbolism, whereby perpetuating Rome’s deification of an ‘Animus,’ made as a Good-Cop God, Bad-Cop Devil brainwash!

    But when you look at other cultures, such as the Kogi, who had survived the onslaught of the brainwashed Conquistadors, you can then put the pieces back together again.

    Ritual broomsticks were discovered among a group of mummies found in the Tarim Basin, of present-day Xinjiang, China, which date from 1800 BCE to the first centuries BCE. Conical hats were also discovered, which indicates that the documented practice of the Kogi was known by other peoples.

    The symbolism of the broomstick is also very much entwined with the motif of the hobbyhorse, which in regards to the Northern tradition leads to the eight-legged-mare called Sleipnir, which is ridden by the shamanic deity named Odin.

    The name Sleipnir means, ‘gliding-one,’ which specifically refers to the experience of (Seior) trance. Sleipnir is seen to be tethered to the world tree of Yggdrassill, which represents the spinal column and branching nervous system of the shaman, Odin.

    In North-Central-Asian shamanistic practices unto Siberia, the horse symbolises hypnagogic trance, which of a power is seen to reside in the chest area, where most of the nerve fibres of your Central-Nervous-System can be found.

    Sleipnir is made up of two mares becoming one, which symbolically represent the two (Caduceus/snake) nerve fibres of the Autonomic-Nervous-System, you can find on either side of the spinal column of Yggdrassill, a Yoga practitioner would term as being the Ida and Pingala.

    When the two nerve channels (mares) are brought into balance, becoming as one, via in depth meditation, the central (wand/staff) nerve channel is then activated, whose nerve fibres belong to your Central-Nervous-System. The central nerve channel is called the Sushumna in Yoga practice.

    When the central nerve channel is activated, the Yoga practitioner is then able to arouse the Kundalini Shakti, which is otherwise known as the fire snake, whose (Mitochondrial cell) energy is seen to be of a female (Shakti) source.

    This then leads you to the eight-legged-‘Mare’ Sleipnir and the experience of hypnagogic trance. As the Kundalini-Shakti (Sleipnir) arises along the (Yggdrassill) spinal column, it activates the seven Chakras (glands) of the Endocrine System, which in the Grimoire tradition are otherwise called planets.

    While within a trance state or that of ‘conscious dreaming,’ as the Kundalini Shakti penetrates the Chakras, it will generate inner visions to unfold, which will correspond to the qualities of each (planetary sphere) Chakra.

    Should the practitioner be a heterosexual male, he will then encounter the energetic fluctuations of the Kundalini Shakti manifesting as Dakinis, which are otherwise termed as being Succubae in the West.

    The psychologist Carl Jung would term Shakti, as being the feminine archetype of the ‘Anima,’ which resides within the psyche of all males.

    Said males, if they be so inclined can explore the manifestations of the ‘Anima,’ within their dreams, when to ‘Howl’ out their Mantra names. (The term Goetia, means to ‘Howl,’ which refers to accessing an ecstatic state a shaman to know, when to repetitively intone a Mantra.)

    In the Northern tradition the ‘Anima’ can be summed up as being the Witch Goddess Freyja, who taught Odin the secret of (Seior) trance. Freyja, like the Hindu Shakti having a retinue of Dakinis, is also described as being a mistress of female spirits called Valkyries.

    The Valkyries are seen to be the handmaidens of Odin, who are essentially (Dakinis) succubae fluctuations of his ‘Anima.’

    So, if you have a Muggle who inadvertently experiences a vivid dream involving a Succubus, who then to rant on about the dangers of conjuring up elder things, his fear will reveal that the folds of his brain have become moulded by his indoctrination into a Abrahamic ‘Animus’ fixation; wherefore he has been well and truly ‘body-snatched’ by the Illuminati cults of Ur, who have shafted his ‘numbered’ anus.

    Then again, that may be his closeted preference, who will see his Aristotle wand, to that of a staff as being an Illuminati dildo to secretly use in his Orwellian cell; just as the Witch Nuns do, when conjuring up a patriarchal symbolic paradigm of a God, Devil, Angels and Demons out of their ‘Animus’ fixated Playgirl Grimoires, forming a triangle around an Ur ziggurat in war torn 9/11 Iraq.

    However, there is no historical proof whatsoever of the existence of a rebel Grimoire listing an all female pantheon of the ‘Anima,’ not even that of a modern one; all of which of Hogwarts commonality, are authored by ‘Animus’ fixated authors, who invariably claim that their ‘disturbing’ NSFW Necronomicons be banned tomes. Alas, the printing presses of Rome’s Church have been printing Dan Brown Playgirl Grimoires since the time of Da Vinci.

    Should there be a banned Necronomicon it will list the Succubae Great Old Ones of the fallen ‘Anima.’ Such a Grimoire had not existed until I created a Playgirl Necronomicon of an Artistic Rebellion!

    If you consider my work to be disturbing, as you to mention, stick with your Playgirl Grimoires of the deified ‘Animus,’ made as a God, Devil, Angels and Demons, which to excite the the ‘Anal’ tracts of the closeted priests.

    But should you otherwise question the established symbolic paradigm of your culture, you will find something far more disturbing, which to indicate that many a brain has been ‘Anally’ brainwashed!


    This is an answer to 911bodysnatchers322 frequenting REDDIT:

    Boys Of ‘Anal’ Porn: Open Your Third Eye:

    Many a conspiracy theorist to say that the illuminati is obsessed with sex and is integrated with both Hollywood and porn.

    The term, Illuminati is commonly used with abandon along with using the Templers and other affiliated shadow groups, such as the Freemasons, etc; yet to never mention the fact that their shared symbolism is Abrahamic, whose pantheon is all male dominated of an ‘Animus’ fixation, whether it be a YHVH/God/Allah or Devil/Lucifer/Satan!

    The term Porn is also commonly used, that feeds into the castigation of sexuality out of the spiritual equation, which is the indoctrinated mainstay of the all male Abrahamic pantheon.

    Porn has no other meaning than copulation, which the likes of Hollywood indulges in of a ‘Base Chakra’ indulgence.

    Such is often a reaction against the Orwellian morality of the Abrahamic faiths whose ‘closeted’ symbolic paradigm led to the Witch burnings, along with homosexuals being persecuted during a 500 year terror campaign of a prior Nazi wet dream, which of an influence invariably led to the holocaust.

    Whenever you have someone copying you hook-line and sinker, the copy-cats will then seek to exterminate the original; hence you have the Nazi holocaust.

    Hitler also anally raged against what was considered to be pornographic material during his Jew fixated era, whereas nowadays you have the faceless Illuminati being used.

    Hitler adored Jesus in his Mein Kampf to make as an Aryan, hating Jazz, ranting on about the corruption of society he termed as… Entartete Kunst!

    Hitler’s Entartete Kunst led to mass censorship, which is presently manifesting under another thought police guise of what is seen to be ‘politically correct.’

    The use of what is considered to be porn in the media is not primarily a modern phenomenon, it has been going on since Constantine appropriated the ancestral-self-identity of the Hebrew’s.

    The castigation of sexuality out of the spiritual equation along with the negation of the feminine principle, being that of the ‘Anima,’ has led to the creative force of the sexual impulse having no other meaning than copulation; wherefore you have what is termed as being pornography.

    There is no spiritual dimension applied to the sexual impulse, whose creative force is the initiator of all life, which is therefore denied; hence you have a fixation upon a Biblical ‘End Of Days’ violence in order to validate the self-fulfilling prophecies of three death cults out of Ur, having a feudal fixation upon a returning Übermensch God king of a New-World-Order Messiah or Prophet.

    There are other cultures, which have survived the imperialistic empire building of the three cults out of Ur, who do not share a focus upon an all male dominated symbolic paradigm of an ‘Animus’ fixation, nor have they castigated human sexuality out of the spiritual equation, let alone denying the feminine principle of the ‘Anima.’

    One example being Tibetan Buddhism, whose erotic iconography at one time shocked the morality of many a Christian, who found it very difficult to get their head around an image of a Buddha in sexual congress with his (Anima) Shakti, whose energetic fluctuations within (third eye) lucid dreams manifest as (Succubae) Dakinis.

    The Dakinis can manifest as both light or dark, depending upon what the practitioner is working upon of symbolic alchemy, when to introvert the sexual impulse, to thereby negate the terror of the little ‘death’ of hypnagogic trance, prior to conscious dreaming.

    In Hinduism, the Dakinis are part of the entourage of the Goddess Kali, who represents the Shakti (Anima) power of hypnagogic trance, into whose womb dream, the practitioner leaps, whereby assuming the guise of the God named Siva.

    Likewise a Tibetan Buddhist assumes the avatar of Buddha within a lucid dream, who is coupled with a corresponding (Succubus) Dakini.

    There is no mention whatsoever of this shamanic technique explicitly mentioned in the Western grimoires inspiring many a Hollywood Hammer Horror movie, whose symbolic paradigm are populated with lists of spirit boys. But then the sexual impulse has no other meaning than copulating.

    However, if you have a heterosexual Witch Nun, such an all male paradigm of an ‘Animus’ fixation can be secretly utilised of an erotic focus, to thereby dally with God, Devil, Angels and Demons; should the practitioner be otherwise that of a bisexual Aleister Crowley, a Playgirl grimoire would be right up his alley!

    There is nothing wrong with the introversion of the sexual impulse via a Playgirl grimoire, just as long as the practitioners are honest about it of symbolic alchemy; more so to themselves.

    If however, you have a closeted priest, he will most likely rage about the faceless Illuminati corrupting society, just as Hitler targeted the Jews, who quaintly forgot that Rome had stolen their ancestral-self-identity hook-line and sinker, along with Mecca!

    Why did Rome and Mecca steal the ancestral-self-identity of the Hebrews? In general, they did so, in order to have control over the Middle East. Rome’s empire would have never existed without the wealth of the Middle East; whereby Rome appropriated the Hebrew faith as its own, thereby disempowering their rebellion.

    It is to be noted that Constantine’s legions were mostly made up of Germanic conscripts from the Danube, whose shamanic deity named Wotan, the Norse called Odin, hanging in the world tree of Yggrdrassill, riding an eight-legged Mare, was transformed into a crucified Sol-Invictus Christ riding a donkey.

    Likewise Mecca assumed the faith of the Hebrew’s, who looked to the shamanic peoples of the Turkic steppe for their muscle to kick out Rome, which required Muhammad to ride the shaman horse, called a Buraq, through seven (Chakra) heavens. That is why Muhammad wears a shamans vision veil!

    Overall, it may eventually dawn upon the priest of an opening third eye that he has been anally shafted by three ‘Animus’ fixated cults out of the ziggurat of Ur, whose brainwashing trinity is the real Illuminati, whom to triangular dance around the Orwellian eye of their shared founder, Abraham!

    The process of a cults ascension into the political arena can be observed when to look into the shenanigans of the Mormons or the present day Scientologists.

    The employed symbolism of the Mormons is obvious of an Abrahamic focus; whereas the Scientologists have transmuted the Abrahamic symbolism into the arena of science fiction, who are competing against the Raelian cult and their alien ‘Elohim.’

    It is almost as if the brainwashed brains of their adherents cannot perceive any other realty beyond an imprisoning symbolic Matrix, which they ‘anally’ perpetuate of a death cult ‘End Of Days’ finale!

    The symbolism, which permeates all levels of your culture, reveals that the Fascis of Rome’s ‘Empire Never Ended,’ whose Aquila of a Senate influence is perpetuated through a cultural construct of a mind-control tool of an ‘Animus’ fixated religion.

    As for meaningless porn, it brings in the bucks, along with drugs of mere ‘Base Chakra’ hedonism, which nullifies the questioning brains of the ‘coliseum’ audience so that they do not taste of the Apple within their NWO Eden.

    Self Knowledge is seen as a Sin; for blissful ignorance is the mind-control tool of the feudal elite. Wherefore, the shamanic utilisation of sacred herbs is criminalised, while a spiritulaised sexuality is castigated as being pornography by the politically correct thought police.

    The audience of the coliseum pay through their noses to watch the Anal boys make war in foreign lands, spilling their guts upon the Abrahamic altar of continual bloodletting, whether it be actual of the Orwellian NWO news, speaking of the latest religious inspired terrorist atrocity, or virtual of Hollywood Horror Hammer fare.

    The archetypes, which stir the programmed reptilian brain-stem dreams of the audience are listed in the Playgirl grimoires of ‘Animus’ fixated commonality. Many do not have any understanding whatsoever of the occult symbolism being employed by the equally ignorant, which is usually associated with Animus fixated Satanists or Luciferians, etc. Wherefore, anything which truly rebels against the prison of the established symbolic Matrix, the media empire labels as being of the Entartete Kunst.

    Some may say, “why rebel, if you can’t make a buck out of it?” Well, that is the nature of being an Artist, that’s if you don’t become a whoring panderer, pandering to the trained perception to the audience. Those who pander are just following everyone else of a herded mind. An example of the pandering whores being the commonalty of the Playgirl grimoires down the brainwashed ages, which perpetuates the symbolic Matrix.

    So, should you be otherwise looking to amass ‘ziggurat anal-eye green-backs’ in your Vatican Swiss bank account of whoring Ill-uminati wealth, stick with your anal focus upon a deified ‘Animus,’ made as a God and Devil upending each other of Hollywood Hammer Horror fare, surrounded by machismo Angels and butch Demons of a Mari-lyn Manson Nun Conjuring!

    But if you do so, your third eye to stay closed, tasting not of Lilith’s (‘Anima’) Apple. Hence you will never understand the riddle of the (strangler) Sphinx, which of an ancient Greek term refers to the Old Hag Syndrome, when an individual inadvertently accesses hypnagogic trance, experiencing pressure being brought to bear upon the sleep paralysed body and an acute (reptilian brain-stem/Da’at) sensation of… ‘Strangulation.’

    The ensuing night terror of a Sphinx ‘Nightmare’ is due to the growing (reptilian brain-stem/Da’at) fear of the individual, who as a strangled ‘babe’ has to learn to overcome his fear. When to do so, the Nightmare is then transmuted into a Night-Mare Succubus to lucid dream (Yesod) ride, rather than being ridden by an old Hag, who is the crone of… Time.

    Hence H.G Wells had his Time Machine housed under a Sphinx, who had shortly thereafter written a short story about an Out Of Body (Seidr) experience of an individual who travelled without moving throughout space-time, while lying unconscious within a… (Base Chakra) chair/bed (Merkaba), a shaman would otherwise symbolise as an eight-legged-Mare, the shamanic deity, Odin to have ridden into hypnagogic (Seidr) trance.

    Having a ‘very strange’ fixation upon the passive goth boys of Anal porn, does ‘disturbingly’ blind the third eyes of those who are led astray, fearing awakening within the dream of a self-created Ring-Pass-Not, which at a collective level has been engineered of symbolic design by the three Abrahamic big-business faiths out of oily Ur, whose Illuminati cults of an ‘Animus’ fixation, do not want you to taste of the (‘Anima’) apple. Savvy!


    This is an answer to 911bodysnatchers322 frequenting REDDIT:

    Odin’s practice of (shamanic trance) Seidr, had far more to do with the passive goth boy Christian scholars purposefully misinterpreting what little had survived of the Northern European myths to totally warp out of shape, to make the shaman unmanly, of Romano Christian propaganda.

    The establishment use of ‘disinformation’ in order to control the masses, has been going on for ages, which is blindly perpetuated by others to go viral, up to the present.

    The Witch burning era is one example of ‘disinformation,’ which of genocide had been spurred on by the Hammer Of The Witches of an insane tome, blinding many a third eye. Said tome has an Anal fixation, which equates homosexuality with bestiality of a perceived crime that was leveled against the Pagans.

    So, all those who use the same insane arguments of the Hammer Of The Witches are just perpetuating Romano Christian disinformation.

    The animism of the Pagans did not have a fixation upon one particular gender, nor did they castigate sexuality out of the spiritual equation, let alone persecuting homosexuals, lesbians or bisexuals.

    It is the monotheist desert cults of Ur, which have a closeted all male Anal fixation. Hence the closeted priesthood of Rome were somewhat freaked out by the fact that those animist shamans who sought to ’emulate’ (shaman) Odin could potentially kill off the Romano/Judaeo-Christian propaganda, as well as healing their own past with a Gungnir thought, of a well aimed Rune, rather than wielding a Wagnarian sword, or a scalpel, to force the issue.

    Wherefore, Odin (Woden/Wotan) was later called old-Nick by the Christian converts who had transformed the ‘Horned Shaman’ Odin into their Devil/Lucifer/Satan.

    And what is more, Odin had loads of Valkyries (Succubae/Witches) to shag as well, who are essentially his adoring Muses. Whereas the passive goth boy priests worship their… Mother Mary!


    This is an answer to 911bodysnatchers322 frequenting REDDIT:

    The Eye Of Providence Is Your Deified ‘Animus’ Of A God, Which To Have Shafted Many A Brain Kissing Solomon’s Anal Ring, Ringed Around Abraham’s Eye, Set Amidst The Oily Petrodollar Ziggurat Of Ur!

    The Abrahamic trinity of Illuminati cults appropriated the prior ancient shamanic legacy to make secret, while demonising any competition; for their deified ‘Animus’ of a God triad be very jealous of Orwellian Centralist Politics.

    The ‘G’ of Solomonic Freemasonry refers to the Hebrew letter of ‘Gimel,’ which is associated with the 13th path of the Cabbala, interpenetrating the hidden 11th Sephira of Da’at. The Hebrew word: Da’at, means ‘belief.’

    The 13th path of ‘Gimel,’ physiologically corresponds with the ‘Reptilian Brain-Stem,’ of the (Da’at) ‘throat area,’ whose ‘Reticular-Activating-System,’ governs over the the depth of your (hypnagogic) trance states and that of your dreams, which of a symbolic interface, interfaces with information/energy/spirit.

    The symbolic expression of your dreams are determined by your ‘Da’at beliefs; whereby those who seek to bind your subconscious mind to their anally orientated political agenda, do so via your Da’at beliefs.

    In other words, religion is a Mind-Control tool; this is more so the case if a religion makes it a point of eradicating any alternative perspectives, which is a habitual modus-operandi of the monotheistic cults of the deified ‘Animus,’ made as a God!

    There are those who point out that a secret society/cult, such as the supposed existence of the Illuminati/cult cannot be sustained for any great length of time, due to the invariability of opposing factions formulating.

    However, a cult can be sustained if it becomes a religion, which works to a nigh unchangeable Bronze Age script, scripting the lives of the brainwashed Da’at Believers, from one generation to the next, down the ages.

    Little wonder then that the three Illuminati cults of Abraham’s ‘Oily’ Ur ziggurat do not want to lose their triadic big-business hold over the world.

    That, aside, the Norse shamanic deity, Odin ‘hanging’ upon the world tree (spinal column) of Yggdrassill refers to (hypnagogic) ‘trance’ ingress into the dream.

    The Runic correspondence with Gimel is the seventh Rune of ‘Gebo,’ which looks like an ‘X.’

    The ‘Gebo’ Rune of an ‘X’ is also associated with the symbolism of the ‘Cross-Bones,’ whereas the motif of the ‘Skull,’ refers to (hypnagogic) trance (little death) ingress into the dream.

    When becoming lucid within the dream you attain the sixth (sexagram/hexagram) sense, which is symbolised as an ‘Eye.’

    The motif of the eye (winged eye) refers to the state of shamanic ecstasy, which leads to an Out Of Body Experience; hence the utilisation of winged eye symbolism, or that of the Sun, representing an inner Sun, otherwise termed as the Sun behind the Sun (black Sun) being the light source of the (bio-photon) illuminated dream, which is observed by the inner eye.

    The eye also represents the inner eye of the ‘imagination,’ which the Sufi’s saw as the power of magic; whereby, Odin has a singular eye, likened to the Hindu deity Siva having a third eye, which refers to the (DMT producing) pineal gland.

    As for the over sexualisation of present day society, such a hypocritical Victorian perspective does not take into account that ancient societies had no problems with human sexuality, let alone other cultures.

    It was not until the Abrahamic death cult of celibate orientated Christianity brainwashed many a brain, via the Roman Empire Anal machinations of Gnostic Constantine, that human sexuality was seen to be a problem, which created a far bigger problem!


    This is an answer to 911bodysnatchers322 of subliminalsynchrosphere frequenting REDDIT:

    The Hollywood sex scandal is obviously tied in with Trump, who no doubt desires revenge upon Hollywood’s promotion of left wing politics, whose starry eyed puppets tore into him.

    It is a well known nigh ageless fact that the powerful often abuse their positions in all walks of of life, across all cultures.

    There are numerous abusers in the political whorehouse of the Whitehouse, let alone Hollywood; they are all over the place, occupying all levels of society, such as having a manager abusing his/her position in a supermarket, or arseholes taking the abusive piss in a hostel or a prison, etc.

    The revelations about Hollywood’s mass-media-machine could have been made long ago in order to sort it out, to nullify the abuse, and likewise cleaning the whoring Whitehouse!

    The present timing of the Hollywood revelations is self evidently a subversively engineered political back-lash.

    However, the mass-media-machine of Hollywood is the propaganda face of America, which has been tarnished.

    Who then ultimately benefits from the political wrestling match between the extremist right and the exreme left of a two-party dictatorship, which is tearing America apart?

    As the old agage goes, “dvide and conquer.” But who is the conquerer behind the scenes?

    The two-party dictatorship never changes, both are puppets whose strings are being pulled in order to distract the populace from seeing the real controllers behind the scenes.

    One puppet is fascist of inclination, the other is totalitarian of orientation. Both seek total control over all, who are in turn being controlled by a shadowy few having control over an entrenched Military Industrial Complex, whose industry is far more abusive than Hollywood.

    So, if you are truly looking for the abusive few who are upending America, it isn’t the viral-meme symbolism of an engineered psy-ops distraction to follow, it is their… Shitty Money Trail… you should be sniffing out!


    This is an answer for the Anal fixated article on REDDIT:

    If you are looking for ‘Proof,‘ look for an all Male fixated religious paradigm, which deifies the ‘Animus,’ archetypes to such an Anal degree that it has entirely negated the existence of the ‘Anima’ out of its ‘Closeted’ symbolism.

    When to find a religious fixation upon an all male paradigm, it will become self-evident that it’s Closeted’ symbolism is Anally fixated, as well as discovering that the ‘Monotheistic’ deification of the ‘Animus’ is the objectification of the male by Fifty-Shades Of Grey women.

    The situation would be analogous to what is presently occurring concerning the ‘Anima,’ which is considered as being internalised misogyny by the politically-correct thought police.

    If you otherwise find an ‘Animist’ balance between the archetypes of the ‘Animus’ and ‘Anima,’ to rage against because of your indoctrination into an ‘Animus’ fixated Monotheist paradigm, then you are maddeningly barking up the wrong tree!

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