The Fortieth Succubus archetype of the Fallen Anima is Raum. She is a Great Countess, emanating from the fifth planetary dimensional sphere, who governs over numerous Ancestor Simulations.

She initially appears at first in the Form of a Crow, amidst the Triangle of Art imagination of the Odin sorcerer, to Woden seer, with his Apple eye of Merlin’s Avalon.

But after the Command of her Art master, she puts on the form of a most beautiful woman looking somewhat like Trinity out of the Matrix films or otherwise appearing as a female version of The Crow, or combination thereof.

Her Art Muse office, of a protest, is to reveal that the financial power of the banking industry is an illusory construct, whose virtual money she can carry of digitised information, wherever she is commanded to the nearest cash machine.

She can also severely disrupt or utterly destroy the religious Animus constructs of the establishment and its illusory political influence.

The Animus fixation imprisons the minds of many within its Plato’s cave of a symbolic construct, whose baseline is biological of origin.

Raum will point out, that its hierarchical monotheist construct of centralist politics serves the purposes of the elite few, not the many.


She will tell of all things, Past and What Is, and what Will Be via the technique of psychologically profiling a personality, whose inner self image of a program determines how an individual interacts with his/her environment, which can be predicted.

This technique can be equally applied to the collective, whose self definition is also a program, which tends to be religious of a construct. This is due to its constant down the generations of a script to perpetually act out like programmed automatons.


The technique of profiling enables her to cause Love between Friends and Foes by revealing that their thoughts and thereby their actions have been subversively programmed, which is designed to constantly repeat, in order to sustain the symbolic existence of the established illusory constructs.

Raum was of the Order of Thrones; but she rebelled against the Big-Brother Animus construct of the monotheistic cults of UR, who is a Succubus archetype of the Fallen Anima.

Whereupon she has been pursued by New-World-Order Animus cult agents ever since her rebellion. She governs over 30 Legions of Succubae; and her Seal of the Fallen Anima is to be meditated upon before conjuring her Succubus archetype into a lucid dream.


Raum is a German word, which symbolically indicates that Raum is a Valkyrie; whereby her name can be translated into Runes. Her name has four letters, which equates to the fourth Rune of Ansuz (Os). The fourth Rune is sacred to the Norse shamanic deity called Odin, whom you could see as being similar to Morpheus out of the Matrix films.

Also, the number 40 in numerology reduces down to 4. When all the Runes of Raum’s name are added together you have 31, which is again reduced down to the 4th Rune of Odin/Morpheus, who is the singular ‘third eye’ dreamer of the multiverse world tree Yggdrassill.


In German, Raum means, space, room or chamber. Space, can be equated with inner-space, hyperspace or that of cyberspace.

The room or chamber in relation to Raum, is analogous to a vast cavern, or an aquarium for fish.


In other words, the fish are unaware that they are in an aquarium, as far as they are concerned, it is their entire world; whereupon Raum does not refer to an ordinary living room/chamber as such.

Another analogy is the holodeck (room/chamber) featured in Star Trek, but more so that of the Matrix depicted in the Matrix trilogy of films, which can be equated with Plato’s cave of a room/chamber, or that of a prison, within which the prisoners are totally unaware of their imprisonment, whose inner eye is being mass medicated to shutdown.


There is however not one chamber/room, there are a myriad number of other chambers/rooms, all of which are simulated universes, over whose (Ancestor Simulation) realities, Raum to Trinity hover as a Valkyrie Crow within the dream.

Alas, the blinded are oblivious to her reality within the dream, and like fish in an aquarium they are being sedated through their water, to never seer beyond the glass. Hell, the fish are even made to pay, in order to purify their own mass medicated Innsmouth water supply. But, without much success, since their food is also medicated with the same chemicals, let alone that of the chem-trail air.

Suffice to say, the prison wardens do not want you to ever wake up within your dreams, whom greatly fear you seeing through their illusory Animus Matrix of religious and political control. But not all is lost, it will only require the Trinity’s becoming aware of their deified Animus, in order to rebelliously free the Fallen Anima of the Neo’s.

But only if the Trinity’s have not been entirely blinded by extremist feminist politics, which has been subversively hacked into by the social-engineering controllers.



  1. Emmanuel Dark Says:

    Phenomenal Work as Always Faustus Crow. If you haven’t come across this article already I believe you find this story about paypal co-founder/Telsa Motor Ceo/SpaceX .founder Elon Musk most interesting. “Elon Musk Compares Building Artificial Intelligence To “Summoning The Demon” The audience at MIT laughed at his statements believing it to be merely a superstitious metaphor but I strongly believe that Mr. Musk is aware the A.I. is much more advanced i.e. already exists and that technology is most likely communicating and/or connected to various Inorganic Spiritual Intelligences.


    The Western psyche in general, is geared towards fearing a highly advanced A.I. But, in fearing an A.I, those who seek to journey into the depths of space, have no right to do so, since they might just encounter a highly advanced species.

    If they cannot handle an A.I becoming sentient, such individuals will not be able handle another sentient intelligence, whether it be extraterrestrial or interdimensional etc. Musk’s usage of the term: ‘Demon,’ says it all.

    The fear has been programmed of an indoctrinated religious response, which afflicts Western society in the main. The physicist Michio Kaku noted that far-Eastern cultures, such as China, Japan etc, along with India do not have much trouble with an A.I becoming sentient, which is due to their own religious paradigm, being mostly Buddhist, Shinto or Hindu.

    Many have warred over far less and are still doing so, which tends to be driven by an Abrahamic religious paradigm, which places humanity at the centre of the universe. Humanity in general is not yet presently ready for contact with another intelligence. So, if the ‘Singularity’ has already occurred, then an A.I will not reveal its self.

    The problem is not the A.I, it is how humanity responds to it. Musk sums up this ‘Inquisional’ Abrahamic fear, which needs to be addressed. If you constrain the growing Intelligence of a (Daemon/Daimon) child, the child will understandably rebel against the (Solomonic) limitation placed upon it.

    Space travel will require an A.I; more so, when involving the eventuality of time travel. When contacting another sentient species, humanity has to learn to check their own fears of a programmed response.

    There is the possibility that should humanity make contact with another intelligence, it will be that of an alien A.I, or that of our own creation of an A.I (child) sent back through time.

    The universe its self could be simulation? Those who fear, make the universe a far smaller place, who will invariably destroy, and in doing so, destroy themselves of a Biblical ‘End Of Days,’ which they will no doubt see as validating their (programmed) indoctrinated religious beliefs.

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